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  1. Bilic suddenly went thicker on top again suggesting he’s had a hair transplant. If I was going bald, I’d most definitely do the same. A shaved head suits some people, and they look cool with it, but it really, really does not suit me. I tried it once to see what I’d look like...never again (until I’m too old and bitter with the world to care).
  2. Because I’m the type of person who can browse Netflix for about half hour for something to watch, before then giving up because of no longer being arsed, I’m going to start playing a game with this thread...that is to pick a random page number and chose one of the films mentioned within that page. And tough **** if it’s a bad film, serves me right for being an indecisive word removed.
  3. I’d have been bothered by this not so long ago, but I’m tired of the word removeds and their constant surge pricing and drivers cancelling before arrival. I can’t remember the last time it wasn’t surge or the last time the driver who first accepted actually turned up.
  4. People who have a camera on top of their work PC monitor so they can video call people from their desk. Top level bell-endery. People on trains/planes who stand in the aisle and take ages to set themselves, removing various layers and getting all sorts of items out of their bags before finally sitting down. Apple pay or paper ticket rocket polishers at London Underground/station barriers. The Winter.
  5. Apparently Grealish is rattling Jena Frumes
  6. This. This. This again. And this once more. The worst one is the skit about keeping money back on a night out. The whole routine is totally unfunny and doesn’t even work on so many levels.
  7. What time is the official breakfast cut off? I’d personally call it breakfast for lazy words removed
  8. This is where I’m at as well. I genuinely can’t stand this league.
  9. Aside from being infuriated about the result, I’ve had two Arsenal supporting mates messaging me to say Maitland-Niles “got the ball” so it should never have been a second yellow.
  10. This kind of stuff would be in Football for Dummies. I’m sure that’s not a lesson he needs to learn at all. If such basic stuff is then it’s a huge cause for concern. He **** up today and I don’t know what he was thinking, but I don’t believe he needs to learn lessons on such basic stuff. Mistakes were made by many (including Dean) but I’m sure they hold their hands up and we all move on.
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