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  1. United have agreed terms with Sancho apparently. If thats the case they wont sign him and grealish. I think grealish will end up at city
  2. Oh was it? The media seem to be reporting this. So they have been fooled to then
  3. Fernandes and pogba both onjured in a collision. If both of them are out against us we have a chance
  4. Yeah there is a element of truth in that. Carew i ahve a soft spot for him so thats more my heart than my head. But he did make a massive contribution towards us. I think he was better than angel and Saunders
  5. But engels was mistake konsas wasnt going in of it didnt hit mings. Disgaree grazed mings who fell over. Very lucky.
  6. Id say front three. For me its not as easy as it seems. I would have yorke definitely as he was sensational for us. Big dion i mean he acored 5 goals in his first two games. He wss unbelievable for us. Then im torn between carew/tekkers and bent. Id probably go carew. I loved him
  7. No not at all. Because it came off mings and was a last minute goal
  8. His agent claims he rejected us in January He as been shit still at palace so if we were interested we dodged a bullet there
  9. Did i say it didnt count or just putting words in my mouth?
  10. Even if rudiger can you honestly say we would been able to close that game out like west ham have? When was the last time we went behind and won? Watford wasnt it and a lucky deflected goal.
  11. There hasnt been many strange results since restart. Norwich are playing awful at the moment id be shocked if they get anything. Need to be realistic i think brighton are safe and west ham will be very soon
  12. They may rest some players as there did seem to be some fatigue. I mean why risk mane and salah against a hopeless villa side? They could play a weakend side and beat us comfortably
  13. After yesterday make it 101-0 You know they will just play so much better on weekend its so annoying
  14. Brighton have Norwich this weekend that wilm keep them safe as we would 7 points more than them to stay up. Anyone see us getting more than 7 points by end of season?? I cant
  15. Lambert was doing a very good job at Norwich. Iat the time it seemed like a good appointment. Easy saying it was wrong now.
  16. Lambert has achieved NOTHING at pl level.compared to dyche. The same bruce whi has safely kept a poor Newcastle side up comfortably?
  17. Dyche would be great appointment
  18. Im not writing you off im not sure where i did? Yeah i openly have no idea about Australian football whether its Australia or america its very different to maanging in championship.its a relentless league so many games and very hard. For him to go blose a club dropping like a stone with no money would a bad career move for him.
  19. Have to say i was impressed the way leeds setup the fake fans it looks very realistic when you look at ig from afar
  20. Leeds blaming their floodlights being too bright hence why they missed so many chances
  21. Demitri_C

    Adama Traore

    Dont see the hype in hudson odoi. Very over rated. Traore is a lot better than him. Pedro is veey hit and miss. Willian and pulisic are excellent players
  22. The championship is a very tough league with no experience. I cant really comment on the Australian league as i no absolutely nothing about it.
  23. A season where blose and stoke relegated in one season that would be epic
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