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13 minutes ago, NurembergVillan said:


People down the pub will say mean things and make fun.

Or at work. Don’t forget people at work might say mean things. 

7 minutes ago, Strangeways said:

People who say it doesn't matter bemuse me, I'm hurt angry and embarrassed again.. Can't wait for the abuse I'm gonna get at work on Monday. Brings back memories of Bradford.......


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To those saying the kids aren't good enough, I think we could have played a shape that suits them better to be honest, not sure a flat 4-4-2 with Taylor on the left of midfield is helping them too much. There were plenty of senior players out there too though, and even then sounded like we had zero control of the ball. Should have played one more in midfield probably.

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I think success, breeds success......this just suggests that the fight in the peripherals to remove a first teamer is not there.

not good imo.

however, didn't see the game, nursing the lurgi.....so don't really know what went wrong.....i know a lot of players were rested, but we do lurch from sublime to the ridiculous oh so very easy.

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For me, we were always going to come crashing back down to earth after the anomaly of winning 5-0 against Bristol. I didn't expect us to lose 1-3 but am not surprised by the performance at all. With it out of the way, I think there's a better chance of a decent performance in the next league game but will Bruce be able to keep it together over the remaining games and collect enough points for us to go up automatically? I seriously doubt it.

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31 minutes ago, Morley_crosses_to_Withe said:

Or at work. Don’t forget people at work might say mean things. 


Do you mean those mean things like......the truth.

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Just back, I thought we looked “ok” for about 30/35 minutes then we were pretty much second best all over the park.

O’Hare looked good but he did keep finding himself in tonnes of space, not sure he’ll have that luxury in the league and certainly not in the PL if we get there.

I thought Davis looked like he had lead in his boots, just looks far too heavy and slow.

Andre Green was horrific.

Steer did well given how busy he was.

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Keeper MOTM when we have lost1-3 at home against a league 1 side says it all. 

Green no where near ready for a start. Should have made the other subs on 70 mins instead of too late and changed the wrong players when he did. 

Well done Mr Bruce, you have destroyed all the magic from last week at the first attempt. 

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19 minutes ago, TRO said:

Do you mean those mean things like......the truth.

I don’t know. I always find it amusing when grown adults start knicker wetting about the ‘abuse’ or piss taking that might happen at work/down the pub.

The extent of it probably will be a sarcastic remark like “Good result for the Villa on Saturday. *Snigger*”


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 I am not one to expect to win every game, but as others have said, I hate losing any game.

What bothers me is these players are supposed to be back up (bar Terry and Hourihane), yet they can't beat a Div.1 team. Let's sell them all and buy the Posh starting 11. :P

Yes, they haven't played together often, or if ever at all, but these players should all be practising the same system so they can drop in when need. I didn't see the game, so can't comment on what went wrong, but bring on next week. (quickly) :)

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Just got back from the game, absolutely pathetic. 

It wasnt as "second string" as people are suggesting on here, makes the Bristol game look like a one off, we are very much back to passing to the keeper to boot it up. Our players have no imagination or creativity, midfielders pass to defenders who pass to the keeper to hoof it. Been playing like that all season.

If John Terry, Neil Taylor, Josh Onomah, Conor Hourihane, Keinan Davis are 2nd string then why have they played most games all season? The real 2nd string players did ok, Steer MOTM, Callum O'Hare was our best outfield player with RDL having a good game too. 

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4 minutes ago, OutByEaster? said:

Let's get this said first; well played Peterborough, a performance of passion, purpose and pride. Their fans made a good noise throughout and they thoroughly deserved to win the game. They should enjoy their celebrations and I don't want the things I'll say about my club to in any way reflect on their success.

They were the better team in three ways:

Commitment - they cared and they played like they cared, they worked hard, they were brave with and without the ball and they worked for each other.

Passing - they played better football than we did, it was them trying to get it on the deck, it was them trying to pass and move, their football provided them with their opportunities.

Chances - they created a hatful and but for an excellent performance from Steer they could quite easily have doubled their tally today.

For us, we're out of what is arguably the biggest competition we get to take part in - you can bang on about promotion all you like, but the game is about more than money, it's about more than the big TV show, it's about glories and joys and this competition matters. It should matter more, but Sky have said no - that's a different debate, but in a half decade full of shocking seasons, performances and results, this still has to take it's place in the pantheon of shameful days in this new century.

