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  1. I know, I was actually agreeing with you but just commenting on the Bosnich part (forgot to bold his name when quoting) It's a shame in a way as that wouldn't happen nowadays, because of when the window shuts you can't take a risk on a young keeper any more. Don't believe Bozzie would have been given the opportunity had todays rules been in force back then. Personally I feel bad for Steer as I think he deserves a chance after his heroics to prove himself in the prem, but there is no way I'd want to go into the season taking a risk like that knowing if it doesnt work out we'd have to wait until January to fix it. Goalkeeper must be the most difficult position to breakthrough these days, not only do established keepers retire far later than outfield players, but there is only 1 position per team. Goalkeepers tend not to get injured as often either especially when you consider how much they are protected by refs these days.
  2. It was different in those days though as the transfer window stayed open until March. We could risk giving the young Bosnich a chance to prove himself, but nowadays the window closes before a ball is kicked so if you get it wrong there's no option to fix until January. In the era you speak of if things weren't going well you could just replace a player willy nilly
  3. Junxs

    Ethan Ampadu

    I'm perfectly calm thank you. People are taking it literally because it's from the horses mouth. I really don't understand why you would doubt it? Especially just 2 weeks after it was said. It would look a bit foolish if he went back on his words so soon.
  4. Junxs

    Ethan Ampadu

    Maybe because they were his exact words, said an in video interview on the official site? It you rather believe the words of a random journalist then go ahead
  5. Junxs

    Wesley Moraes

    They are both 22, and they would both probably sign for the club that offered more money. No point trying to convince yourself that we signed the one with a better moral ground.
  6. No, if that was the case we wouldn't have handed him a massive 5 year contract
  7. We already have a Jack Clarke in the youth team. Imagine having 2 of them! Edit: Remembered when we had 2 James Collins
  8. I don't understand why people care about that so much, we are clearly the bigger club so it shouldn't bother us.. I can understand them being jealous but why do some of our fans hate them so much? It saddens me that people hate their local rivals so much that it clouds their judgement on good players. Personally I hate all the Man Utd and Liverpool fans in our area and have far more respect for Blues fans than those plastic fans. The office I work in Lichfield has more Liverpool & Man Utd fans than Blues & Villa fans by a ratio of 3:1 I don't care that Butland or Jota played for the Blues one bit
  9. @alreadyexists Bloody superb saves in that compilation.. and its only saves from 2018. Hes a superb shot stopper, and his other general goalkeeping is top notch too. Nothing annoys me more than when I hear/read people say "but you expect your goalkeeper to be a good shot stopper" , its like saying you expect your striker to be a good finisher and look at his other attributes when it comes to signing them. It would be like putting Aguero under the same umbrella as Clinton Morrison because their other attributes are similar.
  10. Junxs

    Ethan Ampadu

    Yeah my comment was tongue in cheek to the speculation really as we aren't going to be loaning anyone, its already been stated by Smith & Purslow. Also I don't think we would throw an 18 year old into the team in such an important season.
  11. I'd argue its the other way around. The quality of the loan player will probably be higher than the player you can sign permanently - especially for a newly promoted club. It's just a far better model to get your own signings as they work out cheaper in the long run due to the way the finances are calculated. Theres a reason why none of the bigger / more successful clubs loan players, it's a crap model. Everton paid £7m to Chelsea to loan Zouma for one season for example. Do your scouting properly and you can probably find someone just as good for that price on a permanent signing from the European leagues. Double it and you can buy the best defender in the Championship pretty much to keep.
  12. Junxs

    Ethan Ampadu

    Seeing as we released pretty much all of our youth team this makes sense. Especially when you factor the new law only allowing clubs to loan out so many players, so Chelsea will look to sell the players who they think have the least chance of making their team. We know we wont be loaning any players, so I'm treating this link as a permanent signing to bolster our depleted under 23s.
  13. That's just wrong though. Normal transfers accounts are spread across the length of the contract. You buy a player for £20m on a 4 year contract then the cost of the asset is spread over those 4 years combined transfer fee and wage. You loan a player and you pay a loan fee of say 3-5m for one season plus his wages. It works out roughly the same, but if its a high profile loan it will end up costing you more for the season.
  14. Think it's pretty obvious why loans aren't a good idea. I've been against them every since the days of loaning Milner, Walker etc. You aren't getting the finished article but a rough diamond that you have played a part to mould. What's worse is you have paid a premium to do this then have nothing to show for it at the end of the year. That year could have been spent giving much needed game time to your own youngsters. See Onomah stopping O'Hares or Doyle-Hayes development. 2 years later Onomah has failed in 2 loans when we could have had a very ready young player of our own. Then there's Sam Johnstone who spent a year and a half here but is no better than a player we always had in Steer. Would have paid 2 loan fees for him and his wages whilst also paying Steer. Had Steer been allowed to just play for the last 3 seasons we would have known him inside out by now and make a proper decision on him being ready for the premier league or not rather looking to spend 20m on yet another new keeper. Remember he would have had 3 years of proper development by now. Occasionally you might get a decent player on loan like Abraham whose goals obviously played a big part in promotion, but at the end of the day it's Chelsea who have benefitted by having a more complete player on their books whilst we've had to spend 22m replacing him.
  15. Butland is better than Pickford and he's definitely better than Heaton

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