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  1. Valid points but, again, the key bit is in bold - why get married if lifelong monogamy isn't for you? There is absolutely no good that can come from "I'm horny so I'll shag someone else", unless the situation happens to change the marriage entirely and they become swingers/have an "open" relationship and somehow this works and doesn't end up with one party getting jealous. Would be interesting to know how the discussion came to a resolution of "go and shag someone else, but not my sister or my friends". Is this something that he suggested? Alarm bells, if so.
  2. You think Brighton will finish top 4? Big call.
  3. bobzy

    General Chat

    I've heard it's shit jeans with holes in them.
  4. You're kidding? That's given as a free kick every day of the week. I think it was soft as a penalty, but is very much one of those "could be given, could be not". Certainly don't see anything to suggest the decision should've been overturned - Walker doesn't get the ball and stops Armstrong getting to it properly.
  5. Bayern are the worst, in many ways. They don't have an aim to "collect galaticos" in the same as Real Madrid or PSG, they don't spend quite the obscene amounts of Man City, Chelsea, Man Utd etc... ...but they systemically ruin the rest of German football. Got a brilliant player in your team as a German club that isn't Bayern? Bayern will buy him off you. None of the other teams operate in such an anti-competitive way tbh. (Haaland is amazing - I hope he doesn't go to Bayern)
  6. bobzy

    Austin MacPhee

    Danny Murphy is a clown - worst pundit out there, and there are some bad ones!
  7. bobzy

    Matty Cash

    Cracking finish on his weak foot - hassled his way in there too. Really good to see, he works hard does ol’ Matty.
  8. Crazy comment - great movement beforehand to get into place, hold the ball up and then play it over the top with the outside of his boot… knows exactly what he’s doing and executes it perfectly. It’s brilliant play.
  9. **** me - he’s trying to take a free kick and the Swansea player kicks the ball away. The clamour for red cards is absurd.
  10. Looks to be playing as an AMR today - could be interesting.
  11. Newcastle looked alright here I thought - created plenty of chances, not at all “defend, defend, defend”.
  12. Is this a massive lol? Rennes aren’t the worst side in the competition.
  13. This attendance thing gets thrown out a lot - it’s utter bollocks. They average over 54k in a 55k capacity ground. The atmosphere might be poo, but the attendance is right up there. Why lie?
  14. I thought Derby were cleared and the league subsequently appealed? I don’t think they’ve particularly dragged their feet.
  15. That amount of money is probably 4th or 5th in the Prem during his time? We’ve spent a similar amount, right?
  16. He's repeatedly said he moved to win things and play in the CL. Why do people keep talking about it being for money?
  17. Bit of a stretch - Rooney is doing alright whilst the club is a mess. They've only won 1 game this season. If that carries on, they'll be in trouble.
  18. It's basically this - he's also got to 4 semi finals and obviously lost to Villarreal in the Europa League final. Fine margins, but they're now competitive across the board whereas they just weren't under Mourinho or Van Gaal. Always a hard one to gauge on "better job" because winning a trophy is better than not winning a trophy, but Solskjaer is doing a good job at Man Utd.
  19. Yeah, there's not really many downs being a Man City fan. I guess they're disappointed that they don't win the CL - but that will absolutely happen at some point. What then? Will they need to win everything or be considered to have failed? It's probably why you get these muted atmospheres at their ground. Probably only really gets lively when it's against an on-paper closely matched team (Chelsea, Liverpool, Man Utd, Bayern etc) but otherwise just a bunch of people sat on their phones and politely "yay"ing when a goal is scored. There's part of me that is envious of their trophy haul - and it must be great seeing your side win the Premier League - but it must be incredibly dull being a Man CIty fan. No rollercoaster, just success or failure and nothing in between. They wouldn't be happy at finishing 2nd in the league. I just can't imagine that.
  20. No, but his England presence made him visible to not-necessarily-the-biggest football fans, who all swooned over him and made him a pin-up. It's only natural for media/PL to have such an 'interesting' player as their main star. The girls aren't swooning over Harry Kane or KDB, the young lads aren't asking for a Harry Kane or KDB haircut etc. I don't think much of the hype is actually City-based (obviously partly there due to the fee involved) - it's mostly just off the back of whatever the hell happened over the summer.
  21. Just watched the highlights of their game last night - man, that atmosphere is absolutely dead. Each goal is "celebrated" with an incredibly muted and expectant "yay". Obviously successful, but what a **** shit club Man City are these days.
  22. He should celebrate if he scores against us. I find the whole not celebrating thing **** bizarre.
  23. I'm pretty surprised they haven't overturned the red card - or at least seen the ban reduced. Let's face it, there's absolutely zero chance that similar tackles (not ending in bad injury) will see red cards this season. Farce.
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