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  1. Can't see that page in Italy without vpn shenaningans, what are the odds? Would be awesome to see him start this season at some point. Wes not ready to start then do we think?
  2. Shame Roma got those injuries or tonight's game might have been a bit more taxing for them. Hopefully La Magica can pull off a miracle and tkae them to extra time
  3. Yep, when he took over I don't think there's one of us on here who can realistically say they would have said being where we are now would be a disappointment. You'd have been insane to think then that we should have been pushing for Europe this year.yet there's a lot of people this season after the start we had acting like it's been a disaster us falling off the pace.
  4. To do that you need at least 22 players that are first 11 quality. Otherwise there will always be a week where 2 or 3 players aren't 100% and that's enough to put the whole teams performance out
  5. Should easy be 2 clear by now. Harsh to call it a konsa error for the goal but he was uncharacteristically flapping about. I'd probs take Luis off, not been great and on a yellow. Really good half, more of the same please.
  6. To offset the Covid effects on our budget why don't we set up a new league, invite the biggest clubs in Europe to play on Wednesday nights, no promotion or relegation for founder members so we make sure that the money just keeps coming in. I reckon everyone will love it, who's up for suggesting it to Purslow?
  7. Lets remove the competition from sport, lets just win all the time. People love to see us win!
  8. Purslow already slammed it as against the spirit of the game and unsporting
  9. Mike Dean is perfect for it! Soulless 0-0 exhibition match? **** no, it's reffed by Mike Dean, 9 yellow cards and 2 reds!
  10. No as the champs league expanded to include top 4, it is a cup and not a league despite the group stages, and you don't stay in next years champaions league by not getting relegated.
  11. Completely 100% this. The irony is of course that by making one simple change to this, by having promotion and relegation to this league (by winning your domestic league and having playoffs to promote 3 teams to it or something) it would instantly become much more interesting a project. The games would mean a hell of a lot more if once relegated you had to win your own league to have a chance of getting back in. The thing that they are too scared to implement is the thing that would make it work.Being too scared to implement it and making it a closed shop goes against everything that makes foo
  12. They've fundamentally misunderstood both football and what makes it great if they think a "league" without promotion and relegation is anything but a load of fake bollocks.
  13. How does it work when players switch codes in rugby?
  14. 12 club league would be shit. If no relegation from or promotion to new league then it will mean a lot of the games will just be exhibitions and that's it. Sounds like a money man's wet dream that could ruin the clubs involved, if the clubs do it on their own without Uefa/Fifa sanction then they would have to start again from non league once it's flopped. Sweet, **** them.
  15. Ha, yeah it's more as he's the only one fit I'd fancy could do something special. Can't see Barkley getting back his early season form unfortunately. Giving a free role behind two strikers to Traore might just give him a platform to do something mental and unexpected. He's got all the football tools in abundance but yep I can't see him following tactical instructions to the letter, so either "stay close to the white line" or "run be free" might be the order of the day...
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