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  1. The trouble with football decisions is that they are not clear cut, since not every foul is a yellow card. On that basis I don't want to see VAR taking over by deciding for the ref when to book players. The difference with Cricket and Tennis is that its clear cut, either the ball is going on to hit the stumps or its not, either the ball is out or its in. That's why I love the goal line technology, it's clear cut. Everything else in football is opinion based unless it's something the ref didn't see, or thought he saw like a dive for a penalty. I'm hoping thats all VAR is checking and trusting the referees decision otherwise we'd have penalties every game like at the world cup. You have to draw the line somewhere, yes a 2nd yellow card is a game changing decision but again its subjective as some refs would give a yellow card for one offence which other refs wouldnt. Certain Villa fans are only asking for it because we got stung by it yesterday.. You could argue over the years some teams had a better goalscoring record from corners than they did penalties. Or free kicks at the edge of the box.. I'd trust Beckham to score a free kick more than Whelan scoring a penalty for example. What about Stokes specialist throw ins, they were more dangerous than corners, you could understand their fans had that been now wanting VAR for throw ins. I won't say Man U fans asking for VAR for free kicks as they probably got more than they deserved anyway, especially when Ronaldo was playing for them
  2. I think its down to the refs initial decision and then up to VAR to prove it wrong, kind of like cricket where the umpire gives a soft decision so unless its an obvious error it wont be over ruled. Heatons was given as a penalty then VAR couldnt find evidence to disprove it (rightly so). Whereas the Wesley issue was given no penalty, had Atkinson given it as a penalty then it probably would have stood
  3. Considering our official capacity is 42,785, it was disappointing to read yesterdays "sellout" fixture v Bournemouth had an official attendance of 40,996. I'm guessing Bournemouth sold out their away allocation. Surely we arent losing close to 2k seats in segregation? If so could that not be managed better? Would it not make more sense to stick away fans in an area where so much segregation is not required? I've tried to look up capacity by tier but could not find this information anywhere. If the North Stand upper tier was 4k(?) for example, then it seems better business sense to let the away fans have that whole area but lose no seats to segregation, this might also allow us an agreement with clubs to let us take 4k (if it is that) fans in return. Another option would be to put up a thick clear plastic wall between fans in the middle, to split it half and half with steward/police presence either side rather than losing almost 2k seats.
  4. Agree, thats 2 weeks in a row we've conceded by him blocking shots halfheartedly
  5. Why does everyone always blame everything on the referee? That was an absolute stone wall penalty if I ever saw one. Heaton did a brain fart, end of.
  6. Well yes, but like I stated in the post match thread.. you cant name them both on the bench and the more likely scenario was that we'd be making a change to chase the game against spurs. So you can understand why Kodjia was the preferred bench option for Spurs.
  7. I don't want this to sound like a pop at Davis, but I'm getting a bit fed up of hearing this The less Davis plays the better he gets in some peoples heads Hes big and doesnt get pushed off the ball easily, but to be brutally honest he literally does nothing else. He doesn't score, he doesn't create chances, he doesn't make key passes. But he's young and working on his game and has potential hence 3rd choice for a reason.. They say you can make any player look world class on YouTube, I challenge someone to try with Davis.. chesting it and laying it off clips all the way.
  8. Well that's just it. He was absolutely fine last season, especially when he was given a run of games in his preferred position when Abraham was out - he was scoring for fun and playing well. Some fans are making up things that aren't true rather than just admitting they don't like him for whatever reason. He had a few lackluster performances under Bruce when he came back from that double injury period, seems some decided then that he was finished and refuse to change their mind despite a good season last year
  9. I must have been watching a different game, I saw him constantly running trying to win the ball but apparently it was a lazy cameo? I don't know what people were expecting when everyone else was on the edge of our box pretty much the whole time he was on the pitch. Is it really fair to write him off completely when he was trying to win the ball off 5 players by himself. Yes there was pass he made where he tried to lay it off to someone but sold them completely short but other than that I don't think he did anything that bad. Certainly wasn't "lazy" Certainly wasn't any worse than Wesley but I don't see anyone writing him off for the season. He's only been back for a week as well. As for the calls of why Davis wasn't on the bench instead, well you can only have one of them, I'm guessing Deano thought it would be more likely we'd be chasing the game by the time it was the need for subs; in which case Kodjia would be the better option. So for someone above^ to call that the weirdest move DS has done to date is short sighted.
  10. Junxs


    I can understand the family part, but why should a "friend" of a season ticket holder get priority over someone who's got 25 years booking history. @Kingman could that not also apply to the friend who seems to get priority just for knowing the right person? This isn't a rant by the way, I'm happy we are selling out.. I always wanted us to have a full house every game. Its just an observation. Surprised there is no ticket exchange system for the one year we need it the most
  11. Junxs


    Question, as someone who can only attend the odd game due to work commitments.. This game didnt make general sale, so why do season ticket holders (who already have a ticket) get priority to buy more tickets for friends over someone who's had a booking history for 25 years?
  12. Neil Taylor has been the shittiest player at the club for 3 years. I'm absolutely shocked he's been selected ahead of Targett or even Hause. If there was an issue with either of those 2 then I'd rather play Mings at LB ahead of Taylor and bring someone else in at centre back. He''d be the 4th choice left back for me.. I can't describe in words how deflated I am seeing Taylor as our first choice left back after spending close to a 150m over the summer. All the preseason optimism has been drained out of me. I cant even find myself looking at the rest of the line up after seeing that shock at left back.
  13. He's been given a squad number, got his fair share of minutes in the preseason games too - maybe he was in Deanos plans all along?
  14. Junxs

    AVTV 2019/20

    With all the international mega deals for the premier league, there will be no live content. Probably go back to an audio feed like it used to be before relegation.
  15. Yeah I agree, think he did enough in his 6 month loan last year to convince Smith. Besides he's in his last year of contract, pointless loaning him out then releasing him next summer. Having said that he may still end up at a league 1 or 2 club, but I think he's better than that as he showed last year. Think he's at the age now where he needs to be involved as next season he would be too old to qaulify as a youngster so its last chance saloon to prove his worth for a new contract and a place in the 25 man squad next season.. we wont learn that by sending him to league 1/2

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