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  1. Certainly a codsideration if we're going to net him.
  2. You could see it to be fair, what a difference to now where the ethos is "be the best teammate you can".
  3. We should be treating our home games as cup finals though, can we just do it for home games? We need to win 10 of them
  4. I'd say Newcastle are my tip for the drop, I just can't see Bruce doing anything other than dragging them down.
  5. Nailed on to score against Bournemouth surely!
  6. No chance we're getting anyone out of contract is there?
  7. Smith can wear a **** claret and blue mankini at all times if he likes, just as long as it doesn't affect his coaching etc then he can wear wtf he likes.
  8. From the signings you could tell they had a project with the back 4 and keeper and that the defence had a lot of focus. Have to have a solid base at this level or you'll get found out every single week. Smith, O'Kelly and Terry are clearly working well together and you only have to think back a year to see how much better coached the players look. I think we've got enough and we need to have faith in what we are trying to do, we need to win half our home games, pick up a few wins on the road and draw at least half a dozen. People lost faith pretty fast last season when we had the horrible run when Tuanzebe and Jack got injured. We are going to suffer this season, I'd say that's guaranteed, but it would be very sad to think people will lose faith in Smith because of that.
  9. Overall, superb, 20 mins from a rel shock. First half much better than the second so maybe something to look at that there mentally. Very tough start and gave a very good account of ourselves. The next 3 games will be more important for our season than this one. Very good signs though despite the step up in class.
  10. The Norwich result has to be a sort of litmus test/benchmark for us. We are playing the losing finalists and they played the winners, we came up through the playoffs and they won the league. We've improved our squad and they have largely stuck with theirs. Bettering their result at Anfield would have to be the aim, and to go out and play our stuff as much as possible.
  11. That's very much the size of it, given all that for me 12/1 is long for any team in a football match surely? I think we're better than that, doesn't mean I think we'll win but maybe the bookies will take a while to price in just how good we actually are and there might be some value in that. Spurs will not have really been able to prepare for how we play quite as well as we will have been able to for how they play. They have no idea of our starting eleven really, at least not completely to be able to fine tune a shape or attack what they see as weaknesses. We are definitely the surprise package. Completely agree that 38/40 points is the target, home wins is the key to that and so an away fixture against the Champions League finalists is a free hit, I'm expecting Smith to go for it all guns blazing too. If we look like a team and everyone busts a gut then getting beat by a couple here is not in any way a disaster.
  12. Bookies giving 11.5 or 12 on a win for us suggests it will be a hard task. We are very much the unknown quantity though, I don't mind losing here if we hit the ground running, look like a well prepared team and play well with no passengers.
  13. There's the league cup too, I don't think Smith will see much use in a 2 or 3 minute cameo either. Looks like Davis was kept for a reason if 6 clubs wanted him. Same might be true of O'Hare. His best position is a second supporting striker, behind a proper 9 so he's going to have to play centrally as an attacking midfielder in the current system or when we want a slightly different shape...
  14. Yeah, him and Davis could foreseeably get some games in the big time, massive opportunity for them.

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