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  1. You think that Bailey won’t be risked here and with Axel not allowed to play against United at the weekend I’d expect him to start. I’d like to see this: Martinez Cash Axel Hause Young Marv Traore Sanson Luiz Buendia Watkins
  2. I was travelling yesterday during the game but just caught the whole thing on sky. No doubt Bailey made a huge difference when he came on will get all the headlines. But for me Cash was MOTM. He was brilliant and the wing back role really suits him. And two other players deserve special mention Ings was brilliant linked up play so well. The assist for the Bailey goal was top class. And lastly Marv was brilliant when he replaced McGinn watching the game I didn’t think he missed a pass and I’ve just checked the stats, 100% pass accuracy! All round great performance!
  3. I still can’t get refs at this level. They seem to have no consistency whatsoever. McGinn was everywhere deserves a special mention. If we had finished a few chances we’d have won this easily.
  4. I’m not from Birmingham or the surrounding area so I don’t get the “local lad” aspect of this. First to admit that. But I think Grealish has done what 99.9% of footballers do. They did their best with what they had. He played the local chap, living the dream and playing for his boyhood club. But it’s all a facade, a means to an end. Bigger contracts, bigger endorsements playing on the biggest stage is all he really wanted. And he will tell himself he got what he deserved. I think we all just move on, boo him if you want on his return to VP. Let’s focus on our players, the ones who want to be here.
  5. I’m all for representing ones country. It’s something I’ve done myself (not in football) and it was for me the great honour of my life. However, Villa as a club had the most simple out in this situation. Not releasing the players was backed by the league and the UK government had made it clear there would be no bending of the rules. So I’m still not sure why we decided to go against almost every other club and let the players leave. I understand the want from DS and the club for the players to play on the international stage, viewed simply it increases their value. But the decision as a whole seems poorly thought out.
  6. I say week in week out that the Prem refs are poor but this guy made them look like top pros. He did everything short of score a goal himself. Seemed more interested in being part of the Ronaldo record than he did reffing the game.
  7. I think AMN suffers from being too adaptable. He can play RB, DM, CM and RM and what ends up happening is he get moved and never gets to nail down a spot. I think he’s a decent player but not what we need right now.
  8. We are now entering silly season so links to players will come think and fast. I'd prefer to sign no one else rather than another Baston type. I'd like to see a center mid/ defensive mid come in but I think that's down to who's available and at what price.
  9. Conor is a model pro! Wants to play and he won’t here. Hopefully he’ll get on well and SU! He’s a huge part of why we’re playing Premiership football right now. And for that I thank him.
  10. Man I wish Heaton was still around now. I like Steer but I don’t think he’s a top level keeper. The other worry is these guys go off and play and come back injured. Then we’re in real trouble.
  11. This situation is making a mockery of the entire league. So the likes of Liverpool, Chelsea, City, who have 6 players per position are blocking their players from leaving while we will lose our keeper and record transfer player for a number of games. How is this a level playing field?
  12. I just saw that “tackle” on sky. It’s almost a red card, to not get a yellow is mind boggling. Some refs get the “let the game flow” rules but for others it’s just pick and mix. A random approach of letting some go and not others.
  13. Well I'm wrong anyway as DS has said Bailey and Sanson won't play a part this weekend and Watkins is a doubt.
  14. I think the team picks its self for this one. But we are looking like having serious depth on the bench. Emi Cash Konsa Mings Young Ramsey Luiz McGinn Buendia Ings ElGhazi Subs: Steer Tuanzebe Marv Sanson Bailey Watkins JPB
  15. There are 8 or 9 that are lacking match fitness that need to start this one (bold). Mightn't be one for too many kids to play if I'm honest. Might be a shop window for the likes of Fred/ Conor etc. Steer Fred Tuanzebe Hause Targett Hourihane Marv Chuk JPB Wesley Bailey
  16. I see online the u18 team beat Norwich 10-0! Reddin x1 Jay-Hart x2 Sewell x3 Burchall x3 O'Reilly x1
  17. I know it's only been two games but Ash is looking a great bit of business. Someone with his experience that can cover LB/ RB and midfield is invaluable. But he's not cover. He's starting and performing well.
  18. Reasonably straightforward win. I'm a little worried about Martinez, not quite himself in the first two games. Glad of the 3 points and on to Brentford. Ramsey MOTM for me, great energy and a real calm presence on the ball.
  19. Yeah it seems so. I suppose just because it's offside doesn't mean the game stops. Just like Pickford should have seen red last season for the attack on VVD!
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