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  1. Eastie

    Dean Smith

    Like any manager smith will be judged on results and I think those expressing doubts had every reason when we had won 2 in 13 at the time - however he has turned things around and rightly deserves praise and plaudits for doing so . we now need to unite behind the boss and players for the final push - it is all to play for and promotion can very much be achieved - we are hitting form at the right time and with other players on their way back to fitness we will take some stopping . i always felt Leeds would buckle under the pressure come the final few games and I’d be confident of beating them in any play offs - I would hope sheff Utd get 2nd place as they are the only team in the top 6 I’d prefer to avoid
  2. Eastie

    Glenn Whelan

    Outstanding in recent weeks - well done Glenn
  3. Regarding avtv - last weekend I had the pleasure of watching the game on rams tv which was far superior in every way to avtv - maybe we should look at how derby present their games and learn a few lessons
  4. I think Chester will play at blues
  5. Eastie

    John Terry

    Using the words we , us and our when talking about Chelsea at half time seems a bit odd - I get the fact he spent most of his career there but still being employed now by another club maybe he’d be better describing them as Chelsea rather than we , us and our .
  6. Eastie

    Dean Smith

    It’s jokanovic not jovanic
  7. Eastie

    Dean Smith

    I’d hope that purslow is right in his comments about ffp and that our finances are not bad enough to worry about who we can or can’t afford to sack - if smith does finish in the bottom 8 and the board feel they can attract a better manager then I’d hope that finance wouldn’t be an obstacle - that said I’m sure we all hope smith does succeed - I certainly could never have envisaged a run like this a couple of months ago
  8. Eastie

    Dean Smith

    Bruce was allowed too long and by an incompetent owner - I don’t think finance would come into their thinking regarding smiths future - it’s a results game - I’d be tempted to give him the window and 12 games of the new season and see where we stand but he needs to turn this form around too - if we finish in the bottom 8 then he will be lucky to survive
  9. Eastie

    Dean Smith

    Too soon to call for head but not too soon to express concerns about this appalling run since Xmas - he needs to turn things around as if this carries on until the end of the season then his situation may well need to be reviewed .
  10. Eastie

    John Terry

    JT was with the England rugby squad today swapping ideas and fitness tips , apparently gave an inspirational speech to them . England's rugby players have been given a pep talk by former footballer John Terry before the crunch Six Nations clash with Wales in Cardiff. The ex-England captain spent the morning at the Bagshot training base, exchanging ideas on issues such as leadership and motivation with both players and coaches. "The players were really engaged by talking to him," forwards coach Steve Borthwick told BBC Sport. From the bbc sport app
  11. Eastie

    Dean Smith

    Proven premier league failure who got his team promoted on far less than Villa have spent on players , or a manager whose highest finish is mid table in the championship ? yes I think smith deserves more time but to be deriding the likes of jokanovic or Wagner who have achieved promotion already on far less budgets is bizarre . lets worry about who manages us in the premier league when we get there - we need a manager to get us out of this division and hopefully smith achieves it in the right direction .
  12. Eastie

    Dean Smith

    Certainly agree they would not be considering sacking him at this point - however he does need to turn this run around before the end of the season or they may well review things should we finish closer to the bottom 6 than the top 6 . ‘For me the jury is still out but after such a bright start the last 2 months have been hugely disappointing
  13. Eastie

    Dean Smith

    I don’t see why jokanovic wouldn’t be gettable - yes his style is progressive and good to watch but results wise at this level he’s achieved far more than smith . ‘Smith needs a decent finish to the season - I get the argument that Grealish is missing and these aren’t his players but let’s not forget that Brentford went on several bad runs in his reign there when they couldn’t buy a win and that was with his players and system . His time at Brentford had several highs and lows where they seemed to go on winning runs for 5 or 6 games and then go 7 or 8 without a win hence never making the play offs . i am not calling for his head at this moment but do think he needs to turn this around before the season ends or the board will be fully justified in questioning their appointment
  14. Eastie

    Dean Smith

    Would Rodgers take the job is the question .
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