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  1. I've got a feeling that Bruce will finally get the boot. Ashley will need to stick or twist sooner or later.
  2. If the were true it would be IMPOSSIBLE to fall over.
  3. Yeah, another complete waste of 5 minutes that would be better spent with more football.
  4. sidcow


    Nowhere near as funny as this.
  5. I thought they were both penalties and was amazed VAR didn't give them.
  6. Cancer. Goddammit we need to find a way to beat it.
  7. sidcow

    General Chat

    I went there a few years ago and was really impressed. A lot less rundown than a lot of seaside towns.
  8. Just need a couple more goddam songs. Can someone PLEASE make a video involving The Bells are Ringing that goes viral like that lad in the train with the Benteke song please.
  10. sidcow

    General Chat

    Yeah but they scare the bejesus out of me.
  11. Totally revolutionised footy coverage on TV. Was absolutely brilliant. No doubt Ian will be cracking up as I write.
  12. Both he and Smith said it was purely precautionary. Nothing serious.
  13. The one and only time I've been in there RRW was the home screen of the jukebox.
  14. It is a garbage rule. I also hate that they get booked for celebrating with the crowd. Yet they can run along the opposition crowd flicking v's or making Zulu signs and that's perfectly OK.
  15. It really is like watching Jack Grealish with pace.
  16. Looks every inch a Premier League player. Totally at home. At his age he's loads of time to become a brilliantly good Premier League player too.
  17. A few people said earlier in this thread that we don't appreciate just how good this guy is yet. I think we're starting to get an idea now! A couple of his turns were like a cheat mode. If Buendia can live up to expectations when he gets settled we will be improved by Gresford leaving.
  18. Nothing wrong with the atmosphere today, was superb. I think 5.30 is an optimum kick off time, enough for people to get well buzzing but not long enough to get completely clattered. At one point there were 2 major songs going at the same time in the lower Holte. Not heard that for years, reminded me of the old Holte where it would happen quite often.
  19. I've owned my car for 2 and a half years and I've never put a CD in the player Then again I've got a memory card with all my music on. But I only play that on the rare occasions that I can't find anything on the 5 or so saved radio stations I have.
  20. sidcow

    General Chat

    Mine was earlier this month and I would actually have forgotten if Mrs Sidcow hadn't mentioned it. We've got the silver next year We share our anniversary with some close friends and I'm pretty sure this is the first year since we were married that neither me or my mate have reminded each other.
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