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  1. UK was very closely mirroring the curve here in Italy but the gov's actions have been appallingly inept, so the UK curve took off instead. Outside of Lombardy here the numbers are getting really positive with respect to what we've seen. Lazio yesterday only 10 new cases, up from 6 the day before. Judging by how people have been behaving up there I can't see the UK numbers getting under control any time soon. That said the Premier League's project restart looks ambitious to me, to put it mildly. Serie A will be restarting when things have calmed down enormously more than there.
  2. The best spell of form is between matchday 19 and matchday 24 though TRO, granted we've lost four on the bounce after that but the results don't support what you are saying.. Going to be a lottery now, beat sheffield united and that could kick us on. Lose that and I think it'll be a huge blow. We need 3 wins from somewhere and a draw or 3!
  3. Dunno, at home when they've shown anything like some appetite for it they've had some really good atmospheres behind them at times. As good as our amazing away support is it might be better without a crowd in teh away games. Going to be weird though, more for the players than supporters probably.
  4. Not good re Reina then, in Italy they are reporting up to 30% of recovered patients have permanent lung damage. That could have big big consequences for athletes, GK less so I know but still. A 19 year old over here had to have a lung transplant.
  5. Our problem is we don't have 2 PL level players in every outfield position. We're a way off that so when we do get tired the gulf in class is just going to get bigger when the top teams can roll out 5 world class players and we have to make changes that weaken our team...
  6. 5 subs is a big advantage for the top clubs isn't it? Means weaker squads will be needing to compete for 90 mins against constantly fresh world class players. Liverpool/City etc could swap half the team and not have a drop in quality. Bottom half of the table can't do that.
  7. Depends what tests they do. Right now at one of the prisons I work with, they are doing swab tests, in 48 hours they get a result on whether you are positive at that moment or not. They are also doing blood samples for antibody tests, they will show if you have had it and have developed the antibodies. Unfortunately I don't get tested as I'd love to know if I've had it or not... If your relatives had mild symptoms, then maybe they didn't have contact with a lot of viral matter. It makes a difference how much you get exposed to, and the swab tests can give a false negative if there isn't much viral matter on the swab. Even if it's present. I would think they are doing both types of tests on the players, *should* be the same for the general public too but they are only just starting to offer them in Italy and judging by how little of a **** the UK government has given so far, I won't hold my breath for the general public up there.
  8. Wasn't even true of Clough, it's a myth that seemingly only exists in the UK. Team game off the pitch too, always was.
  9. If the UK doesn't enforce a proper lockdown then it will take months and the death toll will be even more unimaginably ridiculous for a country with the resources like the UK has. In that scenario I agree I don't think they should play. The draconian lockdown over here and the subsequent slow opening back up has worked here. There were only 18 new cases in Lazio yesterday and everywhere we went yesterday they took our temperature before going in, there was disinfectant going in and before the tills and EVERYONE had a mask and was good with keeping their distance. Until that becomes normal up there it's going to stay bad and the football shouldn't restart. If that means we go down on PPG it will be shit but we are in a much better place than the last time we went down.
  10. Hmmm, I'd like him to actually show something in a villa shirt first though. He's got a chance in the run in to actually bust a gut and show he's a player. No signs so far he'll do it though unfortunately.
  11. That kind of common sense seems to be in short supply in the big leagues though. The way the UK gov has handled it means that you are way off controlling the transmission rate, and already easing lax lockdown measures isn't going to help that. Germany have handled it best in terms of knowing where the infections are and continue to test at an amazing rate. Here in Italy it's been more draconian but with way less resources than the UK and Germany it's probably the only thing that would have worked as well as it has, I still don't think we're ready for football though here, not safely though at any rate in the north and it's the money up there that is the big push to play. That is what will win out in the big leagues, the big money. There's too much of it about, loads of people seem to think looking after the money ismore important than hundreds of thousands of dead people. It's mental.
  12. Really I thought there was something binding with the football league regards promotion/relegation?
  13. When the FA created the Premier League they broke away from the Football League, there is a legal agreement for promotion and relegation between the two at teh moment but I'm no lawyer and I haven't read how that agreement is worded. Ideal world woudl all still be the same governing body from the top flight down to the sunday leagues and they'd be no FA/FL split. The football league started it when the FA just wanted to keep it's cup and some visionaries like AVFC thought a league might be a better idea but still certainly in times like these it'd be a whole lot more simple if there was one rule maker...
  14. Would probably be two. then 5 go down next season. Can't see them squeezing the playoffs in as well. Which would mean a few teams in the championship being very pissed off you'd think. 3 up and 6 down next season with a 44 games season plus CL/europa league and 2 cups would be a LOT of football to play.
  15. Would mean they aren't liable as they didn't call it off, it was impossible to complete in time because of the government restrictions.
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