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  1. Time is done here without the injury. He is not good. He was bordering comically bad for 80% of his time.
  2. 30m for a soon to be 30 year old striker with 2 ACLs and loads of miles on his knees. I'm sorry. This is not a good buy
  3. My Mrs has been waiting 2 years.
  4. No brainer. I think he isn't even close to his ceiling, is a very good footballer, great competition. If I was his agent I would be advising him to go anywhere where he is guaranteed games but hey I'm not. Villa hat on, brilliant addition.
  5. Boh My Ghod that's new contract music.
  6. Champions of net spend. You'll never sing that.
  7. because he's staying, what an absolute caper
  8. Having a bit of wiggle room on the FFP as a club who failed FFP and has the fanbase of a women's cricket team drop £250m on 2 players. Yay.
  9. Well the baseless speculation over the past 4 minutes here is enough for me to get my hopes up that he is staying. Just ordered me 10 Grealish shirt. It's happening boys. 5 more years.
  10. He's just building up the suspense. Absolute scenes when he signs a new deal on the pitch on Saturday,
  11. We will promote from within and go with Bailey. We won't be buying players now, at least not prized assets. We'd have our pants pulled down on the fee and the player's reps would be demanding silly wages. Let's not be that club. Let's just be smart. It's not glamorous and it's not what fans want to see but take the hit for the season and get our business lined up back end of the season.
  12. It's too soon after Jack and I'm not looking for anything serious.
  13. Ohhhh an email with an explanation mark in my inbox from a sender outside the business. Best deal with that right away, said no-one ever.
  14. Just another player that came through , played for us and left. Not a legend. Didn't win a trophy. Ultimately in those big game moments did nothing of note in the 2 play offs or the league cup final so nothing to remember for decades to come there. Was a great player for us. Will be remembered as a great player but no moments in big occasions that will be replayed for decades to come when we reach finals and win trophies. Could have won a trophy or two here in the next few years, we're building. Remembered forever as a legend. Instead he'll pick up a few medals to chuck in the attic, nobody will give two ****s what medals he picked up in 10 years time. Just one in a long succession or players to win a medal at a souless club.
  15. Thought he was better than this. Enjoy the souless club. Enjoy the souless supporters. Enjoy being just another brick in the wall and enjoy your souless PL medals in 30 years.
  16. Are they playing a mannequin 11? Christ.
  17. Also been offered to Leicester in exchange for Maddison plus a few million. The club is a straight parody at this point. How far can a club fall in 5 years
  18. New 4 year deal for Xhaka. Absolutely farcical. Edu is at the wheel.
  19. Listening to a lot of the Ben Foster podcast stuff - absolute raves off Neil Cutler. Absolutely inspired signing.
  20. Joe Hart 3 years and James Mccarthy on a 4 yearer. Oh my God what is going on.
  21. No just the changes made in the last 2 years. It was getting crap before, it's absolutely abhorrent now. Like above Sky sports news was never off in my house for a good 10 years morning noon and night weekdays and weekends. I haven't switched to that channel since covid. YouTubers on shit webcams and laptop microphones in their bedroom (I bet that will continue post lockdown) Garbage presenters with no personality. Pundits just there to fill a quota and because they are cheap (obvious cost cutting bonus) It is dry. Not informative. No personalities. Just a bunch of wet blankets.
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