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  1. Don't think playoffs will count, not part of the home and away against all the teams format. So max we could win on the bounce will be 12 this season (for league games). I'd take losing with a weakened team though if it meant we were all rested and had a better chance in the playoffs. Doubt Smith will do it though, poss only McGinn to make sure he's not suspended. On that note how does the yellow card suspension stuff work in the playoffs?
  2. ...and he's one of us, it's so many shades of awesome I could shit.
  3. If we get 4th the only bonus is we play second leg at home right? We could still decide automatics and the title with our last two games, if the blades win the next two and so do we it'll be then champions and norwich second. Would be massive if Derby or Bristol City could do us a favour and beat Leeds, we'd have to be favourites for the final then if we get past the baggies. The impossible is starting to look possible again. Smith has worked absolute miracles.
  4. EDIT: quoted old post thinking it was today...
  5. jhsdfg iup òshfò ohjshgòlk huun ;-)/
  6. romavillan

    Keinan Davis

    Positives are he was getting in the right place, he made the right run and jumped well for the header but totally mistimed it. He was in the right place at the right time for the other two good chances he had too. Bit more confidence and with the chances we crete in 90 minutes I reckon he'll score. If not, we have half a dozen different scorers in the last few games, so won't be all on his shuolders to score and as others have said there's a a lot more to his game than scoring, we have midfielders that can profit from him holding it up and running beyond him.
  7. Got it covered, here's the sntidote...
  8. My shout of "RED CARD YOU word removed" is now passing Jupiter....
  9. romavillan

    Jed Steer

    Bruce sending Steer and Elphick on loan looks increasingly reckless and mental. Kalinic will be number 1 long term I'm sure but Jed has been great since coming in and will be good competition for the shirt.
  10. Full house, VP will be rocking for this, start strongly and score first and could be a very good day for us.
  11. Never done 10 on the bounce in the league though. Beat Millwall and Smith gets to go down in history and we go in to the last games well and truly flying.
  12. ...and we were 2-0 up at half time (against the run of play). Had we not fallen to bits at the back late on we might have held on to 3 points there, or at least got a point. We are a very different proposition now, before that game we were scoring loads but shipping loads, now we've got the off the ball and defensive organisation down to match the pretty stuff.
  13. Not sure Mings shooting there was the best idea, forgivable at 0-2 though---
  14. Yeah hat-trick of chances for Davis, maybe the header was the easiest of the 3...
  15. Tammy won't be back for Monday then if there's any ligament damage.

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