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  1. For someone who is probably not as knowledgeable as most on here, could you elucidate please.
  2. When all this is over (and hopefully we all survive in tact) do you think people will boycott/cut down on the number of Chinese takeaways they consume ? After 'The Twin Towers' atrocity , Radio WM interviewed some Balti House owners in Sparkbrook; they said that trade had declined significantly. I wonder, if by association, the same will happen with Chinese outlets ?
  3. Cliff Richard comes out as gay.
  4. Yep , you are dead right; I have been mis-informed. (Robin Sarstedt number was in 3/4 time I think ).
  5. I expect you know that he was the brother of Ian Sarstedt, AKA Eden Kane (Get Lost was a big hit for him).
  6. ^^^^ Yep , he went to Torquay after us. My main memory of Torquay is when we thrashed 'em 5 - 0 (was it?) at home. Brian Little burst on to the scene - assisted to great extent by Andy Lochhead (who was our King !!!)
  7. Yes - I think so . It is such a long time ago but I think he played at No. 5 and Fred Turnbull at 6. Poss Brian Godfrey at 4. On thinking about it, Ian Ross comes into the equation but just can't remember - Ross may have been a bit later.
  8. George Curtis !!!! You must be nearly as old as me !! Remember when we signed him from Coventry - made a big difference to Villa's defence IMO
  9. Something to keep you occupied if you are a musician. Listen to Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush (hussey !!) and follow the off beat. Where is the odd bar or change of time signature - it drives me mad (although I am/was not a very good drummer.)
  10. Really don't like boxing but to see this arrogant get floored was priceless.
  11. Would I be correct in thinking it was Labour who initiated HS2 ?
  12. There is a fortune awaiting the first person who learns how to transplant the hairs , that grow in profusion, from you ears as you grow older onto the top of your head where the reverse in happening. Thought For The Day !
  13. So ; if the defendant was found not guilty but could still be guilty and the accusers are not believed by the jury but haven't lied ....... where does that leave the English Criminal Law system ?
  14. Ah, I didn't know that chrisp and as you say would throw a different light on it. My wife had to serve on a jury ,a couple of years ago, involving an accusation of rape and although there was compelling evidence that the the defendant was innocent (and found so) the woman was never named. Just seems a little unfair to me.
  15. Now , I have no particular liking or affinity with Alex Salmond but he has been found 'not guilty' ,by a Court of Law , of the charges levelled against him. However , his accusers still bask in anonymity. So is this fair because if he was found not guilty it is possible that some or all of his accusers were lying and on the premise that mud sticks is his reputation may be forever tarnished. Realise it happens quite frequently but this high profile case emphasises the situation. Thoughts ?
  16. Just to endorse your post; I would suggest that also happened during The Falklands conflict. Didn't Thatcher get back in with an increased majority. Apologies if I have got this wrong.
  17. Going to spend an hour listening to 'The Very Best of U2'. Not sure what to do with the remaining 58 minutes.
  18. Do people think it was a good move or indeed necessary to suspend Trevor Phillips from The Labour Party ? His ' crime', I believe was "Islamaphobia". I have a good friend who is a card carrying member of the PLP (and Villa season ticket holder) who reckons he is something of a complex character but is pretty high profile and probably did a lot of useful work combating racism . Opinions ?
  19. "8 Note melodies" . Well that rules out most of the stuff produced in the last 10 years !!!
  20. There you are; best of both Worlds. !!
  21. That's him !!! Cheers Mr Mooney. He is the geezer at the back - light blue t shirt and still lives in Harborne. An extremely clever man, Child Psychology or something like that. Also a damn good bass player. He and the key board player (Fender Rhodes) and guitarist (Gibson SG) met at B.ham University and recruited me. Perhaps I was the only one who turned up fro the audition !!!!
  22. God Lord - no . Done at Zella Studios in B/ham - just as AVFC were becoming a decent team !!! I think there is footage of Dave Bristow on YT with his jazz trio. The bass player - Bob Boucher - went on to play in a damn good B/ham rock band but can'r for the life of me remember the name. Played the best rock venues around in the mid 70's. He had a pre CBS Precision --- wonder if he still has it; would be worth a bit now.
  23. If that question is entirely serious then the answer is yes - but I wouldn't encourage you to listen to it !!!!!! Funnily enough , the keyboard player in that band I was in, one Dave Bristow, was the geezer who introduced me to George Duke music. I think it was when George was with The Mothers of Invention. Dave Bristow was a fabulous keyboard player IMO - since found fame in the U.S. and was a demonstrator for Yamaha. He was waaaay out of my league as a musician!
  24. ^^^^^^^ Yep , very good . But I still prefer George Duke .
  25. Was this written by Johnny Marr ??
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