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  1. villianusa

    Time for a takeover

    I don't think many of the post have been silly, but it's your right to stay anonymous and have others question your knowledge.
  2. villianusa

    Time for a takeover

    No disrespect to you meant, but I like to see evidence of stuff before I believe most things. Not saying you don't know these things, just wondering how you know theses things without giving sources away.
  3. villianusa

    Time for a takeover

    You type that as if you know the man's mind, but you don't (unless you are him?). It would be poor business by any businessperson to do a deal that was bad for him/her. He has admitted he is a businessman and you or I shouldn't be surprised by that. I'd have less respect for him if he didn't. He has managed his oversight of the club very poorly, but doesn't mean he shouldn't sell what is best for him and the club. How do you know the guys found him? You say we were a day away from administration but where is the evidence to prove that? We all know the situation isn't great but we don't know the real truth unless we get to look at the books. Are you in a position to do that?
  4. villianusa

    Tony Xia

    He tried and it didn't work out, but at least he found someone to move us forward. He may have held on longer than some had wanted, but now it seems just about the right time.
  5. villianusa

    Steve Bruce

    I think there is more of a chance of him going now we have new investors. If they are going to do it, lets get it down so the new manager can have time to work with players before Hull.
  6. villianusa

    Time for a takeover

    Not any more AVFC
  7. villianusa

    Steve Bruce

    Who said?
  8. villianusa

    Time for a takeover

    If helping the club stay out of administration wasn't enough, another reason to like Wes Edens
  9. villianusa

    Time for a takeover

    thatcherlover‏ @thatcherlover FollowingFollowing @thatcherlover More Is happening #avfc 4:19 AM - 19 Jul 2018 He posted 4 hours ago, before it kicked off in the mail. Harvey Specter‏ @ugotlittup2 FollowFollow @ugotlittup2 More Majid Al Futtaim close to investing in Villa #avfc 5:20 AM - 19 Jul 2018 He posted later with the guys name. I wonder how much BS is in this?
  10. villianusa

    Academy General Topic

    I saw a tweet from him to say he had scored, but not the final score.
  11. villianusa

    Jack Grealish

    Darn it, well when your club is such a precarious situations clubs will sniff out your best players. I have very liked Levy, but he is a great negotiator and it looks like he has caught us again.
  12. villianusa

    Jack Grealish

    Joking aside, he is our most creative player and was very good for us last season, where a number of players fell short. He is a number 10, and if Dele plays much more like he did against Sweden the other night, he could push for his position. i don't think it would be a good move for him if he does leave, I don't think he will play week in, week out, and that's what he needs right. He missed a good portion of the season of last season, and truly only putting together his first consistent season of good performances. I believe he is worth 30 million in the present market, but you can have him for 20 million and loan (to buy) him back to us for a season, if the loan goals well we will purchase him back for a good 75% of his sale value.
  13. villianusa

    Tony Xia

    I just wish he'd have been a bit more honest like Bruce was the other day. it would be good to know here we are warts and all.
  14. villianusa

    Jack Grealish

    He's not worth the money, I'd look elsewhere. Spurs have much better players as of now.
  15. villianusa

    Ross McCormack

    I don't believe we can be too picky right now and i believe he needs to be integrated into the squad. If he becomes a problem, isn't there a way we can fire him, or at least dock wages for creating a toxic work environment? Might be able to save a few quid.