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  1. It was great to watch it again, would have been awesome if they had a widescreen recording of it in HD - but I'm asking too much PS Thank you Mods for fixing the thread title
  2. Its their free video service, where you can watch the full press conference and stuff before matches.. they used to do it on YouTube before, they launched this a few months ago
  3. Aston Villa TV is showing the full 90 minutes rerun of the 1994 final today at 5pm I'm trying to work out how to edit the title of the thread.. Think this is the first thread I created in the 20 or so years I've been using VillTalk lol
  4. I know you all must be really bored, so thought I'd let you know sky are showing last years play off final at 10pm on the Football channel Sorry Mods, I know its not really the place.. but I know I'd be delighted if I didnt know and it appeared on the main page. I'll delete it once it starts.
  5. RIP (if true) I tried searching for his thread last night after seeing it on facebook, but he doesn't seem to have one which is strange
  6. Which is exactly why I was saying its not a "winter sport" at the start of the debate Also loads of games get called off throughout Europe due to winter conditions that then have to be rescheduled. Think it would just make sense, rather than waiting over half a year to start a new season (in the scenario where lockdown lasts until after summer and this season still needs finishing), plus with a winter world cup coming up just makes sense to me
  7. Its something that would be done Europe wide to tie in with the European competitions, seeing as they don't play Cricket anywhere else in Europe I doubt that would be a consideration. Some countries like Russia have their off season in the winter already
  8. I agree cricket is a summer sport, but football can (and is) played all year round. I don't know anything about rugby though so can't comment on that When you say "winter sport", to me that says you need winter conditions to play it eg Skiing or bobsleigh - Football is definitely not a winter sport
  9. Are you sure about that? All major tournaments are in the summer months. And for a "winter sport" an awful lot of games get called off when the winter months arrive!
  10. It's always annoyed me how the season covers 2 years, think its a perfect opportunity to run it all in one calendar year from March - December like it should have been from the start. No winter break, but maybe a summer break of 3 weeks so people with season tickets etc can still have a holiday. I would have the next season to start in March 2021, in the meantime finish this season off from September - November.
  11. Is this inside information or your guess?
  12. Think you're getting 2007 confused with 1992. I don't know a single person who wasn't connected in 2007, it wasn't an outdated process at all. The only issue I had with it was the options sucked, you are right there.
  13. Should have just said you were young and didn't have access to it then, rather than claiming internet access was rare in 2007
  14. There were definitely phones with internet on them in 2007. I remember I started this same job in 2006 and used to use MSN on my Nokia 6630 with a 3G connection. Also remember using Facebook and MySpace on it. I used to sit in the canteen on my lunch breaks browsing the internet on it whilst listening to fm radio - nowadays phones don't even have radio on them. Guess it depends on how much into tech each person was back then, but it was definitely available for those that wanted it or learned how to use their phone for features other than calling and texting.
  15. So you're saying there was more pressure in the away game at Burton Albion last season than there was at Wembley on Sunday?
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