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  1. At least we've won something this season

    Why did I know you would say that
  2. At least we've won something this season

    Do we get to parade the trophy round the ground after the Brighton game?
  3. Steve Bruce

    By the way that's not a dig at anyone, just funny. I think the word we are searching for is polarised.
  4. Steve Bruce

    Its good to see that if you don't look at this thread for a few days and come back you find precisely the same debate is going on involving basically the same posters.
  5. Mile Jedinak

    Still some wayward passing but rock solid IMO and much better than Westwood.
  6. Neil Taylor

    And we have just not missed him.
  7. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v SHA

    Can agree with everything you have said but the way I see it he has earned the summer and the start of next season to show he can sort things out. He has already stated that there still need to be a big clear out of players in the summer and certainly we need 3-4 key signings coming in. Like or loath Bruce he has earned the right. As I said earlier in this thread it was ugly from both sides today and we sorely missed Kodja but it was three points and it being against Blues and pushing them closer to the drop it was a sweet victory.
  8. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v SHA

    Just got back. Put bluntly we were dreadful and Blues were worse. But a win is a win and against Blues it sure is sweet.
  9. Irreverentad's Relationship Advice Thread

    That must be a euphemism for something
  10. Tony Xia

    Old Chinese proverb…'quitters are never winners and winners are never quitters"
  11. Steve Bruce

    Hang on a second. Have you not realised the best manager we will ever have is the next one we will appoint and then give it 10-15 games and we will all be calling for his head. Sorry just a reality check.
  12. Steve Bruce

    Still agree with this (just). I think he needs the summer to continue the sort out of the squad and fill the obvious gaps and impose some sort of playing style. Once next season starts there will be absolutely no place to hide and if we don't hit the ground running he will be gone very quickly as I doubt Dr Tony will want to countenance a third season in the Championship. The trouble is we now have a reputation as a club of chopping and changing managers way too frequently. OK those changes may have been fully justified but that's not how the media see it with the likes of the BBC and their overtly anti Villa stance. In reality we have made some poor managerial appointments but also good ones on paper that have been destroyed by the club. Unfortunately we as fans do not help either as we see Villa as being a much bigger club than we actually are these days and I am as guilty as the next man. Following years of mismanagement both on and off the field we are at the level we deserve, a bang average Championship side. Sad but true. All in all not a great draw for any manager with Dr Tony needing to have his sunshine gun on its highest setting with an extra battery pack to attract the next and a decent manager.
  13. Steve Bruce

    Both good managers but I doubt either would come. As I said earlier in this thread I don't think we are that attractive a club to manage.
  14. Pre match thread

    Not sure who the new faces will be as our squad is a little thin in some key areas so IMO not may options.
  15. Steve Bruce

    Ok got you, too late and too much gin!