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  1. It's not hype, just look at the results.
  2. Mr_Dogg


    Is he? He hasn't been tearing up trees at Liverpool. They paid huge money for him. Feel like he's never had that breakthrough at Liverpool.
  3. I think he would like to play for 2 or 3 of the top clubs of Europe. But it's not that easy to leave a Real Madrid or Manchester United, just because you want a new challenge.
  4. It's just a question of when not if he ends up in the Premier League.
  5. Use subtitles! Legendary show.
  6. Terrible article. Spinning opinion as fact, the type of clickbait article that site specialises in. Read the actual interview and make up you own mind.
  7. Middlesbrough and Newcastle rejects up front.
  8. Promoted teams will rarely sell their best players who helped them get promoted. But Beundia had already played in the PL so it might have made it easier. It looks like they may have spent all the Beundia money and a bit more so they are not pocketing it.
  9. None of them are strikers. But they do have Icardi as well. Qatar would rather say no than look weak by selling a star like Mbappe. Apart from trying to comply with FFP, they simply don't need the money. They have hundreds of Billions, football is just one of their projects.
  10. They have Tanganga, Doherty and Aurier. Not sure what the plan is there!
  11. He was picked ahead of Nakamba and Hourihane who could have both started, that was Smith's decision and shows the regard he is held in.
  12. Exactly. He should not be an option for playing on the wing.
  13. That's a mad lineup. Injuries aside, Nakamba should surely be starting. Even Hourihane. I'd play 3 in the middle every single game regardless of opposition.
  14. Pep will happily bench Sterling and Foden. He's start KDB every game but he gets injuries.
  15. They still have Danny bloody Drinkwater on their books.
  16. First day as a football fan? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Association_football
  17. How's that ban for City working out?!
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