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  1. This, I think Mings seems to have a wobble at some point during most games, Konsa is an 8 every game (please don’t let me jinx it!)
  2. Right age, right mentality, right personality. Strong, mobile and positionally aware whilst creating and finishing chances. Dean is building an exciting young team that will develop and grow together. Appreciate we are only three games in but for the first time in a good while we have reasons to be optimistic.
  3. I don’t agree on the Stoke comment, this was our B Side and whilst there is quite rightly a dip in ability with that, we still dominated possession and had chances to not only draw level but win the game. Stoke were very well organised and tactically had a game plan they worked hard at, however, frightening is an exaggeration. Frightening was watching a Steve Bruce side labour to hold the ball against inferior opposition, followed by the usual after match justification of the loss “they are a good side”, “we as Aston Villa have to earn the right to play” and all that other cack. T
  4. Strikes me that 90% of the complaining about our business is by 5% of the members. We have competition for places by players with a point to prove, we haven’t bet the farm on staying up. We also have been pretty consistent this year and if anything, we are improving as players bed in. This is a very young side and we will still make mistakes, however it has huge potential if we keep the faith! UTV!
  5. Oh I don’t know, do you think it is because United have spent their entire existence in the Premier League whilst we have spent the last three in the championship? just a guess!
  6. The question being asked after Watford was whether Smith still had the dressing room, could shore up a porous defence and had the flexibility to come up with alternate tactical options. Credit where due, he came up with the right response today and interestingly there could be some lessons from Burnley, with Dyche taking them down and back up first time round which shows what stability can do in a club. We still look weaker than we did at the start of the season and the two injuries in key positions are a major concern however if you are going to have any chance of staying up, the player
  7. Lot of supposition in there, with respect you don’t know that we will have a bare bones squad or that it will be lucky to be as good as last year. I get your opinion but will wait for the next few weeks to pan out as I am comfortable that we know what type of players we want and how they fit into our playing and recruitment philosophies. We are not competing with Man City or Liverpool (yet), we are competing for mid table safety. The US is a distraction, in my opinion, we do not need our first team squad in place for that.
  8. So to summarise, four pages of Cahill discussion based on an article in the gospel that is the Daily Star? Cahill is not the answer to our issues, we are not that Aston Villa of old anymore (I believe).
  9. I wish some people would take a breath. People flapping about having players in place for the “US Tour”, it’s one game, it means little in the grand scheme of things, we will use youth players as fillers as needed. The main thing for us is quality over quantity. We all remember windows over the last few years where we have spent for the sake of it and all got giddy about new faces. We didn’t start to compete until we got the RIGHT faces in! There is a moral there! Keep calm, keep faith!
  10. It amazes me that some want to pursue these thirty something signings, remarkably short memories. The club has already told fans its policy on how it will go forward, for those waiting for Sturrige, Cahill, Milner, Austin, I think this window is going to be a real disappointment. Look at Dean Smiths Brentford, built around players with energy, pace and an ability to carry the ball. Last season was a compromise using aging players brought in under Bruce’s tenure, the Premier League team will not be. Time for this club to look forward, not back, time for the fans to do the same
  11. Wow you dug that out! However, still a project as Smith took us up with largely Steve Bruce players of which 10 have now departed. What excites me know Is what a Dean Smith team will look like, as I believe that he will keep us up.
  12. Do we? Where did those “marquee signings” get us last time. People seem to forget Dean Smith got us promoted with what was essentially Steve Bruce’s team, 10 of whom have now been released. Now it’s time to see the pace and movement of a Dean Smith side rather than the compromise of last season. It’s performances and ability that count, not price tags.
  13. I get your argument but disagree. There are others like Hause, Tuanzebe and Mings out there who have the legs, talent and desire to succeed. I would take one of them all day long over a player we have to compromise our whole style of play for due to his age and lack of pace. Look back only to make sure we do not make the same mistakes, then move forward!
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