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  1. I think it'll have the opposite effect. And she uses the ridiculous hurdling example too. Not sure why she goes straight for the 'IT'S NOT SEXIST' defensive approach from the start either. Villalad, are you Emma Hayes?
  2. It's totally fair as it stands. The standard is worse so making the goals smaller will make the game less entertaining. I wonder what the women think about it? This argument does seem a little 'men telling women what's fair and what isn't' tbh.
  3. It isn't a zipper. It's selfish words removed expecting to be let in at the front. As Moonman says, in less strong terms
  4. Are there really more goals in Women#'s football that justifies the larger goals? I would argue that, with the quality being so much lower, having a larger target to hit at (with the goalies being smaller) goes someway to bridging the gap and keeping the entertainment quality high. By making the goals smaller, you'll see less goals, probably than the men's game.
  5. Looks a good player but for 35m it's a risk!
  6. Would we, and Brugge, have announced it so publicly if there were a likelihood of it falling through?
  7. I don't even have words for my disdain for the thought of Boris as PM.
  8. This one might have legs, reported by Percy. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2019/06/12/aston-villa-target-leeds-united-midfielderkalvin-phillips-14m/?WT.mc_id=tmg_share_tw
  9. I don't know why everyone's complaining, I'm Havana great time
  10. Honestly. political satire is just dead at this point
  11. teehee i hope his hotel has keys instead of room cards or he'll be in trouble
  12. And then he was later, so avoided 2 reds. **** Phil Dowd
  13. TAKING BACK CONTROL, not just from the EU but also from Parliament.
  14. I don't disagree with you often but I think you're letting your own bias's about him cloud your judgement here. He was fantastic for 60+ minutes. I watched it both from the stands and then twice more from Sky and he was everywhere, breaking everything up, fantastic passing etc.
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