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  1. Telling the Norwich fans behind the goal to **** off when they were booing him getting treatment was a particular highlight for me. Good lad.
  2. I think those talking about 2 in 6, and him being a new signing who will get better etc. are missing the point of those who think he needs dropping. You can't afford to keep picking a player who isn't even showing the fundamentals of being able to win a header, attack cross, or seemingly get himself in front of his defender to receive the ball. It's damaging to the other 10 players on the pitch and severely restricts the other 10 players ability to retain the ball when pressed by the opposition and for the team to create chances when the opposition sit back. I think a lot of problems we've had would be remedied if we had a forward to relieve pressure and move us up the field 10-20 yards from time to time. I totally understand that fans are saying he will get better with time, which is fair enough, but if you want to keep Wesley in the team to give him time to find his feet then I think you have to take that into account when critiquing some of team performances so far, particularly in the 2nd half of games.
  3. villanmac

    Set Pieces

    We play short corners against the bigger (taller) sides. Did it last season too. Smith and the coaching staff will have all the stats to back it up. I really don't think it's an issue.
  4. The performances of Wesley are actually the one that gives me hope for the rest of the season. If we can be 'in' games with him upfront as a human mannequin doing **** all then we might actually be a decent prem team.
  5. Totally agree with those saying that Sunday was his best game. He's metronomic for us, and you see that each game is getting more in sync with the pace of the league. For a player who's all about releasing the ball at exactly the right time and taking that extra touch to get a yard on his man there was going to be a period of recalibration to the pace of the league. Now 6 games in you can see more of that off the cuff style which makes him so talismanic for the team. I think he's gonna be crucial to the fortunes of the front 3 as they struggle to get themselves into game at times. With Jack getting the ball to their feet in space and playing the one-twos off them (which I think is probably crucial with Wesley) hopefully he can get them firing too.
  6. The thing about Wesley is bar the Everton game not once does he force himself in front of a defender to get a pass that maybe he wasn’t favourite to get, but he does get it...holds it/wins a foul/a corner or whatever. Hard to describe it, but I think we all know the kind of centre forward play I’m on about and it releases pressure on the team/stunts the flow of the opposition. I get the point about the shit service but a centre forward for a relegation battling team has to do that imo. He just doesn’t seem versed in those dark arts at all.
  7. villanmac

    Dean Smith

    Needs to understand that McGinn and Grealish aren’t subbable. Top managers aren’t afraid to take off their best players for the good of the team. I’m convinced the reason Lansbury or Conor didn’t come on is because he’s too fond of them to hook one of them off.
  8. Hoping that side can step up physically today. Bar the centre halves we’ve been outmuscled and bullied in both our away games so far this season.
  9. Stewards winding up villa fans up after the goal according to my mate who was in the thick of it.
  10. That's where Smith has shown the most naivety imo when putting this squad together. They can't compete physically at all. Spurs, Everton (Wesley aside in that one) and now Palace have bullied us in that aspect.
  11. I actually feel the ref has been fine too. We are losing the 50/50s and then commiting niggly fouls.
  12. We can't match their pace and physicality and look scared to play as a result.
  13. That first touch though, a little flick to create the angle for the strike. Perfection.
  14. This is what i worry about because only Mcginn and Trezeguet are players who i think have 7-8 goals in them in the premier-league, and the latter's finishing can be very poor according to people who've seen him before Villa. Can anyone really hang their hat on Jota, El Ghazi and Grealish getting that amount of goals at this level?
  15. Men against boys, weedy little boys at that.
  16. We are so physically inferior it's scary.
  17. I think we have to remember we arent playing with a proper dm. I therefore think caution is the better part of valor with our back 4. Our front 6 can really play. Looking forward to it.
  18. Keeping continuity and slowly introducing and easing new players in (rather than throwing a load of new faces together). No, I wouldnt have picked it but fair play, still confident that our style amd energy is going to surprise them today.
  19. Could be worse lads, Everton have just put 40 million down on Alex Iwobi.
  20. The Mcginn contract announcement was done this morning so as not be overshadowed by the mega signings we are making this afternoon. BELIEVE
  21. From the dean smith thread On 01/08/2019 at 22:05, fightoffyour said:
  22. Villareport just tweets every bit of villa news or reports on the internet (provides the source in each tweet and doesn't purport to be ITK). I don't get the hate for it, its great not having to deal with click bait bullshit and have everything summarised in one place. It's actually pretty impressive how they keep up with everything tbh.
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