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  1. Realistic aspirations are a top six finish so we can play in Europe again, ideally the Europa League. The other would be to win a trophy. If we qualified for Europe twice in the next three years and won say the FA Cup, that would be a massive success in my opinion.
  2. I think they could be fit enough to make the bench at least.
  3. Agreed, we sign Axel and take the 1 year option on Hause. We then should have Bogarde ready to take Hause place for start of 23/24 season
  4. I can't see any signing in Jan In Summer we need to sign Axel a left back / left wing back to replace Young and a CDM to replace Nakamba. We also need Martinez to sign a new contract and we move on Trez and AEG if JPB keeps progressing as planned. Davis and Wesley out too if possible
  5. This is a bizarre thread. Too many people nailed their colours to the Smith out mast and are now settling down for a mix of trench warfare and the cold war.
  6. I feel the 3 5 2 worked well against Chelsea, I think we stuck with it for Everton because it deserved another go, plus Bailey probably wasn't ready to start yet and Buendia was out. I can't see 3 5 2 as being our most used formation this season as I can't see how Buendia or Bailey becoming wing backs. Targett also doesn't look comfortable as a wing back either. What we get from it is the three man defence gives the midfield a bit more cover behind them and allows the three man midfield to impose on the game and get forward a bit more. I think we need to test out the 4 4 2 with unfortunately Ramsey and Tuanzebe being dropped for Bailey and Buendia. This needs to be our home formation to bottom half teams at least. I think what is a headache right now will not be so when we have 2 or 3 players our injured
  7. All xG tells you is from the shot creating chances we made, what on average would you expect in terms of goals from those chances. If we score more than our xG (which is always the target) that means we finished our chances. If we are having higher xG than our opponents in games and not winning that's an issue. Last season we had issues from open play finishing our chances, our xG to Goals when Penalties are excluded was not great and that is something we want to improve on and hopefully are.
  8. We need to at least get a draw from one of Spurs, Arsenal or maybe even United. I want us to be very competitive in those games though like we were against Chelsea. We need to be getting the 3 points at home to Wolves. So I'd say 7 is the new minimum target.
  9. I'd like to see another attempt at 4 4 2 with Luiz and McGinn in midfield. Bailey / Buendia on wings and Ings playing off Watkins. I think if Ings is dropping deeper and linking up play, he can also add some numbers to midfield to make that work a little more like a 3 man midfield.
  10. I don't think 3 5 2 works that well. The difference was Bailey yesterday not the formation. Put on a player of pure class and he can change the game. With Axel unable to play next weekend I think we'll go 4 3 3
  11. You're only as good as those who work for you
  12. CVByrne

    Matty Cash

    If a player gets a call up then it increases the chances of that player being unsettled and wanting to move on to play in the Champions League. Southgate clearly didn't trust Grealish as he's not seen him test himself against the best defences in Europe where the other attacking talent he had at his disposal had that experience. Unlike the teams who win tournaments who fill their squads full of players from multiple teams regardless of their European experience. This is why Italy beat England. This is why Croatia beat England. I like that because of Harry Kane Watkins can't ever get to Englands first team for important games. This is good. The Full Backs are stacked so Cash won't get in either. This is good for Aston Villa
  13. I meant Ashley Young isn't a long term solution. We need two Left Backs especially if we've aspirations for cup runs and Europe. I would look to sign a player talented enough to take Taegetts place.
  14. Go to google maps and type in "empty seats", it brings up The Etihad Even Google are trolling them
  15. Martinez Cash. Konsa Mings Targett Douglas McGinn Ramsey Bailey Watkins Ings I'd say Ings will drift forward into the box more than Bailey. With Ramsey moving out left. I can see Ings and Watkins change positions too mid game. I just feel this more fluid front line is what we're going to see this game.
  16. Take a look at fbref defensive stats for Targett and Cash. Cash is only behind Targett in terms of aerials won and Cash is essentially top 90% of defenders for Pressures, Tackles, Interceptions, Blocks and Clearances. It shows the difference in workload down the two sides more than anything for me. You add in the new threat from Cash's throws and the fact last season was his first season in the Prem and I would say Cash is a better player than Targett
  17. Take the case of West Ham playing two right backs against Grealish.
  18. I agree with you in the Full Backs. Yes defensively they have been great last season as part of a great back 5 performance getting 15 clean sheets. Targett I feel had the hugely beneficial position with Jack in front of him for most of the season which would occupy the opposition right back more than an El Ghazi. So less overloads on Targetts side than Cash would have had when Traore took over from Trez. You look at the top teams and what is expected of the full backs and their attacking output is the difference maker. It's a big season for both our fullbacks as I see a LB signing in the summer as guaranteed, while Kessler Hayden is going to pushing Cash hard for a starting spot regardless at RB next season.
  19. If Everton go 3 4 3 (which is what 5 2 3 is) against us going 4 3 3 we'll dominate midfield and win on Sat.
  20. Smith is doing an excellent job. It's not even 3 years ago since he joined when we were 15th in the Championship and was an injury to Jack away from a 60 point haul and top 10 finish last season. If you look at the side we got promoted with, and subtract any spend we made to sign those players or their replacements. So Mings, El Ghazi, Hause then consider Konsa and Wesley as signings to replace Tammy and Axel. That's ~65m "spend" just to get/replace 4 players we had in our Championship team. So "new" additions was what 65m worth Luiz, Heaton, Targett, Nakamba, Trezeguet, Engles, Jota When you factor the loss of Tammy for Wesley and then his injury and signing of Sammatta and then losing Heaton and getting Reina in. McGinn broke his leg. Staying up was a huge task and we managed to do it and the team and Smith learned hugely from that. We then spend 75m on Watkins, Martinez, Cash and Traore. With another 14m on Sanson to come that January who has yet to make his mark. The Jack injury cost us that top 10 spot we all know it. Then this season we've sold Jack and signed some new players. So in total we've spent ~ 150m net on additional players to the team that we had in the Championship. With Sanson, Bailey, Buendia all yet to really make their mark.
  21. 3 5 2 is a formation for away to top 6 sides. It's not a formation we will play regularly. We've Watkins, Ings, Buendia, Bailey, Traore, El Ghazi, JPB as forwards that need to fit in. We could do a 3 4 1 2 with Buendia behind Ings Watkins but I don't see much benefit playing that if we're against a team playing with full backs and wide forwards. I see it as we've 6 midfielders to compete to fit into the midfield 3 and we've 7 forwards to compete for the front 3. 90% of the time the three substitutions we will make will be in the forwards and midfield so we have a lot of players getting game time.
  22. No, but we should only sign players who are better than the ones we have. We need a left back for the longer term. Like in CDM, we should look to sign a player better than Luiz to replace Nakamba.
  23. I'd be amazed if we signed anyone in Jan, unless we've some injury crisis.
  24. The fact we signed him to a 5 year contract shows the club know he's a proper talent. I can see him forcing his way into being a regular starter at the end of next season for us. It's the electric pace which is so exciting I think. If we can find that special player at left back we can kick on again next season
  25. I think the midfield 3 of McGinn, Ramsey and Luiz is hard to break up at present. Nakamba won't get a look in really, while Sanson or Chuk off the bench to replace JJ will always be a common change. As for the forwards, there are only 3 spots as I see it. With one always going to Watkins as he's the best outfield player and probably the most important player in the team. That leaves 2 spots for Ings, Bailey, Traore, Buendia and AEG. I'd expect Ings and Buendia to start at Everton, left and right of Watkins, or possibly Ings and Bailey. We've so many options!!
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