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  1. Villa and FFP

    If we don't get promoted, we are going to have to see if those U23's players are as good as some people say. Either way #UTV
  2. Jonathan Kodjia

    He could possibly be that boost we need going into the playoffs. No disrespect to Davis or Hogan, but I know who I would prefer coming off the bench. He needs some playing time though, so some games with the U23's would help.
  3. Aaron Tshibola

    I'm glad for him. Depending on where we are next season, if he can turn things around we might just need him.
  4. Birkir Bjarnason

    He didn't have much help yesterday and gave the ball away a lot. Not his best performance, but he was left with an awful lot to do by Bruce. Conditions yesterday, Bruce should have pulled Jack and brought Jedi on and had them sit in front of the back four. They could have lumped the balls forward and been just as effective as Jack.
  5. Jack Grealish

    The conditions didn't suit him yesterday. He did okay but was picking the ball up too deep, and was easily maneuvered off the ball
  6. Steve Bruce

    I only watched the 2nd half yesterday and the conditions were not suitable for either team to play in. Bolton handled them better than we did even though they created very little and deserved to win. In those conditions, I didn't care that he had four strikers on, I cared the tactics the team used after that. I'm not one to promote long ball, but that's the way we should have gone. Davies and Grabban should have been pushed upon their backline with Hogan and RMH picking up knockdowns. I'm not sure why Grabban kept coming deep to pick up the ball where a number 10 should have been and Grealish taking the ball of the defenders and trying to dribble it 50 yards up the field. We played to deep in conditions that didn't suit it. We got the tactics wrong yesterday and if that came from Bruce, then it falls on him. If players were trying to adapt to the conditions and didn't listen to orders, shame on them. I was confident at the start of the season that we would get through the playoff if needed, but as everyone on here, I'm disappointed in our results since last Saturday. I am still confident we can achieve playoff victory. I think Bruce has got a B+ so far this season and will wait to see where we are next season before I say if he goes or not.
  7. Steve Bruce

    Difficult game to manage. The conditions and ref were bad, but the manager and players should have done better today.
  8. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    I was always confident we would go through the playoffs. it looks like I'm going to see if I'm right or not.
  9. Match Thread: Villa v QPR

    Win a lot, lose the odd game. I'm not expecting us to win them all, but the performance was not there tonight. Can't afford those types of performances so close to the end of the season. So far, one shot on target against a team so low in the league. They got their tactics right tonight, we didn't. Cardiff has a tough run of games, and if anyone I see Fulham catching them that won't be a bad thing. *Edit a consolation :(
  10. Match Thread: Villa v QPR

    Zero shots on target. Good half
  11. John Terry

    Second half he was immense, after a indifferent first half. Very happy you can for a season here.
  12. Jack Grealish

    I said earlier in the season that you weren't doing enough to justify a starting position since then you have stepped up and as a club, we are lucky to have you. Great work rate, talent, and creativity.
  13. Birkir Bjarnason

    Excellent cameo and goal!
  14. Steve Bruce

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend Bruce. Got it smack on today. I and a few others were thinking Thor, but the Jedi had the force with him.
  15. Robert Snodgrass

    I bet he is so glad he isn't at Westham today. Great game once again. Can someone get me meme of "The Hand of Snod" on that freekick.