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  1. He needs to get up to speed quick though, he was well off it (understandably) when he came on.
  2. I doubt anyone at the club would want to sell our best defender either, this summer we will be able to compete on wages with most of the league and we're a good footballing side that a lot of players would want to play for. Love Konsa, Mings quite often looks busier or does more spectacular last ditch interventions but Konsa is the better footballer IMO and already looks to anticipate things better than anyone else we've got.
  3. Yeah I'd love to see us try it, Grealish as part of a 2 behind Watkins would make it a lot harder to double up on him without completely mangling your shape as he'd have a much more free role to pop up left, right or central. Hause not being available makes it unlikely. Don't think we'll see Engels again he's never involved anymore, Revan maybe?
  4. That would be a problem
  5. No Cash, I'd be tempted to go to 3 at the back but I doubt we will. --------------------- Martinez ----------------------- -------- Konsa ---- Mings --- Hause ---------- Trezeguet --- Luiz --- McGinn --- Targett -------------- Sanson --- Grealish --------------- ----------------------- Watkins ----------------------- I think Elmo will struggle if he plays against this lot but he's surprised me before.
  6. The fact that some are saying 12th would be disappointing shows what a great season we're having. 45+ points this season was success, we got 35 last season.
  7. Best keeper we've had since Bosnich. Any Villa team post MON pre Smith loses that by a couple of goals. We were way way off where we know we can be and we still got a point. Konsa is class, once Cash went off our right was crippled pretty much. Need a better squad to be able to change things off the bench when we are under performing like that. Flat, but a point. On to the next one...
  8. McGinn has been off the boil, Barkley was against West Ham too. Smith was pretty damning in the post match so you'd think they've had an earful and in training Smith will have been looking for solutions. If we play as flat as we did against West Ham, then I can't see past an Arsenal win. If we get back to our usual pressing and yards covered then we'll be competitive.
  9. Nah he pretty much always had two players on him when he received the ball and got closed down really quickly. He had a bad game by his recent standards but so did most of them, seems odd to just pin it on El Ghazi. Only Watkins was right on it yesterday.
  10. Never seen a Moyes side play so well. We were well off it, nowhere near like how we played them off the park at their place. Same result tough! Can't blame it all on tiredness but there were some knackered looking moments. Glad Sanson got some time on the pitch, looked smart, was always in space and passed it well. Need to see him some more but first impressions are he could be alright. Should have moved Grealish central at half time, put some stress on their shape, keeping him where they were doubling up on full backs just made their plan work. Mistakes for their second and third g
  11. We're on for nearly twice the points tally we got last season. I'd say we've been doing **** amazingly well so far. Off night tonight and we do not have the depth to be rotating 2 or 3 players when we're playing a game every 3 days.
  12. Hopefully Traore is steaming at being left out, would be good to have him fired up and right on it if he comes on.
  13. I think we'll start unchanged, then some second half changes. Until we get Wes back we can't do anything dramatic up front but Sanson gives us more options and AEG and Trez have both shown form at different times this season.
  14. That's the version I remember, but I am old.
  15. I'm thinking Smith might have got Moyes' number after the last game. We gave them a football lesson and lost last time out, pretty sure Smith will have been ticking that over in his mind a lot.
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