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  1. For those interested in the chlorinated chicken etc issue, the FRC briefing note is available here: https://foodresearch.org.uk/publications/chlorinated-chicken-lower-standards/
  2. I'm sure it's untrue, but at the same time communicates a timeless truth about him. Can't really see him in a chippy. Perhaps he's eaten goujons of sole at a reception, but not guacamole with them. And the idea of him getting a takeaway fish and chips and eating it in the street is a bridge too far. It's something one of his drivers might do, and so he might notice it as part of human experience, but as something alien to his way of life.
  3. Does the suggested cost allow for planting with shrubs, modestly sized trees, and lawned areas for receptions and cocktail parties?
  4. I don't think it's an active wish for others to die, more like an acceptance that if some die as collateral damage, then that's a price worth (other people) paying.
  5. Isn't there something a little...wrong...with his technique here?
  6. They left out the bit which discusses how, in the event of problems with the health service, Demonic Cummings stands ready to assist.
  7. ...with apartheid regimes. A bunch of fascist scum.
  8. Both we and US citizens would associate this phrase with "Johnson". Though in the US, they would associate "member" with "Johnson". But we would be as one in reading the phrase and thinking "cock".
  9. The story explains why there are concerns, especially around the involvement of Cummings, with his interesting record regarding data collection and use, the urgent priority it has been given, and the personal involvement of Johnson instructing immediate action. A routine exercise would not have these characteristics.
  10. I think that when things come to a climax, Johnson will be condomned to the dustbin of history.
  11. peterms

    U.S. Politics

    The "American Conservative" had a piece yesterday saying Bolton was so distrusted, he wasn't allowed to see plans on Afghanistan unsupervised. Good riddance. A vile, deranged, extremely dangerous little man.

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