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  1. It is standard practice in disciplinary cases to get screenshots of evidence, precisely because it may be deleted. Are you seriously saying that in this case, despite lots of people seing it and being affronted, and despite the coaching of the Israeli Ambassador in how to make complaints, no-one managed to grab a screenshot? Seriously? No, you really can't be serious. Whose. My point is that selection panels will select who they wish, and bar who they wish, and sometimes they do so on partisan lines. Camden does not operate differently to the rest of the Labour Party afaik. I know little of Camden LP (do you?) but I've seen LP selection panels operate (have you?). This makes no sense. Neither does this.
  2. That's not like any birth I've ever attended, then.
  3. peterms

    Dean Smith

    I think you've put your finger on the problem.
  4. Have you checked out registering as disabled? It would offer some extra protection, in some circumstances, and it makes employers more cautious.
  5. So Edinburgh would basically be meeting in the middle, then? Done.
  6. Yes, that would be very convenient, at Easter Road. Well, at least for me, can't speak for the rest of you.
  7. This is possibly a better angle of the teenager's assault on the honourable gentleman.
  8. It's not, or not meant to be. It's a poor choice of words, because "trashing" has no clear and agreed meaning. I think what is meant is disagreeing fundamentally with the claims of a rsligion, while respecting the right of people to hold a belief and act in pursuit of it, as long as it doesn't harm others or curtail their rights. At least that's my interpretation.
  9. If he was a local councillor, he could be personally surcharged for the cost of manifestly unreasonable decisions. MPs have decided that they can't be so punished.
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