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  1. Harry

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Swansea

    We kept the ball on the deck, enough said.
  2. Harry

    Ratings & Reactions: Millwall v Villa

    To be quite honest it is precisely what I expected. KMac could not organise the proverbial in a brewery and the mess Bruce has left the defence in is little short of criminal. We need a decent manager asap who is going to kick the arses of the players before we piss away more points against poor sides. In isolation this result does not bother me too much but we have got to start building for the future with a new manager.
  3. Harry

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Preston

    Totally agree on that.
  4. Harry

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Preston

    Can’t see Bruce lasting beyond the Millwall game whatever the result.
  5. Harry

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Preston

    Not an excuse given the options available but I think Whelan used to take Stoke’s penalties?
  6. Bruce has to go as the winner takes it all. And we have to take a chance on someone else. The owners have the money (money, money) to hire a better manager.....its a rich man’s world.
  7. Harry

    Match Thread: Bristol City v Villa

    Are you having the time of your life?
  8. Harry

    Match Thread: Bristol City v Villa

    If we lose this which is pretty much nailed on surely to goodness he will get the sack......he said hopefully.
  9. Harry

    Steve Bruce

    The result of one game is irrelevant. What the owners have to look at the the overall direction of travel .Bruce has no idea of his best starting 11, no idea what formation to play, no organisation and even less idea of how to change a game. Add to that his pig headedness in persisting with players playing out of position when it is clearly not working. Those traits have been evident from virtually the start of his tenure and arguably are getting worse. The Sheffield game was a masterclass in all those failings. Yes they were a good side but boy were they well organised and disciplined, something I would expect from any half decent manager. Bruce's failings were woefully exposed such that a bang average player like Bannan was make to look like Iniesta. His Hollywood balls, which we struggled to deal with all game, were tantamount to taking the piss. A tipping point is rapidly approaching where the owners will realise we will not get promoted with him as our manager unless he is pretty much winning every game which is very unlikely.
  10. Harry

    Albert Adomah

    Dreadful today.
  11. Harry

    Mile Jedinak

    Way too slow, got turned so many times it was untrue today.
  12. Harry

    Ahmed Elmohamady

    If true that shows how poor our options really are.
  13. Harry

    Ahmed Elmohamady

    Can defend, can’t attack and virtually every cross he did was caught by the keeper....otherwise superb today.
  14. Harry

    Steve Bruce

    Sack him before this season is completely flushed down the toilet.