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  1. Junxs

    Anwar El Ghazi

    Not sure why a Dutch person with Moroccan heritage is the butt of curry jokes? I don't get it, maybe because hes moved to Aston where there's more curries than Holland and Morocco combined? Going to have to help me out here..
  2. Junxs

    Dean Smith

    I'd say it was more to fund the Terry wages than due to FFP, it was more short-termism by Bruce. Baker would have been good for many years and should never have been sold.
  3. Junxs

    Dean Smith

    He was on The Debate earlier this week, and said he was just trying to stick up for Dier because he was getting stick from people and doesnt actually think he's as good but does a similar unappreciated job.
  4. Junxs

    Jesus Garcia Pitarch

    Just watched the interview, looks like a cross (no pun intended) between Mancini and Richard from Judy
  5. Junxs

    Scott Hogan

    Don't know why you quoted me, I was trying to stick up for him and have been since he joined
  6. Junxs

    Scott Hogan

    That was actually Shane Long not Hogan Edit: actually you be right, the one i was thinking of was from the right hand side from Long.
  7. Junxs

    Telltale have told their final tale

    Funny you mentioned that, i just downloaded it last week. Graphics look dated now, but I remember being so impressed by them back in the day. When I originally played the game it would always crash at exact the same point so I never got to finish it or play its follow up. Didn't know there was a 3rd one.
  8. Junxs

    Pre-Match Thread

    I thought it was Coleman against Ireland? Or has he actually done it twice then?
  9. Junxs

    Dean Smith

    Bruces idea of playing the youngsters was getting them in from Man U, Spurs & Chelsea rather than try to develop anyone himself
  10. Junxs

    Scott Hogan

    Don't generally watch International football, but I'm on night shift with nothing better to do (Iron Fist season 2 awaits when the football finishes) I did have a little giggle when the fans were singing "youre getting sacked in the morning" around the hour mark. Didn't realise it was that bad for them.
  11. Junxs

    Scott Hogan

    He's just come on for Ireland for the last 15 minutes, up against Chester so should be an interesting watch
  12. Junxs

    Telltale have told their final tale

    There is a gap in the market for adventure games though, i grew up in the 90s when they were everywhere and it was my favourite genre with the likes of Monkey Island, Beneath a steel Sky, Gabriel Knight series, Broken Sword, Syberia and loads of LucasArts stuff. I miss those kind of games.
  13. Junxs

    Telltale have told their final tale

    Their games were more like story telling than actual games, after finishing them I would think I wander what would have happened if I chose the other options but it was too much hassle to play through again. Kind of reminded me of those adventure books from the 80s where it would ask you to turn to a certain page depending on your decision. Their games weren't challenging at all though, felt like i was just watching an entertaining cartoon with the odd button press.
  14. Junxs

    Villa and FFP

    I said this in the summer, and got into a bit of debate with someone (cant remember who now) but it does seem viable now after todays comments. Cant find my original post, but it was something like: Why would new owners ever buy a club if they knew they couldnt invest anything? I can only imagine with any takeover new owners can also buy out the debt of the previous regime. In essence creating a new 3 year cycle from year 1 without being punished for the previous regimes misspending. This allows the new regime a work towards a goal that they bought the club for in the first place. For example, as long as funds were added into the accounts for covering players contracts who the club purchased/renewed prior to new owners arrival on the promise that they wouldn't be used (eg Richards, McCormack) then these wouldn't be included in the figures for calculating future profit/loss against the club under the new owners in the coming years. There must be something like this in place for new owners otherwise we would never see new owners at any club ever, and if a club is struggling to pay even the tax bill then surely some sort of conversation would have been had with the FFP people to allow a bit of freedom for new owners, otherwise whats in it for them? So I think as long as the previous debt is paid off then its like a soft reboot of the FFP cycle.
  15. Junxs

    Dean Smith

    I love how he said we have a good record at home and will look to beat Swansea on Saturday, did we ever hear Bruce say we will look to beat anyone? It was always, "Burton are a tough side and will cause us problems" "No easy games in the championship" etc getting his excuses in early. There is so much positivity from Smith, and it shows in their comparative playing styles Havent been this excited on a managerial appointment since .. i cant even remember!