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  1. imo if he tries to hold up he ends up getting sent off for a "foul"
  2. don't think he was that standout -- but I'd like to see him off the line more (specifically for the Mings backpass error). if our situation comes to Martinez quarantining/not in the squad again I'd seriously consider giving Sinisalo some match experience if he's as highly rated by Cutler as reported
  3. our set pieces have looked quite good with MacPhee. On another day we score from one of the routines
  4. i'm considering trying to make it over for this game (if nothing drastically chances in the next month). don't think it will get moved as hasn't already but never know.
  5. The next edition of FM sort of announced.... Will also be on the Xbox Series X/S console & game pass as well as Steam and the usual other places Football Manager 2022 - Release Date - Nov 9th Will be interesting to see what the new features will be. I know they mentioned adding female players & leagues, but I'd think that would be a few years down the line in terms of finalizing a database.
  6. I was in my kindergarten class on the day. My mom rushed to pick me up early as we lived in the DC area and didn't know if we were going to have another attack after the Pentagon. I get to explain/teach the historical significance and impact this had on us since to my high school US history classes tomorrow. (all of whom were born several years after 9/11). Will be very somber. The videos I've picked out are pretty emotional as well
  7. all I'm asking for is a Ghazi stoppage time pen winner vs Manchester and the penalty machines
  8. NBC showed a brief discussion on each team and where they stand after the deadline. Thought that the 2 Robbies + Ornstein were pretty fair and balanced in talking about Villa. (Not sure if everyone could view this video.... they made it their podcast for the week as well)
  9. Would be interested to see the reactions if we had bought him over this transfer window instead of January (since that has been reported several times) I think there's a pretty good player we have in him but he needs to show it because he hasn't shown it so far.
  10. I was going to suggest Maitland Niles as per his Instagram earlier but seems he’s off to Everton
  11. I'm genuinely curious... when's the last time either United or Liverpool had a man sent off in the PL?
  12. thought he was alright, nothing "special" but that's not expected at age 17. Looked like he belonged so definitely looking forward to his development.
  13. Ghazi motm for me. one of the worst ref peformances I've seen
  14. of course I pick the wrong player to get a yellow card
  15. excited for him to get a full run out
  16. just feel like reposting this (from last year) after seeing some of the comments here
  17. there's a pretty insightful article on the athletic "how to sell a footballer" and there's a few snippets of our purchase of Emi Buendía... thought it was a very good read
  18. well they should be finishing above us with the amount invested in their squad........ all I'm saying is that I think Arsenal would be catchable this season
  19. every time I come into this thread I compare this to what we have over here with NBC and it seems like night and day.
  20. we really should be aiming to be finishing above Arsenal this year
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