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  1. What I love about this post is Useless tried to start a conversation about cereal variety boxes on Monday and then decided to carry it on with himself a full day later.
  2. BMI is a totally ridiculous measure and I’m surprised it’s still used. I had one of those comprehensive well man health checks recently and my BMI was on the very edge of normal to overweight yet I’m 8.4% body fat.
  3. You seem to have mistaken my post as being serious and not a parody of the current cancel culture that exists.
  4. Jack Grealish is CANCELLED. Firstly, I say we hound him on social media for an apology. But wait - he’s already done that and shown genuine remorse for what he did. Well that just not enough is it!? What we need now is a protest outside Villa Park demanding that the club terminate his contract immediately. Then what we do is we ensure he never plays professional football again, maybe by creating one of those online petition things, and raising awareness of his heinous crimes by creating a social media hashtag to attract as many signatures as possible. We then wait and see what happens. If there’s a suggestion any of the clubs will try to give him a second chance, we hound them on social media and all of their sponsors telling them how we’ll NEVER purchase a product or use a service that we’d have never used or bought in the first place anyway. Him never playing football again, having a career, or any kind of meaningful employment, and being forced into social isolation for the rest of his life is the only way his actions can be duly rectified.
  5. I’m no longer boozing three/four times a week or doing any packet. I’m not going out doing massive rounds and buying silly priced cocktails. I’ve cancelled all my trips this year so far. This lockdown saving money lark is a piece of piss.
  6. I clapped because the chap directly over the road is a GP. He came out of his house and clapped everyone back. It was actually quite nice.
  7. No surprise if people are resorting to using hoses in their back garden.
  8. I think you’re in the same situation as me mate. I am also fortunate with being equipped by my company so I can work from home, job is secure, and get a decent wage. I live alone (I think I remember you saying you do too), so I’m having no human interaction aside from over Whatsapp. This is where I’m starting to struggle. I can’t see any of my mates or family and haven’t even even left my house since Sunday. I normally have an active social life, have various friendship groups, play golf, watch footy, the NFL and go to the gym etc. The isolation is definitely starting to drag me down, but I’ve got a lot less to worry about than others for sure and my issues are minor in comparison. Good luck to everyone, stay healthy and I wish a speedy recovery to those currently infected.
  9. I can grow a beard easily enough, you cheeky barsteward It’s wanting to retain the ability to do so is why I’m using the creams. I’m rather sexy with stubble, not so much clean shaven. You wouldn’t fancy me clean shaven.
  10. It is legit. “UK researchers have launched an app to help track the spread of Covid-19 and explore who is most at risk from the disease in an attempt to better understand the pandemic” https://www.theguardian.com/science/2020/mar/24/uk-app-aims-to-help-researchers-track-spread-of-coronavirus (Sorry mods, the link isn’t embedding)
  11. Yes mate, I’m currently going through it myself. Have you had any bad stress recently? Are you aware of any underlying health condition you might have? There is no hard evidence that stress causes it (as it’s virtually impossible to empirically prove) but there’s certainly a strong belief that a stress event can trigger an occurrence of alopecia. I lost my Dad last year which is what seemed to cause mine. I went to see a GP who diagnosed alopecia but suggested I’d be best to see a dermatologist. I get private healthcare through work, but the provider won’t cover alopecia treatment unless it is caused by an underlying health condition (such as a thyroid problem). I had my bloods tested and they all came back normal. As a starting point, I’d get yours checked and go from there. In terms of treatment, I didn’t want to **** about - I always have stubble as being clean shaven doesn’t suit me - so I found a top dermatologist on Harley Street. He prescribed two creams (Elidel and Elocon), a lotion (Minoxidil) and a course of steroid tablets. I started the creams & lotion, but not the tablets as they lower your immune system*. I had to get the cream through the dermatologist’s private prescription (they’re about ~£80 for the two) whilst the Minoxidil can be found cheaper online (Kirkland brand). If you can get an NHS GP to prescribe you the stuff then it would be at NHS prescription prices (£9 per item or something?). My bald patch is under my chin, around part of my neck area. I’ve recently started to see some regrowth from just the creams and lotion. I’m hoping that they’ll do the trick alone, the regrowth will continue and thicken up, and that I won’t ever need the tablets (which I wouldn’t now use until COVID-19 is under control and there’s a vaccination). Good luck and DM me if you need any more info. *Massive credit to the specialist who suggested I held back on the tablets until Coronavirus was better understood as he warned it could get nasty and end up here (my first consultation with him was back in Feb edit: actually it was January) so that was some excellent foresight by him.
  12. Like x 1,000 We’re going to lose Grealish anyway, and whilst I’d be gutted, that’s not a concern of mine. His talents deserve better and I’d wish him all the best. He should be ending his career with some serious silverware. It’s a dream to think that he’ll achieve that here. Mings is a top guy and an important player to have around because of his general stature and personality, but I wouldn’t be too gutted if he decided the PL is where he wants to be. SJM: I’m not sure about him anyway and think he’s a Championship player. If another club decides he’s worth a sizeable amount then I’d take it and the money would come in handy. As long as Purslow and the owners are as good as we think they are, they’ve managed the finances prudently, and prepared us for the worst, we’ll still have a football club to support. So all in all, relegation wouldn’t bother me one iota. It’ll be rubbish if we go down and go on losing streaks again*, but that’s down to the manager, and if that happens, then he should be replaced, but I would stick with him for the time being if we got relegated. *I’m still unsure whether Smith’s arse was only saved last season purely because he had the benefit of a once in a generation player.
  13. I got to do a massive shop yesterday as there was a big delivery just in. I managed to grab toilet roll, pasta, bread, soup, hand sanitizer ...the lot! My trolley was absolutely rammed full. Then I saw this old lady behind me with only two things in her basket. She must have been in her 80s. She looked close to tears and said “I’ve only managed to get a pack of ham and a bag of nuts...everything else is gone”. I felt terrible - here I am with all this stuff waiting in line and this poor old girl had **** all, so I decided to do the right thing and said to her: “Go on love, you go in front, you’ve only got two things”
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