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  1. Watkins buyout clause can now be activated at £18m after last nights defeat - could be worth it at that price
  2. Me too , happy to continue with them , it’s the front 3 we need to sort and maybe a midfielder
  3. Yes , there are other areas of the team far more a priority - Freddie will be ok
  4. I’d expect us to spend £100m plus whatever we bring in from sales - hopefully 4 decent signings .
  5. He has 3 years left on his deal - unless we receive an incredible bid there is nothing to sort - I think he will give it another year
  6. I’d think £40m may tempt them , I agree , we know what he can do so less risk - go get him
  7. If not in person there are Things like zoom - they may be having a short break but I’m sure they keep in contact
  8. Oh yes they are my friend - 2 week quarantine on return to uk and been that way since before he flew out
  9. Yep and in jacks case can’t see him breaking curfew again after the last episode - training restarts on August 17 he will need to stay home for a fortnight When he returns
  10. WEST Ham, Tottenham and Newcastle are all interested in Cherries striker Callum Wilson, according to Sky Sports. The media outlet claims Cherries are “expected to seek a fee in excess of £20million to sell” England frontman Wilson, who has scored 67 goals in 187 games for the Dorset outfit. £20 m according to today’s reports , no way he’s going for £10m . Was an england striker last year .
  11. Why would it be ludicrous ? We have ambitious rich owners , Tammy knows the club and is popular here , he’s well down the pecking order at Chelsea and the euros are next season . tammy is the sort of player we should be after , I rate callum Wilson too but there’s no way bournemouth would sell for £10m as quoted on here Would be happy with either of those but I’d expect Tammy to be around £40m and callum to be similar to the fee we paid for mings .
  12. Eastie

    Tom Heaton

    In fairness preece much more accurate with info than gregg Evans ever was .
  13. Looks nice enough but with the kappa sizing issues I won’t be buying any , had to send back last year
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