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  1. Eastie

    Dean Smith

    Onward and upwards from here - enjoy the ride folks
  2. Eastie

    Christian Purslow

    Seems like the real deal running the club at long last
  3. Eastie

    Villa and FFP

    Maybe xia overplayed the ffp thing to cover up his own lack of funds? ‘Purslow seems confident we can spend in January without the worry of ffp being a problem
  4. Eastie

    Sir Doug Ellis

    JG said he decided not to go for Keane and Doug had given him the ok to get him , however Gregory said on watching him again at wolves he found it odd that wolves fans were urging him to buy Keane and it was then that JG decided not to proceed with things .
  5. Eastie

    Scott Hogan

    Can understand his frustration but when given his chances he has failed to take them , maybe smith will be a new start for him .
  6. Eastie

    Dean Smith

    Woods joined stoke in August
  7. Eastie

    Sir Doug Ellis

    Further details below , Former Aston Villa chairman Sir Doug Ellis has died, a close relative has told BirminghamLive. Sir Doug, who was 94, is said to have passed away in the night. A relative told BirminghamLive the sad news today. http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/former-aston-villa-owner-sir-15266202#ICID=ios_BMNewsApp_AppShare_Click_Other
  8. Eastie

    Sir Doug Ellis

    Saddened to hear of Dougs death overnight . thoughts with his friends and family , Doug kept going to the end of his days following the club . rest in peace Doug
  9. Eastie

    Dean Smith

    Not a he it’s a she , a shapely blonde lady indeed
  10. Eastie

    Dean Smith

    Sky live at bodymoor saying smith and JT will be meeting players on Monday .
  11. Eastie

    Dean Smith

    Depends on the offence , violent conduct would be 3 game ban , stopping a goal scoring opportunity 1 game ban . chester is available for next game
  12. Eastie

    Dean Smith

    Only was 1 game ban
  13. Eastie

    Dean Smith

    Welcome dean and nice to see JT back too, let’s get behind the new team and make up lost ground - plenty time left to do this still onwards and upwards from here;)
  14. Eastie

    New Manager Speculation

    I see the attraction in smith but I’m wary of any suggestion that he would have to take JT as part of a management team , would it work or would he be better off choosing his own staff ? That said the media seem to have a new favourite each day and we don’t know what is really going on behind the scenes , maybe it will be someone not currently on the radar .
  15. Eastie

    New Manager Speculation

    I really cannot see allardyce being interested in taking the villa job , he drove a hard deal before taking the Everton job on his terms , cannot see him coming here and wouldn’t want him anyway .