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  1. Get a power bank mate and a case seperate case. Power banks are great for travelling. If you decide to get mk add me send me your friend code amd we can play online Let me know if you ever want a game online pal!
  2. Nice on Tony writing him off before he has even kicked a ball
  3. Now tony cascarino has written him off saying he will struggle at villa and find it hard to live up to that price tag
  4. Adams is in talks with Southampton Morrison is in talks for Wigan Oh dear they are going to be in q complete and utter mess of those two leave
  5. Demitri_C

    John Terry

    I reckon Terry is one of the main reasons we went up along with Smith. Look at what mings and freakish have said about Terry since he has been here
  6. Demitri_C

    John Terry

    I'm **** thrilled with this. JTs been a absolutely brilliant villa man on and off the pitch. JT is a ledge to me
  7. The thing is if your going to set up a am to villa page and start trying to cause trouble at our club then expect you will get abuse from this fan base. What he does and reports for blose I don't really care but when you start on our club that's when it gets messy. I've seen a few YouTube blose bloggers and some.of them are not too bad like that brummiejoe bloke.
  8. I meant in terms of taking the piss out of them. Look what new owners did for us
  9. So if Bournemouth want 30-35m then we should pay it?
  10. Demitri_C


    That's it and we were very humble and congratulated them on going up. We have all praised them for finishing 7th as well. They need to let it go. There is no need with our clubs like wba and blose
  11. Any chance of a takeover any one reckon? I mean that would be the worst thing for us ad that could save them
  12. I agree this pantomime show is just not needed ffs. Just choose someone and get on with the bloody job
  13. Demitri_C

    Joe Lolley

    Has called blose a small shit club
  14. Yes but imagine the trouble when we are both home for 3pm game. It's going to kick off esp from their side.
  15. West Brom have run out of money Blose have run out of managers Villa have run out of season tickets
  16. So it's been confirmed that Coventrys home games will be when our home games are. Gee that's going to really work well I'm sure there won't be any trouble.
  17. If they sell Adams though for 15m that will help massively surely which should see them through?
  18. Demitri_C


    They see us more a threat than wba that's why. They are still bitter over the 4-1 humiliation we put in them
  19. 30k season tickets is incredible. We will sell out a lot of games. If we establish ourselves as a pl club in next few years don't be surprised if we do extend the ground. I think increase it up to 48k to start with.
  20. That where I am at. There are plenty of great cbs out there. We shouldn't be held to ransom.
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