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  1. "I don't want anymore of Suso's shit signings"
  2. That's where I am with it. It's Jack Grealish FC now. He's clearly fed up of playing with the shite we have in the squad and has been since December. The frustration is always there when he plays and the tantrums like the one he had at St Mary's, although understandable, are no good if you want to achieve as a squad. Our game plan is just to give him the ball and work from there. Just watching the Bulls documentary on Netflix there was a similar thing with Michael Jordan. The game plan was just put the ball in MJ's hands until Phil Jackson came in and explained that they had to find other ways to make the other guys better and create new threats so he was going to see less of the ball. He actually said flat out to MJ that he was no longer going to be scoring champion in the league but it led to them winning things. That's with the greatest basketballer of all time. Now, i know that's not possible with us for a number of reasons, namely we aint no Chicago bulls when it comes to the supporting cast of players and even if we had better players Grealish likely wouldn't have it while he's trying to get a move to United and play for England, but its the principle we need to get back to. The only problem is if we get the same clowns to spend the funds we'll end up in sh*t street again.
  3. He made it clear he was off when he liked that tweet that of him in a Man U shirt. An act of petulance hours after we got battered 6-1 by City. Seriously, a club captain doing that? Jesus Christ that's poor. Not been as arsed with him as villa player since then.
  4. Another one that springs to mind is Zeli Ismael at Wolves. Still remember him being splashed all over the news of the world after one of the Wolves coaches said he would be the first £100 million player. Nice way to keep pressure off the kid who was about 14/15 at the time I think. I also imagine the club weren't too happy with him for that. Different story though. He actually stayed with Wolves when big clubs started circling but never really made it. He plays for Bradford now. According to his agent, he could have gone to Chelsea and made £2million by his 18th birthday. I imagine that agent uses it as a cautionary tale to parents when they consider staying put at their current clubs. It just shows that staying where you are is no guarantee of success either so in many ways you can't blame them for sometimes going for the money now route rather than doing what looks like the sensible thing. It's a massive pressure to put on kids and families.
  5. He's been a tw*t but he's still our Jack, our captain and we'll back him through thick and thin. Just the way it is.
  6. villanmac

    Dean Smith

    Yes Smith hasn’t covered himself in glory but the players are crap, I’m 100% convinced of it having watched them play like Bambi on ice all season. The midfielders are so out of their depth it’s unreal. I don’t think anyone could turn it around. They make me long for the days of a Mark Kinsella, Erik Bakke and Oyvind Leonardson midfield 3.
  7. We are so ****. Teams have realised you shut the left flank down and we have nothing. Albrighton in today to do just that.
  8. How many times does Guilbert just chip the ball away to the opposition
  9. It’s embarrassing watching Luiz, nakamba hourihane at this level. They literally struggle to stand up at times.
  10. Nakamba isn’t half the player Reo Coker was.
  11. This is 100% bang on, I see it happen every game and its the biggest reason for our defensive frailties imo. It also means we can't press the opposition effectively because if we do this gets exposed even more. If anything, watching our midfielders being absolutely awful at this has given me a newfound appreciation for what it takes to play CM/DM.
  12. What we winds me up is that corner decision is exactly the thing VAR could change without ruining the game. One man on a monitor sees the replay once and in the refs ear "wrong decision, goalkick" before the player walks up to take it. 5seconds. None of this 2 minuite shit working out if someone's dick was offside.
  13. I'm also in 'the f*** watching him play for another team camp'. A 300k a week contract should already be drafted for if we stay up.
  14. villanmac

    Ezri Konsa

    I generally hate when people suggest moving centre halves into midfield 'because they are half decent on the ball' but I would stick him as a holding midfielder. He isn't a centre half for me the way he deals with high balls and crosses. By accident I watched him at Bournemouth at half time earlier on this season as sub doing the passing close touch warm ups. I actually thought his touch was phenomenal, stood out more than Jota and Conor who were knocking about with him. Apparently he has deputised in midfield before at Charlton. He'd do for me instead of Drinkwater. I'd keep it very simple and just get him to shield. I do think he is a player there but I just don't think he's a CB.
  15. Bit too much doom and gloom on this thread imo. Yesterday was shocking (the defending was worse than the Lescott/Richards era) but it was par for the course without Mings. It was the same with the awful performances around xmas, yes the new formation got a load of credit at Burnley but I would say it was more his return. I have said it all season we are basically a 4 man team, Grealish, Mings Mcginn and the keeper. The rest are periphery players who aren't good enough and basically follow the lead of the aforementioned. However, I think we can upgrade it to 5 based on Samatta's performance. Now Targett is playing out of his skin (so possibly 6?). Luiz is still showing glimpses. So we are getting better no about doubt it, but it's a given if we lose Mings / Grealish we are not going to win and if we lose either for the season and we are relegated. But we knew that anyway?
  16. Hopefully as captain he gets into a few of our more gentile players and tells them they need to stop being so passive. If they followed his lead we'd be alright. He's the only one I can see that fights his corner with refs and opposing players for everything and anything and generally has the bollocks you need to win points in games like today. It's an un underrated quality, and we had spades of it season with Mcginn, Tammy and the old heads in the changing room. It's poor that a side that rely on his quality so much can't at least step up and match his fight.
  17. Regardless of VAR you still have to scream blue murder to get the decisions you want. Put some pressure on the ref/VAR to make a decision. Only Grealish seems to get this. We even rolled over and it took like good little boys when Watford took the piss and won the penalty when Targett got injured. The mentality of our side is so frustrating. It really wins me up. With Terry on board you'd think we'd be a bit more c*unty but we're passive in every possible way.
  18. We have too many airy fairy players. When recruiting, Suso and Smith severly under-estimated how physical the premier league is. You could see looking at the tunnel on day 1 at Spurs, comparing their side to ours - It was like men against boys. Yes, its important to play but you have to earn the right to do that by holding your own. The likes of Nakamba, Luiz, El ghazi, Conor etc can't do that away from home and we get bullied. With the signings in Jan they've done nothing to remedy that.
  19. We've been shite for the past 2months. Fair enough we've picked up some results here and there but for the most part we've been awful.
  20. Its gonna be absolutely f**king rocking tonight lads. We need to make every tackle sound like a goal. Rattle em into submission. I want the Everton game to look like a wake.
  21. Was almost his Ricky Villa moment last night. He came close to it in the play off final version against Fulham a few years back. He's gonna nail it one day.
  22. Just watched his interview. I know they are pretty meaningless and they all tend to say the same thing but he's definitely got something about him, an edge. To quote one of the great orators of our time, Apollo Creed, (and the band..survivor) hes got the eye of the tiger. Im all in
  23. I've definitely heard Gregory say himself it was him and not doug who pulled out of the Keane deal.
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