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  1. We need players that will do 90 minutes on or off the ball, high energy today from everyone and they don't score but we will, tight 1-0 win.
  2. Trading places is a blast, one of my favourite 80s comedies, there are a couple of irreplaceable actors in Bellamy and Ameche, oh and Denholm Elliot, not sure any remake could get anywhere near it. As for Jamie Lee, well, they can't be matched surely.
  3. "If we don't change direction we could end up where we're going!" Professor Irving Corey. The World's Foremost Authority.
  4. wait till the VAR wait time advert breaks start
  5. Coming 2 America Set hopes and expectations too high maybe, disappointed all in all, few good bits but overall very average. Original 9/10 Sequel 5.5/10
  6. Crikey, with a few slight mods that could be way better
  7. "I’ve never really wanted to go to Japan. Simply because I don’t like eating fish. And I know that’s very popular out there in Africa" Miss B. Spears
  8. "Nevermind that shlt, here comes Mongo" Olson Johnson
  9. Changed cars in 2018 and shortlist was golf, Leon, octavia and wanted dsg, there was honestly hardly anything in them, ended up with a golf gtd manual in the end lol, just came down to best deal at the time as they were not making that mk7.5 gtd anymore. Anyway, its been for service twice so far and both times I had a loan car both were octavia estate dsg, one was a 1.5 150 petrol (brilliant engine), the other 2.0 150 diesel, like both. VW dsg box is well sorted, very good, however, it depends on type drive you do most, dsg has 7 gears, whilst city driving it will constanty try to
  10. That ref, I mean, come on. Untidy tonight, felt like players didn't stick to whatever gameplan was agreed and poor crossing for the most part. Watkins work rate good, but he is starving, set him up something tasty boys.
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