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Palace chairman Parish: Premier League 2 could be an option

Crystal Palace chairman Steve Parish has told The Sun the financial ramifications of relegation from the top flight are "scary" and a Premier League 2 could be an option if the gap to the Championship continues to grow.

Premier League clubs spent a record £1.165 billion during the summer transfer window on the back of the new £5bn-plus three-year broadcast deal.

However, the huge money being spent on transfers and wages comes with a grave risk to clubs likely to be fighting relegation, Parish said, adding: "The scary part for clubs paying big fees and wages is relegation. The parachute money only takes you so far."

And with the financial disparity between the Premier League and the English Football League getting ever bigger, Parish believes the situation could yet lead to the introduction of a Premier League 2 division.

More than half the 20 top-flight clubs broke their transfer records during that time including Palace, who splashed out an initial £27m on Liverpool forward Christian Benteke.

That came a few months after the Eagles had broken their previous biggest outlay in signing Andros Townsend from Newcastle for £13m.

Parish said: "If you finish mid-table and you're Crystal Palace, you're going to have roughly a £130m turnover. But after four years in the Championship, it'll be about £15m-£16m. What business can really adjust to that?

"If that gulf widens, possibly you must have a Premier League 2.

"But a double-tier Premier League is difficult as there is a lot to consider. Are you connected to the rest of the Football League, for example? Because you need to keep that dream alive to sustain the scale of the game."

The Football League (EFL) this week ruled out the possibility of including Premier League B teams in its proposed restructure for the lower divisions.

Parish, though, believes it could be a good thing if top-flight clubs could have short-term deals with EFL counterparts that would allow an increase in the amount of loan players permitted between the two sides.

"I don't see any reason you shouldn't enter a deal over one or two years with teams -- to be able to send over more than the permitted number you're allowed to loan to a club and where you can affect the coaching,'' he said.

"Then you could see a situation where both clubs benefit -- and it will ultimately help player development and the national team."



Interesting debate to be had about this topic

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1 hour ago, PieFacE said:

Wouldn't the Premier League 2 just be the... Championship? 

Yes but no...it'll be the PL taking the biggest names off the football league which is the first stumbling block, I'm sure the one that was rejected was 2 leagues of 16 teams too

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If they had a premier league two then nobody would watch it. If you took 4 or 5 teams out of the premier league nobody would miss them. What you would need is to have two "conferences" of 16 teams or some system where everyone plays each other but that will never happen.

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Good day for Palace today, not so much for Tony Pulis :D

£3.7m, that got to sting even for someone with a long career like him.



Chris Wright

28th, November 2016



Tony Pulis has been ordered to pay £3.7million to former side Crystal Palace after being found guilty of trying to ‘deceive’ the tribunal that took place after he left Selhurst Park in 2014.

As you may recall, Pulis quit his post at Palace just two days before the start of the 2014/15 season (on 14th August) after staving off relegation the season previous, but still requested he be paid his £2million ‘survival bonus’.

This was despite having not quite met the criteria needed to trigger the bonus, as explained by BBC Sport:

Pulis had a contract with the south London club which promised him a £2m bonus if he kept them in the Premier League at the end of the 2013-14 season and stayed in the manager’s job until 31 August 2014.

He secured Palace’s place in the top flight but did not stay until the required date, instead asking for the bonus earlier than agreed and then informing the club a day later he wanted to leave.

Back in March, the Premier League’s mediation panel ordered Pulis to pay Parish back the £2million bonus, plus £1.5million in legal fees. Pulis then appealed the ruling.

However, the Commercial Court have now upheld the Premier League’s verdict, instructing the Welshman to pay Palace liquidated damages of £1.5million as well as an extra £2.276million damages for what they referred to as “deceit” during the tribunal.

The tribunal panel said today:

There was in truth no pressing need for the money at all, since at no time was there a plot of land on the market which Mr Pulis was remotely close to purchasing.

His motive in doing so was to secure early payment of £2million.

They also cited “serious irregularities” in Pulis’ account of the “heating meeting with players” that he claimed was the catalyst for him walking out on the club.

In short, another glorious day in the continuing bungling demise of the integrity of English football.

Posted in Crystal Palace, Managers, West Bromwich Albion



Different circumstances of course, but Palace seem to have fared a bit better than we did against MON.

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If there was ever the perfect example of a charlaten then it is this guy.

Comes in, talks the talk, billy bullshits a couple of performances out of the lads, everyone buys into this cocky word removed...until they soon realise it's all a load of garbage, he isn't very bright, he isn't a great tactician, he cannot even build a team to defend a set piece.

The site of him punching his first towards the directors box after a rare win a few weeks back was amusing. Then coming out in the press as if he was some kind of genius for weathering a storm a few weeks back was cringey at it's best. Now it's hilarious.

Utter tosser.

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2 hours ago, LakotaDakota said:

Hardly surprising, Crystal Palace have actually won less games & are one of only 3 or 4 teams in the whole country that have a worse points per game average than even we have managed in the whole of 2016. That takes some doing

Heard a couple of weeks ago they were the worst performing team in the country for the calendar year.

He's an older version of Tim Sherwood. Goes in, gets a reaction because he's everybody's mate then can't arrest the inevitable slide.

A shit manager and an utter prick to boot. 

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2 hours ago, Designer1 said:

Cannot stand the man. If he were a bowl of cherries he'd have eaten himself years ago.

The **** bellend.

Remember when he said he wanted to be called pardiola when he got Newcastle to finish 5th one season

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Whatever you think of Pardew, thissays something about the state of the game at present.  US owners fear that they will lose money; manager looking for a job does a hatchet job on someone occupying a post he would like; they reward him by sacking the manager and appointing him (to be confirmed).

I'm not comfortable with any of that.


 The American major shareholders David Blitzer and Josh Harris, who each purchased an 18% stake in the club a year ago, had grown increasingly alarmed at the team’s slump in form, which was threatening their considerable investment, and had been made aware of Allardyce’s credentials some time ago.

Indeed, it is understood they had been sent a dossier offering detailed analysis of the club’s squad, with assessments of each player, towards the end of last month while Palace were embroiled in a six-match losing streak which culminated in a calamitous 5-4 defeat at Swansea on 26 November. Allardyce had questioned the team’s fitness and also indicated what he feels would need to be done in the January transfer window, when Palace had hoped to add the Leeds left-back Charlie Taylor to their ranks, to instigate a revival. He would seek to bring in his own backroom staff, including Sammy Lee as an assistant and new fitness coaches and analysts, and the American co-owners were increasingly swayed.  


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