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  1. Anyone know when the 3rd kit is released on sale ?
  2. The money spent on this squad to say this season is all about survival does not cut it at all - he will need a decent start or will be out the door long before Xmas - don’t be surprised to see stevie G in the hot seat pretty soon . `
  3. 1st team game available 12am mate - it’s the reserve game in full at 10pm
  4. He’s out till mid sept injured
  5. Sorry only just seen this , I saw ty bracey earlier tweet it was dark blue but I do prefer a black kit , I know you are very reliable on kit info
  6. Any idea what colour the 3rd kit is likely to be ?
  7. Jack certainly been planning on getting away - **** up when he said it’s been a tough few months thinkin it over in the sky interview . purslow came across very well tonight - explained things clearly
  8. His value now is a lot more than year ago and to be fair to the club his team had to agree to the clause amount or they wouldn’t have signed a deal - I think purslow spoke well - grealish held the aces and comes out of this all looking pretty shabby to say the least
  9. He Says on sky it’s been a difficult few months so clearly planned to go for a long time- hardly committed himself last summer - was all lies
  10. What Norwich want and what Norwich get are not the same thing - I think similar fee to buendia gets him due to his contract situation
  11. Sky saying his shots to goals record is 2nd most prolific in prem - a very good signing for the £25m reported fee - being in the last year of his contract clearly helping us price wise .
  12. Not on a par with McGrath , Little, but certainly in my top 5
  13. Can you do it claret and blue ?
  14. Saddened but we must move on and recruit well , links to Tammy Jwp , cantwell axel are positive , we go onwards and upwards from here
  15. Saddened but we must move on and recruit well , links to Tammy Jwp , cantwell axel are positive , we go onwards and upwards from here
  16. Was that Tammy walking past in a suit ready to signup
  17. Percy saying Tammy and axel on radar https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2021/08/03/transfer-notebook-aston-villa-hope-tie-deals-tammy-abraham-axel/?utm_content=football&utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=Echobox&utm_source=Twitter#Echobox=1627985623
  18. I signed up for the year membership as normally they included Audio in it or the audio was £3 a game - not that I used it that often - however it seems this season audio commentary is free? Is Live Audio Streaming Available? Live match audio is available for all Men’s Premier League, FA & EFL cup games during the season. This is free for all users with a digital membership. You can listen to the Live match audio in-app, in the avfc.co.uk match centre and on the VillaTV platform. https://video.avfc.co.uk/faqs?lang=en
  19. It was the milkman that did it I think Kane could be a game changer is this as I really don’t see city getting both kane and grealish - kane forcing the issue could well see city move priorities - there seems to be no agreement regarding fee payment structure on grealish and I wouldn’t rule out city deciding to prioritise kane from here and any move for Jack being shelved . That said city seem to think they can get both but I really don’t see that happening from here , I think the need for kane is greater priority - interesting to see how levy plays his hand from here .
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