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  1. Not too bad I suppose after last week. Just hope we keep it close.
  2. Clear handball from Patrick. Refs have fell apart.
  3. The officiating has been exemplary. Jewell is a hell of a player.
  4. He's looking good I must say but our defense is still young and clumsy . Should be a lot of points.
  5. All the games are on crack this season it seems. I approve.
  6. My nickname at school was scarface I was brilliant at knitting
  7. My doctor has given me some anti-gloating cream. Now all I want to do is rub it in.
  8. Imagine in 5 years time when the game slows down for Mahomes. He'll be ejaculating TD's.
  9. I think in the long run that hammering will do us good. Trev had a tough day but still had over 300 yards and 3 TD's which is the 4th highest by a rookie on his debut. He was let down badly by his team yesterday but that doesn't take away from how good Houston were, especially Tyrod.
  10. He said it tightened up rather than tore so that's something but he needs to knock those somersaults on the head regardless. Judging by efficiency we only need him to play 10 snaps anyway . Alabama next week ...
  11. I usually use this but be sure to have adblocker on. And prepare to get hungry. https://www.viprow.me/sports-american-football-online
  12. Side effects may include dizziness , loss of limbs and painful death.
  13. Here comes 9 hours of fast food , pick up trucks and medication adverts ! C'mon Trev.
  14. Only works on "9's" but it's still cool. 9 x 1 = 9 digits to the right of 1 = 9 9 x 2 = 1 digit to the left of 2 and 8 to the right = 18 9 x 3 = 2 digits to the left of 3 and 7 to the right = 27 9 x 4 = 3 digits to the left of 4 and 6 to the right = 36 And so on up to 10.
  15. That's because nearly every boozer in North Brum has shut down . Even I don't drink in the ERD ( But that's because I haven't touched alcohol in 4 years to be fair)
  16. I never knew the D/ST scoring was standard before I drafted so I wasted a high pick on the Rams D. On reflection I would have took the highest week 1 projected team with my last pick and just streamed defenses like I do in the free leagues . It was also inexplicably fast and I had been practising with a minute per pick so I ended up rushing most of my early picks.
  17. It's strange how all their working class jobs always coincide with small heath kick off times.
  18. Two or three times at least ( Or Ad nauseam in Olde English)
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