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  1. Thyme with chicken, mushroom and cream. Will blow you away, trust me.
  2. Its not even a difficult decision to get right. It's so not a pen.
  3. Tagging @villarule123 because he wears shorts for a living
  4. The logic that Sancho isn't playing because he hasn't got tournament experience. Still can't find over it. How exactly will he gain it then gareth?
  5. The more amusing thing is the idea that these players come to the England camp and learn something from him. Yeah, course they do Gareth.
  6. Not racism but Sends completely the wrong message.
  7. StefanAVFC

    Soft drinks

    It's not about extra salt though, this is the key point you're missing here. It's about adding the right amount to strike the required balance, as @Davkaus mentioned.
  8. StefanAVFC

    Soft drinks

    Damn right. The best pasta is the simplest pasta. Even a carbonara is just pancetta/guanciale, egg yolk, parmasan/pecarino and very salty pasta water. Salt is essential. Not to make things taste salty but to bring out the flavours more. There's a reason it's used in every cuisine.
  9. StefanAVFC

    Soft drinks

    Nah they're all idiots with ruined taste buds into processed food.
  10. StefanAVFC

    Soft drinks

    I wonder who's right here. Italian nonas doing it this way for centuries or Chris P from Wales.
  11. StefanAVFC

    Soft drinks

    I'm with you on this. My dad does it and it drives me mental.
  12. StefanAVFC

    Soft drinks

    I'm talking about in the water for pasta, rice and potatoes. I understand not adding extra sugar to things, I don't add it at all. But not salting your pasta water (for example) is **** mental. An Italian nona would slap you.
  13. Then fouling and falling over from both sides is hilarious.
  14. This ref is a disaster. Totally buying into the Spanish falling over
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