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  1. I just watched his last seasons goals. If you get chance watch the one against Man U at home and then McGinn’s reaction when he runs over to a celebrating Traore. The guys hilarious.
  2. Nah I just think people confuse lazy with not fit enough.
  3. I thought he was excellent yesterday. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him work as hard before though. Another that struggled with the intensity of the Premier league for the first season?
  4. I think I’ve mentioned this before but it’s happened again. A dog climbing on me when I go for a jog in the park. I don’t care if ‘he’s just being friendly’. Control your **** dog!
  5. I thought he was excellent yesterday and looks more and more like the player Brugge fans used to rave on about every game.
  6. I don’t think we have but I do think we’ll sign him. Will just cost more than 10m unfortunately. I hope they don’t price him out of a move. He’s got a great future ahead of him
  7. Apparently he has been seen around the bull ring too so hopefully not to serious. We all know how tiring walking around shopping is. Especially if with your other half.
  8. I think it’s really important to give minutes to all players that will play a part this season. This wasn’t Dean throwing in some youngsters for them never to play again. He wants every single player to get some playing a time as they all part of a strong squad. Now I understand the frustrations of fans that want us to go as far as possible in the cup but Smith and the coaches have to look at the bigger picture and this means keeping a squad happy for the entire season. Also even if we had played our so called best 11, who knows if we would even have won! Many complained about the lack of rotation last season as costing us a higher place in the league. This is being addressed by a squad of players that can now come in at any time. I’m flabbergasted that people are so upset. This is the best squad we’ve had in a very long time.
  9. I’m imagining the backlash if Emi played and got injured. Steers our number 2 until at least January whether we like it or not. He will most likely have to play again with internationals coming. The 90 minutes today would have done him the world of good.
  10. Come on mate, trying way, way too hard. Edit: a lot to be happy about bud.
  11. I’ve come to the conclusion that some fans will never be happy. Night lads.
  12. Wouldn’t have been great for young players confidence either. Serious nit picking to question penalty takers in my opinion. They are all professional footballs that can kick a ball from 12 yards. Penalties in shootout are all about nerves rather than technique.
  13. I said 3-0 before the game so I underestimated them. Gave Chelsea a real game and it’s so good to know we have a strong squad that injuries shouldn’t completely derail us. Feel for Sanson as thought he played well. Hopefully not to serious. It’s always nice to have a cup run but when games start coming thick and fast we’ll be glad we ain’t got more of them. Plus City will win it anyway! UTV!
  14. He played a big part in us even getting to penalties. I thought he had a great game apart from the shootout.
  15. I can understand some fan frustration with us not take a few more senior players. But if that’s all they can find to talk about after that game then it’s going to be tough to have a debate about it.
  16. I wish we bought Ings or Watkins too though. But overall really happy and let’s face it. It’s a shit cup anyway. In Smith we trust.
  17. Should have a couple. He’s struggling against Chalobah who’s very impressive defender. But I like his off the ball movement when we break. He has striker instincts.
  18. Fair enough but he was probably best player on pitch for us first half. Should have 2 assists.
  19. I don’t think so because he tried to carry on playing.
  20. I thought this is the hardest I’ve seen him work probably ever.
  21. Oh man he was playing so well too. He’s having shit luck with injuries.
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