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  1. Very poor performance. We desperately need a midfield enforcer - to be honest we have needed one for years - as we continue to have a powder puff midfield for too many games. More worrying for me was seeing Deano outsmarted again by manager with a plan. Yet again we made the substitutions too late and the team was set up all wrong from the start. Lots of possession but no attacking intent If we have a few performances like this I suspect the owners will not hesitate to make the necessary change. No cause for panic at the moment but some posts on here are borderline hysterical.
  2. As someone on Twitter said: never played in Europe, never scored a goal for England and had long injury layoffs for the past two seasons. £100m is superb business. Makes Ings look like a bargain.
  3. There really is no pleasing some people. Presumably the same applies to Messi.
  4. Which is what I was saying on the JG thread.
  5. This is how you spend £100m well - not all on Danny obviously!
  6. If he was in two minds I suspect his head was turned at the Euros. Nothing to stop any Man City player tapping him up.
  7. As I said in a post yesterday much as I hate MC, as they stand for everything wrong in football at the moment, footballers have a short career and I don’t blame JG for wanting to win trophies and earn much more money. All this talk of booing him and he’s a snake is pathetic. He stayed with us through a very difficult period for the club and let’s not forget Spurs were trying to get for £15m not many years ago so he could I guess have pushed through a transfer then. I thought he would go next season not this but so be it. Just because he plays for the club he supports does not mean he has to commit his entire career to Villa. We need as a club to remove our reliance on one player and £100m really helps in building a much better squad to do that. I suspect that the club have known this was a likely outcome hence the signings we have made and are looking to make.
  8. Exactly - move on no news here.
  9. I check in on this thread a couple of times a day and the only conclusion I can safely draw is no one knows anything. As I am typing this I have 21+ unread replies and increasing as. Based on no ITK whatsoever I think he will be gone and to be honest if I was him I would go too. We can all get dewy eyed about the fact he supports Villa but every footballer has a short career and wants to win trophies and Jack is no different. Whatever plans our owners have, have to be compared to where City are today which is miles ahead of us, much as I grit my teeth writing that, as for me they represent every single thing wrong with football. The various ITKs on social media know jack sh*t about what's going on (no pun intended!) as do various VT posters who say they have a source but can't tell us who that is. Sorry if that offends but that's my view. The real debate should be how we spend the money we get for him.
  10. Not sure if this is a joke. Frannys Lee's son???
  11. Spot on! If he goes he goes. A great player and a loss for us but £100m plus for him is a good deal and if we spend that money well we will have a better team.
  12. I'd pony up the money for Tammy. He's a good lad with a great attitude. Can anyone see Wesley scoring 15 goals this season? £40m is however a tad optimistic as a price. I suspect Chelsea are keen to sell him to finance more marque signings so there may be a middle ground.
  13. Agreed its a win /win for his agent. Stirs it up with a Man City move so he gets his money whether Jack signs a new contract or moves to them.
  14. Harry

    Keinan Davis

    The safest bet is surely a loan to the Championship for this season. I agree we run the risk of being sentimental about 'one of our own' but the truth is he has never set the world alight at any level for us and we cannot risk relying on him if we get the inevitable injuries. A season elsewhere to prove himself but most likely we will be selling him this time next year.
  15. I would agree with that thought. All we are seeing at the moment is Man City's tame journalists stoking things up in the media. I would be surprised if they could afford both Kane and Grealist even after all the media speculation about how much money they have raised and what financial fire power they allegedly have.
  16. He is 30 and on sky high wages, allegedly. I honestly think his best performances in the PL were when he played for us and that tells its own story. Anyway we have moved on from giving past their players their last big pay day. Much better to pony up the money and buy Tammy. Younger and better.
  17. Harry

    Keinan Davis

    If ever there was a player that needs to go out on loan its him. A season at a decent Championship club could be his making. What he really needs is game time which at the moment he is unlikely to get at Villa.
  18. For me the key thing is to hang on to him and the others. I guess whether he goes out on loan will in part depend on signings over the summer. You cant really go wrong loaning to a decent Championship side. Its a tough physical league and it will benefit any of them.
  19. Really disappointed that it did not work out for him particularly as he started with such promise. In some ways his decline in form saved us a problem. Chelsea allegedly wanted £35m for him and he is on high wages. We could certainly spend that money better and we should not break our wages structure which has taken years to fix. Also he probably fails the test set by Purslow of only buying younger players with resale value.
  20. Harry

    Dean Smith

    Despite the rollercoaster of this season 11th is a very creditable position given last season and he has earned his right to manage next season. He makes mistakes for sure and still has plenty to learn. The more established in PL we are and the better our squad is the more chance we have attracting a high quality manager if a change needs to be made.
  21. No wonder Spurs wanted to join a European League that they could not be relegated from. And Kane off in the summer, that solo walk applauding the fans just told everyone what he wants to do.
  22. Harry

    Dean Smith

    I agree Grealish is miles off being match fit and he is being played in the vain hope that somehow he will make the difference. I doubt we will get any more points this season and I would much rather Smith tried something different for the last couple of games namely different tactics and formations. We seem to have a Plan A and nothing else.
  23. The game today summed up Villa perfectly this season. We have enough ability in the side to be in the PL but we need a stronger squad, there are too many gaps when players are injured or out of form. Having said that we lose games like today for two reason. We have zero mental strength or resilience and the tactical decisions made by the management are woeful. As some have pointed out Hodgeson saw the problem and fixed it. We saw the problem (I hope!) and did not. Blaming the ref or blaming Palace for being too physical is seeing the symptoms but not the cause. We need to be tougher both mentally and physically. We were bullied second half and we were just not capable of dealing with it and it happens in far too many games. Fix and that and we are a long way to solving our problems. We need more class in the squad but that is only part of it.
  24. I don’t think he will play again this season and personally I’m tired of the BS from the club that he might. Mind you I don’t subscribe to all the conspiracy theories that Twitter and Instagram are awash with
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