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  1. veloman

    Do you read?

    Nothing as intellectual as most of those above BUT .... Villa related. 'Gray Matters' by the obvious; my goodness he didn't like Saunders. I had heard there was friction between RS and some 'high profile' players but didn't realise it was quite so vitriolic. A good read IMO.
  2. That's a great story. I played with a bass player (sadly a big WBA fan) who had a Kramer, as per Stanley Clarke. He complained that it went out of tune under heat from lights and eventually swapped it for a Precision. From Musical Exchanges I think, bottom of Snow hill. Despite the Dingles connection he was a great bass player - first one I played with who could play 'slap' like Larry Graham !! (perhaps not quite as good but then I wasn't much of a drummer).
  3. Is that a Gibson S G ? Looks like a Vox bass amp 4 x 12 perhaps ?
  4. RIGHT !!!! Hang on though - you don't have to suffer the consequences .
  5. That can also apply to cymbals or (dare I say) bikes !! "Surely 6 bikes are enough !!!!!"
  6. I was discussing this business with the owner of our local Chinese takeaway. I asked " When was the last time you had a election" and he said " Just after bleakfast". I didn't get it.
  7. That is a tad harsh I think. But if you want to link it to your road number comments; the A500 is known by the locals as 'The D Road'. Now is that because it forms a 'D' shape with the M6 or because 'D' is the Roman Numeral for 500. Answers on an Oatcake.please !
  8. Duncan Forbes, former Norwich legend dies aged 78. Pretty sure he played against us in that League Cup Final when Graydon missed the penalty but scored on the follow up. Good servant to that club.
  9. The fact that counter terrorism police are involved is surely significant; could be a convert. My guess though, would be that it will be it is a 'voices in the head' or forgotten/refused to take medication job.
  10. What numbers are you playing ? On guitar too ?
  11. How about Robbie Wiliams That takes us off music and musicians !!!
  12. Not sure you've got that right. Looks fairly standard to me; left hand snare drum, right hand playing ride cymbal or hi hat. There are that many rumours about who played on what, but the most unlikely I heard was Bernard Purdie (he of Steely Dan) claiming to have played on Beatles numbers. Very few Beatles numbers were complicated enough to warrant him.
  13. Agreed ; because I live in the past , I tend to think (wrongly) that anything not from the 60's or early 70's isn't worth bothering with. But another example of a rock drummer who can really play a bit is Neal Peart from Rush ! how wrong can I be !!
  14. First saw Peter ' Ginger ' Baker in about 1964/5 at a B/ham club called the Whiskey A gogo - later The Crazy E - upstairs corner of Navigation Street. He was with Graham Bond and I had never seen or heard anything like it. It is one thing to be a great drummer but it is another to have an instantly recognisable style - and he did (IMO). The nearest today would be Steve Gadd I think. Saw Cream every time they came to the West Mids/B/ham area. From reading about him , he had fairly outspoken opinions; I believe he was quoted as saying' John Bonham couldn't swing a bag of sh#t - possibly because Baker was essentially a jazz drummer - see him with Art Blakey on You Tube. Also a good cyclist (track pursuiter) so that's a bonus. another part of my youth gone. RIP
  15. My knowledge of athletics is virtually nil so feel free to correct this assertion. Doha doesn't seem a very sensible location for these events (climate not conducive to such things) but didn't the self effacing Lord Coe have something to do with selecting/approving this location? There are no open doors in his house - he can slide underneath them !
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