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  1. I think we’ve been all right - comfortable and in control without creating much. McGinn playing well again. Jack in place of Barkley and we’d be at least a goal up, I reckon.
  2. Was getting tailgated like **** on the A48 out of Cardiff this morning by some dick in a blacked out Range Rover who expected the traffic to part for him and was generally driving like an absolute whopper. When he pulled back a touch I could see his plate - LRZ1. He passed and it was indeed the boy himself. Yeah I know - wealthy 20 year old athlete in an expensive car driving like a clearing in the woods shocker
  3. Absolutely stupid from Luiz. Konsa was exactly right when he shouted at him - Pogba wasn’t going anywhere. Yes, it was a dive but don’t make the contact that gives him the option to go down. Really, really stupid lack of composure that undoes the good work from everyone else.
  4. It’s definitely a surprise. Gatland and co. obviously think they can bring his class out. Playing him in his correct position will help. He’s a different proposition to the other centres and of course there’s his kicking game. I don’t really get putting too much stall in 6N form. Wales were crap for pretty much all of 2020, then were 6N champions three months later. England won every game but one in 2020 then had a shocking 6N. If form can vary so wildly between December and February then it doesn’t make sense to assume it will be the same from March to July.
  5. Agree with all of that. I suspect Daly has been picked as a centre and Farrell as a 10. Neither have had great 2021s but haven’t been helped by Eddie Jones playing them out of position. Look very weak at scrum half and centre. I wouldn’t have picked Aki or Harris. Davies is class and a big game player so would’ve picked him for sure and made space for Tuilagi just in case. Underhill, Navidi, James Ryan and Sinkler also really unlucky but you’ve got to be most gutted for Jonny May. Scored a collection of absolute worldies over the past few years and been solid under the high bal
  6. Bloody love Lions squad announcements. 37 strong rather than 36. Extra place to accommodate Tuilagi? Or possibly to avoid any backlash from not picking Russell? Unlucky @bickster - apparently Elliot Daly has made the cut.
  7. That’s genuinely interesting and somewhat surprising. The five Welsh regions that voted to remain - Cardiff, Vale, Gwynedd, Ceredigion and Monmouthshire are ones that I would expect to have amongst the highest influx of English. Certainly more than leave voting Bridgend, Rhondda, Carmarthenshire, Caerphilly, Merthyr, and the majority of the twelve other leave voting council areas. As for Drakeford, it’s morbidly fascinating that he seems to be getting a bit of a kicking for his general competence and measured safety first approach from the same sorts of people who would no doubt be
  8. Agree with this. They’re pretty much indistinguishable and quite frankly a bit boring. Probably didn’t help that I was expecting something like Shadow of the Colossus.
  9. I feel your pain, brother. Mine also seems to happen randomly in the middle of the night but not as frequently. I’ve also found I’ve had less severe bouts a handful of times after intimate moments. Trying to hide the pain from partners has been pretty horrible. It honestly feels like someone is plunging a knife into the, ahem, affected area.
  10. Ah I thought Tuilagi had already recovered. Just checked and he’s still a few weeks away. Very unlikely he’ll be picked but wouldn’t rule him out completely. I doubt Gatland will have forgotten the job he did on the All Blacks and Ireland in the recent past.
  11. Sam Underhill should go. I honestly think that he’s one of the best players in the northern hemisphere. I wouldn’t be shocked to see Tuilagi in there, particularly with North out. I don’t think any sides deserve to dominate the selection. It was a poor 6N quality-wise. England were the worst of a pretty average bunch.
  12. It’s **** brilliant. After two play throughs, I still dip into it occasionally to go and fight some lynels or something. But there are a few things about it that means it’s not my favourite Zelda. I think the sequel has the potential to be, though. That’ll be a day one purchase. I’d definitely recommend the DLC. It does feel super tacked on but the shrines are some of the best in the game and the divine beast is the best of the lot by miles. It’s got the only interesting and challenging boss, too. And I bloody love trial of the sword. Oh and hero’s path is awesome for being ab
  13. For how catastrophically shit he’s been for 99.9% of the game, McGinn has played two worldy passes today.
  14. Since our penalty, the ref’s given them everything. Barkley looking our most likely source of a goal.
  15. We couldn’t have been any more unlucky with that goal.
  16. Really pleased for Wesley. It’ll be interesting to see whether he or Davis gets the nod should we need a goal. Would've thought (hoped) that Barkley was closer to dropping out of the squad than starting but hope he proves me wrong, obviously.
  17. JB

    John McGinn

    That was by far the worst I’ve ever seen him play for us. I am (was?) a big fan but he seems to be getting worse by the week.
  18. Can only think that Cash lost his head, there. Utter stupidity and completely unprofessional.
  19. So that’s a foul but Walker on Ramsey wasn’t? Corrupt.
  20. Our passing is appalling but isn’t helped by our staggering lack of movement off the ball.
  21. Man City already taking the piss out of us - we could do without the ref doing it too.
  22. Very disappointing, that. Liverpool were so poor at the back and looked like conceding every time we attacked them but we seemed to settle for a point. Game seemed made for Davis. Got what we deserved tbh. Watkins and Martinez were both outstanding. Everyone else ranged from ‘meh’ to utter shite.
  23. Kind of feels like we’ve got what we deserved. Seemed like we’ve sat back all second half with very little positive intent when Liverpool looked very, very fragile at the back.
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