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  1. Forget Batigol, we had Samagol (In before the lock)
  2. HAHAHA How is this the first time I'm seeing this?? Hilarious!
  3. People forget he had scored 6 goals in less than half a season when he got injured. He was very good in one on one situations (something that Davis really struggles with). How many had Watkins scored at the same stage last season? Dont think the numbers were too different. If hes fully fit I have confidence Wesley will be fine if called upon to cover Watkins here n there. In emergencies Traore and El Ghazi have the abilty to play up top as well. Also you have to consider a quality striker costs a lot of money, do we really need that when Watkins is a superfit athlete who never seems to get injured?
  4. Its not his footballing ability I doubt, its just his nouse in the penalty box. Guilbert put in a fantastic cross begging to be just tapped in with an arriving striker with their right foot, instead he twisted his body in a funny shape and tried to do some kind of diving finish with his prefered left foot and got it horribly wrong. Just dont think centre forward is his position, he might want to reconsider where he plays. Its strange becuase his physique doesnt really suit a wide forward position either, though he can be quite decent on the ball. I can't see him hitting double figures for Stoke in 46 games, in fact I can't see him getting through a full season without some kind of knock either. If hes their first choice he'll probably manage 25-30 games and score about 5 goals
  5. Junxs

    Tammy Abraham

    Promise you I'm not laughing, I am genuinely glad this got its own topic. Just wish fish puns got their own topic as well to be honest
  6. Junxs

    Tammy Abraham

    Just be glad, its 87 pages that we've avoided in the speculation thread for a player we will not sign
  7. Wesley 10x > Davis At least Wesly scores now and again. I dont think Davis is Championship striker let alone a premier league striker!
  8. Mark Regan and Brian Little on comms, pleasant surprise! Was expecting Woodplank
  9. it says too many requests when I try watching live, have they oversold this
  10. I read somwhere that coverage starts at 19.15 , kick off at 19.30
  11. Congrats Wes Edens!!
  12. Junxs

    Dwight McNeil

    He has shone though, everytime I watched Burnley in recent years hes been their outstanding player He's technically very good and is only 21, Burnley had a poor season, but the season before they finished 10th (when we finished 17th) and he played every game. Like I mentioned before, his stats wont look amazing in a 442 system with a defensive manager, Burnley spend a large portion of matches backs to the wall. You mention Grealish but aged 21 he wasn't exactly killing it. I remember Bruce would often have him on the bench to our bemusment and some fans were even saying we should sell him. I'm not for a minute saying he's in the same standard as Grealish, but at the same age playing under RDM/Bruce he really didn't have the "stats to back it up" , It's ony the 2 seasons after aged 23 under Deano that Grealish really starting shining - funny how people remember things differently.
  13. Junxs

    Dwight McNeil

    If it includes shot creating actions for yourself then I rest my case
  14. Junxs

    Dwight McNeil

    Whats does SCA mean? Dont think its as simple as just comparing player to player, you have to consider that one team finished 11th, with enough points to usually get you 7th) and the other finished just above the drop zone. Also the teams style of play, for example the same set of players struggling under Bruce suddenly became very attacking and dominating games under Smiths tactics. Sean Dyche is more similar to Bruceball, I bet Jacks stats under the 2 managers were extremely different in the same season under Bruce and then Smith. I'm not sure there's a fair way to compare players in differing scenarios using stats, but using my eyes I see El Ghazi as wasteful and McNeil being good under pressure with a fine passing range. I think you put McNiel in a better team (one that likes to attack) with better players around him and you see his stats improve tenfold.
  15. Junxs

    Dwight McNeil

    All El Ghazi ever does is cut inside and shoot, and occasionally one will fly onto the top corner and everyone thinks hes amazing for a few weeks. I find him the most frustrating player in our squad, theres a reason we are looking for players in his position. So many times you see someone free who he can square the ball to for a good chance but he messes it up getting tackled trying to cut inside or blasting it into row z. The frustrating thing is that he shows glimpes of composure (for example when taking penalties) but he lacks this compsure in open play for some reason. If he could learn to calm down in attacking situations he might see what the better players see, but he always seems to be in a rush without realising whats going on around him. I'd love to see his chance creation stats as I believe they will be extremely low. Dwight McNeil actully has the ability to pick passes out and I think he is one of the best at mid to long range passers in the league, rarely loses possession and is quite tricky as well. Dont think hes quick as El Ghazi, but he definitely a better footballer, of that theres no doubt.
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