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  1. We’re all shit so any points will come from the teams around us. The problem is we’ve pretty much already played them all twice! We’ve only got West Ham, Newcastle and Palace left and 2 of them are away!
  2. I think if he just stayed off the pitch when he got injured nobody would be even talking about it now. For some strange reason he rolled back on to the pitch and wasted our time. Also killing some momentum when we had a corner. Both Mings and Grealish had to ask him to move back off the pitch so we could carry on. Injured or not it was very odd behaviour by him.
  3. Probably the only manager to ever start the pre-season summer with 2 adequate first team players in the squad as well.
  4. We need too see a reaction in the next 3 games. A Cup final in itself should be enough motivation for the players to give it their all but after that I’m interested to see how we perform against Leicester and Chelsea. If the effort levels are as they were against Southampton then it would seem Smith has lost the team and the writing could be on the wall for him. I don’t expect us to get anything from the next 3 games. But I do expect to see the players give it their all at the very least.
  5. Fair enough. I was watching on a dodgy buffering screen so was hard to tell.
  6. Didn’t seem that long. If they felt he could continue they would have given him longer surely?
  7. I sat there for playoff final. Was great view and tickets were £80 I think. Crazy how they £150 for this final. Anyway hope you’re able to get a swap mate.
  8. I think it was an eye injury which is why he was told he couldn’t continue. No way would he have been subbed that quickly otherwise.
  9. 230 very good seats. Thought it was the £150 ones. I would have swapped with you but I’m in 529 so not much help.
  10. I think it’s ok we have Wembley next week. No league games for a while so we will have a few games in hand and no what we need. I think it’s a good time for a break from the league.
  11. Whoever finishes 17th deserves to stay up.
  12. Sacking him isn’t going to immediately change our fortunes. Even though it feels hard to believe right now It might even make us worse! The Chelsea game is massive!!
  13. I can’t get over how bad we were today. Is this the beginning of the end for Smith as head coach?
  14. Surely the medical team decided he had to come off?
  15. Is there anyway we can stay up on 26 points? Get a draw to West Ham last game of the season.
  16. I thought he was as poor as the rest second half. A few times we were in promising positions when a pass was on and he tried to do it himself instead giving the ball away leaving us exposed and hit on the break. It wasn’t a captains display at all in terms of trying to lift the players either. I get he must be frustrated but we can’t have him losing his head. Hopefully it was very much a one off.
  17. Back on topic. Luiz is shit. They all are!! Every last one of them!
  18. Maybe but how high could they have been? Surely not much higher than what we agreed to pay all the other signings that summer and Terry/Snodgrass the summer after.
  19. Is it? They are 11 points off a playoffs place.
  20. That was my plan. Do you know if there are any trains from Ickenham?
  21. No heart. No fight. No ability. No shape. No plan. No idea. That was a bad as it gets. Play like that next week and we could be looking at a record scoreline for a final.
  22. I didn’t think we would get anything from this but I didn’t think we’d lose so badly. The score flattered us. They should have won by a lot more.
  23. Worst away performance this season for me. Carry on like that and there’s not a hope in hell of staying up. Even Jack looked off the pace today.
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