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  1. No idea how I forgot Leaving Las Vegas. He was incredible in that.
  2. Yep. Add Joe, Bad Lieutenant and Adaptation to the list too. **edit** Forgot Bringing Out The Dead too. A less known Scorsese movie.
  3. Same lady that did Raw isn't it? If its half as good as that it'll be a belter. Let me know what you think.
  4. See I got the Plat on Odyssey and Origins and didn't feel any of it was a grind but I'm really struggling to get through Valhalla. I love the raiding sections and the world design is great but some parts are such a chore.
  5. Good to hear. I'll be going on Sunday and really looking forward to it.
  6. That can't be right. That Bot that posts on here said it would rather have him than Ronaldo in the team.
  7. Christ, I remember being at Uni when they did that and a mate of mine who was an absolute Weddoes nutter collecting them all. I feel old.
  8. Good to hear, we rewatched Halloween (classic) and Halloween 2018 this week in preparation for tomorrow's cinema visit to see Kills. Really looking forward to it.
  9. I'm looking forward to them tbh. It would have been nice to have all three rebuilt from the ground up ala Demon's Souls but let's face it that's not realistic. Give me the originals with a makeover, add some QOL improvements and trophies and I'll be all over them.
  10. Used to drive me mad in WoW Battlegrounds. "OK, so you two stay and defend our base while we attack theirs and then protect us when we we're coming back with the flag" "Yeah got it" One minute later... Everyone: "LEEEEEEEEERRRRRROOOOOOOYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!"
  11. I see this thread is still **** weird then
  12. For the record, I have never in my 50 years heard anyone pronounce it 'korter'.
  13. Finally started Vikings. Very good, straight into it.
  14. Definitely my two favourites by them. I think the songwriting had really developed by that time and they were more confident musicians. Although I do like most of the stuff they've put out tbh. I also think that Turner's solo stuff for the Submarine soundtrack is very good too.
  15. The fact that every time I start a new game I have to go into settings and select 'Invert Y' What sort of weirdo plays without it inverted?* *I realise there's probably a load as it's the default but its still **** weird.
  16. Yeah going to see it Friday. Cannae wait!
  17. With you on that one. Same as Halloween and Halloween 2018. Just give it a subhead ffs.
  18. I thought 4 > 3 but each to their own. The Scream movies are a big thing in my household so I dare say all four of us will be booking tickets for this one.
  19. It would have been interesting to see him as Pennywise as I believe he was one of the frontrunners. Although to be fair Bill Skarsgard did a terrific job.
  20. Serious answer this time. I'd look after my immediate family and make sure they were all comfortable. I would travel the globe in style and try as many new experiences doing so would provide. Then after things had died down a bit and the new house(s) were sorted, I'd probably focus on investing in creative projects - art galleries, bands and of course movie production. All things that would easily fill my days and give me immense satisfaction.
  21. I'd go to McDonald's and finally be able to order the Large Big Mac Meal.
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