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  1. Libor Kozak has scored 4 goals from his first 6 matches since returning to the Czech Republic and was elected best player in the Czech League for the month of February. https://www.idnes.cz/fotbal/prvni-liga/fortuna-liga-hrac-a-trener-mesice-unor-libor-kozak-jozef-weber.A190228_140102_fotbal_vp2 https://www.sport.cz/fotbal/synot-liga/clanek/1084993-hrace-jako-kozak-nema-sparta-slavia-ani-plzen-chvali-hornyak-strelce-a-predpovida-mu-navrat-do-reprezentace.html
  2. I've mixed up Allardyce with Pardew. My point still stands though. There are examples galore of Allardyce getting the best out of players and it's because of the way he sets his teams up and his ability to deal with bigger personalities (who more often than not are the players with the most quality).
  3. According to Bolasie, he beat Usain Bolt in a race in 2015. Surely he can still get past most Championship defenders. I honestly haven't thought to myself "he is lacking pace" whenever I've seen him play. He looked in more than reasonable physical condition in yesterday's game.
  4. Pace never made him the player he was. It was a combination of power, pace, vision, control, intelligence & crossing ability among many other qualities. Even if he has lost half a yard of pace it should make hardly any difference at this level. His game is far more rounded than people give him credit for.
  5. Biggest myth around. He plays with a lot of individuality but is also highly unselfish.
  6. Do you honestly think it would be an issue if he was playing in an Allardyce or Pulis team? He was probably the most dangerous player in the Premier League a couple of seasons ago. He should be absolutely storming the Championship.
  7. Both have the ability to get the best out of players with a lot of x factor who might be underperforming for whatever reason. Allardyce got the best out of Bolasie while he was at Crystal Palace and Pulis got the most out of Traore who is a similar player. Their teams are always solid allowing a player like Bolasie to play his natural game more freely. They would value him more and set their teams up to accommodate him better. On top of that, they are both able to deal with 'bigger personalities' like Bolasie and are more on his wavelength than the majority of managers.
  8. Except Allardyce and Pulis are at least a level or two above Bruce in terms of quality. Both are able to get the best out of players who are underperforming whereas Bruce can't.
  9. Why is it disrespectful to suggest Smith isn't a proper manager if that's what my opinion is? Is it disrespectful to suggest Steve Bruce wasn't a proper manager? FWIW, you've taken my comment the wrong way. Just because I think Bolasie needs a 'solid core' and 'proper manager' to flourish isn't necessarily a reflection on Smith. I wouldn't have appointed Smith and I said before we signed Bolasie that it would likely be a bad career move for him. My comment was more of an endorsement of Pulis and Allardyce who have proven they can get the best out of players like Bolasie. I'm not sure Smith is capable of it to be honest.
  10. If Bolasie was at Middlesbrough under Pulis or under Allardyce again or any team with a solid core and proper manager, he would be absolutely flourishing.
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