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  1. Now then; faites vos jeux ! Will England drop Bess and bring Archer back in - if considered fit ?
  2. Not meant to be trite but just a small example; Reynolds bike tubing for the very few hand made frame builders left in the UK. My steel bike was made in Derby and the geezer in the shop told me that the biggest market was the USA. They don't have anything like it over there hence 10 months waiting list for a new frame. Reynolds is/was Birmingham based.
  3. Anyone know what is wrong with Jimmy Anderson; he looked quite poorly I thought ?
  4. Heard Rob Key, this morning, say England's batting lineup hasn't been strong since Bell, Trott and Pieterson retired and have not been replaced. Well 2 out of 3 ain't bad !!!
  5. What a delightful, altruistic post; Merry Christmas !
  6. Only those of us who used to read his programme notes will 'get' that !!!!!
  7. I' m afraid you are going to have to explain how this is 'sensationalist'. Have I made a false statement or do you consider 21 months adequate punishment for negligently knocking a cyclist off their bike and killing them ?
  8. Yep, I vaguely understand the business of Treasure trove etc and I'm not excusing their actions but doesn't it rather illustrate (again) that theft of money, with no violence involved , seems to matter more than loss of a human life ? Not just any human either but a vital member of the Community.
  9. A trucker who knocked off and killed a Hospital Doctor, despite her wearing bright clothing , has been jailed for 21 months - Birmingham Mail tonight. His view was obstructed by a "cluttered tray '. The other week, some metal detector bods got sent to jail for a number of years because they didn't declare the find properly. British Justice - the envy of the World
  10. I'm not sure everyone will 'get' that joke!! Jerry's mom perhaps.
  11. Bob Willis gone - only 70 - after "a short illness". A Warks legend IMO but there is a point of view that he reserved his best performances for England. I remember when he signed from Surrey; papers said there was a 'soccer style rush' to get his signature. Those were the days when Warks had some ambition (and money it appears) - certainly odds to now. RIP On a brighter note - good to see Jeetan Patel's ability recognised by England as he joins coaching staff.
  12. Do dogs chase a ball because they think their owner enjoys throwing it ?
  13. "Really good spinner" comment WAS mainly based on his performance in the last test - so might have been a bit of an exaggeration . He is a more than useful bat too I think. Either way, I still think it's a cock up !
  14. Now I realise it is somewhat churlish to keep on Root's case but .... was it really a good idea to win the toss and choose to bat last when they have a really good spinner like Mitchell Santner in their team ! Perhaps someone with greater in-depth knowledge than me can explain that. But FAR more serious is the news that Jeetan Patel is retiring next year from Warks. How the hell will they replace him - great player IMO.
  15. You mean like Jonathon Trott and Ian Bell perhaps !!! (usual lack of Warks bias from me)
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