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  1. Yup . When I see somebody in a Villa shirt I see SAS wings.
  2. A slither of intelligence, reasoning, empathy and humour can keep the wolves at bay for a while. To stop them completely requires teamwork. I'm on team humanity.
  3. I'm still bright, funny and witty. I just cry a lot more. It's good for you.
  4. Been down as I've ever been for quite a few weeks now but still plodding on. Just sharing as it seems many are in the same boat and wanted you all to know you aren't alone.
  5. Lockdown can't hold back the annual Gator purge.
  6. Never paid much attention after round 3 but just saw Denver also took Tyrie Cleveland.( Better than Swain IMO) Drew Lock really has everything in place to do well. Netane Muti in round 5 or whatever is going to be a great pick too.
  7. Freddie Swain is a great pick . He'd have gone day 2 most other years.
  8. James Milner, 41, from Hull used to work in the sports industry – now drives a fork lift in Tesco’s warehouse Metro It's affecting everbody in different ways.
  9. Thankfully it isn't a named brand virus or it would cost 6 times the price of this one but with the same effect.
  10. Come over for Wildcard weekend and we can watch it in a bar . Can still have a trip.
  11. Good .A whole season of home games for the first time in a while.
  12. Yup . Fournette has decent production but we could have had Mahomes and Cook/Kamara at the start of our elite D window. Makes me wanna cry I doubt BB would waste a year tanking FWIW. I can see him trying to prove a point.
  13. Theodore "Ted" Buckland.
  14. I hope not as I'd rather give Minshew the confidence Coughlin gave Foles. God knows what's going on in Telvin Smith's world right now either . Just gets more bizarre by the day.
  15. About time. Hopefully they'll do up the Pyramids.
  16. Henderson , Chaisson , Shenault and Hamilton is decent. We need everything.
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