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  1. Just to endorse your post; I would suggest that also happened during The Falklands conflict. Didn't Thatcher get back in with an increased majority. Apologies if I have got this wrong.
  2. Going to spend an hour listening to 'The Very Best of U2'. Not sure what to do with the remaining 58 minutes.
  3. Do people think it was a good move or indeed necessary to suspend Trevor Phillips from The Labour Party ? His ' crime', I believe was "Islamaphobia". I have a good friend who is a card carrying member of the PLP (and Villa season ticket holder) who reckons he is something of a complex character but is pretty high profile and probably did a lot of useful work combating racism . Opinions ?
  4. "8 Note melodies" . Well that rules out most of the stuff produced in the last 10 years !!!
  5. There you are; best of both Worlds. !!
  6. That's him !!! Cheers Mr Mooney. He is the geezer at the back - light blue t shirt and still lives in Harborne. An extremely clever man, Child Psychology or something like that. Also a damn good bass player. He and the key board player (Fender Rhodes) and guitarist (Gibson SG) met at B.ham University and recruited me. Perhaps I was the only one who turned up fro the audition !!!!
  7. God Lord - no . Done at Zella Studios in B/ham - just as AVFC were becoming a decent team !!! I think there is footage of Dave Bristow on YT with his jazz trio. The bass player - Bob Boucher - went on to play in a damn good B/ham rock band but can'r for the life of me remember the name. Played the best rock venues around in the mid 70's. He had a pre CBS Precision --- wonder if he still has it; would be worth a bit now.
  8. If that question is entirely serious then the answer is yes - but I wouldn't encourage you to listen to it !!!!!! Funnily enough , the keyboard player in that band I was in, one Dave Bristow, was the geezer who introduced me to George Duke music. I think it was when George was with The Mothers of Invention. Dave Bristow was a fabulous keyboard player IMO - since found fame in the U.S. and was a demonstrator for Yamaha. He was waaaay out of my league as a musician!
  9. ^^^^^^^ Yep , very good . But I still prefer George Duke .
  10. Was this written by Johnny Marr ??
  11. This slogan was pushed extensively by the Musicans Union back in the 70's and 80's. Our band had to be paid up members 'cos we sometimes supported those big dance orchestras:- Ray Mcvay, Joe Loss et al and they insisted we were in. However the MU did sod all to curb cabaret acts using backing tracks , thus doing musos out of work, and the replacement of live bands by DJs or Karaoke . Only benefited the big names !
  12. Now then; faites vos jeux ! Will England drop Bess and bring Archer back in - if considered fit ?
  13. Not meant to be trite but just a small example; Reynolds bike tubing for the very few hand made frame builders left in the UK. My steel bike was made in Derby and the geezer in the shop told me that the biggest market was the USA. They don't have anything like it over there hence 10 months waiting list for a new frame. Reynolds is/was Birmingham based.
  14. Anyone know what is wrong with Jimmy Anderson; he looked quite poorly I thought ?
  15. Heard Rob Key, this morning, say England's batting lineup hasn't been strong since Bell, Trott and Pieterson retired and have not been replaced. Well 2 out of 3 ain't bad !!!
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