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  1. Lock up your daughters! It's Pete the Reet(ard). Mate! Making more excuses than Slo-Mo Bow-yer did, they're tired apparently. Oh dearie me. Mate. Trog and Jukey gonner be great mate.Shame they haven't been for his first two games. Mate. Prefers the championship mate. Good job cuz that bunch of words removed aren't going anywhere mate. The usual guff and gubbins from Erdington's biggest nob head. Mate.
  2. Squeaky Eddie the Insane Pensioner. "Olbiyun will be up by Christmas" he said last time. " Weem gonna be the worst team ever promoted" tonight. You can always count on realism from the spluttering coffin dodger.
  3. Historically I have always like Brady as my QB, but his last season at New England really looked like it should have been his last. I didn't think he'd do what he did at Tampa, and amazingly he looks even better this season.
  4. Pretty much how I remember it too.
  5. Didn't he actually coin the phrase "Deadly Doug" while they were out fishing?
  6. Yeah, I'd pretty much given up after about six minutes of the Tampa game, what with **** Brady and Gronk thinking it's 2011 again.
  7. Reall? Some of the shit you can find with just a quick google would have you reaching for the sick bag. Try looking at a sounding rod the width of a stick of rock...
  8. Outlander. season 1 eps 15 A very, very difficult watch.
  9. Really? I'm sure that'll go down well with Trog, he's one of their own after all.
  10. Oh indeed, but Citeh getting **** as well is very unusual
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