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  1. Delph probably not. But it was definitely said about Downing from what I remember.
  2. I remember some praising Villa for getting so much for Downing and Delph and saying how it was "an amazing deal" to get what they got for them. Sometimes, supporters think their team can do no wrong.
  3. Surprised at his ability to get his head on the ball for his relatively small stature. I think he fits what Smith wants as a hybrid wing/striker. Love his pace and hold up ability. Kind of worried about his finishing, I don't see much with his feet. But getting a good, young English player for 18m? I'd LOVE it on sheer economics alone.
  4. MotM Nyland for making me feel something other than pure disgust with that throw. I've seen toddlers with more teeth.
  5. Is Konsa aware where he is at the current moment?
  6. Seen better attacking football under McLeish if we're being honest.
  7. Bossing the midfield and Wesley is in Mina's head. I'll take another half like that one, please.
  8. Must have screamed louder than the ref's wife in order to get that yellow, methinks.
  9. The only one that I can think of in recent years is Zaha, but even Zaha hasn't been that good.
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