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  1. Me and the missus thought about swinging a few years back to spice things up. Glad we never , and I think it was more fantasy than reality. Other people we knew were doing it. We kind of searched , but nothing came of it. I do remember that week it was spoke about we had great sex most nights that week, so just the talk of it did something to spice things up. Would have been a big mistake and we just aren’t that kind of couple regardless of our past sexual history with each other early days and before we got with each other.
  2. I don’t think it’s all that uncommon for women and even men to go off sex and turn a blind eye to their loved ones getting it elsewhere. Some may even be fine with it. After all it’s only sex isn’t it. I’m not saying it’s that easy because it isn’t. There can be a lot of resentment and hurt and the man/woman having the sex may fall in love with someone else. A big can of worms more than likely , but it does work for some couples. p.s Its a shame and must be horrible for both parties. Well I hope the fella feels horrible about the situation. Some people need sex it’s as simple as that. Some can go without and just wank themselves silly.
  3. We’ve mostly done that. Cat A , B and even C. We did it first season in championship too, but dropped it for the second season. It will sell out no probs .
  4. Blocked noses . Joys of getting older but I trimmed by nose hair Sunday and again I’ve got a blocked nose because of it. Add to that a chest infection and it’s making me very irritable .
  5. A standing cock has no conscience. That’s what my grandad always said to me.
  6. I’ve started drinking again after the wife giving me an ultimatum. I drank away on holiday which was fine but I’ve started drinking in the pubs again. Not using cocaine, but still drinking enough for it to be a problem . My wife was away at the weekend and I used that as an excuse to sink a few Friday after work. I felt guilty the following day, so going to get back on the wagon. Don’t beat yourself up mate.
  7. Start em’ early I say. We don’t want Villa Park too nicey nice
  8. Hearing a few naughty words doesn’t hurt kids , especially at the footy. I don’t hold back when I’m at the villa, and my lad can’t stop giggling at people F’ing this and that .
  9. We need to go for this . Highly doubtful we will qualify for Europe top 6-7, and no danger of going down. More chance of us finishing top 6 than going down IMO. The fan base is desperate for some silverware, and it puts us in Europe. No brainer really. Luckily we have a bit more depth so can rest some key players but still be strong enough to beat a weakened Chelsea side, but it won’t be easy.
  10. Viruses are good to a degree . They have built up the immune system for centuries. When the common cold first struck many years ago I’d imagine it made people very ill . Fast forward to now and it’s nothing .
  11. Dedicated to all the underpaid grafters doing long hours busting their nut to earn a living. This ones for you. Black Sabbath should have wrote this.
  12. I’ve got bit of an headache . Been sneezing and a bit of a runny nose. I did work in the rain the other day and when I do that 9/10 it gives me cold symptoms the next couple of days after.
  13. I’ve never gone above 20s . My mum is on 40s though .
  14. 20mg? I usually sleep better whilst on them . Not that I sleep bad anyway .
  15. Leamington is very nice. Love the town houses in the town. We are going to Cheltenham festival for two days in March so that rules out Cheltenham and Gloucester as we are staying in Gloucester the two nights. Oxford it is. Looks my type of place for a day out .
  16. Iron Man comes across really simple and it is for the most part but I’ve heard a few times from musicians that the way the band turn back on to a riff just after the solo without missing a beat is very hard to nail properly . Sabbath had a lot of tempo changes in their songs, which kept it interesting .
  17. It is nice but worked there so many times I’m sick of the place and the amount of new builds going up there .
  18. S&M bondage themed night
  19. Me and the missus are going away for the day/night in October . Thinking of going to Oxford . Is it worth it? It looks lovely and I interesting. Will be plenty of nice pubs and places to eat by look if it.
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