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  1. That was actually a cover, they didnt write it
  2. Did anyone find out for sure if he's allowed to play in the 2nd leg? I'm not sure if players registered after the 1st leg are illegible for the 2nd leg
  3. I notice he's wearing the number 20 on his training gear, not always the same squad number as training number from past experience though
  4. Junxs

    Keinan Davis

    I just hope this doesn't mean we wont be getting another striker. KD will most likely get injured again mid feb ending his season.
  5. Exactly, will not be in the first team squad this season. Might be next season if we get relegated otherwise the season after I expect to see him.
  6. Soyuncu, Shane Long and Phil Foden the fastest 3?! Adama Traore and Raheem Sterling not even on the list? Not sure how they are calculating these "speeds"
  7. I don't think Engels has had a terrible start. In fact looked quite solid with Mings at the start of the season. One thing that does stand out is his distinct lack of pace. This was very evident when he couldn't recover after his loose ball that led to the Southampton goal. He will be back in eventually and prove to be a decent player, but right now we seem to be doing OK so no need to change.
  8. Well he was a direct replacement for Amavi. Whilst Stevens wasn't even given a chance when hes gone on to show he could have been a long term solution at left back, had he been given one. Meaning the need for Taylor being at the club should never have arisen.
  9. Man, hes still got another season after this on his contract. Even if we get relegated he's not good enough for the championship, double whammy when you see how well Amavi and Enda Stevens are doing
  10. Junxs

    Louie Barry

    Just had a look on my phone app rather than the website as I did earlier. Again nothing on the main page, but when you go to news section it's not even the main story. And if anyone didn't know about Samatta signing (for example a casual fan from abroad) then there's 6 women's team articles before anything about Samatta. With the amount of women's content they put out, it really needs its own category, but I guess they are trying to push it but I fear it's pushing more people away from the official villa channels.
  11. Junxs

    Louie Barry

    How awful is the official site, you go to the news section and the first few articles are about non football related stuff mixed in with Womens football, you scroll further down and there is an article about Jedinak with a large photo, then a look over to the right after you scrolled down a bit you spot Barrys haircut and find an article about Harrison talking about Barry. Really is an awful website. Youd expect a new signing at the top as soon as you go to the website
  12. He should have been rotated with Wesley rather than be made not wanted. in 22 games he came on as sub 3 times, even when Wesley was looking lost.
  13. I don't care what anyone says. Kodjia should have played these last few games and then let go once Samatta was officially signed and ready to play. Playing with no striker is pathetic and has probably cost us relegation.
  14. Is the Keinan Davis thread locked or something?
  15. Thought the 9 goals he scored last season were vital, we didnt miss Abraham at all whilst he was out injured leading to the playoffs. This was due to Kodjia filling in nicely and playing his part in the record breaking 10 match winning streak. Don't think he gets enough credit for his input during last season
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