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  1. I was trying to remember these places but couldn’t picture them in my head. I’d say Broad Street had around fifteen viable places for a drink and the Arcadian had 52 Degrees North (which won national awards) on the upper level and about five/six decent places in the internal concourse. Then you had a few places just nearby outside or on Hurst Street (Green Room and Steering Wheel/Bambu). As the outsider I am these days, it doesn’t seem that sheer volume has been replaced. Bennett’s Hill and Temple Street just doesn’t have an equivalent amount of venues.
  2. Broad Street was a worthwhile place to out back in those days. It’s not any more and I wonder whether that’s reflective of a general decline in nightlife across the whole of the city centre. That’s not to say there aren’t still places to go, but 15-20 years ago, I’d say the nightlife was nicer, more expansive, had a greater volume of decent venues and was overall just better than it is now. On Broad Street, I remember places like the Living room (expensive, flashy), Stoodi Bakers (late night, good music), Some Place Else (pre-drinking venue) for the club - Bakers (which was generally well respected on the clubbing scene); then there was The Sports Bar (for pints and a bit of sport with mates), Rococco and Risa (I remember seeing Hendrie, Bosnich and Ugo in there several times) plus a number of others that were respectable and good for a night out. Then there was also the Arcadian. It eventually seemed to surpass Broad Street as the place to go out. Some people used to say it was pretentious, but I never saw it like that. I just thought it was a trendy place to go out with nice people. Then there were pockets of decent bars along places like Suffolk Street and Smallbrook, Summer Row, Regents Wharf, John Bright Street. Plus you had all the clubs Xela mentioned plus others (Steering Wheel, Bobby Brown’s, The Church, Liberty’s, Air) And the on top of all that...places like St Paul’s Square, The Mailbox, Colmore Row and Brindley Place had good places in those days too, just like they do today. Everything just seemed nicer and more high end in those days. I don’t get up there much these days, but when I do, it mostly seems a bit rough and there seems to be a lot less choice available.
  3. Southgate looks like he pulls himself off to trains the duller than sewerage, waistcoat rocket polisher, c**knosed spunk maggot. And he got lucky at the last World Cup.
  4. Betting activity can move a market, and is a factor that definitely can affect pricing, but bookies most definitely calculate odds based on their analysis and conclusion of how likely they believe something is to happen. https://www.onlinebetting.org.uk/betting-guides/how-do-bookmakers-set-odds-and-make-money.html I wouldn’t fancy betting on us to finish in the top half (as it stands) and still anticipate a relegation battle. Not on of those where you need to keep one eye on the teams further below, just in case you get dragged down, but a full on scrap to avoid it.
  5. Excellent show. It explores various interesting, fun, deep (Omar’s relationship with his father) and taboo themes (wildchild Valerio and Lucrecia). You develop a slow liking to characters you might initially dislike such as Guzman and the Marchioness (Ester Exposito ) I just can’t watch it in English dubbing, I found it unbearable. It’s genuinely much, much better in Spanish with English subtitles; the same goes for Money Heist.
  6. Three months later and I’m still waiting for my £500 back from Virgin Airlines. It turns out the outbound flight was cancelled and, even though I booked it through Opodo, I’ve discovered the contract is still with Virgin Airlines. Good article here that might be of use to others: https://www.theguardian.com/money/2020/jun/24/get-this-message-over-to-airlines-stop-passing-the-buck-over-refunds I’m also now being led a merry dance by Ryanair for cancelled flights to Barcelona.
  7. Given that Dean Smith definitely wasn’t a cog in the machine at Brentford, we should go and nick Thomas Frank.
  8. Meanwhile today, over on Clapham Common.
  9. https://www.straitstimes.com/asia/east-asia/scientists-in-china-believe-new-drug-can-stop-pandemic-without-vaccine
  10. Re: Virgin Airlines. I was due to fly with them to Vegas back in April. The kept the flight running (so THEY didn’t cancel it) therefore my automatic right to a refund didn’t apply. This is despite a) citizens of the UK were banned from entering the US b) The FCO had advised against all but essential travel. I’ve got to go down the insurance claim route or accept a voucher. Given that Virgin Atlantic look in big trouble, I’d rather not take the voucher because I don’t trust the airline will exist by next year. tl;dr - If you’re booked with Virgin and they keep the flight running (which could happen), without decent insurance, you’re probably ****. Good luck anyway chaps, I hope it works out. Dem - I think Vegas (or parts of) will be reopened by September but I don’t know how much fun it will be because things won’t be entirely normal unfortunately.
  11. There was a study that found that men called Craig are generally the most handsome and have larger schlongs. Admittedly, it was my own study on myself, but I think despite the small sample size, it’s rather conclusive.
  12. Fake your own death is my advice
  13. Also on my list so would be interested to read some good info. Paging @tonyh29 VT’s own Michael Palin must have been
  14. Whilst this might be true, it’s somewhat of a concern that there’s been an observable increase in children needing intensive care treatment in London. If this trend continues, and there’s a definite link to COVID—19, then this could be quite an insidious development.
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