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  1. Martin O'Neill

    I liked Heskey but was totally the wrong player for us at the wrong time.
  2. Martin O'Neill

    He was an O'Leary loan signing. I classed him as an O'Leary signing because he was the first to sign him and because I was under the impression that we signed him permanently at most 12 months after the loan ended and it seemed more likely that he was rated by O'Leary than O'Neil. Fwiw, a fee of £‎4m was agreed for him when the loan ended which broke down at the last minute. Maybe O'Neil and O'Leary both rated him. It's not really clear-cut.
  3. Martin O'Neill

    I didn't realise it was that long between when we loaned him and when we signed him permanently. There's a possibility we were interested in him all along and he wasn't either of their targets or we signed him permanently because he impressed when he was on loan. Out of the two, I'd still give O'Leary more credit for being the first to sign him when his value was lower but O'Neil gets some credit for signing him permanently.
  4. Martin O'Neill

    I thought our most instrumental players during that period were by far Laursen, Barry and Milner followed by Gabby. All O'Leary signings or players who came in through the youth system. Young, Carew, Bouma (O'Leary signing), Petrov, Friedel and others were important as well but the real key players were for the most part already there when O'Neil took over. He made his own additions (which were poor overall) and took away from what we had considerably by selling Davis and Cahill. I agree with you on Sidwell and I thought Warnock was a good signing as well. I never rated Delph. Davies was a terrible signing especially considering he was bought as a replacement for Cahill. I didn't think Friedel was that much of an upgrade on Sorenson and I always rated Davis higher than Petrov. He did get everyone working on the same page which can't be underestimated and he deserves credit for. I just wonder what might have been if things were done slightly differently.
  5. Martin O'Neill

    I thought Carew was a good signing. I didn't rate Young as highly as others but can't say he wasn't a good signing. Dunne was a reasonable signing. He made a few other reasonable signings like James Collins and Luke Young but so many bad ones and unlike Lambert's 'bad signings' and some of the 'bad signings' we made after he left, I didn't think O'Neil's had anywhere near the same potential.
  6. Martin O'Neill

    I didn't rate his signings at all. Milner was an O'Leary loan signing which he made permanent. He also sold Angel, Sorenson, McCann, Davis and Cahill. A very good motivational manager though who could get the best out of the players he had.
  7. Leandro Bacuna

  8. Leandro Bacuna

    He was injured and has played every minute since returning. Was MOTM again today in Reading's 0-1 win over Leeds, his 2nd game back.
  9. Jordan Amavi

    Can't get a game for us in the Championship but 6 games for Marseille and he's called up to play for France. Just astounded by some of the decisions that have been made over the last 2 and a half seasons.
  10. Jordan Amavi

  11. Jordan Amavi

    I didn't see the game and you can't really see it on the highlights but they won 2-4 and his performances have been good up until yesterday. He's keeping Patrice Evra out of the team.
  12. A few losses in his first season at a club and suddenly it's a myth that he's a good manager?
  13. Steve Bruce

    The emergence of Davis, the return of Kodjia and the signing of Snodgrass has saved him. 3 players who fill key roles, fit into his style of play and and have either too much quality or promise to be held down by his mediocre management. Whether it can be maintained against better teams and if it will be enough to get us promoted we'll have to wait and see.
  14. Leandro Bacuna

    Named man of the match in his last game but can't even make the bench now? Surely he's injured. https://www.wokinghampaper.com/ratings-bacuna-masters-midfield-moore-continues-grow/
  15. Leandro Bacuna

    Has to be injured.