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  1. Poch or Rafa? Any suggested alternative to Smith needs to be realistic and gettable. So it looks like Big Sam then. a
  2. Harry

    Dean Smith

    Why could he not get us back up? I am fascinated by all the revisionist history on this thread recently which you could sum up as Smith has always been a poor manger who has no been found out. For the record I am not saying that we should not sack him, who’s next is what concerns me.
  3. Harry

    Dean Smith

    And your gettable dream replacement is.........
  4. Harry

    Dean Smith

    Just to be clear you are saying he fluked promotion last season and has always been a poor manager who has now been found out in the PL? He gets no credit last season for the ‘ridiculous run of form’ or for ‘scraping through the playoffs’?
  5. Harry

    Dean Smith

    So that prompts the ‘who then’ question either right now or next season which tends to generate totally unrealistic suggestions.
  6. Harry

    Dean Smith

    Just posted this on Twitter: The question is do we sack Smith now accepting that he seems totally out of his depth in the PL and we are performing worse than the capability of the team. There is a slim chance a new manager could save us BUT if we are relegated Smith would be the best shout to get us up #avfc
  7. Harry

    Tyrone Mings

    Love Mings to bits but sadly he is not a PL player. He looks totally out of his depth.
  8. In the reverse fixture at the start of the season I said that Bournemouth were one of the dirtiest sides i'd seen for a while so we should have known what to expect and adjust accordingly.
  9. Absolute beast with the speed and turning circle of a supertanker.
  10. Harry

    James Chester

    Top pro who worked so hard for us. I wish him well.
  11. Exactly...the various Villa groups on Facebook are populated by complete to***rs who abuse anyone who does not share their warped views ( thank heaven for moderators ). Given their self evident lack of knowledge he will probably be a star of us.
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