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  1. I’ll lend him my Mrs. Heck - he can have a go on me after that goal!
  2. Hopefully we can shut up some of the doubters with that performance and start to see more people get behind the project!
  3. We need a new part of the poll. Nanny MacPhee’s Performance Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
  4. Have I missed an advancement in football… WTF is this player taking a nap behind the wall business???
  5. I have nothing against Targett as a player, personality, but boy do I hate his teeth. I can’t look at his face. Drives me insane.
  6. We look really good in this system against top sides. Would rather go out fighting than Burnley the crap out of them.
  7. When you come onto VT and there are no “hot” threads. @villalad21 @Delphinho123 OUTTTTT
  8. My gut is that we have dropped a clanger by not securing another CM. Overall window felt pretty good, I just would have thought we could have pulled 30-40 out of the bag to get someone and still be a low net spend. What I don’t know is how much they believe in Sanson, and just how much the kids are going to push on. Chuk Rock seemed overwhelmed the other day. Time will tell. I can’t buy into all this negativity though. We won’t be going down. Tread water for a season - quite possibly. Still expect us to kick on a little though. I do think we simply have so much coming on tap from the youth in the next two years that there may be a view to pause on the spending and wait and see. I can buy into it. Someone like a Winkels feels like where we should have landed to me.
  9. Deano just been spotted with Lange in an old school 1980s mini on the A23.
  10. Damned shame with this lingering injury. But still have hope here. Basically we can’t make any conclusions yet. He needs some real competitive minutes. Hopefully he’ll get them soon.
  11. Good window so far. I agree we need another mid. Would be fine with Witzel - someone still at the top of their game until our clearly amazing youth prospects come through. I think we can get by with rotating a few of the youngsters in, but it delays our progress a year. That said, I think it's crazy to say this has been a poor window...
  12. He’s too busy trying to be the middle link in a human centipede of Kalvin Phillips and Bamford.
  13. NoRwIcH bEaT bOuRnEmOuTh 6-0, AnD wE oNlY bEaT bArRoW bY tHe SaMe. SMITH OUT!!!
  14. I mean he scores goals, so instantly better than Davis...
  15. Whatever we want to talk about winning cups - commercially there is zero cash in the League Cup… We have a squad - got to rotate and give them a chance to make a case for the first team.
  16. Team woke up today. Decent 3 halves of football so far this year from us. Excited about the youth - maybe we don’t need more in midfield?!?
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