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  1. Morley_crosses_to_Withe

    Tactics for the 2018/2019 Season

    It’s lacking in this thread as well which is peculiar for a thread for discussing tactics. It should be renamed “Formations for the 2018/2019 Season”. Maybe the average football fan on a message board actually doesn’t really know all that much about tactics. Or maybe they prefer to keep their in depth tactical knowledge to themselves. Who knows.
  2. Morley_crosses_to_Withe

    Steve Bruce

    Aside from the fact that he will most certainly win, no matter what happens, because he’s very much in a win/win situation. It’s a sad indictment of football that blokes like Steve Bruce cannot lose, really, because they can ride the managerial merry go round and make a living out of it. If he continues as our manager then a group of angry Villa fans will despise every moment of every minute of our matches. They will continue to post constantly in anger and frustration on a message board because that’s all they have. Meanwhile, he’s in the highest profile job he’s ever had, getting the largest salary he’s ever earned. If he gets us promoted or gets us close, he’ll probably continue as our manager. And the cycle of anger and frustration continues. If not, he gets sacked, and I suppose the fans could claim a ‘win’ in what’s nothing more than a hollow victory, whilst Steve Bruce walks away with a hefty pay off and a bank account further swelled by his extremely lucrative time here. And then he jumps back on the merry go round. Modern football: the only industry you can be crap and still be a winner.
  3. Morley_crosses_to_Withe

    Steve Bruce

    It’s further back in this thread (probably around last week or so). I can’t be arsed to find it or type it again. I don’t agree that there’s no approach or game plan. There is, but we’re just not effective at what we’re trying to do and I don’t think the players believe in it either.
  4. Morley_crosses_to_Withe

    Form and Stats

    So pull the stats from the back end of the 16/17 season and the start of last season. Let’s see what they determined and how accurately they predicted our final finish of fourth place.
  5. Morley_crosses_to_Withe

    Steve Bruce

    I must be one of the last ones to break, but I’ve had enough now. I was indifferent to him being here and was willing to see how the season plays out, but it’s just too boring and frustrating to watch. I can see what Bruce is trying to do (I think), but it’s just not working. I’m starting to wonder whether the players have no belief in what he’s asking them to do.
  6. Morley_crosses_to_Withe

    Form and Stats

    What a pointless thread. If you’d have done the same at this point last season, you’d have likely concluded the same, but we finished 4th. Now this certainly isn’t a defence of Bruce, but a comment on how pointless this kind of stat manipulation is to determine, we’ll, anything really.
  7. Morley_crosses_to_Withe

    Steve Bruce

    I don’t even know why we keep comparing a better manager (and one who will never manage us) to Steve Bruce. It seems like a pointless comparison. As for Biesla’s squad design, though, they’re starting with a 19 year old upfront today who has never played in the Championship. Their other two options would have been Roofe (who I do rate) and Bamford (LOL), but both are inured In defence, they’ve used Berardi (a right back) as a makeshift central defender because they’ve got only Jansson and Cooper as their two senior centre backs. When they played Swansea, they didn’t have a recognised centre back starting there because both Jansson and Cooper were injured.
  8. Morley_crosses_to_Withe

    Steve Bruce

    Huh? You’ve used Cardiff as an example of our lack of style when they’re probably the closest you’ll get to how we’ll play. They used Zahoure, Mendez Laing, & Hoilett and got at teams with fast transitioning from defence to attack using the pace and skill of the wide players/strikers to get at the opposition defence. We’ll attempt to do the same by moving the ball quickly to Abraham/Kodjia, Bolasie, and El Ghazi. We’ll also have Grealish and McGinn who can play a bit. Grealish will be used to draw players out of position by using his skill to create pockets of space and to win free kicks in dangerous areas. McGinn is probably like Joe Ralls. A box to box type of player who’s also good at delivering set pieces (which is something Cardiff used to good effect as will we). And you’ve made a note about ball playing centre halves? Well Cardiff hardly had them in Bamba and Manga. You wouldn’t say those two are known for their passing qualities. The big difference between us this season and Cardiff last season is that they probably press more than we do (we tend to sit off too often) and we won’t be as solid in defence. That’s a HUGE failing of our manager; he should be ashamed that he, a former title winning central defender, now has an under strengthened and dilapidated defence. This will ultimately cost him his job. Whether we click like Cardiff did is one thing, but to criticise our lack of style whilst using Cardiff as an example of a particular style is totally bizarre.
  9. Morley_crosses_to_Withe

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    Let’s look at the squad burnout factor under Beisla, but we’ll have to ignore the times he’s thrown a strop and walked out because there’s no data! LOL
  10. Morley_crosses_to_Withe

    Steve Bruce

    Indeed you did, but “things” aren’t to be believed, are they? Why should it be believed when it’s totally unbelievable and farcical at best that our new owners were swayed by an online poll!
  11. Morley_crosses_to_Withe

    Steve Bruce

    So, wait! Does this mean that you, the average football fan on a footy forum, was shrewd and smart enough to see through a “skewed” fan poll, but our owners and their advisers were not!? Can you please show us definitive evidence that a Birmingham Mail poll swayed their thinking?
  12. Morley_crosses_to_Withe

    Steve Bruce

    What will people do with their time once he’s gone. They’ll have to actually go outside, find a new hobby, or get a girlfriend instead of dripping on about Steve Bruce 24/7.
  13. Morley_crosses_to_Withe

    Ratings & Reactions: Burton v Villa

    All the players get a 10/10 because they’re the bestest & most talented players in the division and nothing is their fault. Bruce gets ZERO.
  14. Morley_crosses_to_Withe

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    Five of the most important components of this squad (Bolasie, McGinn, Grealish, Kodjia and El Ghazi) probably haven’t even been on the same training pitch together as yet. We’re obviously trying to build team with the capability to attack and score goals. We were the third highest scorers last season and I can see us being there or thereabouts again. It’s easy to sit here grumpily moaning that we’ll be negative but I’m happy, given the players signed, to wait it out and see. My one concern is the defence. I’ll be disappointed if Bruce fails to sign another decent centre back. The defence could easily end be our undoing this season and not our goalscoring.
  15. Morley_crosses_to_Withe

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    I can’t see Chelsea allowing Cahill to leave on loan. They've got Rudiger, Christensen, Luiz and Cahill as CBs, so surely they’d want all four to ensure adequate cover.