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  1. Steve Bruce

    They're easier to come by because we're supposed to be the big fish in a small pond in the Championship. Sunderland and Hull haven't had the same kind of investment and are less attractive to players than what we are. If you're comparing managers across leagues and across seasons expectation has to be taken into account if the aim is to try and do it objectively.
  2. Steve Bruce

  3. Steve Bruce

    Pretty sure a few weeks ago people were calling him our most successful manager in history or something along those lines based on his win/loss record.
  4. Steve Bruce

    What don't you understand about it?
  5. Steve Bruce

    Lambert 13/14 vs Bruce 16/17 & 17/18 Lambert 13/14 Expectation: Around 12th / 42 pts - 1.1 ppg Result: 15th / 38 pts - 1.0 ppg Below expectations by .1 ppg 9% below expectation Bruce 16/17 Expectation: top 6 / 80 pts - 1.73 ppg Result: 13th / 62 pts - 1.34 ppg Below expectation by .39 ppg 22% below expectation Bruce 17/18 Expectation - automatic promotion - 2 ppg Current position - 5th - 1.76 ppg Below expectation by .24ppg 12% below expectation
  6. Steve Bruce

    For any accuracy comparing Bruce's win/loss record against previous managers it should be done versus expectations. Most people's expectations for this seasons is that we would be in the top 2 so he's currently falling below expectations. Last season's finish of 13th was also below most people's expectations. It would give a far better representation of Bruce's level of success compared to other managers than comparing win/loss ratios from different seasons in different divisions with different levels of investment.
  7. Steve Bruce

    I forgot about Houlier. I didn't rate him highly at all and thought he was the first of many poor appointments but not sure If I'd put Bruce ahead of him. Basically, apart from Lambert who I thought was reasonable they all haven't been good enough.
  8. Steve Bruce

    Lambert is the only 'decent' manager we've had since O'Neil. Bruce might be the next best but falls below the line in my book terms of quality and potential.
  9. Steve Bruce

  10. Steve Bruce

    He also said he was going to "stick around" for the next 2 home games against Sunderland and Ipswich. So it's 3 wins in a row since the motivational speech and while he was here and 2 draws against Leeds and Milwall at home since he left. Our record was 2 wins out of the last 5 leading up to the QPR game which includes the loss at home to Sheffield Wednesday which was the game before the motivational speech.
  11. Match Thread: Villa v Millwall

    With Whelan and Lansbury in central midfield he should be starting.
  12. K-Mac

    I don't see the connection. It's one thing to be sworn at by opposition supporters at a local derby when it's expected and it's 'the norm' and part of what comes with being a professional footballer and it's another thing completely to be bullied by someone who's in a position of power and who's in a developmental role and supposed to be displaying a duty of care. It takes a lot more strength and courage to stand up to that kind of behaviour than it does to tolerate it.
  13. Steve Bruce

    Yep, sorry JV. Gardner is the Jamaican player you were probably referring to. Okocha is Nigerian and Turkish. When I think of Bolton from that time I immediately think of Jay Jay Okocha and assumed it was who you meant. I should have checked it before posting.
  14. Steve Bruce

    Jay-jay Okocha. I used to enjoy watching him as well and also thought Bolton were great to watch when Allardyce was managing them.
  15. Steve Bruce

    People lump them in the same category as old fashioned, not pretty but effective bottom half Premier League managers but I think they're a fair way apart in terms of actual quality. Allardyce will keep you up but I also think can be more than that if given a decent opportunity. He has a higher ceiling than Bruce. Bruce has had some success in the Championship but I wouldn't feel confident at all surviving under him in the Premier League let alone pushing on under him in the Premier League.