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  1. Steve Bruce

    And none of them work and nor should one plan being tested to destruction in one game without any attempt to change it.
  2. Steve Bruce

    How can anyone now defend what is completely indefensible? I hate the idea of changing our manager but I have no idea what else we can do. I rate Bruce as a manager but he just looks totally out of his depth and bereft of any ideas. The bit that really worries me is the total absence of any sort of Plan B coupled with his patent inability to instil any sort of confidence or backbone in the players.
  3. Match Thread: Newcastle v Villa

    Time for Bruce to walk? Get Rowlett in who seemingly can work wonders with dreadful players?
  4. Match Thread: Newcastle v Villa

    I don't many Villa fans would want him managing us in League 1.
  5. Match Thread: Newcastle v Villa

    Glad I have not even got the TV on, just checking the score every so often to see how many Newcastle score. I'm going for 4-0.
  6. Jack Grealish

    My point was more about the fact he not really as good a player as many think he is rather than how he plays in any game. Over the years all the evidence suggests that our academy isn't that good at producing premiership or perhaps even championship grade players.
  7. Jack Grealish

    If Grealish's name was Westwood VT would be all over him. As he is 'one of our own' he gets away with murder.
  8. Tony Xia

    Spot on, good appointment on paper but Bruce has screwed it up.
  9. Sam Johnstone

    Cataclysmic signing who will cost Bruce his job.
  10. Ross McCormack

    Per an interview with him post his move to Forest. The first sentence is good news as Bruce will be gone by then. The second sentence is interesting on the context of the disinformation from the club and the vitriol on VT. "I've still got three and a half years left on my contract, so I'll be going back to Aston Villa at the end of the season and we'll take it from there. All the criticism, the fat, the fitness and all that - it's ludicrous. I'm 4-5kgs lighter than when I got in the team last year at Fulham. Bruce's lies?
  11. Steve Bruce

    What worries me is we buy decent players and they morph into the shit we have in our squad already.
  12. Steve Bruce

    The more I see of what Bruce is doing the more I think he just does not have a clue. He literally has no idea how to set out a side, what formation to play, what players start and what substitutions to make. I genuinely thought Bruce was the man for us but all the empirical evidence says he has no idea what he is doing or what to do. Sadly he has to go.