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  1. Yep I also like Rick Beato . So here is his review of a random band I just happened to find
  2. Amen to that comment. Wife and self were in NYC not all that long after this atrocity; at that time, there was no 'formal' Memorial but many hand written pictures and notes from the relatives of the victims. You would have to be 'hard' not to have been moved by it but as OP says it is worth a visit just to pay respects and hope it never happens again. IMO, the only thing that equates to it are the Military Cemeteries in Normandy - Arromanche for example.
  3. Great comment, but not as bad as supporting Warwickshire ! Does anyone down there know what they are doing ? Bowled out against Hants by a player who they let go - Barker. I'm hardly an expert but could never see the sense in that, unless he really wanted to go. Left arm, pacey and could bat. Needs to look at Management I think.
  4. Well, well; fancy picking Chris Woakes (at last). How odd; he doesn't play for a Southern County of Lancashire. Must have been a mistake
  5. No not disapprove at all; damn good option. I have never played such a kit but once played in a small studio for a lady who was recording a demo. Studio had those 'Simmonds' drums that can be heard at the start of East Enders. Certainly had a lot of attack. (record came to nothing !!!!).
  6. Ah ! Excellent- that's the most important instrument . What kit/cymbals does she have ?
  7. One for Mr Mooney (and anyone else wo might be interested.. I think you said your daughter plays; can't remember if it was bass but take a look at this young lady. I would have given a lot to have played with a bass player of this type and class. She is brilliant I thought. Opinion ?
  8. ^^^^^ Yep , a great LP and as you say, Mick Taylor on guitar. Some class musos on that LP including the brilliant Jon Hiseman RIP. I THINK this was after Clapton had left Mayall to form Cream - but may be wrong.
  9. I think you have to remember what he was like in the mid 60's. With John Mayall (reading the Beano) there were some great tracks (IMO) - Hideway - Steppin' Out for example. Then how many of you actually saw Cream? He was pretty damn good in them; but , I concede, relapsed to 'Lay Down Sally' and the God awful 'Wonderful Tonight'. Musically, I thought Jeff Beck has overtaken him - check out 'Day in The life' on Youtube - brilliant Vinni on drums and fabulous female bass player.
  10. Nothing new there then; I have no idea how Ali keeps getting picked , he is just a wicket down at the moment and has been for some time I think. Of course, he could demolish India with his demon spin - but I doubt it.
  11. Bloomin 'ell , fabulous playing IMO . Don't know this bloke but he certainly is ace. One of the few to use Sonor drums (pronounced Zooner I 'm told by a German speaking mate). And brilliant reading from the brass section to come in with those little 'licks'. Excellent !
  12. Ah ! The Beach Boys ! Another great example. You might notice that a common factor is being brothers; the Bee Gees being another. I played for a short while in a band of 3 brothers & me - they weren't great guitarists (but then I wasn't a great drummer !!) however their harmonies were ace. Funny isn't it. As a footnote, they argued with each other quite a lot and I was piggy in the middle
  13. One of the best examples of 'proper' harmony, not just singing in unison like , say Take That. I remember seeing their parents singing on TV; they were brilliant too.
  14. So $64000 question : would you leave Ali out and keep the winning team that has got Birmingham into the final ? Slightly reminds me of when Brian Little little was brought in to England team 'cos Keegan was out. Little played a blinder and set up winning goal but Revie still brought Keegan back for the next match. Difficult decision I think.
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