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  1. It's almost as if it's not 2019!
  2. That's certainly the kind of shape that we'll need to fit the wingers in, we can't do it with 2 up top or 3 at the back with our midfield. Could also go: Martinez Cash Konsa Mings Targett Luiz McGinn Buendia Chukwuemeka Watkins Ings Then you could move Buendia to the 10 role to bring on Bertie and move Watkins up top for Ings to bring on Bailey. Ramsey for Carney maybe. I think it's a shape that suits what we've got.
  3. Yep after a win the weaknesses get glossed over and after a loss the good play gets ignored. I doubt Smith is that short sighted though We've done ok so far, some disappointments and some great performances in defeat to go with the good results. I think we'll see some changes in shape and personnel soon enough.
  4. Totally our form last year was underpinned by clean sheets, two goals is easy enough to win a game. I meant Wolves' first half chances rather than after we went to shit in terms of the talented Wolves players comment. I'll grant you that even when we were getting clean sheets more often than the shots against column was always pretty full but Mings and Konsa had an amazing knack of being in the way. We do need to tighten up but it's not the whole story we get a lot of stuff right too. I really don't think it's the disaster that some are suggesting is all. Remember the Forest 5-5? Smith then changed things and we got tighter, same with the relegation escape post the lockdown, I trust him and the coaching team to sort it out this year as well. I personally think a lot of it is down to playing two up top, and no-one has stepped up as a genuine 6. We'll sort it out, there's a load of positives still.
  5. Equally Ings should score first half, we had half a dozen good chances apart from that too. Wouldn't have been that against the run of play for us to have gone in at half time 2-0 or 2-1. Yes the collapse was terrible and yes Wolves' talented players managed to create against us. Not the whole story and it's something we can fix.
  6. Smith is deffo the right man for the job, don't think he was naive today he was let down by Nakamba, Young and Ramsey. We'd been playing well were 2-0 up, he made like for like changes to keep the shape and then because those three didn't play to the levels of who they replaced we let Wolves back in the game. Defensive mistakes and a huge deflection but the defence wasn't under so much pressure before because we were bossing the ball and carrying a threat before our subs. Not sure what else he coudl be doing with the bench we had if Buendia and Luiz had run out of puff and Cash had a knock?
  7. The players coming off the bench couldn't keep the levels we were playing at before they came on unfortunately. When Buendia came off we carried almost zero threat and with no Luiz Nakamba didn't manage to break up play or keep the ball much for us either. They just grew into the game in the holes they left. Still massive deflection cost us the consolation point. On 70 minutes we deserved the win. By the end a draw was probably fair. The other week we had an incredibly strong bench, not true this game. Can't be too hard on Ramsey as he's still young so won't be great every time he plays but we looked really out of sorts once Buendia and Luiz came off. Had Bailey and Troare been fit we might have been able to change shape instead of going like for like and been better placed to keep the ball. Disappointing result but at times we did play some very good football until the last 15 minutes of the game. Not easy to be objective but there you are. McGinn had a great game and the team as a whole looked great going forward till Cash, Buendia and Luiz went off. I imagine they will be getting a bollocking after Smith has gone over the way they fell apart. It'll be ups and downs this season, this was a bad down after having 3 points in the bag. I'd back us to play better when we've got everyone available and we have trained together without international break disruption.
  8. Might explain how Smith was able to turn the dreadful performances Bruce's Villa were producing so quickly.
  9. Just don't get this, people talk about hat Smith has done since he got here as a way of explaining why they rate him to people who constantly say he's not good enough. It's not like anyone is dragging up ancient history or anything. I think the polar opposite of this, we've played several different formations successfully. Before we had one decent first eleven and the shape pretty much picked itself based on those players. No we have options and we've played 4-3-3, 3-5-2 and others so far this season. I have no idea why you would think Smith is lacking tactically, he is one of the the most tactically astute British coaches in football today.
  10. Just googled and looks like a quad/thigh prob, few places say available few places say doubtful. Hopefully he'll play a part then.
  11. That would be useful, what's up with him?
  12. No Bailey, Traore or Luiz is a bit shit. Could go: -----------------------------Martinez--------------------------- Cash------------Konsa---------Mings---------Targett ---------------------------Nakamba--------------------------- -------------------McGinn----------Ramsey--------------- ----------------------------Buendia---------------------------- -------------------Ings---------------Watkins--------------- But I bet we don't Could also use the same personnel in a 4-3-3 with Watkins left of the front 3. Not sure we'll do that either.
  13. Wait this one is not one of the best prospects at the Albion? Have we finished taking all their best young talent now?
  14. one of the forwards a wing back and a midfielder for a 3 on 2 down one side you'd think would be what most sides would be trying to do, if you get caught with a full back high up the pitch in a 4-3-3 it's the same sort of situation. In any shape to overload you are taking a risk leaving a hole somewhere. We've played some really good football with a back 3, but on paper we are atronger and better balanced with a 4-3-3 (or 4-1-4-1) in my opinion so yes I think you're right.
  15. It's either that or no wingers, wing backs and 3 CBs and you can have a 3 man midfield and two up top. Or as you say one of them needs to be a 10 but I'm not sure Ings is that really and it seems Smith won't play Watkins wide left.
  16. Yep, if Watkins is never going to start left of a 3 then it's either 2 up top or wingers unless we go 4--4-1-1 with ings behind Watkins or 4-4-2. If we play 4-4-2 then I think it would have to be a diamond as we'd get killed with just 2 in midfield against most decent sides. But then we might as well play with wing backs as we wouldn't be playing our wingers. Drop one of the front two though, and we've got a bunch of options. 4-1-4-1 or push the wingers up and it's a 4-3-3. There's Chukwuemeka, Archer, JPB etc. too knocking on the door but I think we'd play some nice footy like that. We could also play a 3 at the back if we abandon the two up top which also looks somewhat tasty: We'd need both the wingers to tuck in and help out the midfield though when we didn't have the ball. I have no idea what our best XI is or how they line up
  17. Be interesting to see what they do first off the pitch, NSWE moved quickly to get Purslow involved and from their combined work they've put in place a very good project. We've arguably got the best group of young players about to come through than anyone in the Premier League. If only a third of the investment in top youth players turn into first team players to add to the young squad we have we're in a a very good place and staying inside our FFP and adding one or two world class players along the way we'll be right u there. If they don't get the off the field stuff right immediately then their first effort will fail, even if they do they have all the turmoil of sacking Bruce and the coaching staff, player turnover etc etc. to come before things improve. Don't get me wrong, you need the money but it's not enough on it's own.
  18. Away loss to Spurs, not the end of the world. After united it's a shame but still, we could have done better but they played well. We'll learn from it and we were mostly OK.
  19. I was hoping to set up a McGinn joke by someone but I didn't know it wasn't allowed.
  20. Quite a few serie A teams have a second sponsor underneath the players number, an arse sponsor if you will. We could get some more money by getting an arse sponsor.
  21. Regardless it's a bit early on in the Smith+NSWE+Purslow project to be *expecting* an away win at white hart lane isn't it? We are certainly capable of getting three points there but I'm not going to be disappointed with a point and if we play well and lose that's ok for where we are and what we're currently trying to achieve. Right now it's most important we continue to grow as a team, find our best eleven, our best way of playing and to play good football and create chances. If we do that (or show progress towards those goals) and don't get three points I'm fine with that.
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