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  1. Junxs

    Tom Heaton

    He's pulled out of the England squad, so must be out for a while whatever he's done
  2. Yeah This was their lineup last night: 62 Kelleher 76 Williams 12 Gomez 72 van den Berg 7 Milner 15 Oxlade-Chamberlain Substituted for Chirivellaat 81'minutes 20 Lallana 8 Keita Substituted for Jonesat 55'minutes 67 Elliott 24 Brewster 27 Origi Their bench consisted of players I've never heard of. Liverpool are just trying to be awkward here I think by trying to prove a point. They could easily field this team again against us and still play their best players the day after in the other cup. You could also argue that if they were playing us last night then the above lineup would have been weakened further as they would have seen Arsenal as a tougher fixture. I just don't think a team known for many years to field their reserves in this competition can be taken seriously when moaning about this fixture clashing with another.
  3. For a long while now people have been going on about signing Mitrovic, I really don't get it. He's a lump whos not even that tall, his finishing is erratic, he is also slow. There are plenty of strikers who would cost a similar amount that are far far superior players. What's even stranger is that now we have a bit of money and can probably stretch to £40m+ on a striker yet people are still going on about Mitrovic, when we already have a striker better than him at the club. Mitrovic doesn't create much and needs a few chances before he puts one away, from what I've seen of Wesley so far he tends to put his chances away quite consistently. If we are looking to replace Wesley (already?!) then it needs to be with someone better than him, if we are looking for back up then we shouldn't be spending silly money like 40m on a Championship striker. Thats not a dig at the championship, but that kind of money can probably get you the elite striker from foreign leagues.
  4. What was Liverpools lineup yesterday? If they played their reserves then they should be asked to play their reserves in the quarter final to allow their seniors to play in the world club thingy. if so then I don't see how it's any different to resting players for the weekend game that usually follows a midweek cup game.
  5. Happy Birthday Sid This reminds me that he had a highly rated kid who used to be on our books, Henry I think. Did he ever make it elsewhere?
  6. Can't believe so many negative comments towards Wesley, hes so isolated and we knew he was going to be today. We've got into half time 0-0 and everyone has worked hard including Wesley and Trezeguet. Let's support the lads yeah
  7. These days they all have clauses that are triggered upon promotion to get them premier league wages. If any of them hadn't then we would have heard about their agents getting fired by now.
  8. 2 things that aren't happening at this club anymore, one is buying players in their twilight looking for a last good deal before retirement. The other is loaning players without an option to buy
  9. It seems Villas Twitter and YouTube channels have given up with the kids ever since they started the marketing push for the womens team.
  10. I'd been calling for video assistance for years, in hope that it leveled the playing field for the underdogs who never get decisions. Now that its here I've totally changed my mind as its a bloody disgrace, not the technology but the way the numpties are using it. Watched the Everton West Ham game earlier and there was a shocker in that too, in fact nearly every game has a shocking VAR moment.
  11. Junxs

    Tyrone Mings

    So thats why the owners pumped millions more in during the last few days, they have to pay Bournemouth the extra dough tonight!
  12. I'd like to see a backup left back, Targett has shown just what we have been missing when he doesnt play. Taylor offers nothing going forward and a fullback who offers something going forward changes the whole dynamic of the team. If Targett is out for whatever reason then its vital to have someone who can fill his shoes.
  13. To me it would make more sense to let the women have their own teams and franchises. Only 1200 turned up for a game that was free for season ticket holders. That tells me there is very little interest despite a massive marketing push. Are there even enough women players for every mens club to have a womens team under the same name? Would it not have made more sense to have just one west midlands based team that could tap into all local fans from Villa, Blues, Albion & Wolves?
  14. Junxs

    The NSWE Board

    Another £57m into the accounts! These boys just keep pumping money in, whether this is in preparation for the January window or some much needed funds to replace the North Stand is yet to be seen. Exciting times!
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