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  1. Not necessarily, the year we lost to Bradford in the semis, Swansea were waiting for us in the final had we won that game. (Swansea beat Bradford 5-0 in the final) England almost made it to the world cup final without playing one of the big boys (getting knocked out by Croatia still wasnt a big boy) It can happen by avoiding the big boys, I'd rather we get easier games and hope for shock results knocking the big teams out so you can avoid them completely.
  2. Did it annoy anyone else that the 2 Chukwuemekas both had "C." before their names on the kit? I mean whats the point, its supposed to distinguish the 2 players, so surely it makes no sense to add another 2 characters as the name is long enough as it is
  3. Junxs

    Wesley Moraes

    Seems odd to bring him on for Ings against Newcastle then just completely out of the picture tonight If hes backup to Ings / Watkins then surely he needs minutes tonight; if he isnt then what was the point in bringing him on against Newcastle?
  4. Yeah, it flew in the net after a miskick.. It looked good but I wouldnt put it on any greatest goals lists Everything Wayne Rooney did was over hyped by the media. Le Tissier literally scored 20 better goals than that but no one in the media still goes on about them like they do with Rooneys goals.
  5. You mean the one that flew in off his shin? Edit: I see others have beaten me to it
  6. Let one under his body last week, and was saved embarrassment by an offside VAR decision today. Not the best of starts to the season for him, but I trust he'll jump back. He has the right attitude, after he let 2 Lingard shots through him last season, heard he stayed back for extra training to rectify it. Everyone makes mistakes, its how they let them affect them that builds personalities
  7. Maybe a few more of us should do that to get the message across? I mean its blatantly obvious, but thet obviously dont have very bright people running the service Whats the email address that you sent it to? I'll do the same I want to watch these games in my spare time not always live, but seeing the score just ruins it
  8. Now that Bailey has officially been unveiled and our first game is only hours away, has he been given a squad number yet? Edit: Just to add I know he was wearing 31 on his top in the pictures, but thats officially Chukwuemekas number. So I presume he was just wearing his top for the photoshoot
  9. Are football transfers exempt from tax? I'd imagine we'll only get 80m of the Grealish fee
  10. Dean Smith stated in the pre match conference (cant remember exact words) that he's happy with the squad and not actively looking to add to it, if anything some might leave So I'm taking any new links with a pinch of salt
  11. Absolute numpties, I wanted to watch this live but saw that they were going to show the full 90 at 10pm.. so I did the natural thing and avoided the score so I could watch it during the night shift tonight.. Stupid idiots only gone and put the result in the video title!! I mean how stupid can you get??
  12. Very strange, his parting message seems very kind with his words on the official website.. so I don't think there's anything untoward Just the timing of it, especially with JT having left a couple of weeks ago, seems very very odd
  13. Even the emergence of Man City and Chelsea hasnt taken these Mun U and Liverpool fans from the Asian community so I'm not sure Villa being successful would make a difference here
  14. I'm Asian myself, most of my mates are Asian - pretty much all of them support the 2 clubs I mentioned. Even the guys drive I park on matchdays, who lives is Aston, supports Liverpool. Non of them support England either when it comes to International tournaments, I have conversations with them all the time to try to understand why this is the case.. they all have a rehearsed story why they support these 2 clubs, not a single of them admits to being a glory grabber. Obviously there are a few exceptions like the Punjabi Villains and a few others like me. But if you did a survey amongst Asians in Birmingham only about 5% will be Villa fans, maybe even less
  15. All the Asians around Birmingham pretty much support either Liverpool or Man Utd, what chance would we have in India when we can't get the locals of Indian sub-continent descent to support us
  16. Gary Cahill on a 1-2 year deal would have provided just that, then could have been moved into a coaching role.. and we wouldnt be helping a greedy 6 club in the process
  17. Some lovely skill to set up the equaliser v Forest just now. Delightful nutmeg. Hope the lad has a good season and works his way back to the top
  18. Yeah, but it depends on the stipulations of the loan. What I want and what actually happens are 2 very different things. Theres a reason Man Utd have sent him to us rather than sit on their bench. they feel he will play more here - and we don't know whats written in the contract
  19. I'm more worried for Hause tbh, he was covering both LCB & RCB I really hope Axel doesnt play any games ahead of our own 3 (other than early round cup games) Just when I thought we were becoming a big club we go do this, want to be competing with Man Utd, not loaning their players for development
  20. Doesn't matter if I'm glad or not, point is we didn't need to call upon him. I just hope this doesn't block Konsas development I have developed an extreme hatred for the "Super League 6" and moves like this to develop their players makes me sick
  21. Man Utd and Axel Tuanzebe are the ones benefitting from this (depending on how much he plays) On one hand we are moaning that we can only find lower league and non league teams to take our loan players and the other hand we seem delighted with this loan. Small club mentality How often are we going to have 2 CBs out at the same time? why cant one of our youngsters fill in for the odd game should that situation occur? Engels was 4th choice last season and didnt need him once I really hope we haven't made any promises on appearances, rather we just bought him for 5m. Really don't like loans
  22. Very surprised how many people commenting that this is a signing that makes sense The guys in his mid 20s now and needs to be playing regularly, seems very bizarre that he wants to come here and play backup. Essentially swapping one bench for another. Even more bizarre when you think Purslow publicly commented on how bad loans are for progressing the club as you are developing someone else's player. Part of me is always skeptical that the loaning club asks for % of games that their player must play. Don't think he was that great in his 2 spells with us either Would have preferred Cahill on a year and moving into a coaching role to replace Terry
  23. Strange move, but welcome back
  24. Strange move, but welcome back
  25. Been playing in the Gold Cup with Jamaica, 10th July - 1st August
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