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  1. I was going to start a Thread on the Commonwealth Games but apathy took over. I have nasty feeling that this is going to be a disaster. It seems to be being done on the cheap compared to Manchester. As an illustration , I would suggest that Cycling, particularly track cycling, has been one of our greatest source of medals .... and Birmingham is not even building it's own Velodrome !! I Believe track cycling i going to be held in London (now there's a surprise).. Even Derby has a Velodrome !
  2. Breaking news ! (Sir) Ian Bell announces retirement at the end of 2020 Season. What a player he has been for Warks and England; I remember when he broke into the First team with Jamie Troughton. Really hopes he gets coaching or media work (preferably replacing Spike nosed Lloyd).
  3. I have been trying to understand this LGBTQ business; but I can't get a straight answer.
  4. About the ONLY good thing to come out of this awful virus is that it has saved Warks from going down ! What the hell has happened down there !!
  5. Yep , he has that too; 4 years. Perhaps that was the criteria then !
  6. For what it is worth, I think you have picked an excellent example. I watch Bargain Hunt regularly as I have an interest in British pottery (my wife worked in the Potteries before moving to civilisation ). One would hope that the 'experts' had in-depth knowledge of antiques with maybe specialist knowledge in specific areas. The BBC have discovered a bloke called Danny Sebastian who appears to be a glorified market trader/car booter; when asked for an opinion, he just reads out what is on the label of the item - but ticks the Diversity box. However there are three other non white experts who are excellent; an Asian (possibly Indian) lady who knows a lot about jewellery, a possibly Chinese man who knows a lot about antiques from that area and another Asian (Raj Bisram) who has good knowledge on most things. Horses for courses I think.
  7. Agreed ; now I don't have to listen to that Northern monkey Lloyd, who plainly thinks he is a third rate Working Men's Club comedian. (and he played for Lancashire !!)
  8. Yep; he is Dr Steve Gadd now !!
  9. Well, if you mean Steve Gadd, he doesn't message me for advice !!
  10. On FB , yes. Steve Gadd, Steely Dan, Brian Dunne (drummer with Hall and Oates) but most of the others have died !!
  11. The exclamation was at Tony Hatch/Jackie Trent. !
  12. WHAT !!! You do realise his wife , Yvonne Burgess AKA Jackie Trent, is an ardent Stoke City fan !
  13. Indeed !! My mistake ; cheers. Incidentally ... I strongly suspect that is not his real name .
  14. In that Mother of all funk chords thing, I think the drummer is Bernard 'Pretty' Purdie; not exactly pretty is he ! However, he invented this rather difficult (well it is to me) groove called the Purdie shuffle ; which has a half time feel. A great drummer and not exactly a shrinking violet. Plays on a number of Steely Dan tracks but a really good example is a number called "Home at Last"
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