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  1. Good to see you appear to be open to other people's point of view.
  2. Now I don't know if this story is true but I have been told that Villa are travelling up the day before and staying at...........The Titanic Hotel ! Talk about Gallows humour.
  3. Are one what, murderer ? Very risky 'assuming' .
  4. "I" = first person singular; you work it out.
  5. Considering the barbarity of these murders, the subject hasn't attracted much comment on this Forum. I wonder what would have happened if the murdering piece of excrement had been identified as a 'Tommy Robinson' supporter .
  6. Sounds like Ron Saunders !!
  7. Great Story. Not sure where in Great Barr Bill lived but Steve Winwood lived in Atlantic Road IIRC. Bill studied music at B/ham School of Music (I think it was) - he could sight read fly shit. After leaving Wizzard , he obtained a Teaching Certificate and worked as a peripatetic music teacher. I was privileged to play on the same stage as him. I've lost touch with him too but believe he has retired from gigging.
  8. Yep , that's him ! Plays :- keyboards, French Horn and bass (he has/had a Hofner Violin as per McCartney). Played with him a couple of times - brilliant musician - way out of my league.
  9. Great comment ! I saw Sweet at The Top Rank in Dale End, before it became The Humming Bird. I was a package show and I really went to see Wizzard's first B/ham gig 'cos I knew the keyboard player. Also, supposedly, on the bill were Mac and Katie Kissoon ... but they didn't turn up !!! Anyway , Sweet were bloomin' excellent; I couldn't believe it - I thought they were just bubble gum. Nope - top rate rock band - did an excellent Who medley .
  10. I wouldn't have minded playing with Dolly Parton !
  11. veloman

    U.S. Politics

    Are these people 'protesters' or rioters. Although I'm sure they have good reason to be very angry, what is happening over there is insurrection now.
  12. For someone who is probably not as knowledgeable as most on here, could you elucidate please.
  13. When all this is over (and hopefully we all survive in tact) do you think people will boycott/cut down on the number of Chinese takeaways they consume ? After 'The Twin Towers' atrocity , Radio WM interviewed some Balti House owners in Sparkbrook; they said that trade had declined significantly. I wonder, if by association, the same will happen with Chinese outlets ?
  14. Cliff Richard comes out as gay.
  15. Yep , you are dead right; I have been mis-informed. (Robin Sarstedt number was in 3/4 time I think ).
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