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  1. Samatta looked really bright. Some good hold up play and touches. Baston looked ok. Didn't have much time and we were quite defensive when he came on.
  2. Mate have a word. We were the better team for long periods against a team that were in last year's champions league final.
  3. FFS get Drinkwater off. How many more times is he going to give the ball away?
  4. Some of the diagonal balls played by Reina today are top class.
  5. It's a terrible touch. Good tackle from Konsa.
  6. Spurs have a rapid front three so missing Mings is a huge loss.
  7. Less and less clubs will be happy with the Bruce type of manager. Same goes for players. I'm just glad he's not our problem anymore.
  8. Right team for me. Despite Nylands performance on Tuesday I think Reina when fit is No 1. Decent bench too with Davis, Trez, Hourihane of needed.
  9. No chance. He was only signed last night. The squad would have to be registered by noon yesterday.
  10. Most seem to be saying this is a permanent deal. Could we sneak another loan before the end of the window?
  11. I wouldn't rule that out. At 6-7pm resolve will weaken and players who are currently available only to buy will be made available for loan. I still think we will get another striker/ winger in the door before 11pm. But I don't expect anything until after 8pm.
  12. I think given the fact we are a newly promoted team, it was always going to be hard for anyone coming in to stand out as a great signing. For me Mings and Heaton have been really good. Konsa, Guilbert and Targett have been solid if not fantastic. I think Marv and Douglas are improving every week and have looked more like prem quality players in the last month. The problems still lie up front. Wes is out for the season and was a bit hit and miss before the injury (to say the least). Jota looks a championship level player. I think in time Trez may come good and ElGhazi has been surprisingly effective at this level. All in all I would say that's a pretty decent hit rate.
  13. So many good performances. I thought Marv was great breaking things up in midfield. Tyrone a rock at the back. Nyland brilliant in goal. Targett never stopped running. And the Egyptian kings combine for the goal. Brilliant to get back to Wembley. Let's secure safety in the next month before the final.
  14. Herman22

    Keinan Davis

    Good to see him back out training today. If he's on the grass he must be back in the next couple of weeks. With our striker situation having him back will be a big plus.
  15. One thing I've just noticed the last minute goal came from all three centre backs. Hause wins the initial header, Tyrone get a few touches in the box and Konsa fires at goal. Amazing fighting spirit from the team! Could be a season defining moment added to the last minute winner against Brighton earlier in the season.
  16. Herman22

    Louie Barry

    This one seemed done and dusted about a week ago but now it seems to have gone cold. He's obviously one for the future but I'll be disappointed if we don't wrap it up this month.
  17. Herman22

    Dean Smith

    I doubt I'm alone on this but I'd love to see Brentford get promoted. Such a well run club and hopefully can push on in the new stadium! But I'd still like Said Benrahma if he's available.
  18. Seems to be a theme but I only caught the second half. Everything was better, passing, ball retention, movement, defending. All looked comfortable. Having said that Reina needed to be on his toes. I though Marv was the best player on the park, he was everywhere. I didn't think Drinkwater was poor but Douglas gives so much more going forward. Jack was Jack, full of energy and looked to get at Watford at every chance. I must admit when the ball hit Tyrone's hand I did think he would get a second yellow. I think we got away with one there. But the fight shown and the celebrations after the goals shows you what it means. We need that again against Bournemouth but we should have one if not two new strikers in by then which will help the cause.
  19. I think if you consider these two posts you know why Hause will start tonight. Expect Hause to step onto Deeney when Watford hit the ball long. Mings and Konsa will look for the second balls.
  20. Listening to DS yesterday I get the feeling he will start Vassiliev. There was a picture doing the rounds yesterday of Guillbert with a fat cheek, something about his teeth so I assume he's out. I'd like to see: Reina Konsa Mings Hause Elmo Luiz Nakemba Targett Elghazi Vassiliev Grealish
  21. I think this is a smart signing. He isn't a replacement for Wes, he a different kind of striker who could take any position in a front 3. I think DS said Davis is back in training so hopefully he isn't too far away either. Do we really need another striker? I think I'd prefer an out and out winger with pace.
  22. Best of luck to him. I think the injury took a lot out of him after a fantastic first season.
  23. When do we need to have the formalities of this signing done to allow him to play against Watford?
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