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  1. We should do this. Tell people we’ve left, sell them blue passport covers with EU removed and tax them more due to the ‘divorce bill’ Meanwhile, for sane people, life goes on as normal.
  2. I must be missing something, because May's Deal takes us out of the single market, because staying in the single market would keep FoM which is her number 1 red line.
  3. You do know Theresa May set the red lines right? The EU couldn't go softer without having FoM in there, which TM ruled out. Delusional.
  4. This is difficult for me. We have a 2nd ref and no deal wins (in the theoretical vote) then we would have to do it, and with the public creeping towards no deal as an outcome (terrifyingly) it could happen. The responsible thing would be to keep no deal off a ballot but I don’t know how it could happen.
  5. Had a league match tonight. Was tight, drawing. Their guy falls over his own feet, no penalty. They walk off and refuse to play and the match is abandoned. Absurd behaviour.
  6. Seeing May 7th on the table. Takes accidental No Deal out of the equation. I just don't see MV3 passing.
  7. Urgh, it's tricky. Part of me wants no deal so the idiots who voted for it can really suffer, but it'll screw me living in the EU.
  8. I know you're not being sincere, but the big selling point of staying in the UK, was EU membership. They will lose that membership, even though they voted to remain, so as Bercow would say 'circumstances have changed'.
  9. As we spoke, I'm the same. Leaving the EU 28th, coming back 30th. Mad.
  10. Remainer cabinet ministers need to start taking this more seriously. She is a tin-pot dictator.
  11. That's a bit unfair. I agree with Chris. The only response will be 'the people already voted' regardless of the numbers.
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