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  1. I woudl love to hear wht Dean is saying to the players in the preperation for these next two. He's been on the David side of the David and Goliath games a lot (Walsall and Brentford) so he must have a few psychological tricks up his sleeve. I don't think he can talk up the consequences of losing though, it has tobe about freedom and playing your own game and seeing what happens for me... If Dean can manage to have us mid table safely at the end of the season he'll have done an incredible job for my money. Just over a year ago we were mid table in the Championship with a team that mostly played like they'd never met before.
  2. Grealish MOTM no question there. Bad day at the office for us really so a vital 3 points as we've played better and lost this season. Off the ball we weren't at the races today, didn't close down well at all and struggled to win the ball back, didn't anticipate what they were going to do well enough and didn't seem to know who shoudl come out of position to cover players in between the lines. If VAR didn't rob us and the Ref didn't bottle the second yellow for their player TWICE when they were already down to 10 men, if we made one of the many chances that went begging from poor decisions/finishing then that's a comfy 3-1 win.
  3. Yes off the ball it was a bad day at the office, never dealt with Maupay finding space between the lines at all. That's a worry but Dean is smart enough to have seen it and will try and sort it out. Wasn't our best performance, we've plyed better and lost this season. I'd expect us to improve now that half the squad hasn't got to jet off round the world between this game and the next...
  4. Hope Targett plays 90 mins ok, will be a big thing after the niggles.
  5. Unacceptable capitulation from 5-0 to 5-1 away. Unforgivable today if we lose, Smith out in that case. We should be aiming to be in the top 3 after today or it's a **** disgrace.
  6. Being true to our game and what we want to do and showing belief in ourselves and what we want to do. On a practical level if you carry no goal threat against them it's suicide, I think you have to have a go, that doesn't mean playing 2-2-6 and committing suicide the other way and yes to score against them you have to invite them on, get the ball back and beat their press with a quick one/two touch counter. That doesn't mean not playing our own game when we have the ball though, and it doesn't mean just parking the bus.
  7. Going to be very interesting seeing how we go in to those games, I'd take 4 or 5 at City if we **** went for it and scored a couple ourselves, I just can't see us doing the old rabbit in the headlights we've been so great at for years against the big teams and yeah I don't know why but I think we'll do better against Liverpool at home that will be mental atmosphere if we score first. Not expecting any points but how we go about those games will be telling, get cuffed away at City going for it and not let our heads drop and go for the jugular against Liverpool woudl be amazing, even if we get beat in that one too.
  8. Yep 3 points, a clean sheet, extend home unbeaten record, win by a couple of goals at a canter... would obviously be huge. A good performance ending with a point and keeping the unbeaten run at home going would not be the end of the world though. Nice that the days of hoping for a scrappy win by some miracle against the run of play are gone, but I'd still take a fluked win before the next couple of games just for the points
  9. 3 points here and our season starts to look a bit different. I doubt we'll see changes from a side that won 5-1 away.
  10. When we were 18th I think we had a goal difference of close to -1, every team around us and in the places above us were closer to -7. In like 6 games, that showed we were doing something right and our position looked a little false because of it. Now we've got a positive goal diff, in the current table only teams in mid table have zero or positive goal difference. On the defence, Mings will continue to improve, Engels is a very classy defender and it's early days in his career. I like Engels a lot, he's a clean shorts type, no fuss, gets there early. Plus Konsa we've not seen enough of in the first team but all the signs look good there too. We are light in cover for the full backs possibly, or at least we could strengthen further there. I like us with Marvelous in front of a four. Even at the back though it's early days and we can only get better, cut the mistakes out and we might go on a run of clean sheets.
  11. I don't see why we won't be keeping that up, it's Smith's game and we will get better at implementing how he wants us to play the longer he works with the players.
  12. Not sure if anyone has mentioned it yet, but this lad is **** class.
  13. So another 10 players and net £150m spend then or what?
  14. He's got good vision and technique but what strikes me most about him is his reading of what's developing and anticipation to get in a position to intercept or tackle, or help a teammate out. He seems to make these 10-20 yard runs really quick to meet the ball and appear seemingly out of nowhere, he did this a few times against Norwich and instead of taking a touch to control it, look up and try and find someone with the ball, his "interception" was a one touch pass immediately setting us off up the field. If he keeps it up he's going to be a cracking player.
  15. romavillan


    ****, nipped in here as at last minute will be in brum from thurs to monday as my old man isn't well, thought I might get some light relief by getting down to the game. Looks like no chance there then!
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