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  1. The ISIS threat to Europe

    I think I would say we are adjusting rather than being desensitized. In London, way back when they first put concrets blocks around the City to stop truck bombs, it was pretty shocking for about a day and then people adjusted. There was still shock and horror about actual attacks, but people recognised they had to cope. Had a chat yesterday with my son's girlfriend about the Barcelona attacks. I assume we are a target in Edinburgh right now in the festival, packed streets, hundreds of venues where they can't check what you are carrying because they just have to get people out and in within a very short time. What can you do? Walk on the inside of pavements not the road side, znd after that...not much. So you just get on with it. I don't think that erodes the horror of incidents, it's just a coping strategy.
  2. Keinan Davis

    He was superb. One thing watching him, there were several times when I thought he'd lost the ball, and he came out with it. It was like he looked ungainly, but was pretty skilful.
  3. Keinan Davis

    All three can be true at once, of course.
  4. Steve Bruce

    I'm far from sure we know who we are. Who will our owner be in a year's time? Will the current manager still be here in a month? What is our footballing style and philosophy? No idea.
  5. Talking to Hamas and the IRA are good things. Writing an article in the Sun is not in itself a bad thing. Writing that particular article, framed in that way, in the Sun, is a bad thing. I don't see double standards here, just a different political judgement than you make. Why do people think he's a good leader? Partly because he has been consistent down the years - one of the main reasons why the Blairites hate him is because he has taken a consistent position based on principles, and refused to go along with the focus group approach to saying whatever might be most popular. Some people for example are impressed by old photos of him being hauled away by the police at an anti-apartheid demo. Partly because he is so different to the Blairites. Partly because he tries to articulate ideas which others don't, but which need airing. He's not actually a great leader, and has had little experience of leading anything. So I think a lot of the positive sentiment towards him is about his position and his willingness to expound certain views, rather than thinking he's a case study of an effective leader. In the context of the very limited choices our political system allows us, that is good enough. I speak as an active member of another political party which fights against his party for votes, not a cheerleader for him or his party.
  6. Well, what she said, as the lead para in a piece in a paper which stirs Islamophobic sentiment, was If she had said there was a bit of a problem, in fact a big and deeply concerning problem, but expressed it in a way which didn't allow the Sun to present child sex abuse as something specific to the Pakistani community (which then somehow morphs into "Muslims"), there wouldn't be such concern about what she said. She seeks to present it as something that can't be talked about - oddly, since it is being talked about all over the media - and that daring to mention it should get her a Brownie badge for outstanding courage in the face of the oppressive thought police. This is why it seems to me not a serious contribution to a serious debate, but a self-serving bit of attention seeking which has done nothing at all to assist efforts to tackle child abuse, and to the extent which it alienates potential supporters in the Muslim community, may actually have a negative effect with regard to child abuse, as well as the wider impact of feeding racist sentiment. Which takes me back to the question that Corbyn faced: if this is the level of political awareness and judgement possessed by this person, are they fit to hold a portfolio? To which, my answer would be, no.
  7. U.S. Politics

    No, they've shown up.
  8. I agree that Labour should seek to talk to people who read the Sun. Writing in the Sun is not the only or best way to do it, though. Unless of course the paper is going to offer a regular platform, uncensored, where an alternative view can be put forward consistently and over a long period. If they are going to talk to Sun readers in the columns of the Sun, then don't do it in a way which reinforces racist stereotypes and actively undermines challenging the Sun's line, would be my view. I haven't seen an account of why she was fired. Quite possibly the publication of Kavanagh's article made it even more obvious that Champion's piece was being used to support the Islamophobic agenda of the Sun. Perhaps a piece by Champion attacking the way the sun had used her article in a way that led into an article on the "Muslim problem", and setting out a strong counter position, might have helped. As it is, she is reported to be thrilled with her piece, and I haven't seen a comment from her about the Kavanagh piece - don't know if she has made any comment.
  9. Ratings & Reactions: Norwich v Villa

    One thing for me was the first goal we conceded. Earlier in the match we had been doing some pressing, which I gather from other comments we hadn't done much of in earlier games. For their first goal, we stood off Reid, who played the long ball that led to the goal. That links to the poor possession stats. I think that needs changing.
  10. And we don't call it "defense" here either.
  11. And we don't call it "defense" here either.
  12. When someone curls the ball into the far corner like that, and the camera is right behind the flight of the ball, it's just the best thing.
  13. What you eatin' there then?

