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  1. The most annoying thing about this is that roughly 3 years ago we actually had excellent coverage. I used to watch all the games on YouTube. We made it to the final of one of the cups and it was all live streamed. Think we lost to Swansea in the final. Also remember watching Jacob Ramsey scoring an absolute wandergoal in one of the games that season live on there as well (though I think that was a regular u23s game) Its all coincided with the relaunch of the Womens team, someone high up the chain has decided theres only so much they can cover or to keep fans interested in one or the other
  2. You do realise Wikipedia can be edited by anyone right?
  3. No one wants to see that, hope the figure is 11.75m now
  4. 2-3m He's a full Ireland international, aged 29 - still has 4 or 5 years in him. You're all acting like he's 36 Why do we always undervalue our players? Probably would have got relegated if not for his contribution after lockdown. One of the sweetest left foots in the premier league and he's only worth 2m? .. good joke! January is known for inflated prices as well, set pieces are really important for teams who struggle to create chances from open play. He could be a real coup for some of the teams in the bottom half of the premier league. Burnley, Newcastle, We
  5. Why? If we were in the market for a player like that, don't you think we'd be getting quoted 20m by the likes of Brentford? The only reason I think 12m and not higher is because he doesn't have that long left on his contract and is near 30, like I said earlier, played a huge part in our promotion and was involved in nearly every goal we scored after lockdown. He's not spectacular but a solid premier league player.
  6. Apart from the Man City game, we should be in with a good chance of winning the rest. Sadly doesnt always work out like that. So think 3 wins and 1 draw - 10 points. We'll definitely be wanting revenge against West Ham and Saints, who's bubble seems to have burst and dont look like scoring with Ings out
  7. Wheres this talk of free transfer come from over the last few pages? He was instrumental in our promotion and again in keeping us up, was involved in nearly every goal we scored after project restart! He would be the most productive player at somewhere like Newcastle or West Brom. Definitely still a premier league player, just doesnt suit our style anymore as we are fast paced now. He doesnt suit the AM role because he's not fast or tricky enough, or the DM role as he's not fast or good at tackling. What he's excellent at is shooting and free kicks whilst good at keeping possession a
  8. No, I certainly don't think either of those 2 will be unregistered. @MaVilla has pointed out Kalinic has already left, I'd forgotten about that. So there is room for one more player as it stands if Lansbury remains out of the picture. The way we play, with 2 DMs and 1 CAM, I dont think Hourihane fits either of those positions, sadly lacks the pace although he has some good attacking qualities. Might be best for all if he was allowed to move on.
  9. Because our 25 man squad is already full, we already had to omit Lansbury so are beyond the limit as it is. There is no need to keep players around if they arent going to be included in the 25 man squad, especially now we are out of all the cup competitions
  10. Junxs

    Wesley Moraes

    I don't recall many other players scoring a hattrick v Norwich last season, and no one managed a hattrick when we played Sheffield United this season. Using the same argument you could say Watkins has only scored in 3 matches this season. I'd say he was on course to get double figures last year, would definitely have been a better option to have than Samatta or Davis
  11. Doesn't make any sense, why would we do them a favour to give game time to one of their players at the expense of one of our own players?
  12. Junxs

    Wesley Moraes

    I don't think anyone is expecting him to replace Watkins, but when we are going to have so many games tightly compacted then Watkins will miss a few through injury, suspension and tiredness. I'd much rather a fully fit Wesley coming in than K Davis, I'm still scratching my head why Davis was given a new contract in the summer
  13. Junxs

    Dean Smith

    Has it seriously been that long? I guess Deano must have won it in the championship during the 10 game winning streak, but in the prem no one? Just further shows how dull have the previous 10 years have been
  14. Junxs

    Dean Smith

    My Man Utd mates texting me saying how did Smith get it over Ole, especially "as we beat you" Had to remind them that they beat us in January and even then it was because of a Pogba dive. We only conceded 1 goal all month and won 2 of those games despite being down to 10 men.
  15. Sounds like one of those Championship Manager regen names we used to laugh at as kids. Like Peter Ehiogu or Fastino Smith
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