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  1. Eastie

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    Early days yet but if we can add another 2 or 3 loan signings to boost our options then there’s no reason we can’t be up there at the end of the season - we have made a solid start but really need to capitalise on these 2 home games this week - win those and we will be off to a flier .
  2. Eastie

    Tommy Elphick

    Agreed , would prefer elphick - he looked decent when JT was injured - think we need to bring in another centre back and striker at least
  3. Eastie

    Steve Bruce

    Not overly happy about Bruce staying but I can see the logic of it for now with a new season only a week away - I hope he will try and play a bit more on the front foot this season and now it’s sorted I hope we can all get behind the team and hopefully add some more quality loan deals - hope you’ve had a good summer Tro - a bit too hot for old eastie
  4. Eastie

    Nassef Sawiris

    I’d be very surprised if he did the job long term on a daily basis with all his other commitments , probably running the ship until he can appoint a decent ceo and I’d hope it will be a huge improvement on Fox or wyness .
  5. Eastie

    Time for a takeover

    Hope you are keeping well mate - maybe this time our ship has sailed in - great news mate - now I can go back to my holiday and crack open a few bottles until aug 4th - interesting to see what our team is and who is manager - Henry would be a bold move but could be fantastic too .
  6. Eastie

    Steve Bruce

    Was thinking the same thing mate - both available and looking for another challenge
  7. Eastie

    Time for a takeover

    Let’s hope this time we have the people at the helm to lead us back to where we belong - let the good times roll
  8. Eastie

    Jack Grealish

    The only way Grealish should leave now is if he wants to go to further his career - we should not need to sell him but if he does want to go then fair enough - I can understand that .
  9. Eastie

    Steve Bruce

    Seen a few rumours of Thierry Henry - interesting if true . Bruce can leave with his reputation intact - he got us close but ultimately failed to achieve the aim.
  10. Eastie

    Nassef Sawiris

    Had to drop in from my summer break - thrilled with this news - good times ahead - great day to be a villa fan :)
  11. Eastie

    Steve Bruce

    It’s been a season of highs and lows and ultimately heartbreak - time for me to take a few weeks off the forum in the close season as I do most years and enjoy the summer ( what we get of it ) Enjoy your summer all and I hope on my return in August that we are all recharged and in a position to give it our best shot in the new season - I think next season will be tough but whoever is in charge we need to unite again as a club and face the difficult times ahead . ‘Have a nice summer folks
  12. Eastie

    Steve Bruce

    maybe had he not sent him team out like frightened rabbits at Wembley then we wouldn’t be in this position now .
  13. Eastie

    Steve Bruce

    And jokanovic took a fulham team the had just avoided relegation the season before to the play offs that season too so he did not fail either . ‘Bruce got us to 13th - he failed !
  14. Eastie

    Tony Xia

    The trust is gone mate - for me the emperor has no clothes .
  15. Eastie

    Steve Bruce

    Surely in that case we do not have the cash to fire Round either ?