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  1. I must say, from across the pond, I never knew how bad Football journalism was before I became a supporter of Villa. What a shameful headline/story. Made himself the story, idiot.
  2. Hes going to thrive with Emi's through balls.
  3. Love Golovin, would be surprised if it was for so cheap.
  4. Not only did he dominate that shootout, but he talked SHIT during the entire time. Legend.
  5. Depends on the sport and time of year. It's not quite the silly season of transfer windows but there is always enough speculation. The problem comes in when it's stated as if it were a fact when it's plucked out of thin air. That doesn't happen with most reputable papers/sites for US sports.
  6. Joe Allen is out there just getting in some exercise, good for him.
  7. Moore is a nice striker. Like his touch and ability to play in the air.
  8. Worth it. Major upgrade from Dross Barkley
  9. Would rather take McNeil over Rashica, tbh.
  10. Feels like Traore spends half the game on his ass.
  11. AEG and Lansbury cannot be off the team fast enough.
  12. Kind of crazy that we've heard nothing on Engels other than some photos and maybe a rumor of an injury? Someone call Sherlock
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