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  1. Gabby Agbonlahor

    Nowhere near match fit either. And to counteract the better service argument he spent a lot of his games playing as a midfielder.
  2. Gabby Agbonlahor

    Cameron Jerome Age: 30 33 goals in 211 Premier League appearances (0.15 goals per game) 74 goals in 236 Championship appearances (0.31 goals per game) Glenn Murray Age: 33 11 goals in 52 Premier League appearances (0.21 goals per game) 81 goals in 164 Championship appearances (0.49 goals per game) Gabriel Agbonlahor Age: 30 73 goals in 322 Premier League appearances. (0.22 goals per game) Gabby's goals per game ratio in the Premier League is better than both Murray's and Jerome's. Jerome's record is roughly double in the Championship compared to the Premier League and Murray's is similar. If you apply the same logic to Gabby his ratio would be 0.44 which over a season equals 20.24 goals.
  3. Gabby Agbonlahor

    I've never rated him personally and always thought Gabby was a far better player. But he's still scoring goals and showing he can be effective at this level at least.
  4. Gabby Agbonlahor

    That was in the Premier League though. He has spent a lot of time playing as a winger and wide forward for us as well. If you compare his stats with Cameron Jerome who scored 16 this season - Jerome's best return in the Premier League was 11 back in 09/10. The same season Gabby scored 13.
  5. Gabby Agbonlahor

    If players like Cameron Jerome can score 16 and Glen Murray can score 23 in this division then Agbonalahor is capable of scoring 20 easily.
  6. Gabby Agbonlahor

    Says something about those managers don't you think? I'd be confident of Gabby reaching 20 goals if we were managed by Allardyce or Pulis. But Bruce? No.
  7. Gabby Agbonlahor

    Won't happen. If they back him in as they should he will kick on as he would have for us if we had any faith in him.
  8. Gabby Agbonlahor

    Kozak doesn't play for us anymore. Do you still think Ciaran Clark is "absolutely shocking" or "under Bruce we will at least make the playoffs"?
  9. Gabby Agbonlahor

    Giving a player an opportunity and support is one thing but getting a performance out of them is another. It's not really a criticism of Gabby as I don't think Bruce is getting the best out of most of our players. But Gabby in particular needs a manager like that and I don't think Steve Bruce is that manager.
  10. Gabby Agbonlahor

    He's shown what he can do at this level in patches this season playing well below full fitness. Bruce has handled him well but I just don't think he's the type of manager who will be able to get the best out of him regularly.
  11. Gabby Agbonlahor

    If he gets himself fully fit he is easily capable of scoring 20 goals in this league but I can't see it happening under Steve Bruce. He needs a motivational manager which Steve Bruce isn't.
  12. Albert Adomah

    Many would have said the same about Westwood and Ciaran Clark. We'll see how they go at Burnley and Newcastle. Bacuna was vital in keeping us alive with all his assists for Benteke 14/15. More than most others have done for us in the last 4 seasons.
  13. Albert Adomah

    Westwood was barely Championship quality as well if you believe what you read on here. If Bacuna moved to Newcastle for example I don't think it would take him long to establish himself as a quality Premier League RB or RW.
  14. Albert Adomah

    Bacuna over Adomah every day for me. One is Premier League quality the other is Championship quality.
  15. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Flint would be a very good signing.