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  1. I smell at rat when game vs Liverpool gets sold out by members. These scousers seem to always find ways to get tickets in home ends. Listen out for Scouse accents and get them removed from the ground.
  2. On the one hand if he got called up for Brazil it would be mean he is playing very well for us. On the other hand the more caps he gets the more chance of him being able to get a work permit to return to Man City.
  3. Didn’t you also think we’d only spend 60 million in the summer mate Only messing, I don’t think big bids will come in yet.
  4. I first saw Jonny Williams in the playoff final and he really stood out. Now he’s playing for Wales and looks a really tidy player. I reckon he’ll be the Premier League eventually.
  5. Just cruel to name your kid Mungo.
  6. Wow nice review. Are you a film critic?Because if you’re not you probably should be.
  7. I though Better call Saul was better than Breaking bad.
  8. Yeh probably no need for the drool and constant burps.
  9. Just reading about the Brazilian President. He actually makes Trump look like a good guy! So now we have the the largest democracy in the world, the richest most powerful country in the world, and the largest, richest country in South America all governed by right wing nut jobs? What a time to be alive.
  10. Started watching Rick and Morty. Cracks me up!
  11. That was all I meant from my OP. Looks like I just said to much so had to explain myself.
  12. Agree. Although I personally think the pound is near a bottom deal or no deal. QE or rate cuts would hurt it a bit more though. Edit: On the plus side if the pound does drop a lot further the FTSE will rocket.
  13. To be fair I never said I thought any countries would leave. It was just a general throw away comment that I guess I should have kept to myself. In fact I think it’s now probably very unlikely another country would leave after the whole of Europe has seen how difficult it is to leave. I was just pointing out that in the future other countries may want to leave. The two that spring to mind are Italy and Greece. Italy’s League party is one of the most popular parties in Italy. If they were to get in to power they could hold a referendum to leave Greece already had a referendum in 2015 that rejected bailout conditions with a majority of 61%. This was pretty much rejecting the EU. The result was totally ignored and a bailout was agreed anyway. Not convincing arguments because I’m not trying to convince anyone that other countries are going to leave. But it’s clear all is not rosy in Europe so anything’s possible.
  14. To be fair City and Liverpool are so far ahead I don’t think any other team will be challenging for the title for quite some years. I hope I’m wrong about that. Man U’s best bet will be the domestic cup competitions like the rest of us.
  15. Because who knows what the future could bring! But on a serious note I’ve just got in to work so will try and send a proper reply later on.
  16. Well yes that’s what we would expect to happen. But then in 2015 we wouldn’t have expected we would be a few day’s from leaving 3 years in. Btw I’m not defending that women or arguing leave or remain. I’m just saying all is not rosy in Europe. In the coming years we could even see more countries wanting to leave.
  17. To be fair do you know what’s going to happen to the EU in the coming years and what would happen to us if we remained?
  18. Stocks are the same. For the past 10 years world markets have been moved on central bank announcements. The time of the announcement being the largest moves.
  19. Do you know why the job is making you feel that way? Environment? People? The work?
  20. I remember when I was in Miami and somebody asked me where in UK I was from. I told them Birmingham and their response was ‘you mean Birmingham, Alabama’?
  21. Anyone know where I can get a good globe?
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