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  1. Thought we were the better side for most of the game but two catastrophic mistakes cost us along with very poor play in front of goal. The ref was awful and not since Stoke City have I seen a side more ready to try to con the ref and go down with ‘injuries’.
  2. As I seem to recall he was pretty good in the second half of last season under Smith. I’m not saying he Is PL standard, I doubt he is for a starting 11. Smith clearly recognises that which is why we bought Targett but I really don’t think he is as bad as many think he is. He is just another one of those players who many fans don’t like whatever he does and he will have his work cut out to change that opinion. The reality is what we are discussing is his ability as a squad player not as first choice LB. Personally I would keep him not least as we may struggle to sign someone better who would clearly be coming in as back up. Obviously Hause is an option too but I would guess he sees himself as a reluctant LB. I may be wrong but was he not at LB on his debut and had a mare and that is the only time he has played there for us? As I said I may be wrong on that.
  3. Harry

    John McGinn

    The simple truth is Man U are not the draw they used to be. They may not have realised that just yet! I doubt their manager will last the season and star players are queueing at the exit. Yes they are a big club but miles behind the like of Liverpool and City and probably will struggle to better Spurs and Arsenal and maybe Everton so overall not a great draw. McGinn is young and can afford to wait for a bigger club even assuming he wants to go. If he has a stellar season in a struggling Villa side I could see him go for a very large fee this time next year. It’s just lazy journalism yet again from Nixon on a par with McGinn going to Leicester because of Rogers - tbf not sure if that was Nixon but the same principle. The owners and CEO are no pushover these days and we are not a selling club. If McGinn wants to go which I seriously doubt then we will screw Man U for massive fee.
  4. Good to see that MON’s career as a manager may finally be over. I have never forgiven him for his deliberately disruptive resignation.
  5. Harry

    Tyrone Mings

    Good business IMO
  6. I agree with DS having a look but I doubt he is even squad player in the PL.
  7. Harry

    Tyrone Mings

    I really do wish you would speak your mind in this forum
  8. Never say never, much depends on whether Chelsea want to keep him. I’d have thought £25m would get him.
  9. Harry

    John McGinn

    Totally agree, no class in the end.
  10. Harry

    Scott Hogan

    I think his loan was much more to do with the strikers we have - Tammy and Kodjia with Davies as back up. Seems to me that Smith has got a lot out of players who were being vilified on VT - Taylor and Whelan anyone? I agree he is probably a championship player but a good one
  11. Play offs achieved - what a result!
  12. Great result but our wastefulness in front of goal was not good. Having said that we did the job required.
  13. Harry

    Dean Smith

    They know who they are

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