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  1. I could say the same to you, but I’ll let it be revealed in due time.
  2. Cheers, I will look into it again. Did you see the video I posted yesterday from the second Georgia fraud hearing? This is where the senate committee (both sides)said we can see something isn't right and voted for a forensic audit of the Dominion machine. The state is still yet to abide by the ruling. I wonder why?
  3. This is the video I was talking about what happened in Georgia on November 3rd HERE This was given at the 2nd Georgia state senate hearing into election fraud. This is the same data that the Secretary of State has certified the election. Again, votes should not go down, they should be accumulative. The state was told to hand over the machines for forensic viewing, but they are unwilling to do so. Why would you not want to be proved correct? Why are many states deleting election data that is a federal crime (supposed to be kept for 22 months)? I appreciate the discussion.
  4. If all of what you say is true, but I disagree with it. Why would Trump lose over 100,000 votes and the same amount go to Biden?
  5. I don't know, but the truth will hopefully be out sooner than later. Try and be an adult and stop with the insults because someone disagrees with you.
  6. The Department of Defense
  7. I won't be, but I'm sure many will be.
  8. I agree, the national guard were there for the Georgia run off, there should have been there today also.
  9. Yes, I just saw that, that's one down, more to go. I hope he gets plenty of time behind bars.
  10. It shows votes at certain points on the night Trump losing votes. That should not happen, both candidates should go up not down. The second stack of data shows the exact number of votes leaving Trump and going to Biden. I am happy for someone else to explain why that would happen. I am trying to look for a video that I can share, that could explain it better than I could if I tried all night. I appreciate the question.
  11. If I'm wrong, I will come back here and admit it. . Will you and others here do the same?
  12. Only doubt because certain people believe only one way. Whoever it is needs to be prosecuted, not just if they are Trump supporters. Sadly, most in here only seem to believe that.
  13. Propaganda, because you don't agree with it? Oh, ok, so people who disagree with you are automatically making it up. Sounds familiar.
  14. As I said, hopefully the truth will out.
  15. Whoever is causing the violence in DC needs to be prosecuted. There is very good footage and they will be exposed one way or the other. Someone as identified this guy as BLM, but I don't know, but hopefully the truth will out. I see one person shot so far, I hope it's the last.
  16. Yes it was, but we can disagree.
  17. They have tried, I think only one judge has been willing to listen to any evidence in 62 cases. People say the cases have failed, they haven't failed, evidence would need to be shown to fail. Judges aren't willing to listen.
  18. Nothing to do with a cult of Trump. I couldn't care less if Trump was in or not, but an honest a fair election is critical in all countries. Why are states denying judge orders and letting the machine be forensically tested? Hand then over, let Trump look an idiot and all is good. They are not, in Arizona, they aren't in Georgia. I don't belong to Parler, I get my info elsewhere. I have seen Parler, and just like Twitter it is very one sided.
  19. HERE Elections need to be fair across the board, by giving monies only to Democrats it's against the Act of 2002.
  20. No worries, I'll just start posting the truth as I see it, and you can do yours. Enjoy
  21. That shows how little than you know. Zuckerberg gave $400,000,000 to the democrat's party to by pass constitutional law. He likes to block as much republican stuff as much as possible. Like two days before the runoff election in Georgia, FB took down the donation pages for the two republican runners, but they later announced it was a mistake.
  22. What someone who has a different opinion than you. Sorry, I didn't realize Villa Talk had become a leftist colony.
  23. I see, just like many from the democrat way of seeing things, they don't know how to have a discussion, or bring any facts to the table.
  24. From speaking to many republicans my opinion would be different. They just want to put Americans first just like the UK decided to do recently.
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