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  1. If he ever leaves us I’ll have a cry wank. Cry because he’s gone, but wank over the fact that I got to watch one of the most talented players ever to play for the club.
  2. He’ll probably be a Traore type character who will be too raw for us then develop hugely further down the line but at an entirely different club. I’m not sure he’s what we currently need in the here and now and don’t think we can afford him the time to develop here.
  3. I did a Wesleyesque day at work today. I hung around in all the places I shouldn’t be, was never at my desk where I should be, and laid off work to my team mates whenever it came my way all the while looking grumpy and moaning at everyone around me. Some of my colleagues applauded my sterling efforts whilst the rest just called me a useless word removed.
  4. DS said he “liked the hunger he saw in his (Drinkwater’s) eyes” when he met him. Now whether that was hunger for the game or hunger for a greasy kebab (cos that’s what ten pints does to a bloke) who knows. Either way, Smith clearly must have had a big say in his signing.
  5. Sometimes I get so bored at work that I start doing some actual work. Anyway, good luck Danny. I hope he gives it his all and proves his worth.
  6. McGinn will probably be match fit sooner than Drinkwater is!
  7. So what you saying then...2/10 WNB or 8/10 WB?
  8. Probably got pissed up on his way down to sign for us and smashed his Range Rover into the building containing the main server
  9. Fulham are an upper end Championship team. We are an upper end Championship team (+ Grealish) but we just happen to play in the Premier League. There is no embarrassment here; it’s more of an indictment as to the quality of our shoddy squad devoid of genuine PL quality.
  10. What a wonderful time of year. Back to work, everyone in the office is as depressed as **** because Christmas is over, the December slow down has finished and work starts to pick up again, and everyone feels like there’s nothing on the immediate horizon that they can look forward to. Not me though - I’ve got two weeks off at the start of Feb. Kiss my face.
  11. How about Thomas Frank to replace Smith?
  12. I’ve seen two seasons so far. Two of them in the first season (Martell and Bowers) come across as horribly arrogant whereas the three lads in the 2nd season are much more humble and grounded.
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