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  1. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt10310140/ FATMAN Better then expected, infact its a hoot, Walton Goggins as good as always.
  2. Heaton went 25 mins without touching the ball, stoke crap, us feckin awesome.
  3. They need to be looking for Jack more, he looks electric every time he on it
  4. Was just about to post this,blew me away, super super funny.
  5. Still no for me. I love him too much, he loves Villa too much to leave, I want to stroke him like a pussy cat, I love him.
  6. I agree and a fit Heaton is better too imo. Pickford has his moments but overall he is a car crash waiting to happen, few mistakes more and Ancelotti might stick Olsen, what do England do then? Henderson should have stayed where he was as like you I think he is probably the best of the 3 and regular game time is what he needs to prove it. Edit, I feel the same way about MaGuire too, very overrated, if its a 3 then Coady and Mings pick themselves +1 and if its a back 4 its Mings and probably still Coady for me.
  7. Ahhh, I have been enlightened, thanks for explaining it, I genuinely and completely had the wrong end of the stick. Thanks @Stevo985
  8. I guess so, I was looking at it as a deterrent like you stated below, a high gtd fee would ward off unwanted interest. It would stop any rocking of the boat as it were if we make it clear he will not be sold at any cost.
  9. Whilst I'm all for saving them for us, I'm also now buzzing for England for the first time in years and would like them to play the best 11 as often as possible for them to gel. Let's go and win the Euros in spite of the manager.
  10. I might use Talc for a change tonight instead of lotion
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