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  1. He's our 3rd choice striker and we've started the first 2 together in the last 2 games, he'll get minutes here.
  2. Exactly. We’re coming for you like Liam Neeson in Taken.
  3. There is a Blink-182 song that I think sums up my feelings right now and off the top of my head it goes “shit piss **** word removed cocksucker really bad person dick fart dirty clearing in the woods, shit piss **** word removed cocksucker really bad person dick fart dirty clearing in the woods, shit piss **** word removed cocksucker really bad person dick fart dirty clearing in the woods, I love Dean Smith!
  4. Although disappointing to not get a stream I still think the benefits of the pedestrianisation of Norwich city centre for keeping the wolf at the door do outweigh the drawbacks.
  5. There are no vowels in Polish so at least the club shop won't run out of those letters, but we might in trouble with the Zs. It's Mateusz Gotówka! How do you know he won't be passionate about it? He might really love pierogi for all you know.
  6. Swansea have also won a trophy (and been relegated since) in the last 10 years (at least I hope it wasn't longer ago otherwise time really is flying by) but I guess we must've had a pretty tough draw that season.
  7. It was just a pretty niche Peep Show (starring David Mitchell, not the author [although this one has written books too I'm sure]) reference, which is where I've heard of Beevor (yes the WWII guy) from.
  8. Could have Bogarde in mind for the bench against Utd as well if we stick with 3/5 at the back and bring Hause in for Axel.
  9. They haven’t had one all season and the referee for Saturday has been assigned as Mike Dean, it’s painfully obvious what is coming.
  10. To beat the traffic before the end of another predictable defeat?
  11. Hey it’s almost like they want those clubs that everyone decided were the big ones at some arbitrary point in football history to maintain that standing forever. Financial Fiddle Pricks.
  12. Don’t care either way about Brighton apart from it’s always nice to see one of the other 14 having a go at cracking the Super 6 cartel (well I say always, but the likes of West Ham doing it last season does just leave you thinking “that could’ve been us”), but I have to say I’m pretty pleased for Potter both as a Villa fan and a manager who has come under pressure in recent seasons with results not seeming to match up with performance levels. That might finally be happening or it’s even swung the other way (can’t say that I’ve seen much of them play) at least temporarily, and we may well end up very glad of another team taking points off the likes of Leicester by the end of the season.
  13. Grass is a bit long. **** bees, I **** hate bees *bees are an essential part of the planet’s ecosystem* wasps I meant wasps. Set piece coach? What the...grumble grumble.
  14. Watching football in a bar in Italy and they have a channel appropriately named Sky Sports Bar. Every break they have showed pure football highlights, half time and between matches been all the CL goals from the week, no pundits whatsoever. It’s brilliant.
  15. Found a craft bar, turns out the Italians can actually make decent beer if you look hard enough. Still the best one so far was Green Team by Cierzo from Zaragoza, but this was an absolute banger of a DIPA so it’s stiff competition.
  16. You’re asking for that bringing on a sub for a penalty. It’s just so obviously going to happen, didn’t they see England do it in the Euros?
  17. Yes but in that case there could have been a situation like “well we don’t have any more subs to use and you seem ok so just carry on” rather than taking them off as a precaution. Good to learn the actual rule though, it does make more sense.
  18. I thought a concussion sub could only be made if all 3 normal subs had already been used, but evidently not. Hope he’s okay anyway, an in-form SJM is a great asset to have.
  19. Sounds like it was Southampton who were robbed by VAR not the other way around?
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