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  1. macandally

    Dean Smith

    10 years we have been in the wilderness, at last we have a plan on and off the pitch. Fingers crossed my kids may now see the Aston Villa I have seen in my lifetime.
  2. macandally

    Dean Smith

    Interestingly comments on DS, time he has and relegation places! For me, we live in the Information Age where everything is instant, be it news, contact or even food! That has to be tempered with regards to what the club is doing, whilst everyone loves winning there is no quick fix and you sometimes have to take a few on the on the chin whilst you sort out solid foundations. We have been rudderless for ten years, no style or plan, with everything built on shifting sands! I am pleased in the progress so far, but believe the owners are into this for the long game as we should be. There will be bumps in the road but we will not be in the bottom three and even if we do, we need to continue to back the team and dS as what is being implemented is the right thing to do as for the future of this club. Vive Revolution!
  3. macandally

    Dean Smith

    We were truly going nowhere under Bruce, even if we had pulled enough rabbits out of hats to go up we would have been blitzed in the premier league. The game has changed beyond all recognition, it’s not who is in your team it is getting them to turn up every week and put in a shift. Bruce’s never built a team in his whole time here, he was distracted by a name rather than what was needed and we were constantly unbalanced. The summer comment is pure rubbish, look at where he spent what he had. We are finally as a club on the right track, I appreciate some are too ingrained in the past too see that and some won’t have patience but we finally seem to have a proper plan that is hopefully sustainable. It seems most recognise and support that despite the short term hiccups!
  4. macandally

    Dean Smith

    That level of impatience is the reason we are in the crap we are. A team passed from pillar to post for nearly ten years, we finally get a decent structure to build from in place and people bleating after three games! Beggars belief it really does
  5. macandally

    Dean Smith

    I like the fact this is a positive move in both the short and long term. The Championship is there for the taking this year and if DS ideas and methods bed in quickly we could do a Fulham. The squad is there and if we shift the emphasis of play further up the pitch then we will be less susceptible to the defensive weaknesses. If they don’t then we have a Manager who has had to rebuild sides almost year on year, brings through the youth and most importantly develops a system. Something that Round and Bruce were rightly criticised for not doing. Every side at the club should now play the DS way, make their pathway to the first team easier and they know their jobs and role when they get there.. We may actually be joining the 21st century having been rudderless for over 10 years.
  6. macandally

    New Manager Speculation

    You know I said nobody could be worse than Bruce, I was wrong, Moyes is!! What a catastrophic balls up he would be and I would lose any faith I might have in the new owners and set up
  7. macandally

    New Manager Speculation

    As opposed to the guy who gauranteed success due to getting promoted four times previously. Its not always the pedigree, it’s getting the right fit (Nuno?)
  8. macandally

    Steve Bruce

    Yep, I have come over all giddy!
  9. macandally

    New Manager Speculation

    Personally I just want somebody who is a modern coach. The English coaching system is archaic and really rigid, it’s why we laude foreign coaches. That said, part of me thinks someone like John Terry or Thierry Henry are untainted by failure, they do not know what it is and that is contagious. Terry with a decent coach or a Henry with Arteta would work for me, this league is not that hard! That said, Brendan Rogers and QSF also appeal! Let’s just get a Manager in who says “F*¥+k you all, we are Aston Villa and we are coming for you all as none of you are as big as us”
  10. macandally

    Steve Bruce

    I applaud those being magnanimous on here, personally I feel he failed at every level. Round and Bruce were responsible for two things, getting the club back to the premier league and developing the “Villa Engine”. In both instances they totally failed despite having a budget the envy of most Championship clubs. For those who think he steadied the ship. I disagree, we are just as rudderless and lost as we were when he came in. We will never know but my gut tells me we would have done better with RDM being given the time Bruce was afforded. Our squad is imbalanced and planned on the back of a fag packet, we have to rebuild AGAIN! We know start again having wasted numerous millions and two years on dross. Meanwhile, Wolves and Fulham have shown us how it should have been done, it really isn’t rocket science. Thanks for nothing Steve.
  11. macandally

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Preston

    What a mess that was, from start to finish. We are one big comedy show under this idiot. Pull the trigger now, what difference does one game make.
  12. macandally

    Ratings & Reactions: Bristol City v Villa

    Can we get rid of Bruce now...........please?
  13. macandally

    John Terry

    Would rather see us give him the Managers job tbh. cannot be worse than the current one
  14. macandally

    Steve Bruce

    Seems to me like some people have memory loss over the international break. You can count the number of times we have played flowing, attacking (dare I say winning) football under Bruce on one hand. We are a barely functional side grinding out results. Some seem to think we should accept this whereas some of us understand that we are not Wigan or the noses and we should rightfully expect better. As long as Bruce is here. More damage is being done. Let’s not kid ourselves, the new owners help us dodge a Bruce/Xia inflicted bullet, you may not be so accepting when lightening strikes again at the end of the season.
  15. macandally

    Steve Bruce

    Facebook poll saying 76% want him out. Think the other 24% are SHA