I think once you accept one thing, there are then two ways to look at this defeat. Here's the thing; I think it's important to note that the team we put out were talented enough to have won that game, we had the better players almost without a doubt.

There are two themes for our disappointment, one collective and the other individual.

We'll start in the traditional way with the manager - he's not had a good day - he's picked a reasonably balanced side but they've not performed for him - not tactically, but in terms of their commitment, their enthusiasm and their desire - this wasn't a team that cared about the FA Cup, or the pride of Aston Villa or their personal pride - it's part of the role of the manager and his staff to ensure that's not the case, that the very least we can expect is that those players give 100%, that they try - today that's not true of all of them. He brought on the right substitutes although you can argue that he took off the wrong men - all the paper things he did today were fine for me, all the things that involve thinking about football were good - but this team had no heart and that's one of the things I would expect Bruce to be getting into them. 

The three things they beat us on are all things that a good manager has an influence on, he should be able to inspire and energise, and we should be able to play the kind of football that he'd expect - that we're struggling to play the kind of football that League 1 teams expect is a real concern.

Some things are clearer individually.

First up, let's absolve Jed Steer of any responsibility - he's made a good half dozen excellent saves of the type that might ordinarily win you a match and he can rightly be angry with his compatriots.

Those that can say that whilst they didn't contribute enough, they did at least show a little effort or composure would include DeLaet, Terry, Davis and probably Taylor - they at least showed a willingness to try. Bree isn't a centre half - and I wonder why we keep making this experiment try to work - bless him, he gives it a go, but it's just not his position - he can also be halfway excused. I'm prepared to go easy on Green too as he's just back from injury.

O'Hare was willing and put in some effort, but he looks lightweight and ineffective - after ten minutes when our collective confidence dropped and Peterborough realised we were there for the taking, his performance dropped noticeably and he might well be better in a more confident side, but at times today he looked lost.

Into midfield - Hourihane was the most willing of them, he put in a performance with maybe 80% of the usual vigour of his league performances, short changed us a bit and coasted a little - in comparison to his peers, that's almost acceptable.

Bjarnason then, a midfielder from a nation that doesn't have the talent of some of the larger nations, but has achieved so much through a collective spirit and  a willingness to work harder than anyone else - today he bought the talent bit, not the other bit - the longer the game went on, the less interested in it he looked.

Which puts him some way ahead of the worst player on the pitch - Josh Onomah is fit, strong, mobile and talented - but mentally? He left the field after somehow getting 90 minutes with absolutely spotless shorts and enough in the tank to have played in the 17:30 kick off. He was sloppy on the ball, he didn't chase back, he didn't make himself available - this was as lazy a performance as I've seen in a long time. He needs to take a long look at himself and figure out what kind of footballer he wants to be. I would not be in the slightest bit bothered if he was back at Tottenham next week - there have been hints of it in his play all season but on this performance he made it pretty clear he doesn't care a jot about this football club. I would hope he has the decency to be ashamed enough for it to improve him.

At half time, Henri Lansbury came on. I know this because it was on the big screen. He played a through ball for O'Hare that wasn't bad and later he bottled a tackle - those aren't the highlights of his performance, that's it - before and after those moments, he was less involved in the game than I was.

Overall, this was a performance with less heart than a Vegan stew, less passion than a dirty weekend with Jacob Rees-Mogg and less commitment than a relationship with Mick Jagger. You can say it's just the cup, you can write this game off, you can forget because it's happened so often of late that we should be better than this, but if you do, don't come complaining to me when we bottle a big game in the play off run or lose the derby - these players think the game should be easy and they play that way - fair play to Peterborough for showing them what can be achieved if you go at it right way.





Thanks for the post OBE, it's sad to hear that the players can't find enough passion to give there all for 90 minutes. I hate that the modern game has given players the idea that they are better than certain games and opposition. They don't deserve the shirt or the wages. 

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I think we need to get a bit of perspective here.  When a team makes that many changes against a settled team playing the game of their lives this is what happens.  Stoke just lost to Coventry.  Leicester draw to Fleetwood!! 

This is the beauty of the cup.  

Now if you gave me a choice between winning this game or 3 points next league game I know which one I would take.   Yes it would be nice to win both but when you play that many games in a month I think the sensible approach is to rest a few.

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