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  1. Why not? He had a great time skinning Championship defenders, scoring goals etc in our promotion push. They improve players there as a rule, he might yet crack it at Prem level and a good route there might be Brentford.
  2. Natural 10 in my opinion. Ideally for him, not sure if we've got the players to do it ourselves, he'd be in a free role behind one or two strikers starting central.
  3. and Crespo, Shevchenko in before then at Milan had been the most incredibly deadly striker for a few years. Something wasn't right at Chelsea at that time. I remember seeing Crespo in the Champions league at Stamford Bridge for Chelsea against average group opposition (don't even remember who!) and it was 0-0, Crespo played actually pretty well, thundered the bar, ran really well but didn't get many chances. So weird they both failed there, they were incredible players.
  4. Tammy woudl be great but he clearly is Chelsea to the core, which means it's slightly more complicated than it would be otherwise. We might be getting Watkins to play wide and be lining up another CF. Who knows, going to be fun though!
  5. Lot of bickering in here, judging by past signings made by this regime we won't know anything till they announce something. So I reckon we should relax, enjoy getting 8 points from the last 4 games and pulling off the great escape, DHUTWU and wait for the announcement.
  6. Davis and AEG did in the last few games alone.
  7. On the up side I think Frank's assessment was pretty good, getting to the final and being within minutes of the Premier League from how things were earlier in the season was a big achievement. I'd back you lot to be in the frame for top 2 if you have a good summer.
  8. Depends entirely on who we get in, but I'm assuming we'll get what Smith wants and as such I say 12th-13th. To hit that target we'd need 14/15 points more than we got last time out, we lost a lor of points at the end of games, some where we missed a sitter which would have sealed it before the disaster struck too. Have a team strong enough to not do that and with a proper goalscorer and I don't think it's beyond us at all. As it stands though, if we weren't to sign anyone, we'd struggle again, especially with a few key injuries...
  9. Joe Hart might once have had the potential to be a top keeper, which Reina undoubtedly has been, but he needed to cut out the clangers and improve his reading of the game. He didn't and he's less of a keeper now than he was 10 years ago. Big no from me.
  10. They are the absence of colour actually. *pushes glasses up nose*
  11. I was thinking more in terms of finding talent but yes I guess they would do a thorough analysis of even the top players to see how they would fit with what they've got and what they want to acheive.
  12. I heard they saw how he treats Sports Direct staff and pulled out over human rights concerns.
  13. If after Wes Edens' comments on getting the data analysis right have any weight, and I think they do, then he will be here to get us where we should be in terms of modern player analysis and identifying talent etc. Attracting high calibre players won't be his bag anyway, a well known and established talent doesn't need much in the way of scouting and analysis do they? They're already well known and proven at the highest level if they're a high calibre player. Trying to hook one of those is more Purslow's bag once Dean has identified what he needs and all 3 agree that this high calibre player will fit the bill, we can afford him and he might come. I see this as a pretty astute signing if they've felt we're behind the times in our use of data to find players. It might take a little while to bear fruit if when he comes in we're been using old copies of Shoot and a zx81 to unearth players.
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