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  1. Ahem ! Warks fans. What did I say about this lot. We haven't renewed our membership and wife isn't very keen NOW !! So - what the hell is wrong; I reckon we are out of the One Day competition even at this early stage and can't see Ashton Agar catapulting us through T20 . Just praying Villa go up to lift the gloom. I see an uphill battle to stay in Div 1 .
  2. The reason for putting this here is obvious ! God knows who persuaded Graham Bond to release this dreadful number but The Graham Bond Organisation were one of the most important bands of the early - mid 60's. Their usual repertoire was hard driving jazz blues but they never achieved commercial success. Two of 'em went on to form Cream ! (I equate this to Clapton releasing 'Wonderful Tonight !!!!!!)
  3. Yep, they got the 2 from Glos, but I guess my emphasis was on a 'big' name. This is no disrespect to the Northants supporter on here but how the hell did they get Holder and Warks were, again, nowhere in sight (so it seems). Just to repeat ; this ain't critical of Northants - just Warks. Just look at the plethora ("What is a plethora" - in Mexican accent) of established Internationals on display in the televised match yesterday !
  4. So, to change subject; any Bears fans nervous about what is going on down there ? No 'big' signings, ageing squad, thrashed in first match. It appears JT is now (albeit temporary) batting coach at Kent ..... who already have The legend that is Alan Donald on their staff. I realise it is early but I reckon the signs aren't good. Any opinions ?
  5. If they do pick Archer, I wonder who will drop out ? Woakes for a guess 'cos he has spoken out about 'parachuting in' a foreign player.
  6. Has anyone seen the latest Fosters lager advert ? Family playing beach cricket , ball goes into hut where two Aussies are talking; one rubs it with sandpaper and chucks it back. Perhaps I have a puerile sense of humour but I thought that was excellent !
  7. A plug for Burntwood Baths (Leisure Centre) if it helpful to anyone. Good ,clean baths, plenty of free parking and other facilities within the building; realise might be too far out for many people. Aren't B/ham supposed to be building a brand new facility in Sandwell for the Commonwealth Games ? (and although wandering Off Topic - no bl**dy Velodrome)
  8. Excellent ! My first scooter was a Vespa Sportique 150 bought in 1963. At the time , The Brum Mods had Lambrettas and the London Mods had Vespas; so I swapped it and had a Lambretta GT 200. Gather they are worth a fortune now . Quite a flourishing scooter scene by me.
  9. I don't know if I have missed this elsewhere in VT but Barry Hole passed away this week. He is possibly too early for many to remember but was a big signing at the time - a Welsh International. Never really fulfilled his promise at Villa but the team were sliding down the leagues at this time (late 60's). A really good player in my opinion and of course gave rise to the famous " Brown - Arce - Hole" joke - which actually never happened ! RIP
  10. Have you got a classic scooter Mr angel ? If so which one is it. (I take it that it's a Vespa)
  11. The Austin Powers comment is simply because there is a one liner in it when he says summat like 'and Liberace was gay, I didn't see that coming'. I probably have a puerile sense of humour but I like Mike Myers films. Agree entirely with Mr Mooney's comment re. Almond - some might say the same applies to Robbie Williams !"! Just to re- iterate; I thought Scott Walker had a great voice and is/was an icon of the 60's .
  12. If you liked 'Tainted Love' then listen to the original Gloria Jones version - actually, you probably have ! I also formally accuse you of watching Austin Powers
  13. Well no, but they mentioned him as being relevant to Scott Walker. Again Mr Cope is not someone I know much about. I have only watched half the programme but , to date, they featured :- Jarvis Cocker (hmm), Johnny Marr (thinks he is Lee Ritnour - plays like Hank Marvin) Marc Almond - highly influential on the British music scene (one hit was it?) , some turd who put his fingers down his throat when discussing 'Yes' - not one of my favourite bands by by god they could play a bit, a person called Angela Morley , who used to be Wally Stott - well known 50's band leader and arranger who now looks like Hinge and Bracket. At that juncture my wife told me to stop swearing and turn it off. It is highly likely that I do not have sufficient / wide enough musical knowledge to appreciate these avant garde individuals but I am anticipating Ant and Dec and Robbie Williams to deliver eulogies in the second half.
  14. Anyway; returning to the death of Scott Walker, did anyone see the 2 hour long programme about him on Sky Arts ? Very interesting ... but odd - exemplified by the people interviewed .
  15. Ah ! But I don't think there are any proper drums on 'em

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