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  1. Andre Green

    Probably a bit harsh on Adomah as he was very well marked yesterday but I agree with the overall sentiment. He needs to be given a start as he looks like the real deal.
  2. Ratings and Reactions: Wolves v Villa

    Sad to say it mate but you are probably right.
  3. Away form

  4. Ratings and Reactions: Wolves v Villa

    Totally agree that we should not be getting rid of Bruce. if we did we will be even more of a laughing stock of club than we are already with our merry go round of managerial appointments. My recollection of Lambert is that he is an honourable bloke who tried to do his best but he did fail just like subsequent managers to get us doing the simple basics properly. Maybe the situation at the club prevented that but I do struggle with concept that he failed to turning out a side who are at minimum difficult to beat. His tactics ended up being totally hit and hope. Maybe he was the right manager at the wrong time but either way he was a poor manager at the club and had to go. Other managers have managed in similar circumstances...Rowlett for example and been better. Having said all that the players today must shoulder most of the blame. They are professional footballers and mindful of that I would expect, for example, Jedinak to be able to pass to his own player more than one pass in ten. The playing staff needs a complete overhaul. We need players who actually think the result matters. Bruce needs the chance to bring is own men in.
  5. Steve Bruce

    Exactly, to change manager now would really prove how much of a laughing stock this club has really become.
  6. Ratings and Reactions: Wolves v Villa

    The club was falling to pieces when he was our manager, he totally failed to to deliver on the expectation of his appointment. I do blame the players more than the manager TBH, it looked today like our players had only met each other in the tunnel just before kick off. I would just like to see them do the basics right.
  7. Steve Bruce

    Change manager again? Yeah that would be a really smart move.
  8. Ratings and Reactions: Wolves v Villa

    Nice to listen to Hendrie, a player who flushed his career down the toilet, being a pundit.........not.
  9. Ratings and Reactions: Wolves v Villa

    Agree with the sentiment but your scoring is way too generous.
  10. Ratings and Reactions: Wolves v Villa

    The Dr talks a good game. He needs to start delivering.....right now.
  11. Ratings and Reactions: Wolves v Villa

    I actually feel sorry for Bruce. What he has inherited is the same gutless attitude that has plagued our club for years. Turn that performance in against PNE next week and the fans will turn big time on that bunch of tossers who claim to be professional footballers.
  12. Ratings and Reactions: Wolves v Villa

    Pitiful performance, the players pretty much to a man are not fit to wear the shirt. Outsmarted by Lambert, you just could not make it up.
  13. Match Thread: Wolves v Villa

    We are being outplayed by a bang average but well organised team.
  14. Match Thread: Wolves v Villa

    Agreed he is very poor. Total waste of money.