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  1. Morley_crosses_to_Withe

    The 'Who Supports Who' topic

    This lot have given me more joy in six years than the 32 years I’ve supported Villa. I’m in Bangkok, it’s midday, and I’ve been up drinking since 5:30AM. I am pissed as a fart and over the moon. (P.S. Love the Seahwarks and Falcons fans who are still being salty. Keep crying inside and shove this win up ya b*ll***s).
  2. Morley_crosses_to_Withe

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Ipswich

    A win is a win. Poor last half hour or so though.
  3. Morley_crosses_to_Withe

    Conor Hourihane

    It was all Brucie’s fault at to why this player was failing to perform. I’ve finally concluded that she’s just shit.
  4. Morley_crosses_to_Withe

    Michael Tait

    Hopefully he’s as good as Ethan Moore because we’ll have a real quality player on our hands.
  5. Morley_crosses_to_Withe

    Dean Smith

    A selection of quotes from the Bruce thread around September time. Interesting reading.
  6. Morley_crosses_to_Withe

    The NSWE Board

    “Yay to to the owners! They’re gonna sell our training ground to themselves to get around FFP! Gee...they’re soooo smart” ”Oh wait - so the buyers will be setting the purchase price?” ”Yeah, but don’t worry about that cos they’ll buy us a new football player. Yay the owners” ”But they’ve just underpaid by tens of millions” “Yeah, but - they bought us that brand new player and got someone else in on loan!” ”But what about our own training ground? They’ve just given us a bit of park land with a shed. And we’re paying 200K per month on a ten year lease” “But that new footy player tho! Yay to our smart owners and **** you FFP! lol”
  7. Morley_crosses_to_Withe

    Tammy Abraham

    His loan terms make him ineligible to play for us in FA cup games (according to the BBC’s match reporter).
  8. Morley_crosses_to_Withe


    This has pretty much been illustrated in this thread. Someone posted they have a Veganism book a while back then, a couple of weeks later, quote their own post to tell people how they’re going vegan for a month when absolutely nobody asked or gives a ****
  9. Morley_crosses_to_Withe

    Paddy's "Things that cheer you up"

  10. Morley_crosses_to_Withe

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    The January transfer window.
  11. Morley_crosses_to_Withe

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    We could still do it. The lack of winning consistency across the league means that ground can be made up quickly if you can hit a sustained win streak. We’ll probably lose quite a few games between now and January, but we’ll win enough to keep us just about close enough to catch teams in the lower play off spots IF we can put a good run together post Jan.
  12. Morley_crosses_to_Withe

    Dean Smith

    Well at least it’s now clear that this isn’t the ‘best squad in the Championship’ that any ‘decent manager’ could have ‘walking the league’.
  13. Morley_crosses_to_Withe

    Dean Smith

    It’ll take two full transfer windows to sort this rag tag lot out.
  14. Morley_crosses_to_Withe

    Relegation thread