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  1. Streets of Rage 4 with the recent update DLC is outstanding. It's great without it too, but with the DLC it's next level. Survival mode is so addictive.
  2. Not to say I called it, but he's out for 8 weeks after only one game
  3. Regarding the waivers situation, this was my fault. I had it set to 'Sunday to Tuesday' instead of 'Gametime to Tuesday', meaning everything locked on Sunday instead of at each kick off time. Teething issue (apologies), but I've amended it now. I'd have probably caught it earlier, but I'd only just got back from camping (with no WiFi) late last night! Anyway, onwards and upwards.
  4. We are! It's a new setting from Yahoo this year. About time, really.
  5. Sorry, dude. Not sure why it's doing that? I have it set from 'Gametime Sunday to Tuesday' and so presumed it was from the gametime (be it 6pm, 9pm. or 1:30am uk time). I didn't think it would lock everything at 6pm. I know it doesn't help you much now (unless it lets you get a kicker for the late game of MNF), but I'll look into it.
  6. It basically works the same, but the pts swing is less dramatic. Instead of starting with 60pts, we start with 10pts, which is then whittled down through negative plays (or increased through positive plays, same as before) However, the positive/negative was so extreme before it could almost influence the overall result on it's own. How we currently have it - the default fantasy setting - is far more reasonable.
  7. It's a shame you can't set this as a bonus points option. If your team gets a shut out, you don't lose any of your starting 10pts.
  8. It's not like Tampa pitched a shut out last night either. Dallas put some decent points on them.
  9. Yeah, these are the standard settings, more or less. I have no idea what bizarre system we were using before, but the days of 50~80odd points for DEF are over. Absolutely wild point swings.
  10. My Dallas Cowboys played pretty well last night, I thought. Tom was too sharp. Legatron cost us with those early misses. Should probably cut him for that.
  11. I always forget Bryan Cranston was in Saving Private Ryan too.
  12. With my folks: England, Spain, Greece I had severe lone travel anxiety until 2017, but since then I've been to: Canada (Montréal), Ireland (Dublin), USA (New York), and I'm hopefully going to Switzerland (Zurich) next year. Looking forward to maskless flights again. I'll be going all over then.
  13. I like the look of the Jets, actually. You never know what will happen in week 1, but I think they'll get close to a winning season this year. Also hoping for a sluggish start from Tampa...
  14. I'm not certain why it's doing this. I have no waiver settings at the moment, so nobody should be. I'm planning to set up the standard 'Sunday to Tuesday' waiver setting as of some point later tonight though (I have to go out, so whenever I get home - if anybody wanted a specific time ).
  15. Good spot. I've corrected this.
  16. ...unless somebody snaps up the player you dropped In my experience, players with a lengthy IR status at the start of the season, rarely make much of an impact once they return. Same with most traded players, weirdly. I'm not stacking IR players, personally. If one or two of my drafted players get placed on IR, I won't have anywhere to put them. I mean, they could stay on the bench, but I'd rather have the option.
  17. DEF is the big one, isn't it? Changing it to reflect closer to standard leagues makes so much more sense. The points swing is far less extreme this way.
  18. Strange as it feels to say, I quite like the look of the entire Jets offense this year.
  19. Forgive me on this one, guys. I wanted to go with the consensus anyway but, to be fair, all the anti-extra spot comments came in on or after 9pm.
  20. Sorry guys. It won't let me reduce the bench spot numbers now. This will hopefully be the most controversial thing which happens this season... minor as it is.
  21. I've added the extra bench spot, mainly because I was doing it before I noticed the objection (which, to my watch, was raised at 9pm). We'll go with the consensus! 1 extra bench spot added. Fill yer boots!
  22. No problem. A few teething issues, but I'm keeping a note of everything brought up to address next year. I'm looking forward to the inevitable COVID related chaos.
  23. The IR spot only appears for players designated IR and, I think PUP or COVID-19. It's out of my hands. It's a Yahoo thing.
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