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  1. Eastie

    Dean Smith

    Liverpool ? We don’t play them until mid April
  2. Eastie

    Dean Smith

    I thought it would take maybe 10 games to gel and then we’d improve as a team - as it is we’ve got worse rather than better.
  3. Was painfully obvious from October that we were short on the striker department - here we are mid jan and playing big games without a striker at all -really disappointed that Suso hasn’t lined someone up before now -poor stuff
  4. Eastie

    Dean Smith

    Yes I think if they were going to act it would have been after the watford game - now I think he’s here for the duration and it could prove a huge mistake
  5. Blimey risso - not seen you in years on a forum , hope you are keeping well mate disappointing news - would have liked benteke back
  6. Eastie

    Dean Smith

    Blaming Suso for the garbage signed ?
  7. Eastie

    Kortney Hause

    Might have been a better option than Taylor at left back , hause has had more than one bad performance
  8. I certainly don’t think he was that good but neither was he as bad as some seem to suggest
  9. Eastie

    Kortney Hause

    Shocking performance today , bring back chester
  10. Eastie

    Dean Smith

    Are you serious ? Nyland should have saved at least 2 and possibly 3 of those - was even ridiculed and called chocolate wrists by sourness
  11. Eastie

    Dean Smith

    The problem is throughout the team - we are poor in all areas
  12. Eastie

    Dean Smith

    Think he’s too soft , need someone will that bit of steel like Pearson has to shake people up - I don’t think dean possesses the nasty hard streak in him .
  13. Can we trust this man to bring in a decent striker - seems to have wasted millions on garbage - get rid of him!
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