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  1. AFAIK we've already sold out the 2 sections that were given to us by MNUFC. There's also a facebook event thru the "Aston Villa America" hosted mostly by the Lions Clubs Chairman.
  2. He's definitely not the most accurate source out there, but he has gotten a few things right about us recently. (eg. both the Nyland and Lyden injuries, the Abraham loan and one or two others IIRC. Obviously not accurate about everything but has gotten some spot on recently.)
  3. Gomez is my starting CF in FM 19 for Uruguay. Sign this lad up
  4. Don't the new squad registration & loan restrictions come in soon? If they don't loan him out again, would it be likely that he plays for them? I would think he's not good enough for Chelsea ATM but would be an interesting prospect for us. I def think he would be a pretty solid alternative option for us if Tuanzebe doesn't/isn't allowed back on loan/sold
  5. we were linked with that a few months ago. but from what I've heard thru several AVFC Lions club chairman here in the US, the Minnesota game is going to be the only one sadly. (Of course i hope this is not the case but)
  6. Sounds like it's gonna be a week long training camp in Minnesota. Maybe Thursday - Thursday or something? https://www.avfc.co.uk/News/2019/06/04/premier-league-faqs-2019-2020 Anyhow I was hoping for a friendly with Hibs as well but seems unlikely to happen as they've already filled out their pre-season fixture list.
  7. Villaphan04

    Jed Steer

    I think a lot of people are probably overrating him because of our recent promotion. He also had one of the best back line's in front of him for a majority of his games. Right now, I'd say he's a better than a mid-table championship goalie. Obviously I hope he translates well to the premier league but he is rather untested at the highest level.
  8. I am just listening to the podcast right now. Should be a very entertaining hour and 30 minutes. Also Side note: how good is Jericho with interviewing? I remember listening to his interview with Jinder (heh, yeah I know) and he gives a really good insight behind the scenes in the wrestling industry.
  9. NBC has all the rights for the PL in the US. The NBC Gold will give you access to all 20 teams for their 38 games. Every weekend they have 3 games on Saturday (NBCSN for the early and 10 AM kickoffs and the 12:30 is NBC I believe) and 2 (or 3 possibly) on Sunday (NBCSN for early and NBC for the later IIRC). Hope that helped Anyways if we spend 30 mil on Jack Butland we wouldn't have learned our lesson from previous relegations and would probably be headed straight back down.
  10. I would have the same reservations about Maupay as well. I would expect both would be 'big money' signings and we still don't have any idea if either's game will translate well to the PL. I also think we would get much better value for money if we looked for a striker from Europe.
  11. that's exactly who I was thinking of. Wonder if us being PL will influence him getting a work permit this time around.
  12. I wonder if we will be linked with some of the same names (specifically midfielders from La Liga) that we were in Jan
  13. would love for us to use a bit of my fm strategy in this window. As myself and others have said before, the Eastern European markets can produce really good gems and financially are much more affordable than buying English/French/German/Spanish etc.
  14. hey hey hey now i'm only yet 23
  15. think this might've made the other thread but
  16. So after about a year and half as Spain U-19 coach (not winning anything noteworthy either) I applied to, and was offered the Uruguay NT job. It will be interesting starting out in the international levels instead of the club levels.
  17. I saw that Everton might be looking to sell or loan out Vlašić again, and thought he could possibly be a target for us. (I don't know how realistic this proposition could be come Tuesday however)
  18. News apparently that they are shifting their attention to Leeds.
  19. yeah I'm pretty sure that we were linked with him in Jan. Seems to be a pretty versatile player.
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