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  1. Junxs

    Pre-match Thread

    Shoe horning his favourites
  2. Junxs

    Steve Bruce

    So he's got Jedinak at centre back again.. I mean every manager has favourites and tries to shoehorn then into the team.. But this is just ridiculous. I did say though I expect him to play jedinak there again last week, as he said in an interview last year that he sees Jedinak as a centre back going forward Nutter
  3. Junxs

    Steve Bruce

    It was frustrating to hear Bruce blame the youngsters against Yeovil for the poor performance. If you throw together a team of fringe players with 3 or 4 youth players they aren't going to play amazingly well in a one off game together. Bruce has said the youngsters would have learned some harsh truths or something like that, so it sounds like he's wont be integrating them on the back of a one off performance. I didnt think we played any worse than we did in the first 2 league games for example which we also won, he didn't come out and say Jedinak, Adomah or Taylor learned some harsh truths If he introduced youngsters in the main team one at a time playing with the first xi rather than a mish mash im sure theyd play a lot better than they did agaisnt Yeovil, might even pleasantly surprise him.
  4. Junxs

    AVTV 2018/9

    Are you sure about that? I remember a running joke in the match threads of them constantly cutting to replays during important moments in the match.
  5. Junxs

    Jonathan Kodjia

    Is bad enough everyone is getting on his back already but now people are making things up and blaming it on him. I think he's been prefectly for these last 2 games, but people have already decided he's rubbish now and blame everything on him. Welcome the new scapegoat of the season..
  6. Junxs

    Pre Match Thread

    Not really, when he played a year ago he had a fine game but hasn't featured since!
  7. Junxs

    Micah Richards

    The guy has still got 40-60 years of life on this planet, why would he give up £2m just to walk away a year sooner than expected. He will just be like the rest of us when his football career is over, ask yourselves would you give up £2m that you are contractually obliged to earn just to be nice to your employer?
  8. Junxs

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    No thats Premier League rules, there are no squad limits in the championship apart from the number of loans you are allowed - apparently 8 with maximum of 5 in the match day squad.
  9. Junxs

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Wigan

    People thought Steers kicking was bad, I feel for Nyland as people will be expecting miracles from him and will get on his back pretty quick if kicking and catching like he showed today continues
  10. Junxs

    Match Thread: Villa v Wigan

  11. Junxs

    Match Thread: Villa v Wigan

    Can I remind you all Bruce said half way through last season that he sees Jedinaks future as a centre back, so don't be surprised to see him play there regularly
  12. Junxs

    Match Thread: Villa v Wigan

    I was about to write something similar but was scared that I'll be chased out of VillaTalk
  13. Junxs

    AVTV 2018/9

    You can go into your browser and switch to desktop version, im doing that right now for the Wigan game
  14. Junxs

    Match Thread: Villa v Wigan

    Why do we always play back to the keeper, we had possession in their half!
  15. Junxs

    Pre-Match Thread

    RDL is suspended for the first 2 games