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  1. Good job you weren’t selecting today’s team then.
  2. And yet, as the previous comment noted, he was better than Watkins today. Presumably form has to count somewhere.
  3. Superb assist. Thought he was looking a bit frustrated in the first half. Not sure the “system” ( if there was one) was really working for Ings or Watkins. But give Danny the chance to play with Leon Bailey and…
  4. Wow, was watching most of first half on a smartphone while on a train. Felt pretty meh after 45 minutes. By the time I got home & switched on the telly all mayhem had been let loose, we were 2-0 up, Ramsey nearly got a third and then Bailey did get a third! So I really enjoyed the spell of play I didn’t see much of! Bailey looks like he will tear a few defences in pieces in the coming months. Hope his injury isn’t too bad. Probably **** up not taking McGinn off straight away. Something for the coaching team to chew on. Anyway, here’s looking forward to seeing many more Leon Bailey specials!
  5. Great goal tonight and a good contribution all round. Those who were saying (hoping?) he would warm the bench at Man City are being proved wrong so far.
  6. He must think he’s living the dream since moving to Villa, eh? Bet the fair city of Southampton couldn’t begin to match the excitement of the Leamington Food Fair.* *(with all due apologies to Leamington - I love the place really.)
  7. Think that nutmeg was probably his high point, sadly. He became a bit less influential and was robbed of the ball a couple of times. Promising start though. I want to see him play a full game with a properly thought out plan for his role in the team.
  8. Not as much as for me watching people celebrating a 0-3 defeat. Anyway, I’m off to watch the tennis.
  9. Describing alternative views as ‘laughable’ and “hilarious” is probably a good start.
  10. Indeed, some people having a different view of the match from the majority is disgraceful and shocking. I hope this sort of thing can be stamped out.
  11. I’m with you here. In my view this was a failed gambit by the manager and he needs to rethink how we play big clubs with far stronger squads than ours. However, you can see from most responses he has made the fan base happy so maybe it’s job done.
  12. Just the three actual goals (which I like to call aG)
  13. As I say, most people seem to think that losing 3-0 to Chelsea was a pretty good performance , so Smith did his job. I don’t think your account if the match is very different from mine.
  14. I think the tactics were a gamble. Smith put all his cards on going all out in attack and getting enough goals to counter Chelsea’s own goal threat. We couldn’t score, we gave away two soft goals, we were tired out by the second half. There was a sort of heroic nobility in the way we went on attacking but I’m wondering if the selection, team formation or tactics weren’t quite right, or if it’s just that individual players didn’t quite come up to the standard required. I think there may have been a better way to try to deal with Chelsea, particularly since a number of their players were having poor games. But most people commenting here seem to have enjoyed the performance so maybe Smith got it right.
  15. It was an absurd complaint. The Argentinian players who did go to Brazil they tried to arrest. Then they tried to ban the Brazilian players who didn’t go. The whole incident was enbatrasding and best forgotten.
  16. Yes, but that won’t stop the small group of posters who spend their lives inventing straw men and knocking them down.
  17. Think we have been very naive so far. playing far too high up the pitch with little regard for the Chelsea threat when they get on the attack. hence the 0-1 scoreline. Looks like Smith is gambling all on attacking hard and getting a couple of goals. Let’s hope he succeeds!
  18. Bloody spell check has a mind of its own. Now amended
  19. Quite excited to see how Ings and Watkins play alongside each other. An early goal would be ideal & really put Chelsea on their metal.
  20. Not blowing teams away, just beating them.
  21. We won’t know how good he is until we see him play a few matches. We have seen precious little of him so far and all this argumentative to-ing and fro-ing is done in a vacuum until we have some actual evidence. I think Villa fans have a tendency to be naturally pessimistic about these cases, based on a number of past examples of players who flopped after barely playing a game. Let’s hope it’s different this time.
  22. Particularly puzzling in Sterling’s case since Jack is now his club team mate. Maybe he hasn’t noticed that yet?
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