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  1. Here’s a question for the next meeting: why do the minutes always take so long to release?
  2. Haha! The Guardian isn’t click bait!? Haha!
  3. Same for me. If someone’s in the room with me, I won’t touch it much at all. If I’m on my own, I can’t stop. I have exactly the same habit with my todger.
  4. Yep! And there’s pretty much no way of them doing that aside from sending a licensing officer to politely ask if they can take a look inside your property. You, of course, can tell them to **** right off.
  5. Never heard of him, but I’m off to romantically nourish myself.
  6. I have no idea why someone would put their job on the line for likes and retweets on Twitter. Ridiculous.
  7. The new Boots advert is irritating. What does “nobody looks like that, it’s just a load of chat” actually mean!? I assume it means no real woman is slim, but the advert then contradicts itself thirty seconds later by showing a real life slender woman perched on a sunbed. And it seems they started out by choosing the song for the ad first then crowbarred the lyrics around it in a ham-fisted attempt to make it fit. Plus the signing is shit.
  8. They look like me going back to the office after time off - cannot be arsed.
  9. Exactly this mate. It’s doing a disservice to the team and Tammy to think he’d struggle to score ten goals in the PL.
  10. Anyone else see this and then Google “Vitaly Uncensored”

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