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  1. I don't think they would that's pure speculation.
  2. Then how can you have a press conference signing him as your player? Surely that’s breaking rules also ? This is really shit by Cardiff . A real dick move. the football world will turn on them I’m sure of that. We called this weeks ago that Cardiff would try get out if paying the fee
  3. Hmm interesting that is if true. Don't see. How we can though.
  4. Yeah that's true. But I think they forgot to add Richards to that and if you add him can't be far off.
  5. Absolutely disgraceful. If he wasn't 'your' player why did you do all the tributes? Why did you dedicate games to him? I think that is absolutely horrendous behaviour form cardiff city. They should be ashamed of themselves
  6. 250k a week off the books once we release jedinak, whelan and adomah in summer according to some papers today.
  7. Are you serious? Mcleish isn't playing mcginn. Unbelieavble Yes I agree. I think when rangers were relegated to the lowest tier that really harmed Scottish football as it became a monopoly for celtic. But that although celtic won the league countless times it harmed them as when they played a team half decent they would get battered.
  8. Scottish football is so bad its unreal. You would put it on par with the cypriot league
  9. How it be rigged when most of said that it’s too big for any government to properly take us out within two years? Its going as exactly I thought it would a complete and utter mess.
  10. Unruly heroes on the switch. Brilliant game. Was only £12.
  11. Enjoy @Stevo985 its a great place Vegas. Dobt expect to sleep much!
  12. Grealish if you think about it is the hottest British property around in this country. If we don't go UK we really can command a massive fee for him. I have a feeling Liverpool might come in for him in the summer just a inkling.
  13. I wouldn't be suprised. Didnt wilders brother start mouthing off to bellew hence where their argument began? I'd love it if breazeale won though but can't see it. As for whyte you are right he is in a excellent position. I think he should take on ortiz. I think whyte beats him. As long as he doesn't go for a fight like uysk that's a dangerous fight for whyte that he doesn't need right now.
  14. Easy win for wilder. He git beat up pretty bad by aj and wilder has more power. I still don't understand how he is mandatory over whyte it's a complete and Utter farce. Whytes been totally screwed. No clue what their beef is about though wilder breazeale. On another note okolie won but I really don't see the hype. If he really is serious about stepping up to fight whyte he will get obliterated.
  15. Punisher season 2. By far the best of the marvel shows for me.
  16. When was the last time there was a march this big? The people have spoken.
  17. It all. Sounds to me like Southgate saying if you want yo play for England Jack you need to leave villa if they don't go up in the summer. Southgate talking garbage. The level of the championship is very high, very aggressive and more games than the Premier league.
  18. Anyone see question time this week? Fiona Bruce demonstrated their biased opinions when a guy raised avert good point about brexit and the crowd were clapping. Instead of arguing the point she said "it seems there is everyone clapping and cheering but really it's only a few of you" disgraceful and pathetic biased bbc agenda
  19. Yes but Bolton and Ipswich are down so really blose are safe, the efl ensured that although it seems heavy it doesn’t have a impact on them. Also why are they now allowed to sign players again ? They should be a you can only buy once you sell. why were they not punished fir turning down offers for Adams either ? The funny thing is I don’t think they will get as high a fee as they woul£ have in jan for Adams.
  20. Same. We would have a better points return if we kept grealish and mcginn with a minus six than have no points deduction and have neither player. They utterly bottled it. They waited for Blose to hit poor form so they can't get in the play offs and then took away enough points to keep them safe. It really is a utterly pathetic ffp system
  21. How does it make sense that there embargo is lifted as wlel with the existing debt?? Its a absolute j OKe. We don't have nothing to fear with ffp after this pathetic punishment
  22. After seeing the Blose punishment which is worse than anything w ehavw done since coming down I think we shouldn't sell grealish or mcginn if it's a 4-6 point deduction. Having those two next season will be worth more than those points alone. Blose didn't even get fined either. Rather take the hit and keep our star players unless we get really stupid offers
  23. So now after this pathetic punishment it says to me there is absolutely no way in hell we should sell mcginn or grealish in the summer regardless what division what league we are in. We won't get worse than 9 points deduction I'd imagine between 4-6 at worst. I'd rather take the hit as next year having them two we can walk the league under Smith.
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