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  1. Steve Bruce

    That's my opinion, and I'm happy to be proven wrong. I don't think I'll be changing it because someone thinks I'm winging it.
  2. Steve Bruce

    You could be right, but if we are in the play offs at the end of the season, I think we will be okay. I see us going up through the playoffs, if all our players are fit. We are having rotten luck with them at the minute. I didn't see the game today, but the team looked unbalanced to be from the start. I don't like managers just chucking in players because they are good, we need a system that works and stick to it. I think we had that when Codger was out first time. When he came back it changed, and we haven't got it right since then.
  3. Steve Bruce

    For me he is, until the end of the season.
  4. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    No, they are exactly the same. Two games on form and paper both teams should have won, they didn't. Nothing to do if they are exceptions or not, the point is games don't always go the way they should. Just ask Chelsea.
  5. Steve Bruce

    His job is to get us promoted this season, he hasn't failed yet. If he does, he will be rightly sacked.
  6. Keinan Davis

    I think he had an average game yesterday, but he did his best hold up work near the halfway line. We need him 30 yards up the field and then balls played into him, chest height and down. The further he pushed up the field, the higher the ball was kicked. He lost a good percentage of the headers yesterday but held up the ball if it was played into him. As a target man, it's all about support, he didn't get the best yesterday. His shooting needs to improve.
  7. Conor Hourihane

    Hourihane in for Onomah, and leave Lansbury and Whelan in behind.
  8. Henri Lansbury

    Don't disagree with that at all. I would push Hourihane forward, and bring in another mid to play alongside Whelan. Villa and Hourihane have played their best when he fed off Davis.
  9. Sam Johnstone

    Seems to have done okay after a dodgy season last year. MOTM by a long way yesterday.
  10. Henri Lansbury

    What form would that be? The 89 minutes he has had during the season, where he has come on against tiring players? Jack has great skill, but to say he is in form would be a stretch. I do believe he a good alternative option to have, going into the Christmas run.
  11. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    No way Villa or Wolves should have drawn their games yesterday, but they did. Games don't always go the way form or fans predict.
  12. Henri Lansbury

    Seems they have both been back in training the same amount of time. https://tinyurl.com/y78h42fz I don't think either has done enough in the past to be starters, but are good options to have now.
  13. Jack Grealish

    A couple of good cameos after being out for a decent time with a nasty rib injury. I think he should start next game, but I just hope we don't end up with the old Jack who flatters to deceive. Someone of his ability, should have shown more in the game he has played over the last few seasons. It is easier to come on as a sub and look good when the team isn't performing well, but to do it for 90 minutes, Jack hasn't shown this very often. I still have high hopes for him and I hope he starts to show it because he could be a difference maker for the remainder of the season if he can.
  14. Steve Bruce

    I only saw 45 minutes of the game yesterday, so will only post on that part. We should have lost the game, poor finishing and great goalkeeping allowed us to hang onto a point. It was a poor performance overall and with the injuries, we picked up, wasn't a great day. I think with the players he has at his disposal, I think Bruce picked the right team, but they didn't play well enough in the right areas of the field. I don't think Bruce's subs were the best and he should have gone like for like. Grealish should have replaced Onomah, and Elmo should have come on for Snodgrass. I felt it made us more disjointed and pulled Albert off his favored right side. The team is showing a great deal of resilience and Bruce is right, we would have lost this game last year. No team is always going to perform and win every game, when we don't win, we need to make sure we don't lose. If we can get to the new year in the top 6 and in a shout of the top 2, I believe we would do well with injuries we have at present.
  15. U23 Development League 2017/2018