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  1. I love this series so much. Very interesting
  2. I actually don't think the two Ronaldo pen claims were pens. In both scenarios he was already on the way down before any contact was made, was completely looking for it.
  3. Ollie is so important to how we play. Had a relatively quiet game yesterday but he sets the tempo for everyone else. Outstanding talent.
  4. Our set pieces are so much better since this guy joined. Kinda makes me wonder why we haven't had a set piece coach in the past.
  5. Yeah I'm no longer a season ticket holder and ended up in the upper trinity. The atmosphere up there was pretty good considering it's the upper trinity.
  6. Really looking forward to this game. First time stepping into Villa Park since the pandemic started. Man I've missed that place.
  7. Looks like this game is going to be delayed which is sad if true. Halo delayed BF (apparently) delayed Gonna be playing Warzone forever it seems.
  8. I hope Burnley get relegated. Horrible team.
  9. How is this game only 2-0. Should be about 87-0
  10. Have to say I didn't think much of it in real time. Don't really wanna see a replay of it either.
  11. Didn't watch the game but looking at the highlights it seemed we did more than enough to get a result. Poor defending and finishing but didn't look too bad.
  12. Is he injured? Wasn't in any of the training videos which largely focused on players scoring goals. Seemed to be Bert, Leon, Watkins, AEG and Archer. EDIT: I see I'm late with this. Ignore
  13. PieFacE


    Arsenal will be fine sadly, though would be hilarious if they weren't.
  14. Oh seems I am misinformed judging by your post here.
  15. I mean, the only additional game they'll miss is Everton isn't it? So it's not the end of the world. Though, I could be misinformed on that.
  16. We'll be fine either way
  17. I'm absolutely loving Nine Perfect Strangers. I read some reviews which were all relatively negative beforehand so I I'm very surprised how good I think it is. Excellent viewing so far.
  18. Thanks for this. Will watch tonight, looks ace.
  19. I hope he gets some game time in the prem soon.
  20. Thought I read somewhere that Leicester were in for him.
  21. Just came into this thread to post the exact same name
  22. I think he'll be good for Leeds' frantic style of play.
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