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  1. First time I've ever seen this claimed by anyone? Are you sure you don't mean Egyptian?
  2. Can't see WBA getting overtaken by 2 teams. They'd need to finish 6th to avoid us in the playoffs semi.
  3. You can thank Huddersfield for that, they rested their entire team for their final game of the season which Birmingham City won to avoid relegation. This made it unfair on the other teams still in the relegation scrap. They brought that rule in the following season to stop that happening again.
  4. Yeah, if WBA go into bad form that would be great for us if we finish 5th. Having said that their next game is Bristol City, maybe after that then..
  5. Junxs

    Tom Carroll

    His medical before his move to "other football" is taking a long time, we need to be thorough here.
  6. I want us to have a 6 point cushion going into the Leeds game, we could easily lose our last 2
  7. I was thinking that, but then realised Albion play Bristol City next.. so rather they win that
  8. Yeah Kalinic got a slight injury during the international break
  9. It's obvious when you realise Levy in involved with the negotiations. He's probably had some fantastic offers but keeps demanding more
  10. Let's put a bit of context to this. Do you realise they've only played 2 teams in the top half of the table and won neither. (Sheffield U & Derby County) He's had 9 games against the teams 13th or below. Youve taken a small sample of easy fixtures and believed the hype. Let's see if the points ratio is 1.91 by the end of the season, I'll eat my hat if it is! You think that form would get them 88 points over a season, I beg to differ: So, his average points against teams in the top half is top half is 1.0 ppg, and average against bottom half is 2.1 ppg over the season i make that 23 points v top half and 48 points against the bottom half, giving him 71 points over the season - usually not enough for playoffs, but will get you "there or thereabouts"
  11. Junxs

    Tom Carroll

    Andy why would Swansea agree to such terms? The way I see it, we paid for the loan and contractually agreed to pay his wages for the remainder of the season. All injured players go back to parent clubs for treatment, see Axel Tuanzebe who spent the last few months in Manchester getting treated, you think we weren't paying his wages during that time? The timing of the injury and the length of it makes sense to terminate the loan so he can move back "home" but I would be shocked if we are not still paying his wages until the end of the season.
  12. I wasnt including the kids as they are not part of the first team squad. I see Tom Carroll has been sent back to Swansea today
  13. 14 senior players whose contracts either expire or loan finishes this summer. Thats a crazy amount. Much better to rebuild in the premier league, otherwise we'll have another host of players on long contracts we will be trying to get rid off if we go up the year after.
  14. RDM? Roberto Doyle Murphy?

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