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  1. Sacrilege !!!!! you missed David Steele ! ( A Stokie by the way). Won his weight in meat from a Hanley butchers - so the story goes .
  2. veloman

    Do you read?

    Not a great fan of Neil Young - not percussive enough for me. But ... do you agree his number 'Only Love Can break your Heart' is simply beautiful ?
  3. veloman

    Do you read?

    Has anyone read "Ticket To The Moon" - the rise and fall of AVFC ? A great read (IMO), author is not judgemental about Doug - but some of the players are ! Very interesting if you were following them back then and interesting stories: e.g. it seems Keown was not popular with his team mates and Billy McNeil was considered a bit of a joke. I have mate who works at Bodymoor and he told me about "Bingo" ! some years ago. If you've read it , what did you think ...... and Ellis ... a force for good or evil ?
  4. The Colombians ! Yep. reckon Nairo Quintana has a good chance. Comes across as being very unassuming and , irritatingly , speaks great English , as do many of the pro cyclists. Alaphillipe , best chance for a French winner for quite a while AND is a drummer in his spare time !!!
  5. I wonder if anyone under (say) 40 would find this humour amusing today. EG. Next weeks meeting of the clairvoyant society has been cancelled due to unforseen circumstances. Marlon Brando re-named Marlon Spike, A reporter with a little card in his hat band saying 'Push' etc etc
  6. The Geordies decided to hold a rally at St James Park to prove that Geordies aren't thick. Place was packed and Alan Shearer steps on to a stage in the middle of the pitch and asks for a volunteer. Gazza shuffles his way onto the stage. Now , says Shearer , just to prove to the rest of the Country ; what is 6 + 8? Gazza thinks for a moment ans says 23 ! Pandemonium breaks out and the Geordies shout , Give him another chance , another chance ! Shearer looks uncomfortable but agrees and says, OK , what is 10 + 5 ? Gazza thinks for several minutes and says 19 ! More pandemonium and the Geordies scream , Another chance , another chance ! Shearer realising things aren't going to plan says , OK one more, what is 2 +2 ? Gazza thinks very hard for several minutes and eventually says 4 !!! More pandemonium and the Geordies shout , Another chance ,another chance !
  7. When India beat West Indies in 1983 World Cup. Their fast bowlers, sportingly, bowled bouncers to number 10 and 11 (player called Sandhu had to keep fending off short pitched deliveries). GB Men's Pursuit Team winning gold in Beijing at the velodrome. A very good mate was in that team.
  8. Ali is, apparently, a big Liverpool fan. That is reason enough to drop him
  9. Given that I don't rate Ali that much (just a personal opinion) is he a genuine all rounder or a batsman that bowls a bit or a bowler that bats a bit ? I wouldn't have picked him to start with but equally I can't understand why the Aussies keep picking Zampa'; it would be Lyon for me every time. If they do drop Ali , will Plunkett come in ? Anyway - sod England - great win for Warks !!!!
  10. Excellent ! hope for me yet ! NB - still uses traditional grip as opposed to matched grip.
  11. This may be before many VT'ers time but ... Tommy Craig for me. Saunders chased him for ages and he just never came off. Think we got him from Newcastle.
  12. Excellent !! Mine does listen to it , indeed has been indoctrinated with Steely Dan since birth . But her tastes lie elsewhere; i.e. she has been at 'Download' this weekend ! Still, that's better than 'Snoop Dog' or 'Stormzy' I suppose !
  13. Anybody see that BBC4 programme on 'Yacht Rock'. Some class acts on there (IMO) . Doobies, Hall and Oates AND ..... Steely Dan '(natch) ! Any guitarists might find (have found) the clip of Jay Graydon (not Ray ) playing the solo to 'Peg'. As a mere drummer , it looks quite hard !!!!!!
  14. Not really an ABBA fan but some of their numbers are ace if you are a musician. For example :- 'Mamma Mia' and 'Does your mother know' are great numbers to play if you are trying to get the audience to dance . Both have single note bass lines, I think ( as a former drummer) ,which can inject some energy if the bass player plays 'em. If you play in a "function band",as I did for many years, it would be no good playing Steely Dan numbers - even though you might want to !!
  15. Excellent ! Always found the locals very pleasant and patient , having to deal with scores of bloody cyclists. My wife got talking to a lady in local shop who informed her it was pronounced "Heer wine". Is that right do you know ?

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