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  1. If he gets a brace on Monday then hats off to the troll.
  2. Change your dealer dude.
  3. Facts have never stopped him before.
  4. Ahaha. Yeah so he's not going to get a game Centrally we have Ramsey, Jack, McGinn, Hourihane, Nakamba, Luiz and Barkley. That's it isn't it? With Barkley out we can either go Trez left, Jack in the middle and Traore right. So midfield of Luiz, McGinn and Jack. Or Jack stays left of the front three, Nakamba pushes one of Luiz or McGinn further forward, or Ramsey does the same, if not it's Hourihane for Barkley straight swap. Unless Platt is still available
  5. Looked far from weak from what I saw, protected the ball well, in fact one of his strengths seemed to be receiving the ball with his back to goal from the back four, holding his man off and turning him to get an attack going. Looks quite the athlete to me.
  6. If he's not going to get a chance here right now then he should go out on loan at as high a level as poss. With Ross injured though who've we got in midfield head of him? Hourihane yes, but that's it, I can't see Lansbury getting a game before him.
  7. He played really well when I saw him both in a preseason game and the cup game. He can't be far away from being ready for the bench at least.
  8. I'm an idiot it was last half of last season.
  9. Wait what? I thought he was out on loan at Doncaster?
  10. If Barkley is going to be out for a few weeks can we recall Jacob Ramsey? He's scored a few at Doncaster hasn't he? He looked useful. Otherwise, Trez left, Grealish central and Traore right if we go same shape. It'll be a tough game this one they have a lot of talent luckily for us they have been organised by Moyes.
  11. What makes the swear filter put "Representatives for Wellinborough"?!
  12. I don't know, we created easily twice as many chances as them from what I saw. Defensive mistake and a wonder hit off the lad's swinger and they got 2 goals, us only getting 1 from everything we created was crazy. Did enough to win it, even wasting all the chances we did we got robbed of a point. We'll play worse than that and win this season I reckon.
  13. We could do with a couple coming through from the u23s to help the bench out. Jacob Ramsey looked good to me, we have Wes to come back too but I think the owners will get a couple in January. Dean has shown what he can do with the quality they've got to help him out now in the first XI, for us to be more consistent we need more depth desperately.
  14. Certainly better with him but we still made a dozen or more very good chances and converted 1.
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