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  1. Harry

    Albert Adomah

    One to keep as his goals and assists justify it.
  2. Harry

    Club Wembley

    It does no, you are right. We have four club Wenbley seats at work and I have been luck enough to go a few times. A good day out of you do not care about the result as the atmosphere is pretty sterile.
  3. 23 mate so clearly it was not our driver.
  4. Fulham deserved to win and good luck to then because I think they will need it. For me they are a very well organised and disciplined Championship side. They did everything right; they keep it very tight in midfield, were in our faces from the off, they targeted our best player very effectively and fouled him shamelessly and were lucky to have a very forgiving referee and their youth and organisation shone through, Their manager called it precisely right as our 'experienced' and ageing ex-Premiership players laboured in the hot sun. This game exposed yet again Bruce's shortcomings as a manager; the total absence of an effective game plan and the total inability to change the game by having anything near a Plan B. In reality we should not have been there. Our late season wobble against QPR, Norwich and Bolton cost us dear, three p*ss poor sides we gifted three point to. We should have had our feet up yesterday watching probably Fulham and Cardiff slog it out in the POF. I was happy with Bruce in the belief that his experience could get us up and we could worry about the Premiership once we got there. Sadly there is a major rethink required. Fortunately we say goodbye to the expensive loanees most of whom were found wanting yesterday and will have to rely on our youth which is good enough as Fulham proved with theirs. Given that is what we will have to do Bruce is not the manager to do that. Maybe Dean Smith is the man but we do need a younger manager with fresh ideas like the Fulham manager. I think we will keep Grealish for another season and amongst the experienced players we should keep Kodja, Adomah, Chester, Bjarnasson, Jedinak, Hogan and Hourihane The rest either return to their parent clubs or should be moved on. That represents the core experience around which we blend our youth either already bought in like Bree or have come through the Academy like Green. I wish I had not gone yesterday and followed TRO's example. I hate the place. The infrastructure is woeful. You can build as many hotels, shopping centres and flats as you like but the road system is a joke and the parking worse. Our coach wandered around for about 45 minutes trying to get to the coach park and failed. It took well over an hour to travel the, what, three miles to the A40 after the game. World class stadium with third world transport links.
  5. Harry

    Gabby Agbonlahor

    Having said that I loved the video, some great memories. You just wonder how MON's side did not achieve so much more.
  6. Harry

    Gabby Agbonlahor

    Gabby could have been a much much better player for us. The trouble is his sole ambition in football was to play for Villa. Once he achieved that.....well the rest is history. Having said that he scored some crucial goals for us over the years so thank you for them.
  7. Harry

    Gary Gardner

    For all his so called potential he has never done it at Villa and never will despite all the chances he has had. A good League 1 player at best
  8. Harry

    Steve Bruce

    They are probably all having counselling as I write so maybe not just yet.
  9. Harry

    Steve Bruce

    Well there were around 12,000 Villa fans who watched it live and are probably now regretting wasting their hard earned cash.
  10. Harry

    Tommy Elphick

    Complete waste of money, suckered by Bournemouth into buying a pup.
  11. Harry

    Next Aston Villa Manager

    Given his connections to people at the club already, personally I think he is a shoe in as next manager. Not sure what to think.
  12. Harry

    Ahmed Elmohamady

    I'm not going to write him off as a signing but he way way too defensive yesterday. It was like having two right backs. Whether that is how he was asked to play I don't know but he is very much a squad player in my eyes. Both Adomah and Snodgrass are far better options IMO. Still good player at this level but certainly not a game changer.
  13. Harry

    Next Aston Villa Manager

    Certainly no better.
  14. Harry

    Next Aston Villa Manager

    I stopped reading at Talksport.
  15. Harry

    Steve Bruce

    Exactly it will be the fickle fans, unreasonable expectations, not given enough time, not supported this summer in the transfer market, clearing up the previous regime / managers mess, etc....speech.