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  1. Michael118

    Yannick Bolasie

    Should have had an assist shortly after he came on when he turned his opponent inside out and put in a razor sharp cross which would have put the game away if Abraham was able to connect better with the header. He's on another level compared to the rest of the squad in terms of his reading of the game and his execution.
  2. Michael118

    The Ex-Villa Player thread - Keeping tabs on old Villans

    https://www.lavozdegalicia.es/noticia/torremarathon/2018/10/01/carles-gil-reinvencion/00031538423294877389172.htm http://eldesmarque.com/coruna/deportivo/noticias/24665-carles-gil-pone-el-juego
  3. Michael118

    Players that you think are Good/Excellent

    I haven't watched a lot of football over the last couple of seasons but I saw part of an Everton game the other night and Bernard looks like he has some real quality.
  4. Michael118

    Gabby Agbonlahor

    Gabby should have been one of the best strikers in this league. Bruce rightly gave him an opportunity, but could get little if anything out of him and ended up putting him back on the shelf. If we had a manager like Pulis or Allardyce who could actually get the best out of a player like Gabby it would have turned out a lot differently for him.
  5. Michael118

    Gabby Agbonlahor

    Got decent performances out of him?!
  6. Michael118

    Dean Smith

    See my posts in the Richard O'Kelly thread.
  7. Michael118

    Dean Smith

  8. Michael118

    Dean Smith

  9. Michael118

    Richard O’Kelly

    No, it's just a natural process. When it's successful others try and replicate it but it rarely works because they put what they believe are the right 'structures' and 'principles' in place but what they're missing is the same level of insight or inspiration behind it. It's not something which can be replicated with any degree of certainty by external measures or standards.
  10. Michael118

    Richard O’Kelly

    A manager is the heart and soul of a team, not just a 'cog in the wheel'. I think there is an overemphasis on having the right structures in place and following a certain set of ''guidelines and principles to success', when the most important factor for success is simply identifying quality and potential in key areas, getting those people on board and allowing them to do what they do best. It should be a fairly simple process in the right hands.
  11. Michael118

    Richard O’Kelly

    So are you putting Dean Smith in the role of a builder because management is far more complex and multi-dimensional than just following an 'architect's plans and structures'. The manager has to be an architect himself and it's the actual quality a manager possesses rather than any 'external structures' which will be the crucial determining factor on whether a manager succeeds or fails. You could place 10 random managers in a 'quality structure' for wildly varying results. Place 1 quality manager in 10 random 'structures' and you can bank on some degree of success most if not every time.
  12. Michael118

    New Manager Speculation

    I see the "he's got 4 promotions so he'll get us promoted" fallacy has been replaced by the fallacy of "we need a modern manager who plays attractive football to get the best out of our talented but repressed squad" (which is massively overrated fwiw). A 'modern manager who plays attractive football' sounds good in theory but in reality the chances of our owners picking one with actual quality is slim at best. All the while we have 2 genuine top 10 quality Premier League managers as candidates (Ranieri and Allardyce) who will most likely be ignored over a ridiculous concept of 'style'. What a joke.
  13. Michael118

    New Manager Speculation

    Rodgers is massively overrated. Had one of the best squads you'll see at Liverpool and would be a minor upgrade on Bruce if that. If we are serious about promotion, genuine stability and rocketing up the Premier League when we get there, Ranieri or Allardyce is the way to go.
  14. Michael118

    Steve Bruce

    It's been 12 years since the last decent appointment and Bruce has been as awful as any of them.