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  1. macandally

    John Terry

    Would rather see us give him the Managers job tbh. cannot be worse than the current one
  2. macandally

    Steve Bruce

    Seems to me like some people have memory loss over the international break. You can count the number of times we have played flowing, attacking (dare I say winning) football under Bruce on one hand. We are a barely functional side grinding out results. Some seem to think we should accept this whereas some of us understand that we are not Wigan or the noses and we should rightfully expect better. As long as Bruce is here. More damage is being done. Let’s not kid ourselves, the new owners help us dodge a Bruce/Xia inflicted bullet, you may not be so accepting when lightening strikes again at the end of the season.
  3. macandally

    Steve Bruce

    Facebook poll saying 76% want him out. Think the other 24% are SHA
  4. macandally

    Steve Bruce

    He has always been poor and absolutely the wrong man to rebuild the coaching staff, team and the club. There is no future in any of the foundations he has laid down, he hasn’t Intergrated the youth, he hasn’t developed a system or style, he has (as I have said numerous times) turned a MASSIVE club into Wigan/Hull. We should have walked this league last year and the same this, instead he has undermined the current squad, ripped any foundations he had apart. He is now an embarrassment and everything about the club looks clueless. Pull the trigger now, no more time to waste. I couldn’t care less about the press, all I care about is AVFC! Find a manager with some desire and energy, not some washed up has been living on past glories
  5. macandally

    Ratings & Reactions: Sheff Utd v Villa

    He is clueless, had been throughout, we are going nowhere and all he has managed to do is to ruin what good feeling there was from last season. shoukd have gone after Fulham
  6. macandally

    Steve Bruce

    He hasn’t otherwise he would be long gone
  7. macandally

    Tammy Abraham

    Mmm Ok, let’s see how it goes when we play a decent side shall we?
  8. macandally

    Steve Bruce

    Please, tell me how we get rid of this muppet!
  9. macandally

    Match Thread: Sheff Utd v Villa

    Didn’t take us long to get found out did it. Same shit, different day!
  10. macandally

    Steve Bruce

    The whole Adomah fiasco just shows this is not about the team, or the dynamic, Bruce is looking after Bruce and sod the club and the fans. For the second season running Bruce has been gifted a team capable of promotion, pity he is incapable of finishing the job of getting us up.
  11. macandally

    Tammy Abraham

    Stopped listening when he said that this is a club where we would have lots of possession and enjoy ourselves. He has obviously never seen us play!!
  12. macandally

    Steve Bruce

    You don’t get promoted for winning 7 on the bounce, you get promoted for having the best combination of team, squad, approach and strategy. We are lacking in a number of those and a decent one off run in a crap league doesn’t disguise that.
  13. macandally

    Steve Bruce

    Because he is, we are not being fickle, he really is terrible and will not get us up never mind keep us there. We are gambling badly with the clubs future with Bruce!!
  14. macandally

    Steve Bruce

    For me the problems are fundamentals: We have bought decent players who for some reason are under performing....Why? We seem to think that rather than developing/improving players the better solution is to buy more....Why? When we pass and move we can beat teams easily, however we rarely do it....Why? We have cover in a number of positions, yet feel the better solution is to play players out of position....Why? We have players who seem on the surface to get on, yet seem like strangers on the pitch.....Why? We continuously change our starting 11 with some players of established quality totally ignored.....Why? To me the answer is Bruce, he has not attachment to this club, the fans or management, we are just a job and his planning and implementation is all short term. No longevity, no development, no building, NO FUTURE. At some point we need to have a plan, we simply cannot continue buying crap for the sake of keeping Bruce in a job, we are not getting better, we are compounding our previous cock ups and this will kill us as a club. We really need to start again and quickly.
  15. macandally

    Ratings & Reactions: Burton v Villa

    Easy to blame the penalty miss but the fact of the matter is with the quality of squad we have we should be putting sides like this away easily. Fed up of Bruce’s ineptitude, should have pulled the trigger on aBruce when the new owners came in.