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2 minutes ago, OutByEaster? said:

F*** em W*****s.

Big thanks to Ben Mee for always being a c***.

Hope Maupay treads on some lego at home.


Followed by an up-turned plug. 


Utter bunch of scumbags. I think that Brentford are the team that I hate the most. They offer nothing to the league.

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Good teams find a way to win. We finally found a way, although it took a Ben Mee gift to do it.

We still struggle to break down park-the-bus teams. We were ponderous. After they scored, it almost looked like Gerrard-ball. Chaos favors the attack. Don't wait for the perfect opportunity. Pump balls into the box and your chance will come.

We missed Doug running the show from deep. We missed Tielemans' through balls. We missed (until the second half) Bailey's runs.

McGinn had to play a different role without Doug and was restricted.

Moreno was still rusty but made amends.

I'll defend Cash as a RB but he is not a midfielder.

Poor self control from Emi and Kamara at the end. You're winning; let it go. That said, the ref let the game get out of hand and was really poor.

To be fair, I thought Brentford should have had a penalty for the shove in the back on the edge of the box.

Well, that was negative even though we won, so let me conclude with something positive. The second goal was a beauty. Great flick, great finish, great character to get there.


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Referee pathetic, weak refs cause the kind of scenes at the end. Has absolutely no authority on the pitch, gives a yellow for the Mee challenge when it was under his **** nose. Blatant shirt pulls no yellow. Just createds an anything goes atmosphere, absolutely lawless. Has no ability to talk to a player and calm them either. **** word removed

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1 minute ago, Talldarkandransome said:

Ben Mee caused most of that, then Maupay made sure of it.. would be worth the ban to nut the pair of them. 

Emery got a yellow for trying to calm it down from what I could see. Kamara didn't really do anything,  few of their players did much worse in that melee

The stupid thing is, it wasn't even a contentious red card (or shouldn't have been). It was pretty blatant. Brentford just seemed to lose their heads completely.

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