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  1. He's a Championship player to many, but didn't do too bad against a Champion's League team. His set pieces could be crucial this season, and I believe will get his fair share of playing time this season.
  2. I thought he impressed last preseason and was surprised we let him go, I wish him all the best.
  3. He was worth around 12 million if we were still in the Championship, so 20 million sounds about right for the Premier League. I feel we paid over the odds for him knowing his injuries in the past, but he stays health and pushes us up the league next season it will be money well spent.
  4. You could be right, I will delete the posts until I can prove otherwise. Thank you.
  5. How great would it be if Blues and Sheff Wed both make the playoffs?
  6. True, he could of very easily unliked the post also.
  7. I made a point about Smith changed a successful formation and started using players in positions that they aren't suited after Grealish was injured. Grealish liked the post, which means he agreed with it. Social media can be confusing for us old folk at times lol
  8. Not saying this supports it, but I posted this tweet the other day and Jack liked it. If I go to the tweet now, it says one person doesn't want his identity shown.
  9. I would go with this formation and team if all available, the 4411 formation has been our most productive this season and most entertaining. Smith switched it going into the WBA game first time around.
  10. Appreciate the comments @TRO I have stayed away from the forums for a while as I wanted to give Smith a chance to settle in before I gave any comments. From a recent tweet of mine, it seems someone else agrees. HERE
  11. The start of Villa's lack of performance starts in the WBA game and it's not just the loss of Grealish, even though that is a big part. 1. The team starts to click in the Bolton game after a number of games playing 4411 with the core of the squad playing in most of the previous games. We go on to beat Derby and Boro, with the exciting 5-5 draw with Forest. In the Albion game, we switch to a 433 and lost Grealish in the process. In the next couple of games he switches to a 4141, and consistently since then, we have played 433 for most of our games. This system does not suit the players we have. 2. Grealish was injured on the 7th of December, and Smith had 6 weeks to replace him either from within the club or getting someone in to replace him. He failed to do so. 3. Playing Hourihane in the advanced role does not work. He is much more effective come from a deeper position and it has destroyed his confidence. He is now the new scapegoat. 4. The only player within the club that was somewhat similar to Grealish is O'Hare and he sent him out on loan. He should have kept him with the squad and allowed him to grow in the number 10 role. 5. Conceding as many goals as we were made Smith work on the defensive side of things. We are playing deeper and are less creative in possession of the ball as it seems people are afraid to get forward in support. To watch us now, you would think we were still playing under Bruce. We are playing more longer passes and Tammy is isolated as many players are on the field. 6. Early on in his 20 games, he would make substitutes to help us win games, I believe after the Forest game, a lot of his substitutions are making sure we don't lose. 7. Smith has stuck too long with a system that isn't working and he seems to stubborn to change. He was a breath of fresh air when he came to the club, now he seems to blame others for us not winning games. I still think he can build something at the club, but he has blown a massive chance to get into the playoffs and we need to hold him accountable. I would like to see him go back to what was working and playing the team below against Stoke.
  12. Smith, seems to like a 4231 if that's the case then I would go with:
  13. I understand what you're saying, I just hope he gets the time to build what we all want. We have a good squad, let's see what he can do with it.
  14. Welcome, and let's hope you can build a legacy as Ferguson did at United.
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