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  1. Nah because Brighton will finish in a similarly irrelevant part of the table as Arsenal. The Premier League bore fest is already taking shape at the top end; Brighton are just the team who are temporarily making the top six positions interesting to look at but they won’t last.
  2. Absolutely. I conned myself, and enjoyed the cheaper fares, without realising the implications, but I hope other people in London have seen sense and are doing the same as me and going back to black cabs. We all turned our backs on them en masse but I hope something good comes out of this in that the traditional black cab business has a more secure future.
  3. Uber. As someone who has championed them in the past, I now no longer use their shoddy service. This is how the booking process has worked out for me the last few times I’ve tried and I no longer even bother: I request an Uber. They accept the booking but then spend an age searching for an available driver. A driver accepts, but, lo and behold, what do we have here AGAIN? “Demand is higher than usual so fares are higher” or whatever the cocking message is so they now want, and this is the most recent example, 47 quid to take me less than five miles. Say if I were to accept, the driver would probably take much longer than the indicated five minutes or make a pathetic attempt to reach me before cancelling because he no longer fancies it. Say I do get the pleasure of someone actually making it to me, they’ll then follow some crappy route suggested to them by whatever useless app it is they’ve decided to use because they don’t know the way themselves. Now I just don’t even bother and will just flag down a black cab. They’re nicer, quicker to find (and get me to my destination), the drivers are more pleasant AND they are now often cheaper. And as for Bolt. LOL.
  4. Long term posters will remember someone called Gazton Villa who created one of the most legendary topics ever posted on VillaTalk (during the DoL era). Memories.
  5. I think I’d have liked to see him take to the podium at a press conference and cry (Messi style), in a way that it shows how much leaving means to him. I wish he could have shown that it hurt every single fibre in his body and how much it broke his heart. That might have been better than a shit eating grin about how buzzing he was to get the number ten shirt and all the waffle about what a proper football club he’s joined.
  6. Totally naive if people think it’s a few pleasentries about how wonderful a club is and not some light to very heavy persuasion.
  7. Stuff like this is also why I hope none of our players ever play for England again. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/aug/05/jack-grealish-seals-record-100m-manchester-city-move-from-aston-villa Translated as: “Yeah, I was tapped up by the players too. They tap each other up all the time on international duty” Oh and…Stonesy, Raz, Walks
  8. Yes Pep! Just another 100M on Grealish and another ~100M on Kane and that £1BN spent MIGHT just FINALLY win you the Champions League. Well done, you bald headed, Championship manager on cheat mode, over rated, wank maggot, word removed.
  9. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/07/29/hospital-figures-covid-cases-misleading/
  10. No doubt Jack absolutely loves this club but he wants to win trophies and doesn’t see himself as a one club man. He has ambitions of winning everything possible and one day playing abroad. I’m sure his past injuries (especially the kidney injury) make him acutely aware that a footballer’s career could suddenly be over in the blink of an eye. It’s for those reasons I think he’ll leave sooner rather later and, guttingly, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if it’s this summer.
  11. You can’t take an observation of one city and think the country will be like that. Here in London it’s a different story to Liverpool. Places have been fully booked with all tables occupied. Central London has bonkers busy. Covent Garden over to Carnaby and through to Soho have been probably the most packed I’ve ever seen them in the fifteen years I’ve lived here. I’d wager any money that this will very soon translate into venues being busy inside on weekends. I’ll be out next Wednesday and again on Saturday and I can’t wait to see places heaving inside again. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t commented about how they’re looking forward to getting back inside places and not being restricted to a pre-booked table. In terms of people speaking in bars and pubs, it’s been very heavenly monitored down here. You will soon get moved if you dare mingle with a table not in your own group. But then, that’s my observations from the places that I’ve been, I’m sure there are pubs out there with locals who are shouting across tables at each other.
  12. Sarah Gilbert said that any variant radical enough to make their vaccine ineffective would also be non-functional. Also interesting Tweet here: That will certainly happen but then it goes back to exactly what Alex said: we can’t lockdown forever.
  13. I’ve helped out during AZ and Pfizer vaccination sessions. They encouraged anyone who drove/cycled to sit and wait for 10/15 mins after the AZ vaccine. For the Pfizer vaccine, everyone was expected to sit for 15 minutes afterwards regardless of whether they drove or not. You will be fine to drive but stick to the guidelines suggested to you by those working at the centre. They will explain everything clearly. Ask one of the on-site clinical staff if you have any doubts/uncertainty.
  14. I volunteered for a second time at a vaccine centre and was offered a jab at the end of the shift. So that was nice.
  15. Myth. I’d win a fight against a Quokka. It would come at me all friendly, and even attempt to pose for a selfie, but I’d catch it unawares with a jab-uppercut combo and the fight would be over in seconds.
  16. I volunteered as a steward at a vaccination centre on Sunday. The set up and efficiency was genuinely incredible. It was a slick operation. People were so happy to be getting vaccinated and to see that was genuinely rewarding. The venue was great too: the Science Museum in South Kensington.
  17. I used to go to a lot of these places. Plenty of mixed memories (some great and others not so much). I remember the earlier days of Sundissential when it was at Pulse and went from 12pm though to midnight on a Sunday. It was weird hours to go clubbing, but it became popular within the club scene and was full to the brim nearly every Sunday. Then it switched days and venues, never to the the same again. The promoter was a guy known as “Mad Dog/Madders”. I wonder what happened to him. He’d be an interesting case study into what years and years worth of very heavy ecstasy usage does to a person.
  18. https://www.latimes.com/science/story/2021-02-23/california-homegrown-coronavirus-strain-looks-increasingly-transmissible-and-dangerous Obviously people arriving from San Fran into the UK can pretty much stroll straight out of the airport. They just need to fill out a form and promise they’ll go straight to the place they’re staying to quarantine.
  19. There are providers offering COVID cover with their travel insurance. The Post Office is one of them. EHIC are still valid if in date and many are long dated (mine runs well into 2024), but what specifically changed about medical rights in January? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-44850972
  20. Because we didn’t remove all controls last summer. It’s all in the paper. The vaccination isn’t 100% effective and some of the graphs show how deaths could spike depending on uptake and the % of infection blocking.
  21. An insight about that is in the paper that I posted a page or two back. The Government don’t want the 1000 deaths per day figure and opening up hard is the rapid way to cause a spike again. If, say, we gradually open up in April and then remove all controls by July/August then deaths could hit ~2500 (this is shown in one of the graphs in the paper). The incompetent word removeds have **** it. We needed to do everything properly from the start and we’re still not doing things properly now. Meanwhile people are crying cos they can’t have two weeks in Benidorm, but they shouldn’t worry - Boris likes to be popular, so people will get their wish followed by further infection spikes, variants and then additional cycles of lockdowns and other control measures. I can’t see an end to this.
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