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  1. Ronnie Harrison ! THE University Of East Lahndahn.
  2. The rarest of game weeks. A Villa. Gator, Jags treble!
  3. Roughing the passer called on Campbell for falling helmet first into Daltons toe with bengals on 3rd and long. Then we pick it back. Ha.
  4. Been a tough day for him but he's been gutsy despite having no Cam Robinson on the blindside yet again. Conley , Chark, Fournette and Westbrook have been very good thankfully along with Lambo and the D. Still too close for my liking.
  5. Nice to see Lazard getting a chance to do his stuff. Was quality at Iowa State.
  6. Thielen out of the game early. Freeman ejected. Chase Edmonds blowing up my bench like Kings Landing.
  7. Jags game is one for the Lambo purists. Redzone is a lot of fun today though.
  8. We seem to fall apart in the redzone.
  9. Jalen Ramsey's back seems to have healed up nicely.
  10. Tennessee 4th and inch from goal. Bama score from it.
  11. Probably Keanu's most human performance. For me it's one of the best sporting underdog comedies ever made.
  12. Cold Lamb sandwiches . Mmmmmmm.
  13. Anybody else see that Geordie fella go full Samuel L Jackson earlier ?
  14. Great Barr and Solihull both have top flight managers.
  15. My expectations are tempered by my faith in the coach.
  16. Like I said before . If they stay injury free that 8th seed is a real possibility. 4 out of our 5 starters are all capable of hitting the 3 which IS the modern game these days.
  17. The spread for that game was Illinois +31 FWIW.
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