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  1. Eastie

    Dean Smith

    With 2 regularly ineffective front men and arguably 3 then something needs to change - can’t keep going with 2 wide men when they produce so rarely
  2. Eastie

    Douglas Luiz

    Played with no desire or passion - very poor today
  3. I don’t think our front 3 are anywhere near as talented as the wolves attack - today they also had the desire to win and wanted it more - we were lucky to lose 2-1
  4. We massively outspent Sheffield United and look how well they’ve started - we bought too many players untried at this level and from other countries - it can take a long time to settle and maybe some will never be good enough at this level
  5. Probably due to traore constantly running rings around him
  6. I thought targett was very poor today and taylor slightly better but still poor
  7. There were many players today who were far worse than him - Nyland was one of the better ones
  8. I don’t think we can continue with 2 wide men up front if they are as ineffective as ours - our front 3 are not good enough and without Grealish we create little , very poor team display today .
  9. Eastie

    Dean Smith

    Fabulous first year - here’s to a great 2nd year and many more to come
  10. Agree , we look a better team as a result and gives jack the freedom to play
  11. Class act and will prove a real bargain at that fee - I think he will be a key player this season
  12. Has upped his game recently and deservedly kept his place in the side
  13. A huge upgrade on Taylor - we look a far better side now with decent full backs
  14. Eastie

    Dean Smith

    Surely at city we need to go with Douglas and nakamba both holding
  15. Eastie

    Dean Smith

    Very good from smith and his staff today - the team was set up well and looked very decent , I think we were unlucky last week with targett coming off and but for that probably would have won that game too - onwards and upwards
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