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  1. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    If we're looking for a winger or attacking midfielder we could do a lot worse than Floyd Ayite. Looks a very good player to me.
  2. Entrance music

  3. Steve Bruce

    And not all my predictions have come true. I have got some seriously big ones wrong but in general I get a lot more right than I have any right to.
  4. Steve Bruce

  5. Steve Bruce

    He wouldn't have been garbage if he was used properly under a good manager. Same goes for Kozak.
  6. Steve Bruce

    Yes it was and I received the same criticism from you last season for including Gil.
  7. Steve Bruce

    I've been posting here just over 12 months and been right about Bruce, RDM, Xia, Garde, Elphick, Ayew, Grealish, Gil, Gueye, Clark, Traore, Gollini, Jedinak, Chester, Baker. All against popular opinion. That's just off the top of my head and I could add more.
  8. Steve Bruce

    1 post? Go and read the General Predictions thread and the 'Squad/Team - How do you see it?' thread.
  9. Steve Bruce

    In a way I'm glad because the sooner it ends the better unless we make another poor managerial appointment.
  10. Steve Bruce

  11. Steve Bruce

    The team I posted pre-game would have had more of a chance of winning than the team Bruce selected.
  12. Steve Bruce

    Not enjoying it at all. Watching what you knew would happen all along is a lot worse than being taken by surprise. Maybe people will take notice of my posts from now on.
  13. Steve Bruce

    Next Villa Manager thread. October 3. October 4.
  14. Ratings and Reactions: Villa v Ipswich

    Next Villa Manager thread. October 3: October 4:
  15. Pre Match Thread

    Taylor and Hutton as wing backs ahead of Amavi and Bacuna is unbelievable but not unexpected . Steve Bruce sucking out the last drops of creativity and genuine quality we have left.