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  1. It's down the doofry, round the back of the floffer, by Jimmy's.
  2. The club have taken him to Aunt Brenda's sex dungeon in small heath, apparently the double extra spanking has toughened him up a bit.
  3. Rumour has it He's wearing Deontay Wilders walk on costume from the weekend for Sundays final.
  4. At the rate it's all going I think 5 points keeps us up, maybe 3.
  5. I'd be exactly the same and like Breaking Bad it just keeps getting better and better.
  6. Know what u mean, couple of times I thought nah, not having this but it's very entertaining and for me they could of played it without the few odd little things that are not needed, good though.
  7. Better call saul s05 Ep1, great start, love this show, no spoilers but ........ enjoy
  8. 2 episodes into Hunters, very entertaining if a tad quirky and I'm not sure yet if its in a good way, definitely will keep at it and will update here. Watched ep1 peeles TZ and was underwhelmed, trying to hard to be too clever and found that not entertaining, each to their own though.
  9. Bost his yed, he will do same to that dancing fairy Joshua, will be undisputed then back on the burger kings like a true gypsy king, BRAVO
  10. Elmo for AEG and Louis Barry or Vassilev on bench.
  11. Seems we have all been too harsh, just because there was no blood, it doesn't mean it wasn't serious. The brutal force of the impact has dislocated more then one eyelash, very serious and the fact Anwar was able to walk back to the dugout unaided is testament to how much of a warrior he is, sadly, he may miss the remainder of the season. Best wishes Anwar, stay strong.
  12. Cant put enough emphasis on that Spurs late goal, I think its absolutely knocked the guts right out of em, piss poor that though for professional players.
  13. 100% agree, in fact some of these are worse then Green, Hogan, Jedi, etc etc
  14. Phil Silvers

    Louie Barry

    I'd have him on the bench in the coming weeks, at least he will be a threat through shear effort.
  15. SpongeBob is tougher than this boob, OUT!
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