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  1. If you liked that, check out James Acaster’s Classic Scrapes - very funny anecdotes from his life.
  2. Yes! Last time I was in Rome (with work) I was very shocked (and pleased) to find a load of microbrewery bars which served more than palatable beers. it totally wrecked my boss who was still so pissed the following day he couldn’t eat an ice cream without wearing most of it!
  3. So my lad kindly bought me the season pass for Odyssey, giving me the two expansion packs and AC III remastered for my birthday! looking forward to diving back into old skool Greece and wupping mythical beasts!
  4. One of my favourite footballing moments. Dunn is probably the most skilful player small Heath have ever had!
  5. The thing with Bruce is mike Ashley doesn’t want to pay any severance fee so won’t sack him. He’s happy with Bruce in charge as it deflects attention away from him and his shithouse ownership
  6. I think our club trusts the players to do the right thing on social media. Other clubs may want a more rigid corporate output.
  7. New contract please! get him tied down for a few more years!
  8. He had a great day thanks! certainly wants to see more live bands
  9. Ash last night and Courting on Thursday in brum October I’ll be seeing Squid in Exeter November I have Jane Weaver (brum) and Shame (Bristol) lined up! fingers crossed the gigs keep going!
  10. My sincere apologies - have had birthday shizzle to deal with this morning loved Shang-Chi and the 10 Rings. As an origin story for a little known character, Marvel smashed it out of the park. Great action sequences and some good comedic moments. would definitely watch again! Decent snackage at The Quay Street Diner - philly steak and cheese sub, burgers and fries topped with bacon bits and bacon dust! Ash were superb too - the O2 was a decent venue and could see the stage no problem. Ash had two support bands (The Gulps and Indoor Pets - both good as support) and played all the hits, finishing just after 11pm! Got home just before 1am, watched MoTD (Villa highlights only) before bed! Report ends…
  11. I wonder if they charged him
  12. Setting off for Bristol in a bit for a Dad and Lad day out - will be seeing Shang-Chi at the cinema, having some nice food before taking the boy to his first gig - Ash at the O2! Driving back afterwards so hopefully home by 130am
  13. Forest losing again - surely the fat lady is warming up for Chris Hughton
  14. this could be disastrous for Derby but unavoidable.
  15. I doubt he’ll get off the bench ahead of Rice and Phillips unless there is a serious switch in Southgate’s mentality. Shame though as he is already becoming a quality player.
  16. I don’t think I could bring myself to shout out ‘come on Young Boys’
  17. Back To The Future the stage show is starting soon - expect big plugging (awaiting KW gif!)
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