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  1. Junxs

    Tyrone Mings

    Last summer in the "summer transfer window" thread, I was banging on on a daily basis that we should sign Cahill on a free tansfer - right until the day he joined Palace and we couldnt sign him anymore. I even said he would have been a better signing than Mings but ideally for them to play together but got laughed at by everyone on here for even suggesting he was better than Mings. Think I got that Humphrey Bogart "get out" gif by 3 different people It was so so obvious to me that I was extremely baffled that no one else could see it. I really don't care if people are going to say I'm point scoring, it was just a stupid decision not to even try to get him. I honestly don't think we would have got relegated with a proper leader like him at the back, could have helped Mings develop into an even better player but 6 months in the Championship and everyone thought Mings was the finished article.
  2. Until that shocking penalty decision we were the better side and looked well up for it, can't believe how one wrong decision completely turned the match. We go a goal down and we give up. After that we were poor. Still cant understand why VAR didn't overturn, every person I spoke to thinks that was never a penalty, everyone in the Sky studio and commentary said it wasn't a penalty.. how can one person watching a video replay get it so wrong? Are players now allowed to jump 2 footed into a defender and win a penalty? missed that new law. If it was the other end of the pitch it wouldn't have been a penalty and our player would have been sent off for a 2 footed challenge with both feet leaving the ground
  3. I think this is the worst set of front players (strikers/wingers) I can ever remember since following us '87 At least we had Gabby, Ayew and Sinclair last time we got relegated, OK they werent great in the actual season, but at least they had some ability and could score occasionally. Traore and Gil couldnt get a look in, they would both absolutely walk into this side right now. I just cant see where the goals are coming from, is Hourihane our 2nd highest scorer after Jack this year?
  4. I was talking about the U23s, pretty sure we are in the 2nd tier and have been for a few years.
  5. It was 10 years ago this year when we drew 2-2 with Man Utd in the league, we had 7 payers feature in that game that had come through our youth system at various stages in their career, apart from cup games thats the most I can ever remember. Suppose it was a combination of having a poor small squad and injuries. Our youth team used to challenge for the title every year back then, now we've been in the 2nd tier for a good few years. We even won the NextGen series in 2012, so disappointing that only Jack made it from that side.
  6. Well that would have been a good start how you've just said it, as I've gone back and read your previous 3 posts and its the first time you said "released". Previously you said "let go" and didn't mention on a free transfer. Like I said before you have set your own rules on a youth player by specifying you're not counting them as youth players once they are in and around the first team squad and claiming it as "universal".. so how was I supposed to know what your criteria is? In my book Albrighton still counts as a youth player who we released on a free transfer. But ok, I'll play by your rules.. and go back to a player I mentioned before in Callum Robinson who was released the same summer we were relegated so you can't use the argument we were a premier league side. I also rate Daniel Johnson higher than some of the dross that played for us during the 3 years in the championship. But your rules might now allow that as I can't remember if we received a fee or if he was released on a free transfer.
  7. I've already mentioned the players who I thought were good enough when we got relegated, but you're not accepting them. You really need to specify what you class as a youth player, seems as soon as they've played for the first team they no longer qualify as youth players in your book? I know we bought Traore, but he was a teenager when we bought him and made his full professional debut whilst here, you could argue 90% of youth players are brought in from somewhere, do you class Barry as a youth player for us? (both of them). Gary Cahill was brought in from AFC Dronfield, does he count as "our" youth player?
  8. I was replying the the bit in bold where you said you couldnt think of one, still not sure I agree with your view of when a youth player is no longer a youth player. We let Albrighton and Traore go before they were established first team players but you disagree on that either way Albrighton still came through our academy. I think if you look at the top 2 divisions and see how many came through the academy from Villa there's a decent amount.
  9. Albrighton? Traore? depending on how far back you are going.. Cahill? Sturridge? There were plenty that could have done a job in the championship too, Callum Robinson, Jordan Graham looked really good at Wolves until the horrific injury. Jonathon Hogg helped Huddersfield get promoted and stayed in the team the following year in the prem, could have saved money spent on Jedinak and Whelan. Ciaran Clark promoted with Newcastle, likewise Joe Bennett with Cardiff.
  10. Could have been useful in the Championship, Coventry fans seem to rate him. I don't understand why Chester gets an extended month and O'Hare doesn't. Why not give him a month and if we get relegated then sign him up for a year next season. Last time around we let Callum Robinson and Adama Traore go when we got relegated, both would have been handy to have. Also Joe Bennett who got promoted back with Cardiff, would have been a much better option than Neil Taylor. All 3 of those should have been first team players. Feel Callum O'Hare will be the same, will go to Coventry for free and half way through the season we will all be questioning it.
  11. And again for no money, like so many before him who then go on to have decent careers in the championship
  12. With League 1 and below all cancelled for the remainder of the season. Does this free O'Hare to play for us for the resumption? Seeing as we only have a limited number of players who can do a job out wide, might be worth having him on the bench for emergencies
  13. Those that haven't got a Sky platform or freesat (its not called "sky freeview"), the free games will also be on Pick which is channel #11 on freeview Not sure what more they can do, guess its easier to complain than do some research
  14. I saw this thread on the first page and was trying to think who this was, for some reason I was thinking of a goalkeeper. Either my memory is going or we are signing some real obscure players lately.
  15. Junxs

    John McGinn

    There you go, even McGinn says Jack Grealish is the best .. strange why he wasnt up for this
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