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  1. Eastie

    Tyrone Mings

    I’d be surprised if he goes for the internationals - looked to be injured late on and would expect him to be pulled out
  2. Agreed , I really wanted benrahma and Maupay as they would have given us good options up front
  3. Eastie

    Dean Smith

    Luiz and nakamba holding , Grealish just off Wesley and McGinn and Hourihane Or trezeguet/ jota behind him , pushing the full backs forward more with the 2 holding midfielders so a 4231 in Effect - basically Grealish in a free role .
  4. Eastie

    Dean Smith

    With someone like nakamba available I’d prefer 2 holding midfielders rather than a back 3 .
  5. Eastie

    Dean Smith

    Or 2 holding midfielders in some games with jack playing a free role behind Wesley ?
  6. It’s our results at villa park that will mainly make or break us - I think we need to win at least 9 home games and pick up a few points here and there - I don’t expect us to win many away from home .
  7. I think el ghazi will slot in his place v West Ham - I do however feel we need to have options at switching things and getting nakamba into the team - maybe 4231 with jota or Grealish in a free role off Wesley . its ok playing with 2 wide men but only if they are effective - play 2 holding midfielders and push the full backs up more when attacking in some games away from home . 433 works for us in certain games but we need to adapt systems to suit opposition
  8. But surely the dive is reviewed in that case and a penalty awarded ?
  9. Surely If var can’t review the goal as the whistle had gone before , then it must review the tackle on Grealish and at worst award a penalty ?
  10. Apparently var is not allowed to overturn it because the referee had already blew for the dive , which was an incorrect decision And therefore denied a goal so what the **** is the point of var ?
  11. Var was supposedly brought in to stop this shit from happening - serious questions must be asked of friend and the var controllers - we were awful today and very poor but that was Cheating by friend
  12. For those not in the wm fm range the game is on bbc iPlayer radio on radio wm there - I know most internet access is blocked but bbc iPlayer radio app is broadcasting it .
  13. Still think Bournemouth are more likely to add a 3rd than we are to score - we look very poor at the back
  14. Seemed many positives last week but today is shocking

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