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Match Thread: Brighton v Villa


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1 minute ago, fightoffyour said:

Clear foul.

Also why don’t we have a change of shorts in fluorescent green or something for the away team if they don’t have proper kit. We shouldn’t be made to change ours as the home team.

What are you talking about?

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1 minute ago, rodders0223 said:

Woeful pass. Even more woeful attempt at a save. Surprisingly not highlighted.

It was.Our goal is still not to go down this season. Build a new team for next (partially of course).

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1 minute ago, villa4europe said:

Luiz didn't want it, pass should have been on but never was because Luiz was too casual and not showing for it

Absolute garbage and something that's killed villa for years, he has to want the **** ball

Lack of urgency has kneecapped us for a long time. 

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