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  1. 2 Thursday's 2 signings as predicted by Mr. @Delphinho123 ....... genuine ITK for days we sign players.
  2. It will feel horrible switching to conventional, which is what the Pro will probably ask you to try. Good luck mate.
  3. Alan Pardew would do an amazing job for them, Steve McLaren, ace.... Alan Curbishley too, hope its Pulis or big Sam though.
  4. Heyyyyyyyyy, Ashley and pissflaps
  5. Wow, bet he's put some hours in to be that good. It's a brilliant game and there are many ways to skin a cat, go for it wez.
  6. No no, I didn't even read what the bet was for, just having a bit of fun. I doubt you will get a price anywhere, as I said in another post earlier, I think he is a lifer and I think the bookies see it that way too. If you can get on at 5/4 have their arms off.
  7. Got a feeling we will him more in advanced roles then as a fullback especially in a back 4, which he can obviously cover. He also opens up the possibility of playing 343 if the manager fancies having more options available to him.
  8. Villa youtube channel. Be nice to have a lot more content. Stream all the games u18 u23 etc that are not ppv on OS. Player funnies. Players cribs etc
  9. Swings both ways, we stood by him when he was a very foolish youngster, we could have let him go and I think he doesn't have the same career, his love for Villa has driven him to mostly sort himself out and let his God given talent come through. If he'd have gone somewhere else It would have been just a very well paid job that he couldn't give a **** about and he might have been on a gary Gardner type level career. He is staying, he's a lifer, we are on an incredible journey, succeeding with Villa is way more important to Jack then extra money and paid for trophies.
  10. Ok I've checked with the source and some of what's been said has been lost in translation. Aaron Ramsey is on 4.7million p/w, he has invested heavily in bitcoin and is now richer then NWSE and wants to buy the club lock stock and barrel.
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