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Wes Edens


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4 hours ago, villa4europe said:

the other guy is the man with the money, wes is the sports club owner, i think he's the important one

To be fair Wes has twice what Randy had, even without the man with the money he would be the best news ever. Good times!

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20 hours ago, Khizzy said:

Oh dear, he's got a "BS in Finance". Isn't that what Xia has too? 

I very much doubt that they were classmates (there are a few years between them for a start) and I'm also happy to accept that he was the good guy at Lehman Brothers as it all went pear shaped there after he left.

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I think we can all rest easy on any worries of asset stripping. There are no more assets left to strip ?

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Aston Villa takeover is good news for fans of the Championship club, talkSPORT told

Football finance journalist Matt Scott explained why supporters should be optimistic


By Damian Mannion

23rd July 2018, 5:53 pm

The future is looking bright for Aston Villa and fans should feel very optimistic about the takeover of their club.

In July it was announced that NSWE, a company that is jointly owned and controlled by businessman Nassef Sawiris’ group, NNS and businessman Wesley Edens will inject significant investment into the Championship club, while Dr Tony Xia will become co-chairman and remain on the board.Villa are now under new ownership

This is all good news, according to football finance journalist Matt Scott.

“If I can reassure anyone at all, the new owners are a step in the right direction,” he told Jim White on talkSPORT.

“[The club] are in a much better place after this £55million takeover last week.

“Wesley Edens is massively wealthy; at the moment he is selling his stake in a private equity firm he co-founded and they’re going to a Japanese tech investor called SoftBank, who are massive and that deal is going to pay him more than £400m and that’s on top of his fortune, which is already £2bn.

"They've now got the third richest owners in all of English football."

Edens also owns National Basketball Association team, the Milwaukee Bucks and, as Matt pointed out you don’t get to that position unless you have the cash to back it up.

“Americans sports leagues do all their due diligence on exactly what the new ownership is going to be and are far more robust in their examination of the credentials of new owners there than we have in this country.

“His partner at Villa is a guy called Nassef Sawiris. He’s from Egypt and is even wealthier than Wesley Edens. He’s the fourth richest man in Africa with an estimated net worth of £5.1bn and Villa now have the third richest owners in all of English football.”


We dont have one but we have TWO billionaires on our team. 3rd richest behind city and chelsea??

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On 22/07/2018 at 04:07, TheAuthority said:

Woah @leviramsey I didn't think you frequented VT anymore. Nice to hear/see your voice/posts - it seems like it's been a while!

Hear hear. Only just catching up with this thread but welcome back @leviramsey even if only on a flying visit. I remember your awesome league prediction charts.

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On 21/07/2018 at 00:12, Reivax_Villa said:

I don't know much about this guy but i know more about the basketball team he owns.

Milwaukee Bucks are a very well run franchise and they have a clear and different strategy.

They have recruited players young unknown players from outside America and they tend to use a lot of young players in their roaster.

I.e Giannis Antetokounmpo who is one of the best players in NBA right now 

Thon Maker a Sudanese Australian player who is only 21 who has top potential.

It would not surprise me that as a sport fan, Edens would have a preference for low price unknown young players and a manager that is capable of bringing the best of them.

If Bruce does leave , Edens would more than likely would have influenced this. 

Might explain Bruce not giving any interviews after the game. He has probably been told he needs to play more youth players and captain mainwaring has got the hump??

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5 hours ago, Made In Aston said:

Might explain Bruce not giving any interviews after the game. He has probably been told he needs to play more youth players and captain mainwaring has got the hump??

Dont panic. Even though we're all doomed. 

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On 20/07/2018 at 23:50, Otter said:

Long time lurker, first time poster.  As excited as I was to hear about the take over, Wes Edens name being attached to it is scary.  He is one of the owners that took over the Bucks, and I have been a life long fan of them as well.  Not sure if it is all his doing, but the management of the Bucks is sketchy to say the least.  The first action of the owners was to hire Jason Kidd (who was a friend of theirs) without working through their GM.  Kidd was a disaster and they had to fire him a few years later.  They also fired the GM and the search for a new GM was a disaster because the owners couldn't come to a unanimous decision on a candidate they wanted, so they hired an internal guy that didn't even interview and is now in waaaay over his head.  If the previous regime would not have drafted Giannis, the Bucks would be in the cellar of the NBA because of management.

Hopefully, Sawiris is going to be making all of the calls or maybe Wes is a victim of the other owners, but his involvement makes me very nervous.

On a more positive note, his daughter, Mallory is a smokeshow

It's not all bad, you've got Maker and Delly on your roster!

Was Kidd really that bad? You stuck with him for 4 years?! I haven't watched the Bucks outside of a few Giannis highlight reels so wouldn't know.

I don't like what I'm reading when you write that description of events regarding the replacement of the GM, but no two situations are the same so here's hoping Edens is learning from the mistakes he has made with your Bucks.


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