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  1. Indeed ! Very tasty drummer. Using original Premier drums too , by the look of it . Made in Leicester ! Along with Carlsboro amps (I think).
  2. I'm probably just ignorant, but I didn't realise Russia had musicians as good as this and in this genre. Whether you like Chicago or not, this is ace playing (IMO) and vocalist not singing in his native language. Opinions ?
  3. I think you misunderstand me; I was surprised he didn't want us to play Loudon stuff. Instead we played a couple of FK numbers, Groundhogs, couple of Cream numbers etc. I too listen to different genres , possibly with the proviso that they are percussive. I think Loudon had visited the UK about that time - but it is a long time ago. (Only knew one Eddie Money track - the one with Ronnie Spector)
  4. Hadn't heard mention of Loudon for years. Played with an ace guitarist in the early 70's who really rated him; it was odd I thought because when he joined the band he immediately introduced us to playing some Freddie King numbers - which were ace I thought. Couldn't see the similarity - it would be like me playing liking Sam Smith and playing Steely Dan numbers
  5. Aside from Test Cricket, am I right in thinking that there is a NORTHANTS supporter on here ? They look like coming up don't they? Good to have another Midland County up.(instead of bl**dy Southerners )
  6. Assuming that was an entirely serious comment, the Aussies have previous for this. I'm pretty sure that they played Gooch into the England team before he was really ready and then I think he got ducks . Someone might be able to confirm this. I think they did it in the 60's or early 70's too - but can't remember who it was.
  7. Following India's unsuccessful attempt to land on the Moon, the Irish have announced their plans for 2020. They plan to place a man on the Sun. When a leading Space expert pointed out that the rocket would burn up before in reached half way, a spokesman said, " We have thought of that , so we will go at night".
  8. Did I read that Farbrace still thinks Root is best bet for England Captain ? Well judging by the great job he has done at Warks (Knocked out of 50 overs almost straight away, knocked out of T20 very early and second from bottom of County Championship) I'm not sure his judgement is particularly good..
  9. So would you have put Mike Brearley in that bracket? I didn't rate him much as a batsman (but what do I know ) but he got the best out of his players IMO.
  10. Abdul Qadir gone. The best leg spinner I had seen, until the arrival of Shane Warne. The great Jack Bannister always pronounced his name "Carder ".
  11. Well I reckon there are only two possible outcomes now !!! I don't know which was more irritating; Archer's show of (mild) dissent at being told to bowl round the wicket or Leach overstepping. Both very poor.
  12. My nephew is a Scouser and his birthday is tomorrow. He said he didn't know what he wanted so said just give him money. Therefore I've put a £20 note in his Grandma's purse.
  13. Yep, step forward Gary Pratt
  14. I have a nasty feeling Chris Woakes might be dropped to allow Anderson to return - if fit. Thoughts ?
  15. Cheers ! Yep and someone pirated it onto YouTube but as I have lost touch with the others and the Keyboard player is now a big noise with Yamaha in America, we didn't do anything. I've got one vinyl copy .

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