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  1. Thank you so much, this has been really bugging me since the upgrade.. your guide worked a treat!
  2. Wish he'd stop trying to shoot at every opportunity, even when he's 40 yards out!
  3. Anyone know whats up with Engels? We know he's not injured as Smith lsied all the injured players the other day in an interview but didnt mention him.
  4. Junxs

    Wesley Moraes

    If Keinan Davis is our 2nd choice striker when the window closes then we have massively failed. Villa seem to be very private with news so maybe Wesley isnt as far away as we think, pretty sure I saw a video during lockdown of him walking?
  5. He's got pace, that in itself is the most welcome attribute to me. Last season our 3 quickest players were all defenders, I don't remember scoring a single goal on the counter attack due to this reason. With Watkins and this guy, possibly Rash too.. I see the dynamic changing, all very exciting.
  6. Said multiple times in this thread that he was the best keeper in the league after project restart. Glad the stats back this up
  7. Saw this top of the page with a "loan out" tag and thought he'd gone
  8. Best of luck to him Not his fault Brucey paid a fortune for him, seems like a decent bloke who never complained Hope he does well
  9. Junxs

    Keinan Davis

    Let me put it another way, say for example he was playing for Brighton instead of us for the last 4 years and had the same stats etc as he had had with us .. would you be happy had we signed him up on a free transfer today? That's why I feel it shows lack of ambition.
  10. Junxs

    Keinan Davis

    Because he's not very good, don't think he's young enough to be classed as an under 21 player anymore so he will be taking up a valuable position in the 25 man squad. To me that shows after Watkins we are happy with Samatta and Davis being the back up strikers, as we wont be signing a 4th striker for a 25 man allocation.
  11. Junxs

    Keinan Davis

    Surprised with this, shows a lack of ambition. Has had plenty of opportunities but has shown time and again he's not a championship / premier league striker. He has some ability, I'm not saying that he doesn't, but maybe a few years ago we should have trained him into a new position.. because a striker he is not.
  12. I said it near the start of this thread, and seeing as we are imminently about to announce this, I'll say it again.. He was the best keeper in the Premier League since project restart (I'm sad and watched every game as they were all televised) Genuinely think in 5 years we'll be saying he's the best 'keeper we ever had, wish I could bookmark this post to bring it up again in a few years
  13. Junxs

    Jed Steer

    Was superb today, just watched the game on MUTV
  14. How come theres so many gifs of him dancing about in the Bremen kit? Think this is the 3rd one I've seen! Is there some kind of contractual obligation for him to be dancing about? Is it a common thing in German football? No way would I agree to make a pratt out of myself if I was a multimillionaire
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