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  1. Nah, we're on the rise regardless of player sales this summer.
  2. I don't think that's fair, I think they've tried everything to keep Jack. I also think this time it's different, we are at the beginning of an upward curve that started at 16th (ish) in the Championship and will take us back ot the heights again.
  3. I agree no need to trash him for going, life's too short. Don't agree it was a once in a lifetime opportunity though, coudl have comfortably stayed for one or two more years of his contract seen how it went with us and then had the pick of the best sides in Europe to go to.
  4. To Bari for a bit more than that I thought?
  5. ------------------------------------ Martinez ----------------------------------------- ----------------- New CB ------ Konsa ----- Mings --------------------------- Cash ------------------------- New DCM --------------- Young / Targett -------- Buendia ---- Sanson/Luiz/McGinn* ------ Bailey ------------ ----------------------------------- Watkins ------------------------------------------- * or a new 10. That could be a very good side if all the £100m from Jack is put into the new CB, New DCM and maybe a new 10.
  6. Yeah not sure we could get them yet, that sort of player wants to be playing in Europe. If we could though a DCM in that bracket and a genuine 10 maybe too would mean we were a very good team on paper all of a sudden.
  7. If Grealish is going and we do have £100m to spend, I'd look to drop 30/40m on 3 players, all young with the potential to be world class. We'd only need one of them to fulfill the potential really to not lose out on the outlay. I'd try Tuanzebe on a loan with an option to buy if that's at all possible too. With all the talent we've got coming through in the next few seasons as well we should be very well placed very soon.
  8. Largely agree apart from the criticism of the club, they got in Buendia and Bailey before any announcement (still none yet). They had probably been assured by the player he was going to be staying as captain. There was no offer from City until last week, it does look like his representatives have been sounded out by City before they made their move and after that he's decided to go.
  9. Worse, if Dwight had been born and raise din Brum and been at the club since he was seven just imagine how much that would have stung more. It would have been such a huge statement by him as a fan if he'd stayed. Pretty clear that the agents' won that argument now he's a global superstar draw in their eyes that needs monetising. I still think he's made a massive mistake though, pretty sure he'll be in a squad that wins some silverware, but we are very much on the rise and our owners seem like the actual real deal.
  10. I honestly think if the owners stay on their current level of commitment of improving things on and off the pitch, I think he could have had a shot of trophies with us just by seeing out his contract.
  11. Looks like the delay was just making sure we got Bailey in before the price went up. Bye then Jack, good luck and thanks for everything. I do think Mr Grealish has actually just made the biggest mistake of his life to be honest. We're going places with or without him, now any pictures of him winning stuff he'll have to look back on he'll be wearing the wrong shirt.
  12. Yep, him and his agents might understand that a little too late.
  13. I dunno if they are making a £100m bid, the British record transfer fee, I would think they would know what erms to offer through Jack's agent and that a deal was possible. Hopefully Jack wants to stay though. You'd think that now itìs down to what he wants and not anything else.
  14. Get the fudge in. I reckon Smith can improve this fella even more. Should improve us no end this and the Buendia signing.
  15. Soooo. Nothing has changed really? The bid appears to have been confirmed at £100m is all. NSWE can reject it seeing as no release clause has been confirmed and Jack could still tell his agent to go and bollock off. All the rest is conjecture. I'm pretty sure NSWE aren't daft.
  16. Don't see why not, I'd say the board are aiming high, we've bought an absolute fuckton of the best young players around, add 2 or 3 players that improve us year on year for 3 years on top of that and I think that's the sort of timescale Sawiri and Edens would be thinking for the first proper crack at some silverware.
  17. The fact that loads of cash can make players and players' family forget about allegiances is neither here nor there. Nothing would compare to the feeling Jack would get if he won trophies with us, nothing. It's a gamble for him, totally get why he would go. He could have a shot at something very special with us though and I don't believe deep down players with an ounce of a footballing soul don't know this.
  18. Yeah he's awesome but he must be on £100k a week at least? Plus he's mostly a centre forward isn't he?
  19. Rating Jesus at £60m that's a £128m deal. Not sure Jesus will want to play wide though or how we'd be paying his wages?!
  20. So, as I see it, it was clear from all the media noise that City wanted him. In order to try to get him they have to make an offer. The offer that they have made so far does not meet the touted valuation of the player. So it'll be refused. So they either come back with an acceptable offer and then it's down to whether Jack wants to stay or go, or they don't and he doesn't have to make that decision. All the rest seems to be bullshit, or am I missing something?
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