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  1. Jack should have passed to give Ollie a great chance rather than shoot himself but it was a great run . bielsa did a number on us - 2nd half was unacceptable and we need to learn from it , mings very poor tonight and hard to pick a man of match .
  2. Eastie

    Dean Smith

    I was highly critical of smith before lockdown but am delighted to be proved wrong - he seems to have got the players in he wanted this summer and the team look very decent so far - long May it continue . my worry Is if we get injuries to key players as our reserves are not particularly good
  3. Eastie

    Dean Smith

    Was hugely impressed by Klopp on Sunday - he was sporting in defeat and spoke well , also congratulated villa players and after the 6th goal flashed his pearly whites for all to see
  4. Eastie

    Dean Smith

    Credit to Dean and his back up team - I doubted him in March but am delighted to be proved wrong - the future looks rosy
  5. Top 12 but an outside chance of top 8 for me , unlikely we can do a leicester but a top 10 finish would be good and kick on from there .
  6. "I'm not sure there will be any more coming in before the window closes," he said, when asked if Jota leaving meant another would come in is what smith said
  7. Extremely good signing - things are looking good - quality additions and a good start to the season
  8. Seems we can agree fees with clubs but the players are not interested in coming here - fear eduourd will be same scenario too as rashica and Wilson
  9. Wilson for £12m maybe , but no way is he worth anywhere near the reported £30m Bournemouth seem to want
  10. Best way to is to prove himself too good to leave out - let his football do the talking .
  11. Are the regular fit sizes accurate or are they smaller like last season ? I had to return last seasons shirt as was far too tight , not sure if that was a slim fit though , I notice this year is described as regular fit - is it a decent fit or still tight ?
  12. Wesley will be back in weeks not months - he was back running in June and his recovery is going Very well last I heard
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