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  1. RS can play anywhere across the front 6, him Elmo and Hause cover everything, great bench warmers.
  2. Snodgrass on a free and cash in on AEG and Connor, an upgrade in ability, intelligent player, excellent character, covers both wings, excellent dead ball specialist too. Cheap cover for one year, which gives us time to find out what this squad has got before the next big window.
  3. Anyone got any news or thoughts on potential signing of Werder Bremen attacking prospect Milot Rachica?
  4. Maybe they should be thinking big box office and a return to the Roger Moore fun bond type and cast Johnny Depp as Bond and Amber Heard as the villain
  5. I like him but CH is our 19/20 level, needs to become a squad player now and make way for a step up in all round ability. Times have changed, we are no longer a shift and try another sideways move club, every signing now should be an upgrade and get used to it because it will be happening to fan favourites in the coming seasons.
  6. Rather sad that a handful of fellow Villans could get pissed off enough at some fellow Villans having a bit of childish fun that the thread has been closed. Not every one has to read every thread and every post, getting pissed off at this, mmmmm, can't imagine how these people cope with every day life. This is not a rant, merely a personal observation.
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