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  1. Thanks for posting this. Pretty much what I wanted to say. Overnight, they added more than 50% of seats by switching grounds. Would be like us increasing to 60k plus this season and wondering why theres 15 to 20k empty seats. It's better that it's not filled by glory hunters, but it will do increasingly if they sustain their current position.
  2. What a brilliant half of football he played. That driving run and shot I hadn't seen from him last season. Looks stronger and more purposeful this season. Keep it up!
  3. His brother seems way more of a goal threat than Jacob.
  4. I must have missed it, but has he fully retired from football? And Elmo too?
  5. Have you heard this at a game or have you made it up? Either way, this needs to be the song.
  6. Right so that's why theres not any premier league teams in the finals. Is this then Wycombes best team then presumably?
  7. I still dont understand this trophy. So could we conceivably play in the final of it, at Wembley? I'm sure it's only ever between league one and league two teams, when I've seen the finals.
  8. We literally just beat chelsea like 4 games ago.
  9. I was thinking exactly this the other day. Martinez becoming number one for Argentina is massive for him.
  10. Did he get injured v Watford?
  11. Where did he play when he came on?
  12. Yes requested mine for resale. It doesn't seem to let me put my sons for rslesale though. Might have to call the ticket office.
  13. Surely in the summer holidays they have 500-1000 that cant make the games. Doesnt make sense to wait until all single seats are sold and then miss out on the resell.
  14. Surely they dont wait until every last single restricted view ticket is sold, before potentially making a thousand ST seats available again via resale.
  15. What, how has this not gone to general sale yet?!
  16. Cant make the game as a ST holder. Can I sell my seat back for the game?
  17. We've now also have a penalty taker in Ings.
  18. When I looked at the arsenal starting eleven tonight, it reminded me so much of those league cup teams or europa league teams that they used to field 3 or 4 years ago.
  19. I'd have it at 22 for the first three. 9.5 Jack - I'm not sure you could find any one else to be as creative and influential, and 6.5 AEG for his goals output. I'd have the other three at 23.5. Ings at 8 and Bailey at 7.5. Hopefully he is more an 8.5 but hasn't played in PL yet. So I'd have it closer, but marginally better off with new players. However the main point is how much stronger we are now than we were when Grealish was out injured. It was the case throughout the pitch last season. The first team player was top half premier league level, and the back up was championship level.
  20. Wouldnt say it's a tricky away opener. It's about as kind an away fixture as we could have got. They're favourites to go down with Norwich and have players out injured. Need a win as games are very tough in September and October.
  21. Fan first, manager second.
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