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  1. If only we’d have had Targett during our relegation season, we’d have won the league.
  2. Only Man City have kept more clean sheets in 2019 than Everton. I’m expecting a loss to nil
  3. I absolutely can’t stand their shite. It really is some of the most grating rubbish I’ve ever heard. The music and the lyrics* really **** irritate me and Ali Campbell’s face makes me want to break stuff. (*Especially crap like Higher Ground, Red Wine, Kingston Town, Breakfast in Bed, Bring Me Your Cup...)
  4. The reality of the PL for a club like ours is that we are relegation candidates until we reach the point in which we are mathematically safe. That’s not me being negative, it is just how things are in this league. The process of getting to the Premier League (i.e. winning games and getting promoted) is much more fun than actually being here.
  5. When does this become the new relegation thread?
  6. I put him in my fantasy team so you can all blame me. I’ve taken him out now so expect the goals and assists to start rolling in
  7. I’ve lived in London for fourteen years so I just want to make sure you’ve not been given incorrect information about the part I’ve made bold. I might have misread it, but Stamford Bridge is in Fulham (fun fact: and not actually the area of Chelsea) which is situated in South West London whereas you’ll be staying in North London. Once you factor in walking, train changes, and waiting at stations it’ll take approximately one hour to get to Stamford Bridge from your hotel. West Hampstead has two stations - one on the Jubilee Line and the other that is served by the overground train line (shown on the tube map in orange). The Jubilee line will take you central and is one of the fastest and most efficient lines on the network. The overground will get you down to West Brompton then you can change to the District line for Fulham Broadway which is then a short walk to Stamford Bridge. I find the overground pretty slow, not as regular and unreliable, but it’ll be the route with the least changes to get to SB. I spotted you mentioned museums - three of the main ones are the Science Museum, Natural History Museum and V&A - they are all South Kensington way which is West London (about 3km from Stamford Bridge). Just some stuff for you to consider.
  8. I can’t believe I’ve let this pass me by for so long. I’ve just finished season one and it is **** brilliant. You really find yourself desperately wanting the lads to succeed. There are some big personalities amongst the squad and many come from sad and brutal upbringings. Coach Stephens’ desire to win and be the best is intoxicating whilst Brittany Wagner is one of life’s true angels and you can see how much she really cares for the students. I enjoy the sport itself, but even people who don’t even like American Football would get something out of this show.
  9. Spurzzz do at their new ground. (I realise your post was made in June, but I only spotted this Tweet the other day).
  10. This might be one for the often wonder thread, but either works. When did starting a spoken sentence with “So...” become so common!? Has it always been a thing because I’ve really started to notice it more and more recently. The “so” always seems to be drawn out for a second or two longer than normal as well. E.g. “What are your plans for this weekend?” ”Sooo...I’m a massive word removed so I’ll be off being a word removed somewhere and saying so before a sentence all the time”.
  11. A pair of insufferable clearings in the woods if there ever was one. Being able to write 500 words about football, but filling the column inches with barely any actual analysis, just loads of guff and bluster with big words, doesn’t make you any kind of expert on the game.
  12. I see today that the gutter rag The Birmingham M**l is still trying to get him a transfer to United. Bunch of word removeds.
  13. Some silly bint at work who keeps telling people LOUDLY how her holiday has really strengthened her feeling of “wanderlust”. Firstly, I hate that **** word. And secondly, come off it love - you’ve just had a two weeker in Bali, you’re hardly Michael Palin.
  14. Nah mate, you don’t want culture. You wanna go somewhere like Ocean Club where all the blokes will dress the same and have shit haircuts and all the women will look like they’ve been in an explosion at a beauty salon. I’ve never actually been, but in my old workplace our support staff in the back office were mostly from Essex. Every year nearly all of them would be “going Marbs” or “Sharm”. And most of them were also words removed.
  15. I reckon out of those three that Marbella must be the worst! It’d be full of Representatives for Wellingborough from Essex.

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