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  1. Agree - should no longer be captain - give it to mings .
  2. Surely at the least should be stripped of captaincy by the club - a fine doesn’t cut it .
  3. I’d imagine there is cctv in the area which will show what exactly has happened . The lack of anything from Grealish to clear himself of these allegations suggests it’s not a case of his car being stolen as he’s getting pelters in the media and press
  4. Losing the captaincy will be a blow but the likelihood that he’s blown his england chances will hurt him badly too
  5. One thing for sure is that it is definately jacks Range Rover .
  6. Try argos website -they seem to have a choice and are still open for deliveries at home
  7. Hang on in there mate - we are all behind you
  8. Eastie

    Alex Butler

    Get well big Al - we are all behind you mate
  9. Thoughts are with you mate , let’s hope things work out well
  10. Bit weak from Boris - I think we’ve been too slow in our response to this , hugely frustrating that we seem to have failed to learn lessons , and even more so that some idiots seem to think it doesn’t apply to them and ignore advice
  11. Do they pause it after 30 days notice or immediately as just paused mine and bill is showing it from 30 days time as being paused ?
  12. Will have a look at that as prime member
  13. We booked our slot 3 weeks ago as normal - however we got a text this morning to say delivery is cancelled due to staff shortages - i went to shop this morning at tesco but no eggs , bread , frozen goods , even cat food and tins were empty - hopefully everyone gets through this - we must all put our health first if possible and stay home if we can
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