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  1. An absolute disgrace for countless reasons but the biggest thing for me was using Cash and Targett as our main attacking outlets when they’re both so poor on the ball. Decent defenders, yes, but can’t remember either of them finding a Villa player. Going 4-3-3 seemed so obvious. Better quality in wide areas and we’d have been out of sight. Buendia, Luiz and McGinn (in that order) were our best players. Wing backs and Watkins awful. Ramsey, Nakamba and Tuanzebe catastrophic.
  2. Absolutely handed this to a really, really poor team. Better attacking players out wide and we would’ve been out of sight. Kind of hard to understand why we didn’t have given it seemed to be our main avenue of attack.
  3. Can’t remember Cash finding a Villa player once. Really sloppy, this.
  4. I’m reluctant to criticise a player, especially when we’ve been decent, but Cash is seeing a lot of the ball wide right and doing next to nothing with it. Relying on defenders as our main attacking outlet holding us back IMO. Hope this ages badly. Been really impressed with Buendia, though.
  5. Spurs are a one man team. Shame that man is **** incredible. **** sake.
  6. Ings is such a good all-round footballer. Much better than I expected. Really like him.
  7. Awesome. Just awesome. 1-0 was the very least we deserved. What a team Dean is building. Improving season on season. McGinn was incredible. Luiz great, too. Was it just me or was Martinez shithousing Fernandes by telling him to let Ronaldo take it?
  8. We’re a really, really good side. I love how we’re taking the game to them. Just so frustrating that we’ve got one of the best finishers in the league and our chances don’t seem to fall to him.
  9. Ok, this has to be a gypsy curse. How has he missed that?!
  10. I thought refs were supposed to be letting more go? Mike **** Dean blows for two clean challenges that present us with a chance. The incompetence/corruption in infuriating.
  11. **** **** sake Ollie!!! This is going to be Chelsea all over again!
  12. Brilliant football from us but an absolutely disgusting miss. Got a horrible feeling that that’s the game right there
  13. JPB can certainly pick a pass. What a ball that was to El Ghazi.
  14. If we weren’t relying on two really out of form full backs to provide the width and final ball, I think we’d be much better off. Formation change and one or more of Bailey/Traore/Buendia needed pretty urgently.
  15. The bias of referees and media towards the current top teams makes football really **** hard to watch sometimes.
  16. Couldn’t really ask for much more. Midfield three, Mings and Konsa all fantastic. Watkins is such a good footballer. Channelling Grealish with some of his close control, ability to hold the ball and beat a man. So unlucky to be behind. Excited to see Bailey (hopefully) brought on second half.
  17. Chelsea defending really well but they’re having to. This is the best I’ve seen us play for ages. Can’t believe we haven’t scored. Expecting a sucker punch just before half time
  18. We’re still well in this. Poor from Tuanzebe but we’re looking dangerous going forward. Midfield three have been really good so far.
  19. I think we’ve been decent! Look well-balanced and as if we’re actually playing with a midfield. Ramsey and Luiz making a difference. We’re well on top but final ball letting us down and not much service to Ings until the (brilliant) goal. El Ghazi has been awful, though. Needs taking off.
  20. Actually, I think saying our line up is weak is getting a bit carried away. Look at the spine - one of the best keepers in the world, England’s first replacement centre back, a Brazilian international Olympic gold medalist midfielder, the best player from the championship last season (with better stats than Grealish) and one of the best strikers in the premier league over the last few seasons. Yes, there are a couple of potential weaknesses and the bench doesn’t look great but add Konsa and an in-form McGinn into the mix and we look one of the better 6-11 mini league teams IMO.
  21. Newcastle’s 11 makes me feel a lot better. Ours looks far stronger IMO. Big game for Luiz. I reckon he’ll be right on it and we’ll win.
  22. JB

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    I was thinking about this the other day - it’s actually quite depressing that supermarket-bought fruit and veg is such a watered-down, bland version of the real thing. 10% of the real flavour, at a push. I had some of my in-laws’ homegrown new potatoes and tomatoes recently and they were **** delicious. I’m not usually a big veg guy but the green beans were another level again - like a completely different food. Supermarket ones are rank but I couldn’t get enough of these. So much taste to them and about four times the size. I pretty much loathe every mouthful when I eat shop-bought veg so I need to pull my finger out and start growing my own.
  23. I know we’re not exactly short of a few quid but I genuinely don’t think I’d take any pleasure in supporting Villa if we ever ended up like them. It’s like they’re playing with a cheat code that not only builds them up to what should be untouchable levels but also pulls up the ladder on their potential rivals. Yes, they’re exploiting the lack of regulation to their advantage but it’s just not sport.
  24. I get the idea of not letting sport affect you too much emotionally, and it doesn’t usually, but this is a gut punch. He’s pretty much the reason I started watching and enjoying football again. Add in the homegrown, ‘one of us’ factor and the idea of him leading us on an upward trajectory and it feels like it was a once in a lifetime type of thing. I’m going to lie, I can’t help resenting him now. The memories are tainted. He’s taken the easiest, most soulless route to the top but **** hell, I’m going to miss him.
  25. I’m not convinced he/they will. Will he look as good when he doesn’t see as much of the ball, as not everything goes through him and he’s not passed it on demand? Of course, it could go the other way and he could take things to a new level with better players around him. Either way, I won’t know as I won’t be watching him play for anyone else.
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