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  1. Not quite sure if this was completely answered, or that we can give an exact valuation that the club has. Today, right now, on Transfermarkt he's valued at $26.40m. Which i think can give a good estimation for what the club might value him at.
  2. I think this could be huge for the election race.
  3. Very risky appointment. Was just named their U-23 coach and didn't even have a game in charge. Zero managerial experience as well. But I can't help but like the risk.
  4. Sheffield United were pretty solid defensively in the championship iirc which had them in good stead for the PL. Leeds on the other hand, will not have the same settled back line that they had in the championship. From what I read, most of them thought that Ben White was the most important part of the defense and he's back at Brighton. Liam Cooper is their only fit senior center back, and there will surely be questions of whether he can adapt to the PL (their other CB Berardi tore his ACL in the penultimate game of their season). Can't really compare them to Newcastle, as they have a team of premier league players already. I don't think they will be in trouble — provided they sign decent center backs and a striker who can actually score goals.
  5. iirc he had agreed to go to club in China on a free last year and everything was agreed, then Real started asking for a transfer fee. I have a feeling that he hasn't forgotten that and is playing a role in his actions currently.
  6. looks like he's welcoming to competition (if he got the translations) also guess he's now FreddyGITK
  7. Origi. Would cost a fortune from Liverpool, and quite frankly judging from his performances as a starter, he's not good enough to be relied upon as the first choice #9
  8. Some of the names off the top of my head: Jonathan David, Weghorst, Berardi (though he does play out wide as well), Volland, Ings (thou I think he's unrealistic), Edouard, Chalov, Dembele (again might be a tad unrealistic), and Watkins (even though only really "proven" at Championship level).
  9. But they don't really score that often either. Ineanacho has 6 PL goals over the last 2 years and Origi has 7. And yeah that's my last point. I just think there is much better value out there for money than those two. I'm not sure exactly who I am expecting, but I would hope that we would be looking at someone who has proven they can score goals.
  10. If our striker links are Iheanacho & Origi, I think we would be in massive trouble.
  11. Posted a few pictures of him going through rehab on instagram.
  12. John Park! He has been a vital part of my fm scouting team . He had been linked with Sunderland a year or two back but nothing ever materialized. Would definitely be a very good addition to our recruitment staff.
  13. Guessing that there might be another bcd friendly or two with WBA before the season.
  14. Looks like there is a possibility that they will face expulsion from the EFL because of a lack of funds by the group that owns them. https://www.standard.co.uk/sport/football/charlton-risk-expulsion-football-league-efl-demand-details-takeover-a4510536.html
  15. I thought that I disliked Liverpool more, but this season has made me realize that they are worse. Whether its the fans overrating the mess out of Bruno, Bruno's antics on the pitch, being in almost £500 million in debt while still spending over £100 mil on transfers.
  16. I have been on an everton forum, and they have a very passionate dislike for him & Bournemouth. Found that very intriguing
  17. sadly they aren't accepting new registrations, so we are unable to enlighten them about their derisory valuation(s) of Grealish
  18. It was a reply to a comment that Gabby made on his instagram photo. (I'm assuming it was made towards Bruce but there might be another Bruce I don't know)
  19. I think there are better options out there, plus i doubt he'd leave liverpool Absolutely not for me. Looking for far too much salary than what I would give. Also just don't think he's that good as well
  20. Hope he can have some words with a few of his compatriots and see if we could sign a few of 'em.
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