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  1. I like Pickford myself. Think he will get much better too. I don't care who plays for England or if Butland is better than Pickford or not. Butland would be worth a lot of points in the Premier League and for that reason he's well worth the money. Could be one of the signings that keeps us in the league.
  2. Nothing subtle about a photo at Bournemouth station in full villa kit!!!
  3. There's room for both though this summer, it's not going to be one or the other, I think there'll be some ready to go expensive signings and then we need numbers in the squad and the B team not being u23s means there's depth to add there too! The only thing they've ruled out are loans with no option. Apart from that they have just said o transfers where there's no value for the club, so no fat last contracts anymore. Awesome. 28 year old's these days are signing their last but one contract you'd think. Dunk in 3/4 years time will still be a saleable asset if he keeps playing at the level he has been.
  4. If we're trying to find out who the best of the bunch are then 3 in to 2 will be nice competition. Kalinic I'm guessing will be a different level of competition for Steer than a youth keeper. If Kalinic gets fit and starts performing shit hot in training and Butland has the number 1 jersey I'd reckon that would be an environment to get the absolute maximum out of Steer, No?
  5. Don't think many teams will do that to us to be fair. There's a few obvious candidates but outside of them I reckon Smith with an even more talented group of players will create a side that will manage the ball very well indeed. EDIT: On the Steer point though, keeper is a crucial position and as I've said in the Butland thread, having 3 good keepers battling for 2 match day places is where we want to be at.
  6. We'd been after Kalinic for a while though, regardless of who signed him. I'm not sure we'd be ready to bin him just yet, even if we do sign Butland. 3 good keepers competing for first team and bench is where we ideally want to be.
  7. He's obviously got a busy agent
  8. For a newly promoted side you'd have to say they are all going to be tough games. The great thing now though is we have a manager who wants to try and win every week. I have no doubt we'll get battered some weeks but if we stick to our principles and give Smith the right tools for the job we can stay up and surprise a few people in the process. Spurs away is a tough start, but then we're at home for the next two.
  9. Thought it might be the same! The serifs look really different smaller, really thin, might be it doesn't survive being on the curve so well too. I'll have a look for a vector then no worries.
  10. The round badge with the type as per the AVFC in the non round one would look better, the serif in the round one looks weaker. Can anyone DM me a vector of the lion?
  11. How strong is the Butland rumour? That looks like a decent Premier League defence to me. Remains to be seen how good Guilbert is for us, but judging by his performances last season he's a good player. Also Elmo is backup in there.
  12. Home, nice. Full house, new team, full pre-season for Smith and the staff to prepare properly. Exciting.
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