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  1. A lot of talk that Samatta is off to Turkey. If this is true we are surely buying another striker with only Davis behind Wakins and Wesley coming back to fitness.
  2. Brilliant analysis, well done on that. I suppose our hope is that those clubs who finished 17th were on a downward spiral, we hope we are on the up. Spending 100m+ two summers in a row and keeping hold of our best player and captain. Adding quality after a learning curve season for so many players and the manager.
  3. I think we will have a better idea once the window closes. We will know what we are working with and how the first few games have gone. We will be like most teams in the bottom third of the table, so much will depend on key players staying fit. This team could finish 10-12th: Martinez Cash Konsa Mings Targett Luiz Traore McGinn Hourihane Grealish Watkins While this team could easily be relegated with only 5 key players removed: Nyland Cash Konsa Hause Targett Marv Traore McGinn Hourihane Trez Davis or Samatta Our season took a nose dive when we lost Heaton, Wesley and McGinn over the Christmas/ New Year period. It wasn't until lock down came that we seemed to regroup and pick up some points. I'm still hoping for another wide player, a central midfielder and maybe a centre back as Engels appears to be out of the manager's plans.
  4. Decent win. Nice to see Davis getting a goal. Surely if Davis is coming on ahead of Samatta he won't be around too much longer.
  5. Why are sky showing no replays? There have been a few incidents I'd like to see again but no chance.
  6. Burton getting amongst us at the moment. We need to start moving the ball a bit quicker. I like Ramsey a lot, nice to see so many forward runs.
  7. People will talk about the money we spend this summer but this is the most important signing we will make. Jack is irreplaceable in our team and our set up. Well done Dean, well done Purslow, well done the owners and well done Aston Villa.
  8. You can't talk about pointless signing without talking about Richards and Lescott. The Premier League winning centre back combination that managed 17 points in a season. Half the points gained by the team in 19th. The contract given to Richards was probably the worst bit of business this club has ever done!
  9. I think in most seasons you would stick out a second team for this one. But because we haven't played a match I'd be tempted to put out a few of the first teams but only if they haven't been away for internationals. I'd go with: Steer Elmo Konsa Hause Taylor Marv El Ghazi Lansbury Luiz Trez Samatta I think the likes of Grealish, Mings, McGinn, Houruhane have been training hard and they should be up to speed for Monday next week. Would be nice to see Samatta, El Ghazi or Trez getting on the score sheet to boost some confidence.
  10. I always think of 7 and 11 as wingers.
  11. Good of Marv to give up the 11 jersey for Watkins. Cash taking the 2 jersey also makes sense. Marv moves to 19.
  12. There's a quota of pens for the season and United got the lot it seems!
  13. Hopefully Konsa gets a lower shirt number, maybe 4 and you'd expect Cash to take the 2. I'd like McGinn to take 8 to free up 7 for a new signing and Marv will most likely give up the 11 shirt to Ollie. I agree with above I think a player in the first 11 numbers is generally a starter. I don't like Mings wearing 40, but that's his choice obviously.
  14. A lot of people are saying "what's the point, we have 4 senior keepers" but in reality we have one senior pro who's been out for 9 months. A poor keeper who's been very poor when called on. A decent championship keeper who's soils but unproven and one keeper who's not in anyone's plans at the club. For me a keeper is third on the list of needs 1 striker (Ollie) 2 winger
  15. Southgate doing his best Bruce impression. 2 right backs 3 defensive midfielders
  16. Happy to see Watkins coming in. He's coming off the back of a really good season and his confidence will be sky high. I just hope we create enough as a team to get him the goals we know he can score. Again, he's a player that can play anywhere across the front 3 so good cover for a few positions. Now I hope he brings his mate Said with him!
  17. I think giving Wilson a 5 year contract is a big risk. He could come good and be a great signing but on the 100k wages that's a 26mil in wages and 20mil on transfer fee. With no chance of a sell on. It's very much a SB signing. I don't see us making signings like that, it doesn't fit the model.
  18. Great to see one of the kids getting a few goals. It would be great to see a few of the youth players making the step up. Pity the official site doesn't release some highlights at least.
  19. I think getting Wilson for anything around the 20mil mark is decent value. Clearly DS and the staff have looked how we struggled last season bedding in a large number of players (especially those whose first language isn't English) and are looking closer to home this season. I still think we will get Watkins too. I've said this for the last few years but players like Watkins and Wilson can play anywhere across the front 3 and give us options we badly need.
  20. Herman22

    Sergio Romero

    Given the amount of international caps he has I don't see the work permit being an issue.
  21. Herman22

    Matty Cash

    Nice to get the first senior signing done. I didn't expect our first signing to be a right back but when quality becomes available it makes sense to take it. Let's hope he can hit the ground running and give us some solid competition for Guilbert and Elmo.
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