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  1. Skimmed through another 50 pages of emotion and hyperbole. ”I don’t care about Jack, he doesn’t care about me, all I care about, is AVFC” Goodnight Villains!
  2. Croatia is on the green list, beyond being cautious around other members of the first team squad pending tests, he doesnt
  3. I think McKenzie and Lange have to earn their money now, you would expect the club to have identified options for the eventuality of Jack going or Jack staying. We need to strengthen to offset the loss of Jack with low risk, proven quality, but also, pick up those “Mahrez/Kante” type gems that can do a job and grow into their potential. Time to step up gents!
  4. I think this will happen if Jack goes, good player, not a superstar but just capable at Premier League level and a proven leader. First priority if Jack goes is steadying the ship, we cannot get relegated, signings like this improve the spine and allow us to experiment elsewhere.
  5. I get the whole “emotion” of losing “one of our own”, however, Jack has become a single point of failure within the team due to everything going through him. When it works, he is brilliant and results are clear, when he is marked out of game or injured, we look lost. Question is, do we keep a player who has an ongoing problem but is a game changer, or take a chunk of money and increase the resilience of the team to remove that dependency on jack? He still has to pass a medical at City, given his ongoing issues, this is not nailed on yet and the club needs to take the emotion out of the situation and be clinical in their thinking. If they are, there is still potential for us to keep improving whatever happens.
  6. Fair play to Paul Doyle, he was way ahead of everyone on this one! ;0)
  7. I am trying to stay away from the hysteria in the JG thread, but as it is now creeping into every other thread, here is my (non-ITK) view. JG will not be sold this summer. He has four years left on his contract, we do not need the money and it sends the wrong message from the owners. This club is on the up and to maintain that momentum, you keep your best players unless the bid is so significant you cannot walk away from it. That is not £100m for me, it is far more. If you want to keep going into the JG thread or getting wound up by the numerous (non) experts on twitter or talk sport that is up to you, personally, I would give it a miss as its not worth the angst. Trust the owners.
  8. You have no idea if he did or not, you are just making huge assumptions. However, having been around the buoy several times before, lets just agree to disagree and see what happens between now and the window closing.
  9. Kiwi Villan has no idea if this is made up or not, but is convinced if he says it enough times, it will be true. Lots of time in this window yet and JWP fills a lot of gaps in one (expensive) go. Realistic or not, the market is not run from NZ, but by money!
  10. Like a scratched record......................
  11. I think Gollini had some rotten luck with us, in a team that was desperately trying to find its feet, but there was always a keeper in there for sure. Reminded me of De Gea when he went to United, they stuck with him, we didnt.
  12. Kingshurst lad, As was I way back then. His Mum would chat to you all day about his trophies, she was (and I am sure still is) proud as punch. Another was Bryan Small who I played with at Kingshurst Primary and (from memory) Saltley Schools.
  13. Let’s wait and see, we all know nothing! Still think we have sounded this out,.
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