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  1. They've got match winners all over the park. In any knockout comp they have a chance.
  2. People who come into the office nowadays with just a laptop. No mouse, no second screen, no keyboard. Unless their job is surfing internet or just reading - how are they being productive.
  3. Maupay is garbage. Works hard, but hold up play non existent, not quick, technically really poor and not a great finisher. He's as one dimensional as it gets. He's Hogan with a bit of bite and bit more self confidence. He's a rat.
  4. £2m loan fee for Snoddy and 65k a week salary
  5. Teflon Don. He's the luckiest man in the world.
  6. Nice one Alex. Could have thought of a more original pseudonym though
  7. Did a wonderful job. Should walk into work tomorrow good guy Bruce.
  8. Yes I was one of them. The man apart cabbage gate took absolutely zero abuse at VP. He was supported to the hilt. People can say what they want about me behind my back. That's human nature. We're arseholes.
  9. It doesn't matter as long as poor Brucey can play the victim as always. Probably wasn't even directed at him. Alex had to search 2000 pages on an obscure message board to find it.
  10. Steve Bruce at VP. Holte end chanting his name for near enough the whole of his reign. Steve Bruce claret and blue army. Brucie give us a wave. Brucey Brucey...even until the end, and I was sitting right behind dugout that year. He got amazing support. Up until cabbage gate( and that was one fan and I was sat right there for that) the fans in that stand backed him. Applauded him and encouraged him. Yet he comes out slagging the fans off. Picking fights. Then complains about the unfair stick he gets. I despise the man. He is an utter arsehole of the highest order. "I keep picking fights with a fanbase that by and large and in person support me to the hilt....why am I getting stick?!?!"
  11. Why does everything have to come down to mental health. The bloke is a garbage manager. What can you say? He's a toxic person aswell. Every fanbase loathes the guy. He picks fights for fun. The amount of abuse he receives isn't because a great guy who does good jobs in bad circumstances and gets everyone from top to bottom and fans onside. He's an awful manager. He shouldn't manage people.
  12. I'm not bantering them. I don't think there is anything funny about Arsenal anymore. They're abhorrent. Owners. Managers. Director of football. Scouting dept. Players. Fans. They're us 10 years ago except instead of buying bang average players for 1m a pop theyre spending 100m on "young hungry (but nowhere near the level we aspire to be) players." It's a farce bordering on collective delusion.
  13. James Milner getting rave reviews for a few of his appearances this year . About to turn 36. A good solid 3 or 4 years and he could be on to break Gaz Baz's record
  14. ...and celebrating a last minute equaliser at home to Palace like you've won the world Cup with cries of "who are ya" Club is done. I remember drawing 3-3 with Sheff Utd at home after being 3 nil down and still being fuming.
  15. When you're celebrating corners and screaming for the stands for non existent fouls you know you're done as a side. I remember those days under Bruce.
  16. Two absolute mavericks. If you're a centre back and you don't watch football you ain't doing your job.
  17. Ramsdale is absolute garbage and so are Arsenak but they're all 24 so it's alright.
  18. You can't blame individuals for not pressing when the spearhead of your team is a statue. It's utterly pointless to press at that point. You'll get ripped apart and you'll mug yourself off and make yourself look stupid. I've been there. On a five a side pitch like with fat Gaz but the point remains.
  19. Still in complete denial over Ronaldo.
  20. The amount of players with their hands on their knees when the play stopped spoke volumes. Absolute shitshow of a set up there. All the money in the world....they've in trouble still. They'll have to pay a kings ransom but some bang average footballers to sign on.
  21. Tyler just needs to fondly Bruce's balls now to complete a good rim job. Poor Brucey. A great man and a great manager. Let's all feel sorry for his 8m pay off for being an incompetent lazy stubborn old stale wale and pale rocket polisher. **** off.
  22. Probably the worst 20 minute cameo I've ever seen from Shelvey. Legs. Gone.
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