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  1. A boot to the head isn't a yellow this season. 'Letting things go'
  2. That Tarkowski tackle was worse than the one that McGinn got booked for.
  3. Indeed, some people having an opinion on those different views is disgraceful and shocking. I hope this sort of thing can be stamped out.
  4. Just as much Steer's fault to be honest. He didn't read the situation at all, and was a snail off his line.
  5. Failed gambit? He set the team up in the formation and style that gave us the best opportunity to win the game. In the first half, we should be 3-1 up. The manager's approach worked. He isn't to blame for countless poor finishes. We start the 2nd half well, gift them a goal and mentally it kills us. 2 years ago we played 5-3-2 at Leicester and played for a draw 100% Today we played a similar formation, attacked the European champs and deserved something from the game. What more do people want?
  6. Half of the season by a mile. It's a joke we're not 3 up, nevermind 1 down.
  7. Really smart team. Love that we have options not only to mix it up in 4231 but in different formations too.
  8. Had my first ever test today. It was unpleasant.
  9. Last minute honeymoon to the Maldives booked for Wednesday evening for a week. Good Times!
  10. In Poland, right hand!
  11. I really don't see how it could be viewed like that unless you're going into the video with that attitude already.
  12. I despair. Years of relegation battles, circling the drain, losing to shite like Wigan in the Championship, more relegation battles. Entitled isn't the word.
  13. @Dante_Lockhart If you don't mind me asking, do you take any drugs, smoke or vape?
  14. I'm not really sure who isn't understanding it? Not sure the need for such a patronising post aimed at those only offering their opinions.
  15. Did you even read the thread? I presume not, because most of the posts are about Toney's Zulu celebration.
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