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  1. Cant find anything on there, guessing its not a main article and maybe just a line in a different article?
  2. Oh I just ignored the email, thought it was just a blanket email to get people registered. They don't make it clear you need to register a new account and the old one will be deleted.. Are you sure that's the case?
  3. You guys not got smart TVs with built in browsers? I just use my TVs browser and log in to watch from there
  4. 11th to 17th is a bit of a strange option! Would feel satisfied with 11th but 17th would be a disaster, strange how they are bundled in the same option lol Anywhere between 8th - 12th I expect us to finish, and that would be a great second season
  5. I don't class boiling water in a kettle and pouring it on a tea bag as cooking
  6. Ah ok, Thanks I was cooking dinner whilst listening to it, must have missed it
  7. Any news on Traore? surprised no one asked the question in the 16 minute pre match presser We need a bit of quality on the wings, at least on one side.. the thought of El Gahzi and Trez dreads me as neither is very creative
  8. We've been so poor for so long, even if they turn up at 40% they will beat us. We look completely void of any attacking ideas or build up play, and reverted to pass around the back then Mings aimlessly lump it up the pitch. Best we can hope for is 0-0 I think
  9. If the shots on take it by all means.. but not when its blatantly going to get blocked and its a tight angle. Think all defenders know exactly how to play him now, they know he isnt going to pass. I just see a slightly better version of Tonev now. Zaha does the same at Palace, just twists and turns looking to shoot. Its why he failed at Man Utd. He's a more skillful version of El Ghazi but both very predictable. These type of players inevitably get a few goals by the sheer volume of shots they take, but they are so frustrating for team mates. 16 blocked shots we had against New
  10. Nothing frustrates me more than seeing a player shoot from a tight angle with a defender in the way (who will inevitably block the shot), whilst there's a team mate screaming for the ball in a better position to shoot and is unmarked. He does this every game. If he has to play then we should switch him to the right to stop him from shooting every time he gets the ball, and to get him to pass more.
  11. Blonde haired chap from the left wing. Tait?
  12. Who's Kane Hayden? I suspect Mark Regan is getting someone else mixed up with Kane Kesler? He's said it every time he touched the ball
  13. I said in the pre-match thread, since the Covid outbreak we have forgotten how to play football.. that our tactics are just lump it forward whether that's Martinez or Mings. For a moment in the first 20 minutes it felt like we rediscovered something, but after that it was back to lump it forward again. We really are an eyesore right now, with or without Grealish.
  14. Our possession might be looking ok for the last few weeks.. but in reality we either pass around the back for Martinez to launch it or pass around the back for Mings to launch it. Its not been easy on the eye for a while now. Something has changed since that break for covid, before that we were playing the best football I've seen us play for over a decade. Wish we could somehow get back to it.
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