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  1. Neil Taylor

    But not malicious.
  2. Season Ticket Renewal

    We are row 27 and have to stand because row 26 do. 25 downwards are pretty much all sitting.
  3. Jordan Amavi

    Agreed and I think we will at least get our money back for once. The reputed £25m would be nice.......
  4. Sam Johnstone

    Looking much better than he did. Still punches way to much for me and I still struggle to see how he is any better than Gollini. Maybe he will get better but one things for sure he will never make it at Man U.
  5. Carles Gil

    He obviously wants to stay in Spain so lets sell him in the summer. I don't recall we paid that much for him so lets do the deal and move on. How good a player he was or is is pretty academic.
  6. Ross McCormack

    I'm probably going to need a tin helmet but here goes..... Given the money we have spent on him when he gets back in the summer I would reassess the whole situation. Bruce needs to sit down with him find out what his state of mind is, see whether he wants to play for Villa and assess him during pre-season. if all that turns to nothing sell him. As a couple of posters have said he scores goals everywhere he has played so why not us? Gabby has had lots of chances over the years after exhibiting a much poorer attitude so why not give McCormack a chance to prove himself? We need a number of players who can score goals for us, a luxury we have not had for years. Personally I don't think we should just write off the money have spent on him regardless of how rich a club we may or may not be. Whether we should have spent the money in the first place is a different debate but we did.
  7. Ratings & Reactions: Wigan v Villa

    Can't believe all the semi-negative comments on here. We have won five of the last six and that is the only stat we need to focus on. We may be lucky and sometimes it may be ugly but I will take that over losing whilst playing 'better' every day of the week.
  8. Villa losses trebled in accounts

    Probably dildos and other assorted sex toys.
  9. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Sheff W

    Loved the Scottish Kafu song for Hutton along with 'Are you Tuesday in disguise'
  10. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Sheff W

    *Shakes head in despair*
  11. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Sheff W

    SW have some of the dreadful fans. When we were walking back to the past the coach park it was all kicking off. I suspect that was a bit of goading from Villa fans but there was bunch of their fans foaming at the mouth, swearing, rattling the fence and trying climb over it. One SW fan threw a traffic cone that hit an old guy on the head and they some started throwing stones and what looked like bits of brick at the Villa fans. Usually the police are all along that fence but nowhere in sight today until the noise was such that they came down and tried to restore order. Further along we passed about 10-15 SW fans who had obviously spent the afternoon in the Yewtree. Blokes in their 30s at a guess, all pissed up looking for trouble. Mind you there were a bunch of police following them filming them so I suspect they were 'known'.
  12. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Sheff W

    Agree with all that. Our finishing is really poor. One match I would really like to see us bury a side. I also can't believe SW are in the play offs either. They are a piss poor side. Oh and a final thought Bannan is as bang average as he always was in a Villa shirt.
  13. Leandro Bacuna

    He was stupid and he has paid the price although it appears from what posters are saying and for that matter Bruce that it was a much more severe punishment. Not sure why. It just smacks of the usual FA obscurity. Slightly off topic but will the linesman have his performance reviewed and will he suffer any sanction? That is not some sideways defence of Bacuna but I have bugbear about the too often low standards of refereeing and them being totally insulated from any criticism or seemingly any sanction. Why can't they be charged by the FA for not doing their job properly?
  14. Alan Hutton

    Proved his many detractors wrong again tonight. Great attitude and commitment.