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  1. Well the bucket rocket polisher has pretty much blown the autos and couldn’t use his tactical wizardry to beat Brentford or ten man Wigan. We have nothing to fear.
  2. Eighth place and seventeen points from sixth?That’s quite the thrilling achievement.
  3. Nah mate - those teeth whitening products and weight loss teas they promote definitely pay well enough to buy first class tickets and nights in the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah
  4. Has anyone said this, though? Perhaps I missed it. As NV said earlier on in the thread - they’re the football equivalent of a lottery winning chav family. It’s no wonder people will take any iota of joy out of them failing to win a major trophy; particularly when it’s the one they still long for. But nobody can truly see this season as a failure for them, but they CAN revel in them not winning the Champions League. It’s the partisan nature of football club supporters to take joy in other club’s losses, even if that’s against the backdrop of that same club’s success elsewhere. I’ve got no affinity to Man City, and whilst I recognise their achievements, and great football, and I actually like Aguero, Sterling and Pep - I still find them an unlikeable football club as a whole.
  5. No mate, but that’s why I specifically referenced the CL in my post. They’ve won everything else but the CL remains beyond them. It’s still a great season but the main prize still eludes them.
  6. Another season of failure in the CL. At least their owners will never got bored given they don’t actually own the club for football reasons.
  7. **** Leeds and **** Bielsa. I’m sick of hearing his name on these forums. I hope they blow an automatic promotion spot and it’s us that smashes the last nail in their coffin, resigning them to yet another year in the lower divisions. In Deano and the lads we trust.
  8. I lived in Valencia for several months many years ago, and I imagine things have changed a lot since then. Does anyone have any tips on what to see/do for a four day trip in July (sightseeing, places of interest, where to eat & drink etc).
  9. I got back last week from LV. We should have taken your advice and gone to Omnia on Friday for Calvin Harris. We went on Thursday instead, but they only had the front terrace open. Drinks were still mental, even on a quiet night - $44 for a large vodka and lemonade. We went to XS on Friday to see the Chainsmokers, but they were rubbish and played a mishmash of stuff and it was just weird. Also, we had to queue to get into the main club building, this was after we’d actually got in the venue (but via the entrance taking you through to the outdoor/pool area), and once we were in the main club area, we had to queue to get on the dance floor On the Saturday, we just went to the Beer Park & various hotel lounge bars - that was much better. We ended the trip with a night in Hakkasan, but they played hip hop and that’s not my cup of tea. It seems EDM isn’t ubiquitous these days, so we should have be more careful with our selections. I’m going back for a mate’s stag do next April, and I think better planning will be needed. I love Vegas, though, it’s got an aura about it that romantically nourishes me.
  10. Irreplaceable. If we sold him then, yeah, we’d probably receive a huge sum, but his value in the dressing room is priceless.
  11. Yes, but specifically Facebook, Instgram and Twitter.
  12. I often wonder whether society would be better or worse if social networks no longer existed.
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