    Wash thoroughly, scrape off the beards, discard any with broken shells or that don't close shortly after being handled. Get a very big pot with a lid that fits properly. Slowly soften some finely chopped shallot and garlic in butter, and have chopped parsley ready. Put all the mussels in the pot, add 1-2 glasses white wine, put the lid on and turn the heat up to max. Do not open the lid. When steam forces its way out of the closed lid, they should be done. Turn off the heat, add the chopped parsley and serve. If any haven't opened, discard them. You will have more liquid than the amount of wine you added. As cooking the mussels only takes a couple of minutes, you need to have everything else ready before starting to cook them. But take a little time to soften the shallots gently and slowly.
  14. The article doesn't come across to me as seeking to persuade readers of anything, but instead to reinforce and confirm existing views. In particular, starting off with in a newspaper whose readership contains a lot of right-wing and racist people is really not an attempt to discuss a serious issue in a nuanced way. There's a good piece here by Shaista Aziz pointing out among other things that Which is of course the Sun's agenda, and Champion's crude and unhelpful piece serves that agenda. How she doesn't see that, I have no idea. Perhaps if she'd written the piece differently, for example starting off with the context about child sex abuse and then discussing this one specific manifestation of it as something that requires dealing with differently than for example abuse by teachers, then she might have been able to claim that it was meant as a serious contribution to a serious debate. But of course she wouldn't have done that in the Sun, which is not at all interested in nuance or serious points, just fuelling prejudice and stirring hatred.
  15. What you eatin' there then?

    Wow. Amazing bargain. Well done. One of the best ever fish to cook and eat. Riley's Fish Shack does a great dish of spiced monkfish cubes, served with homemade flatbread, garlic potatoes and salad, from a container dropped onto a Tynemouth beach and kitted out with a pizza oven for cooking, and some real ale. Magnificent and worth a long journey just to sample. If your post had said flatbread instead of cheese burgers, that would be in the same ball park. Monkfish is one of the firmest fishes, so you can for example barbecue it (with care) which would be hard with most fish unless you enclose it in one of those special fish-shaped barbecue tools, and who's going to be arsed to do that? But to get the best out of monkfish, try this. Step one: make your own fish stock. Go to a local fishmonger, buy some fish, and ask for bones. White fish bones, you don't want oily fish like herring or mackerel or salmon, but rhey should know that anyway. Heads are good, but wash the blood from the gills. Blood is good in meat stock, not fish stock. Soften some onion, celeriac, celery, leeks in oil or butter in tne biggest pan you have, wash the fish bones, add them to the pot. If you have it, add some white wine. Maybe add a bay leaf or some parsley stalks. Cover with cold water, bring to the boil, simmer gently for 20 minutes only. Make lots, strain through a fine sieve, freeze in plastic bags in quantities of maybe half a pint or 200ml. Should do you for many meals. Step two: whenever you have great fish, do this. Set the oven to hot, like 200. Finely chop a shallot, place in a pan with a glassfull of white wine, bring to the boil, simmer to reduce. Add a pack of fish stock prepared earlier. Reduce again. season, add whatever you want to be the main flavour of the sauce - chives, chervil, mustard, tarragon, paprika - whatever. When you are readxy to serve, add some butter and reduce again. While that is going on, cook some potatoes. If you want to serve them mashed, peel them, otherwise just clean them. I would suggest boiling for 20 mins, quartering, then sauteeing in a little oil and butter and lemon juice. Slightly brown and crusty is how you want them. Do some veg - maybe green beans boiled for 3-4 mins, drained, dumped in a bowl of cold water, then drained and stir-fried in butter and garlic and salt, or else courgettes sliced lengthways twice at right angles to make long strips, then cut to make half cm cubes, the quickly stir fried with lime and chilli. Season the fish with some decent salt and fresh ground pepper, fry quickly in a hot pan for 1 min each side, transfer to a dish and finish in the oven for 5 mins depending on thickness of the fish. Use that time to taste the sauce and adjust, and plate up.