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  1. Noooooooo you've spoilt it, I thought we were all just having a larrrrf
  2. I've had enough, need to take me mind off it, off to me bedroom to feck me eyesight up.
  3. The Queen needs to step in here, what powers does she have? These clowns are responsible for navigating us through the oncoming recession, God help us.
  4. Worst opposition in the history of world politics is what got these clowns in No10, God help us. PS..... only person to impress me today is Beth Rigby.
  5. I'm having to wear spectacles for the first time in years
  6. Didn't use them but left them in the background in an attempt to appear more posh.
  7. Cant stand this Government, what they stand for and how out of touch with the average working man they are, they are indefensible. That said and I in no way condone the bloke or the way this has been dealt with but he came across way better then I expected, way less weird and arrogant, quite normal.
  8. fightoffyour should enjoy this........ Homemade shallow fried crispy chicken tenders for tea with peri peri fries...... used the following
  9. The question we should all be asking is who had the keys to the jet, was BJ on a ventilator in the Bahamas? and Gove took the chopper to St Tropez? Why oh why did he have to drive in the first place?
  10. It's all crap, land rover have never made a vehicle that could make it that far and back
  11. I really hope Phoebe Waller-Bridge has written Cummings speech.
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