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  1. I thought most people were expecting some sort of rise this year? The £55 is the middle of the Upper Ellis on the halfway line, the middle of the Trinity around the half way line and the middle of the Upper Trinity on the half way line. It's interesting that the club sees those as the prime seats when it's those nearer the pitch that always sell out first. Anyways, none of this is commercial revenue, so I guess we're in the wrong thread!
  2. He seems happier, like he's mixing more with the squad and enjoying being here a bit more. He's playing very well at the moment.
  3. I hope we go with a pretty strong team, I've always liked the league cup as a competition, but you can see why teams don't bother with it - you make about £400k for winning the competition against £2m for finishing one position higher in the league. Even an FA Cup win only gets you about the same money as the difference between finishing 10th rather than 11th in the Premier league. Finding ways to increase the value of our cup competitions is one of the things that the game really should be looking at rather than the ugly avarice of the super league and the biannual world cup.
  4. I'm going to have a steak and turn the heating on for Chelsea vs Spurs. Do you think they've taken that into account?
  5. Birghton are currently second in the live table. Brighton's first eleven is three parts Championship - just how good is Bissouma?
  6. I forgot Young came on It's a pity in a way that he'll be remembered more by description than by anyone that saw him, for me, my memories of him are as a pundit and TV personality and he was pretty good at that, albeit a peculiar commentator, but he was by all accounts an outstanding player and an amazing goalscorer in an era that we don't really see. I'd imagine there aren't many still around that were lucky enough to have watched him and that there are a lot of people who won't recall him being on the TV either. Such is time I suppose.
  7. Big, big season for Liverpool - a big chunk of the title winning side are getting into the latter part of their careers and this is probably the last chance for this group to have a tilt at the title. This could be a season where Liverpool define if they'll be title challengers for the next couple of years, or one of the teams hoping to finish in the top four. Thiago, Van Djik, Henderson, Matip, Firmino, Mane and Salah will all be the wrong side of thirty by the end of the season.
  8. I never saw him play, but am aware by reputation of how sharp a player he was. None of the Villa players yesterday were born when Saint and Greavsie finished being on the TV.
  9. Graeme Souness has just claimed that Declan Rice is a natural central defender and isn't really suited to playing in midfield. He's a marvel that fella.
  10. At a point in the second half today, a song started in the Upper Trinity. I mean it was Allez, allez, allez, but it started there in full voice and was then picked up by The Holte. I wonder if the Upper Trinity being the only area that isn't predominantly season ticket holders means there's a change in the demographic up there - there appear to be signs of life - similar in a way to when the Lower North became the cheapest part of the ground and underwent it's renaissance into the lovable angry terrier it is today. One to keep an eye on anyways.
  11. I thought we kept the same formation throughout, but as we changed personnel it became a very different animal. Bailey is a star, he is electric and he's going to be incredible. I thought Cash was MotM, he gave a display full of heart and aggression and running and played some nice stuff even without his goal. I thought Mings was really good, Luiz too and that we were doing just enough to win it before we found that extra gear with Bailey. The ten minutes around the goals was absolutely amazing; the noise, the atmosphere, the feeling that we might score at any moment - tingles right down to the boots. There's a lot of promise in this side and I don't think we're anywhere near finding the right blend to bring it out - I think there's some real potential. We have plenty to look forward to.
  12. My understanding is that there have been problems with the supply of electricity across the UK in the last couple of weeks. Problem solved.
  13. We've got some players in between the kids and full strength I think. I think Tuanzebe, Young, Nakamba, Sanson, El Ghazi and Traore will all start - maybe Buendia too depending on whether he plays against Everton.
  14. I don't see Buendia as competing for one of the three spots in midfield - he'll either play wide right or as a ten behind Ings and Watkins. I think we can now play with a four or five at the back, and we can play two up top with a ten or one with wingers, but I don't think we can operate with two in the middle, I think for balance and any kind of control in games we need all three there - that'll be McGinn, Luiz and either Ramsey, Sanson or Nakamba - for me Ramsey has earned the right to keep the shirt for this one. Buendia's trip to Argentina and Croatia might have delayed the need to find a solution to the four-into-three-don't-go selection problem up top for another week. It's fantastic to have quality options.
  15. I In case you wondered what the view looked like from the other side of the pitch as we celebrated our fourth. (Apologies to the chap walking across).
  16. Patterson has unbelievable potential and Chrisene is developing into an excellent left back.
  17. Good game, well contested and played at a really good pace. I thought we were sloppy at times and then brilliant at others, Albion looked a little more of a team than we did, but we have individuals that can turn games on their heads in a moment. Marschall I thought was okay, he's pretty commanding, but his distribution is inconsistent and he sometimes holds onto the ball too long. The centre backs were both good, Bogarde is developing into a really good player, in the first half they got behind him a couple of times and made him look uncomfortable, but he adjusted and had a really good second half. Feeney's character is impressive at his age, he's calm and organised and will be one to watch as he develops. I thought Ealing looked capable enough, he looks like he's developed physically a bit since last time I saw him and I feel a bit sorry for Swinkels who is being squeezed into a left back that doesn't really suit him - he'll be a better player for the experience. Iroegbanum is capable of looking outstanding in moments, but neither he nor the Viscount were able to quite control things in the middle - they both played pretty well, but couldn't quite make it a controlled, orderly place. Out of the chaos, Iroegbanum showed some real quality in patches. Ramsey, Thorndike and Frith made bad decisions in this game with a regularity only usually seen in cabinet meetings and my love life, but each of them showed enough of what they're about to more than make up for it - Ramsey in the first half was brilliant with the ball at his feet, and scored a great goal, Thorndike is non-stop and has a natural instinct to push on and make things happen every time he gets the ball and Frith was a revelation - he's a bag of tricks with a burst of pace and whole hearted attitude, he didn't look phased or out of place - if he's available and he's not a nutter, sign him up! These three are the type of players that win you games, the type that can do something that others can't - that's the difference for us at the moment. Chukwuemeka looked strong, industrious and powerful and he can finish - he's not necessarily got some of the classy touches that one or two of the others have, but he looks like he'll score goals at a very good level of football - if the coaching staff at Bodymoor can develop on that, he'll be a heck of a player. Albion missed a couple of sitters and will be disappointed, but I think the best team won - brilliant to be back at Bodymoor, which is a beautiful spot to watch the sun set and the Villa win.
  18. Surely if we level up our most prosperous and successful people, that wealth will naturally trickle down to the working man in the street?
  19. For me last season as the season ticket holder when I was taking my nephew, the seats either side of mine were also season ticket holders, so I had to move to a place elsewhere in the ground (usually the Upper Trinity) where there were two seats together.
  20. Do you usually mute the sound when her videos are on. Y'know, with your free hand.
  21. Not the greatest turnout at the Emptihad tonight.
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