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  1. Leandro Bacuna

    It's not my view but the general perception.
  2. Leandro Bacuna

    We'll see...
  3. Leandro Bacuna

    This transfer will be another which shows up what is wrong at the club. He will look a million dollars for Reading but for us he was just a limited squad player whose only asset was his versatility. Looking forward to watching him realise his potential at a new club with a decent manager. Good luck to him.
  4. Leandro Bacuna

    Another mistake. Will end up being a very good signing for Reading.
  5. Jordan Amavi

    He's our best player by a distance in my opinion. It's baffling to me why we would want to sell him to raise funds.
  6. Best eleven?

    Johnstone Hutton Chester Terry Amavi Jedinak Bacuna Hourihane O'Hare Kodjia Agbonlahor Bunn Baker McKirdy Hogan + 3 from all the rest.
  7. Ahmed Elmohamady

    I thought Jedinak was our best player last season. I can't say Kodjia wasn't crucial and without him we might have been in a lot of trouble but I also don't rate him as highly as others do. I wanted us to sign Dwight Gayle + a striker like Crouch for him to play off. In my opinion we would have functioned a lot better overall if we did. Although I liked Chester in some ways I also thought lacked size and presence for a CB. I think we could have done better and if he was one of our better players last season I don't think it says much.
  8. Ahmed Elmohamady

    I think it was the managerial choices mainly but also the players we signed. The only player I was happy we signed last season was Jedinak. Hourihane and Johnstone I thought were ok signings and Bree has some potential but overall I thought we could have done a lot better. You can't argue with the fee for Elmohamady but we don't need him and he's not a player who's going to be the difference between what we saw last season and promotion. I think we need a quality CM and 1 or 2 creative players at least if we are going to get promoted under Bruce. Some players I would have liked us to try and get - Mark Milligan, Jeff Reine Adelaide (loan), Josh Sims (loan), Jota, Floyd Ayite, Ryan Kent, Tommy Oar, Max Gradel.
  9. Glenn Whelan

    Or a player who has held together and captained the Socceroos who was wanted by Arsenal, Manchester City and others during his career. A player who is arguably in the best form he has ever been in, who has wanted to prove himself in England for a long time and wants to retain his spot in the Socceroos team for next year's World Cup.
  10. Glenn Whelan

    Birmingham City, Burton Albion, Bolton were interested in signing him. On the other hand we are linked with and end up signing players like Whelan and Elmohamady. Players with no upside who were average at best at their peak. Another example of us going after the wrong players when there is much better around.
  11. Glenn Whelan

    'Facts' are usually just a common interpretation. Most things are open to debate or further analysis. There are plenty of players who have spent most of their careers in the Premier League who were nothing special and vice versa. The lastest article states he's "been effectively locked out of English football". http://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/article/2017/07/06/bitter-blow-milligan-dream-playing-england-dashed
  12. Glenn Whelan

    No. I wouldn't have recommended them if I didn't think they would have added something significant.
  13. Glenn Whelan

    Another poor signing. If I had doubts we could get promoted under Bruce before those doubts have been doubled since the signings of Elmohamady and Whelan. Both average at best players who will add very little if anything to what we already have.
  14. Steve Bruce

    Mark Milligan has always reminded me of Garreth Barry. Started his career as a LB and developed into a CM. Solid, intelligent and composed like Barry. As mentioned in the transfer thread he might not be available due to difficulties getting a work permit but he's been linked with Birmingham City and Burton Albion and I think he could make a big difference for us in midfield for a small price.
  15. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    You're the troll, mate. If you can't handle an alternative opinion then press ignore.