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  1. And Jack posted a video only a few hours earlier, #stayhomesavelives really, really, poor timing.
  2. If that is the case, wouldn't we be able to do United for tapping up a player? Either way, if he has started these antics again and did go out after telling everyone to stay in, I personally believe it would be worse than what Delph did. Putting people's life on the line because he wanted to hang out with a ex-player who couldn't even jump a gate. If it was him, I'm happy he hit a car and not a person. If he didn't do it, then people need to get a life trying to build these stories.
  3. Three week break after the Chelsea game, another heavy defeat and the club may see it as the time to take a gamble on someone else.
  4. At is best Guilbert is a massive improvement on Elmo, he sadly hasn't shown it very often. I disagree on Taylor and Targett, Taylor couldn't defend in the Championship and has no pace what so ever. Nakamba, I agree on, and I believe Wesley would tear up the Championship. In the end, Purslow said he was looking to the future, buying players with sell on value. I believe we will sell most of the players for more than we bought them for (maybe not Welsey). Was the tactic right, I think we will have to wait a while to find out. In the mean time, Smith needs to do some work on the training field that actually translate to a match day. I appreciate your opinion and conversation.
  5. I would agree that some of the transfers weren't the best, and January was weak, but the players aren't as bad as most of their performances are showing.
  6. I have coached zonal marking at corners, and it works when doing correctly. i can tell you, what we were doing at the corner where Evans had a free header wasn't zonal, it's a mix-match of nothing at all. Watch the corner again, and watch Mings, he hasn't got a clue what he is doing!
  7. As we finished the playoff final: Heaton over Steer Guilbert over Elmo Targett over Taylor Nakamba over Hourihane Samatta over Championship Abraham - He has kicked on this season Are they superstars? No? Are they better and can perform in the Premier League? Yes. The team isn't gelling, seem lost and scared, but as an 11 we should be performing better even if we aren't winning many more games. Too many games where we have just "Turned Up"!
  8. There are several things in could be in my mind: 1. The players aren't performing at a level of intensity that Smith is asking 2. The players don't understand the tactics that Smith puts before them 3. Smith has made too easy for opposition managers to understand our tactics (get it to Grealish), so he/it is nullified and we don't have much of a plan B 4. Players are playing for Smith and he has lost them (not sure on this because we have been crap for most of the season) 5. The players that Smith/Suso bought aren't good enough - This is one I believe the least, we have shown in spurts we can play at a much higher level. Yes, some are squad players and need to go, but others just seem lost and scared 6. Smith is no longer able to motivate the players, even though players should be motivating themselves. This is my biggest concern, a motivated team with a little less quality will beat better teams who can't be asked, most of the time. You can see there is a common denominator, and i do place that at Smith's feet. What is happening on the training field isn't working, and if he doesn't sort it out, we are going down. I'm not sure if he should go or not, but if the team doesn't show much improvement and we are relegated, then I would sack him. If we don't, I can see it a bit of rinse and repeat, too good for the Championship, but not good enough for the Premier League. I would also add, VAR hasn't helped!
  9. He will come out in the press conference and say we look for a response in training and we got it, the players are ready for the game and I expect a response. Sadly, he has been saying it for a couple of months now, and we aren't really getting a response. Even the games where we have taken points of late, we haven't looked very convincing. To get that sort of performance out of a team after they push City so close in the final is very worrying. He seems out of ideas, and he trying to regurgitate old tactics that haven't been very successful in this division. I'm expecting another defeat Saturday, with nothing more than a whimper.
  10. He is performing as bad as Smith at present, sadly.
  11. I honestly don't see what he is doing week to week in training. You would expect to see some gains in some areas, but the same issues are continuing game after game. Some of the issues are below: 1. We cannot defend set pieces 2. Teams are tearing us apart in wide areas 3. We play too high a line, and teams are playing off the shoulder of the last defender and we are getting beaten fro pace 4. Our center midfielders are offering the defense very little protection 5. El Ghazi is the only wide player who is offering any pace and crosses into productive areas 6. Grealish is constantly played out of position to force in another center midfielder, so he becomes very ineffective and the balance of the team is off 7. Samatta is often isolated when he wins the ball, and along with Grealish he has to come so deep to collect the ball that he isn't being productive in front of goal 8. We cannot not seem to keep up an tempo in the game, and we often sit back and allow teams to come at us. This often allows teams to score after the pressure forces individual errors 9. Grealish is being hustled and kicked out of games and Smith hasn't identified another way to attack to allow Grealish some freedom of the park 10. Players are not doing the basics within their position, and it is leading to some very embarrassing and costly errors I could keep going on, but it's very depressing. I can see him doing a job if we get relegated, but his words of late shows me he is feeling the pressure and his lack of ability to inspire the players make me wonder if he is the man for the job. The team doesn't seem to know what it doing, and the players very rarely show much fight when we go behind. Night All!
  12. I'm not saying I'm expecting too much more than where we are, but I am expecting more from players who should be at least trying to get into position to receive a pass. We did this under Bruce and now Smith, a lack of work rate can never be acceptable.
  13. Bruce got battered at rightly so, when we would only turn up for half a game, and we are having the same performances for most of this season, and Smith get somewhat of a soft ride. I keep hearing from him we aren't aggressive enough, we don't close down quick enough, a much better second half after we spoke about a few things at H/T. Why not start talking about these during practices or heaven forbid before a game starts. Watching the team, I see one big thing that link us to performances when Bruce was manager. Players do not move well into space to support the player on the ball. So many times players are isolated, and have nowhere to go, and 9.5 times out of ten we lose possession. Smith says we go out to try and win every game. The performances and body language of players are not showing that to me. The other teams around us will pull of a shock and beat a top six team before the end of the season, it's a shock if we beat a bottom six team. This is the reason my optimism as waned and I believe we are favorite for relegation.
  14. Scored a couple tonight against Cardiff in FA cup.
  15. Thanks, Smith have some money up his sleeve. He is going to have to pay premium for a quality striker in January.
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