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  1. Whilst I think he might have a ceiling lower then some of our grads, he seems like a natural at finding the net. We will have a good pro career.
  2. Any of the shiteh fans on here let out a little bit of sex wee yet
  3. Hope he has a shit game and PSG thrash em
  4. Naughty is the first thing that springs to mind.
  5. What a life this guy has right now, he's won, period.
  6. Arsanal are just the start, manU on it now, we are confident and aggressive, progress isn't letting up, we're only going one way, if, no, when we become successful we will probably be hated by all, maybe, we do actually seem to do things the right way and with a little class.
  7. They're just stock piling everybody, Emi would be 1st choice there
  8. It think from here on jn it will be not much more then 2 in 2 out fine tuning. As others have said above, a back up keeper, who has to be a really good up and comer or a 35ish top class keeper winding down their career, no good keeper in their late 20s is coming to play 2nd fiddle to one of the best keepers in the world. We need Targett 100%, we need a Lwing back too, gives us any option we want vs anyone. If there is a really top class CM/CDM out there that is getable, that takes us to another level, I'd do it. Other then that it's the kids, we might well have a group of you'll never win anything with kids level of talent here. After that, it's nit picking opportunities and upgrading already really good players with even better.
  9. We've got an Emma original superking and as you say these memory foam ones weigh a ton, especially this size, absolutely everything is a 2 man job on ours.
  10. No fines for the scum12 at all now, Zero millions to be spread across grass roots football now, can't wait to hear from Neville and Carragher, they were scathing of their own clubs and the despicable cash grab way they tried to screw our beautiful game. I'm expecting them to really go to town on their own clubs and the other 10 now, go get them with both barrels lads. Will they **** Hypocritical rocket polishers.
  11. Any one got a pic of Karen and maybe her phone number?
  12. I wish, probably some witty social media genius having a good day, be great if he said it though, what a star.
  13. The goes wrong show BBC1, especially Charlie Russell.
  14. Brighton would finish top 15 guaranteed if they had Bielsa
  15. I swear the Man City board are all glue sniffers.
  16. Did anyone on here ever audition to be the milky bar kid?
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